Left 4 Dead 3

Will Left 4 Dead 3 Be Scary?

If you have been playing the Left 4 Dead series and started playing from the release of L4D1 then we all know how scary and nerve wracking it was during our first play through. There was something about those zombie hordes that seemed overwhelming at first when they appeared to come from out of nowhere. Or that time when that Tank came raging after you and your friends and you were clueless as to what action to take. Who could forget the cries from the Witch waiting for you to turn a corner? Left 4 Dead 1 had the campaigns to provide the right atmosphere, sounds, and ambiance for a horrifying zombie apocalypse.

When Left 4 Dead 2 was released it didn’t have nearly the same amount of horror and scare factor as it’s successor. Maybe it was the campaigns taking place during the day, or the jazz sound when a zombie horde was coming? I think if Valve tried to make L4D3 darker and scarier than the first two, gamers still would not be as frightened as the first time. My reason for this is because people become immune to the elements over time. What we experienced during L4D1 was new and never before seen. We didn’t know what to expect. When the second game was released we knew how to handle the horde and quickly deal with the special infected. Compare it to this for a moment… Have you ever done something for the first time and had such an amazing time, when you go back to do it again it fails to live up to the first? Your second and subsequent experiences may not be bad experiences, but they never seem to match that first time. I believe this same principle holds true for games. I wonder if L4D fans will become numb to the situations encountered in Left 4 Dead 3 because they know what a zombie horde is like.

Did Left 4 Dead 2 have that same frightening feel the second time around? Is it possible for Valve to create an experience that tops what was felt that first time? Does that even matter, or is it more important for L4D 3 to provide new content, and gameplay?


  • left 4 dead 2 and 1 was fun but not scary i dont like playing horror games but if you make left 4 dead 3 horror theres a 45% chance i might play it

  • left 4 dead 1 and 2 were the best but if left 4 dead 3 does contain new special infected well then stop making left 4 dead 3 so your not dissapointed when you find out how many people bought the game

  • Omg left for dead 3 is lik skyrim to aother poeple im dieing just to play it. I have been playing zombie games fro years my first was Zombies ate my neibors Dx

  • For what u say about l4d 1 and l4d 2 is right, i feel really the same..
    And damn I hope that l4d 3 will be coming soon, I cant wait for it!! 🙂
    The scare factor must go up, If they do that.. Wow that would be awesome!
    L4d series is one of my fav game, so Whaaaaaaa can’t wait for a change in l4d 3.. muwhahahaha scary times may come XD

  • My husband and I play the L4D series together as a team. We love it! I am the type that I crap myself over zombie games. I they ever created virtual reality games I would have a stroke and die. With that said, I think both games were equally scary and I’m waiting with bated breath for 3.

  • i cant wait 2 play L4D 3 all new special infected,new modes,new items,and new characters.if they dont have that it will be REALLY REALLY boring but either way its an awesome zombie game especialy online.i actually hope they make a 4th.

  • Im really hoping that they make left 4 dead 3. True it may not be as scary as the first time you played L4D but theres more too the game than that.

  • One good way to make the game scarier would be to have cutbacks on ammo so that accuracy really counts, truly massive pre-generated hordes that are randomly placed and uncommon infected that draw on the elements to make them unique. Rounding a corner of a street and seeing some 80+ zombies just stumbling around with only 30 rounds would be enough to make anyone panic. Seeing a horde of zombies that were victims of a building collapse with pipes and rubble all over them getting up and coming after you would do the same. The SI are good as they are, but maybe adding a couple new ones would keep the gameplay a little more exciting.

  • 1 way to make number 3 scarier would be to make things similar to F.E.A.R. Where things drop from shelves, lights flicker, cupboards fly open etc. But what would make it even scarier than that would be to have all that happen at random points in the campaigns, instead of scripted places that FEAR has =]

  • In my 28 years, I’ve never played a game as repetitiously as the L4D series. It’s completely captivating. The fact of the matter is, L4D 3 would be an all new environment. So despite being used to hordes, tanks, and special infected, when the environment changes around those things the gameplay feels new and suspenseful regardless. I just hope that Valve and all those involved realize that it’s time for another installment soon because we are all getting antsy. I realize they have an obligation to both online and offline gamers but come on- at least give us a date so despite how good or bad our lives are, we can look forward to killing some freaking zombies in a new L4D!

  • I think waht would makem L4D 3 good is the unexpected. Like for example when you are fighting off a massive horde and you are just holding the trigger down. Well it makes it easy to kill alot of them is you just spray and prey. Instead you must be accurate and pick your shots instead of holdinng the trigger down. And if you hold the rigger down for to long your gun should jam or overheat and you must wait a few seconds. Or if you are using a melee weapon and it should break after using it alot. What would also be cool if there are other survivors through out the missions. Not for the whole mission that they help you but a little. And other survivors who may want to kill you so they can take your supplies.And unexpected fires. Plus i think there should be like a big team battle mode for survival and scavnege with 8 players on each team. My personal opinion but that would be cool and make things a little more crazy. But of coarse for scavnge the maps would have to be a little bit bigger and more gas cans. And maybe a custome characters. but not over the top were you can make you guy look like a clown. Has to be realistic. And there should be an infectd mode were there is like 16 guys in a match. 15 survivors and 1 infected. The infected have to tag the survivors and once a survivor is tagged he must tag other survivors. But to make it harder on the survivors there should be normal infectd hordes trying to get them and.

  • i dont think it will be scary the game just gives you that omg im gunna die feeling. But it does give guts and gore thats it but other than that i dont think it will be very scary

  • True, the scarey is all but gone. But my tactics continue to evolve and that’s what’s so attractive to me. Like learning to position your self so you always have an escape route or corner to fall back on when surprise hordes occur. Or just getting really good at head shots and taking out specials. Valve keeps turning up the difficulty in expert and I have to get better to survive. That’s what’s cool about LFD2 and whatever a LFD3 might have in store for us.

  • I love the left 4 dead series and I have no doubt in my mind that l4d3 will deliver. However can we PLEASE have customizable characters this time? Some of us want to be ninjas, others want to be commandos and some maybe want to be pimps, get the picture? Make it happen Valve and you’ll double the customers I guarantee it. Maybe give each one a special little ability specific to that character.

  • I’d rather it not be scary but full of working as a team and getting place to place, only with more action, like driving a car, or riding abandoned horses, or maby even bikes! Just cool stuff like that. OH! And frags would be nice

  • I think it would be cool to have a game function where the player would have to combine objects or chemicals like in resident evil in order to get past an obstacle. It would put more depth into the game, and require the player to form a strategy instead of just running and gunning. I want to agree with some of the other commenters, customization, coupled with other devices, improved ragdoll and textural graphics WILL make this the game of the year. Plus maybe some vehicles would be cool. That would require much larger maps, but hey, that’s dynamic gameplay, something fellow gamers and myself love. There’s my two cents.

  • I love all zombie games dont get me wrong but l4d3 should be like levels ups,charater customization and teamwork for example just 1 guy alone way behind should stay with the team so he would get killed since hes alone in the L4Ds if u had to do something before the game started and u came back ur whole team was way ahead there would be like no zombies when u went to catch up with them there was no zombies relly what I am trying to say is TEAMWORK will get u through zombie apocalypses.Also Please make customize characters and level-ups dont forget weapon combining.Good luck guys.

  • I love everything about the first game..I just dont really like the campaighns in the second game… i like the whole night time, dark city feel

  • For L4D3 I think that they should take a page from a few zombie movies. in dawn of the dead there were a overwhelming number of zombies and the survivors couldnt fight them all. I think that if L4D3 introduce hordes that are too big to fight and make nighttime campaigns, thats one way they can bring some fear factor into the game. Also longer campaigns, more weapons, and a few more special infected would be a welcomed edition to the game.

  • well i think that valve shouldn’t change the game too much … things like level ups and weapon damage gets really boring… what could be done is making the environment more accessible to the players… we have the gas cans and cylinders, but there can be a lot of other things the survivors could use… RPG or the bazooka will be a really good addition to the arson… LMG’s that’d be cool… and l4d3 sure needs a bigger zombie than the tank… something bigger and harder to kill… there could be parts where the guys need to get into a vehicle n one has to drive, there could be a.mounted gun,that’d be cool… animal zombies could also be included i mean what happened to all the animals right…. would love it if there was an indian or a chinese character in it… there are a lot of em in the usa … not all were infected were they?? any how… the last two versions were awesome and im pretty sure this one’s gonna be better… cant wait for it…. !!!

  • I second the customizable characters suggestion. Who wouldn’t wanna run around killing zombies dressed as a ninja or that fat guy who always wears overalls with no shirt on in swamp people. Imagine playing as b-rad from malibu’s most wanted. I don’t think cars would be the best thing for this game but maybe something a little smaller like four wheelers go carts(bad ass go karts) dune buggys things out of the ordinary ya know. With all that being said u could have the Barbie corvette and a bunch of frat boys for characters and I’m still pretty positive I’d buy lfd3 so good luck!

  • They should make 2 campain modes=

    1= They should make a normal mode, like in l4d1 & 2. They should have changeable clothes (realistic) and driveable vehicles (realistic == army vehicles == civilian vehicles == meybe an odd sports car but very rarely)

    2= Reality mode- You need to scout in houses to find food and stuff. Should make a whole map of a new city with supermarkets high risers houses and stuff like that. You get a new character everytime you start playing, but you have levels to show how skilled you are ( no guns or wateva). You have to find guns and ammo and food and you can play with friends or with strangers. you can kill other groups to get their recources and guns. You can barricade stuff and steal cars from stuff. This is mainly a mode for teamwork, so while one persons filling up the car from petrol station, the other one covers him or when ones sleepin to get the energy back (max 1 min sleep time) A freat thing in my opinion. ]

  • L4D3 should deffinetly have customised characters! 🙂 makes gameplay waaay more fun and also maybe more campaigns ? the same 4 can get kinda repetative 🙂 ooh and they should do the thing like on dead island where the zombies are playing to your difficulty level!! 🙂

  • It would be cool if it had charachter customizeation wepeon customizeation (scopes sights silencers grenade launchers etc.)and EVEN cooler leveling up in campain mode or even custom classes.there should be more equipment like frag sticky acid and all that stuff.and a new special infected that has wings and flys around and tackles you like a vampire and sucks your health out.:D this would be very cool .oh look 😀 :S 😛 🙂 🙁 :0 :/ and of couse the winkys ;s ;D ;0 ;p ;/ and the toothy one () / B () B mhuhuhuhuhu!!!

    • Hell no, why would you need a silencer gainst zombies? and that would be an rpg shooter, which is NOT l4d. I do agree that they should have a ranking system depending on how well you do in game, but i do not think you should be rewarded because then that can alter the versus mode which is supposed to be treated as each team gets a fair chance to earn their score, but if one team is stuck with pistols because they are “level 1” and the other team is armed with swords, snipers, lmg’s, rocket launchers, and all that other bullshit because they are “Level 50” then its not a fair versus

  • Ok, first off, they seriously freaking need to bring Bill back! D: I miss him! But we all saw his dead body, but he could’ve just been, you know, sleeping! <:D Hahaha! NO. i know thats not ever gonna happen, but I think that they should clash the survivors form lfd1 n lfd2 together again in lfd3, except with one new charater that the lfd1 people find on the island, then they escape the island and head to las vegas then they meet up with the lfd2 survivors, and they all team up together. francis, rochelle, random survivor, nick. ellis, zoey, louis, coach.
    they should also do different maps, and a different enviorment, and they should all find out something deep about each other like in the sacrifice comic, except the lfd 2 people would. there should also be different infected, uncommon infected, and special infected. also differnt weapons and that sort of stuff.
    also they should make it more scary and realistic, with better graphics, and the survivors actually being a little frightned! like, no unlimited ammo on pistols, and not finding a whole bunch of ammo and guns and molovs and pipe bombs in the middle of nowhere! n also opening a chest filled with pills or ammo or something like that, and if there WAS to be ammo scattered about, only like, 2 survivors would b able to take it, cause then it would be all gone. and make it be like, at different time settings, like night, day, evening, mid day, dawn and dusk. and the healh should be mor realistic.

  • L4D 2 is really fun, though i hate the noob cheaters you get in vs sometimes.

    To be honest they need more than one “boss” infected, the Tank is not enough because it can be dealt with by running always. Maybe they should have a faster boss infected with less health.

    They also need to add some type of special infected to stop/slowdown rushers.

    Better A.I, and better A.I director with longer and more alternating paths not just little shortcuts that are sometimes open and other times not.

    More escape routes, rushers know where to go to escape.. 1 or 2 escape points like in Dark Carnival are not enough. it needs to be random or at least by 4 points (2x more) possible locations for escape.

    • Well, the witch is a boss infected and she is fast and has less health. But i agree, maybe something that glides would be cool like one with a crazy batlike mutation or something

  • i love left 4 dead 1 and 2 but whut are some new zombie chartres? i have a zombie idu start abute all the zombies put to gater and call it the darknis ok.brontae out <3 c:

  • These are the weapons l4d3 should have.a flamethrower,a granade launcher a machine gun a. M16,ak47,rocket launcher,snipers,a knife,old pistols,a shotgun,and a c4

    • they need to put in some vehicles that you can drive and there needs to be a special infected zombie that can fly

  • I think the left 4 dead series shouldn’t change too much. It’s great the way it is, but every time I play, I can’t help but wish I could be my own character. Half of the fun of a game like this is feeling like “You’re” in the same situation. A character customization screen would be an awesome addition to the series. They bring in great new weapons, and special infected, so why not add a little more. And if you don’t feel like creating someone, maybe have a default character option?

    • that wouldnt fit with the game though. its supposed to be a survive story about 4 strangers who cpome together and form a bond as they fight there way to saftey. even though there’ no such thing as saftey anymore. if you make your own character then it wouldnt make sense. the computers wouldnt know how to react to your player, and your character wouldn know how to react to them.

  • #1 was wicked, #2 didn’t really float my boat as much, despite it being technically better than #1.

    MMORPG L4D is the way forward 😀

    • thats the way backwards. you no it piss’s me off when people like a game, but when the next one is gonna come out they want these rediculous changes that would make it an entire different game. IF YOU WANNA PLAY A ZOMBIE MMORPG, GO PLAY DEAD ISLAND!!! L4D IS SUPPOSED TO BE A STORY ABOUT 4 STRANGERS BEING FORCED TO DEPEND ON EACH OTHER FOR SUVIVAL. key word is *story* not mmorpg

  • They should have you characters level up various attributes (Special Infected Detection, Improved Medkits, etc.) but also, when your character levels up, so does its AI, so if you switch to another character, you’re still rewarded for the playtime spent on the other.

    • agan with the mmorpg/rpg crap?!?! ITS A STORY MODE GAME NOT A RPG!! YOU DONT LEVEL UP!! in real life you dont get super “infected detection” radar powers,and i dont care how cool you are but you can’t make medical supplies work better than they’re supposed to. get over it. like i already said, if you wanna play an rpg go play dead island, not l4d

  • Hold up here, since when was Left 4 Dead scary? It’s a fun co-op shooter, but there’s nothing to scare anyone with. Definitely not scary, can’t stress that enough.

  • Love the idea of joining all the characters together, mad about the character customizing screen, defnatly want the new guns nd campaigns n missions.

  • Please for the love of God don’t make leveling.

    This game is a SURVIVAL-HORROR.
    Not an RPG.

    I think they should bring back the feel from lfd1. The dark cities, the feeling of complete downfall.
    If they add anything new, more boss infected would be cool. Maybe more special infected. Larger infected mobs.

    Also I am all for the realistic survival mode some have mentioned. This should be a mode separate from the campaign.
    You have to loot for food, guns, and ammo. Barricade buildings.
    Maybe something similar to the dead rising series. Survive for certain amount of time to succeed. As time progresses there are more And more zombies/ special infected out and about and at the last few hours before rescue arrives, the zombies attack your barricaded house. Whether or not you put enough time into barricading it could determine whether or not they break in and you have to evacuate the building.

  • Ok I don’t think there should be leveling I’m sorry but everyone kindof needs to be on the same feild. BUT i think that a custumizable charictor would be awesome… and I don’t think it would mess with the story line.

    More guns would be nice, more melle weapons, and possilbly like weapon varriations. Example Their might be an AK, a bayonet AK, An extended clip AK, An AK with reflex sights, then an like an AK that has Armor Peicing rounds and all the guns would be like that and also there could be just pretty mods like camo or old looking or bandaged.

    I like the idea that there is heavy weapons but you can’t get more ammo for it but theres got to be more. Maybe a S.A.W., or an AA-12 or an RPG or whatever. With the RPG i think it should 1 shot a tank but if the tank is looking at you then he will back hand it or something.

    Also it would be cool to have a 1 shot tazer that wouldn’t do damage but it would stun a tank or witch for a while and the shooter can only move so far away fom it. Or if a horde is standing in water it would stun the horde

    Also wtf the only attachment i saw was the lazer sight….. They could have done more with that

  • Try to make this game more like the first… The second was a big, Tf2-like, cartoony failure. You helped ruin the L4D1 community (both casually and competitively) by fracturing in half and for what? A game that plays almost 100% different, and NOT in a good way. Bring back that ambience, Valve, bring back that ‘apocalyptic’ feel.. Those good old dark maps with that equally fitting creepy music… No customizations… No RPG bullshit, just good old Left 4 Dead apocalypse, the way it was meant to be played.

  • This is what l4d 3 needs: new survivors, new items, new weapons, new darker enviroments, and a crap lot more zombies! Also, replace all of the special infected with like 6 or 7 new ones. Make up new ideas or use ideas for the new special infected from the past 2 games that didn’t really work out. Replace the tank with the haggard or use both, and use the screamer, replacing the witch, or use both. Plz Vavle, make Left for Dead 3!

  • the environtment is perfect, that’s why I fans L4D & L4D2.
    The game should need new campaigns, weapons, special infected…

  • My biggest problem with both l4d games, especially no.2 is the fact there is little to no tension. It’s pretty much non-stop action and button-mashing. Valve should slow the pace of the game down on the most part, and have the manic parts spread out to selective parts of each level. The times I found these to work best were when the players are all scrambling to get into a safe-house or evac. Other than that, the endless hordes eventually numb you to the zombies. As mentioned before, in the first game, there were genuine feelings of tension especially with witches in close proximity, but valve should expand on this, possibly take a leaf out of the resident evil book. Generally in the game, I feel like a badass. I think the player should be made to feel a bit more helpless, as is the way with the best survival horror games.

  • I agree with what a few people are saying, L4D3 needs to have that intense and scary aspect…But personally, No game will ever give me the scare factor that I crave. I’ll need a real Zombie Apocalypse for that.
    Definitely NO! leveling and RPG styled crap, It would ruin it for all of us REAL Left 4 Dead fans.

  • the should make it so that you have to play different character the get achievemnets so then you don’t yet get people playing coach or rochelle and getting all the achievements

    • i do hope that they make a l4d3 and people are saying that u are gonna be the midnight riders from the concert in part 2 and if they do do that then l4d4 could be all of the charcters

  • My only concern: I always play alone, cause i only have dial up internet. I hate when I get caught by a smoker or charger, then i have to wait to be saved by one of the three computer manned teammates!
    Why can’t I pull out a knife to cut the smokers tongue? Or with a charger pull out a side arm pistol and blow his brains out after the second time he slams me?

  • I think L4D3 will be dope. my thing is in lfd2 i hate it when time a zombie touched me i could barely move and it was frustrating. but please please please NO RPG! that will completely take away the fun from l4d series. maybe like a little upgrade on weapons and like health packs but thats it. it wont scare me like that first one but hey i love L4D so im willing to give it a shot

  • it needs to be scarier, and i guess the graphics need to be tuned up. lots of ppl want it realisticer valve! and you should get the felling of nazi zombies. not camping a house but just not feeling safe.

  • Valve did have a solid game with a sequel, while changing enough to make it new and exciting. Now lets look at this, y’all are saying that the “jazz” sounds took away from the scare factor? Not the huge amounts of ‘Zed’ coming at you, you concentrated on the sound? Seriously? L4D2 was a solid experience, and when Valve finally learns to count to 3, we’ll still have fun.

    Every company has it’s own take on the ‘Zed’ Valve has L4D, Capcom has RE and Dead Rising, There was that Cold Fear game… you shouldn’t look at other companies and say “HEY! They should do that!” Go play that game then.

    Seriously, enough with Nazi zombies. Unless it has Rob Zombies song from El Superbeasto playing in the background ironically.

  • Here are some great tips; 1)better graphics, the game needs more clearer details and contrast through out the levels. At times (most times) it is hard to make out whats going in the game. And the zombies and survivors move too choppy. 2). Better locations; the new campaigns need to be longer and harder. Try to put in puzzles or something a bit more challenging to achieve. 3). More enemies; the hoards need to come for more than one direction, like the swears, out of windows and whatnot. Try to bring in some animals also, like dogs, birds, and rats and stuff. better weapons and weapon up grades.

  • I read somewhere that the original intent of Left 4 Dead was a sandbox game similar to the Grand Theft Auto series. Your group had multiple points of exit throughout the infected city, but simply need to choose your path to one. I think in theory this is a capital idea!

    Developers found through gameplay testing that groups tended to go one of two common ways. These morphed into the No Mercy and Dead Air campaigns we know and love. If they want to get back to this root idea, they could achieve some of the “first time” novelty that we all remember from our first encounter with a horde or a tank. Maybe through a splash of a random city generator (think Diablo series random dungeon generator) to keep it interesting. I can’t imagine how awesome it would be to play through a whole infected city on Export-Realism…so nerve racking!

  • Other then what has been said above i think it needs to be more realistic also, for example there aren’t always guns. So you should be able to use what ever you find, sort of like dead rising. So that it feels more like your surviving and not mowing zombies down with m16a3 or something.

    In one sentance, make it so it actualy feels like your surviving.

  • I think #3 should be an rpg game so you can pick where you go. you need to find food and water and you need to find your own way of excape plus you should make your own character and pick a weapon that your character is proficient with makeing it more accurate. There should be more special infected. You should be able to find other survivors and travel with them. In versus you should be able to become the witch you should also be able to pick your infected other than tank and witch which you can only pick when the director has one coming. I agree with rosk a random city would be awesome.

    • i agree we should be able to find food and water and create our own character (gender, clothes, hair, etc)it will be so much better

  • L4D was good but short & didn’t have enough different types of opponent
    L4D2 was exactly the same

    if valve aren’t gonna create many monsters, they should at least create some kind of monster creating tool for the source engine so modders can create their own monsters & apply different behaviours to them

    hoping everyone just plays online multiplayer is a lazy strategy & they’ll get punished for it eventually

  • I think you all need to turn up the difficulty and lan with friends on computer. Graphics are great and you definately dont feel safe. Very challenging and good graphics

  • I may be sound like a baby here, but I could do with out the Jockey, also i wish that you could heal yourself when you are down, atleast once during the game play. playing online and the rest of the people leaving you behind is not cool.

  • Hey I agree with vonshmoot… No nazis… I mean there’s already dead, keep ’em in the ground. And they are right better weapons valve I mean you could at least put in a hidden military crate that’s accidentally got dropped in the wrong spot and lets the survivors find it. If you agreed thank you.

  • i think there should be a guy kind of witch where hes cutting himself with a medium to large blade and when you kill him you can use the blade

  • valve needs to just make it more realistic and the weapons hide them more dont just put them in our faces all were asking is to make it more harder for us people who play online all i want is to play more left 4 dead and mash up zombies!!!!! SO LEFT 4 DEAD 3 COME!!!!!!!!

  • I know the Witch was supposed to kind of fill this slot. But make an enemy that is so ferocious and difficult to deal with that even seasoned players will consider trying to avoid it rather than confront it.

    FPS games are KILL IT, KILL IT, KILL IT 100% of the time. Some of the scariest moments in video games for me has come when there was an enemy that was kicking my trash but could be avoided, so when I’d see it I’d hide and freak right out.

    Also, enough with this daytime element. People are wired to be afraid of the dark, get back to your roots and put us in a city at night. Hell, make us work against the night, so that way the daytime brings some sort of negative consequence.

  • maybe make it to where the survivors would have to shoot an infected more than once to kill it on easy for a change. include more tanks and witches per level on each part of the game. increase the health of all special infected. and put in more environmental hazards like fog blizzards and blackouts allowing hordes to come pouring in.

  • I think that L4D3 should take place on the west coast from Olympia, Washington down through some of the National Forests in Oregon then to a port somewhere in California. & then the survivors take either a helicopter or boat all the way to Hawaii or something. It would be a lot more interesting. & then maybe afterwards, they could go to Australia or something. Just some ideas! & make some new & more interesting special & common infected! like, you could have some children infected. You could have a couple as 2 of the survivors? Maybe, in one round, you have to search a place for a person that is still alive, then the person joins the team. I think that the day light is okay with a few of the places, like, i liked it with the Plantation House in Swamp Fever (L4D2). & like a lot of other people are saying, I think in Versus mode, you should be able to play as the witch. & I think you should make the witch have even more abilities, like maybe have her crawling around on the ground with her hair in her face, I know that always scares the crap outta me. maybe at some point, you could have one of the survivors turn into a zombie, & then thats when you have to go find the person thats still alive. Just a lot of ideas in my head, but theres a few! Hopefully youll take some of these into consideration! Thanks!

  • yea….I don’t want crappy graphics in l4d3….but how come when l4d was released they let l4d2 out as soon as possible right behind the 1st one?…And whats irking me is that Capcom can make alllll these Resident Evil games and there awsome……….Butttt valve is taking pretty long to make this third l4d… Is it because l4d was a game that started late? Like in 2009-2010 ……….And it may take a little longer to make graphics perfect, but they at least need to show us the POSSIBLE release date for it, instead of all these false dates from random people….I wanna see this date from valve them self.

  • hmm i think alexander is right tune up the graphics and make it realistic and i need a better chalenge even if i’m 11 i finished all left 4 dead in hard mode or is it expert wich is d highest so i suggest don’t put unlimited rounds on the pistols and please put more weapons like a real zombie apocalypse the guns shouldn’t be in order i recommend to start with bare hands and some survivors not like your only four some shold sacrefice and pick up some survivors on the way and im’m done btw HAPPY NEW YEAR

  • I think L4D3 should have as good a graphics as CODMW3. Amp it up. make it longer and harder. build a character base life much like skyrim. Give us interaction and choices, but keep it fast paced, balls out fight to survive as the hords attack. L4D3 needs to come by summer of 2012 or I think it will lose its steam… like that Pun Valve?

  • We all love games like halo but to shoot zombies is amazing we need to be able to drive and shoot zombies. Like a huge hord is comeing u get in a truck and drive so far till u run out of gas and than u have to fight on foot on your way doing to a safe zone zombie free areas to buy up grades change your appearance pick ur own team. The way I see it the more we can control the more we will like it. The fill of a rpg. More weapons. I love l4d just I want to be able to carry more than two guns at once. If I was really going to fight zombies I would pick up every gun or item I thought was interesting. Adding experience points to make your player stronger or more ammune to different elements in the game.

    • Valves reasons for the less than perfect graphics was to make the game as accessable to as many people as possible, and if the games graphics are amped up too far you lose those with lower computer specs, which make up the majority of gamers.

  • I think L4D3 should have all then old survivors and new ones work together at the last part of the campaigns.

  • Let me begin by saying that I played L4D 1 for a total of maybe 5-10 minutes. I was so confused with the online play that I could not handle the game and was forced to eject it from my buddies 360. My eyes could simply not handle 4 people running around a subway, being attacked mercilessly by zombies while I ponder my way through a bathroom. Seeing my co-op buddies through walls was very irratating and confused me horribely. Now, with that being said, I recently recieved L4D 2 as a gift for Christmas and I have never been so pleased with a game. I could tell immediatly that vast improvements where made. More guns, less visual confusion, and a largely improved game engine and AI. The co-op and competitive play online is second to none and is as simple as they come, making for an incredible online experience that anyone can enjoy, especially the zompocolypse enthusiast, such as me. Now, from what I’ve experiecned with L4D 2, I expect to see only a few improvements. There is absolutely no need to add an RPG element to the game like a few of the commententors have been hinting for. Keep true to the roots of the game, increase the AI, make the horde and special infected more powerful. Increase the scarcity of weapons and ammo (come on, there is no carnival with a random bench that has limitless ammo and M16s), give us the ability to tactically scale builings by adding more co-operative actions (such as what we have seen from the Army of Two games) add the ability to utilize the environment, allow us to barricade passageways with chairs, tables, etc…, and give us more melee weapons along with an ability to possibly combine weapons with other items such as gasoline, nails, and such (like you can in Resident Evil and Dead Rising). Keep the games corny with hilarious dialogue and characters while also maintaining the constant fear of what’s around the corner. Keep the games fast paced and give the campaign a linear system that progresses through day and night cycles as you progress through the compaign and special zombies that have elevated abilities during the day and night. Also, make the characters unique with skills. Coach should not be as fast as Rochelle, nor should she be as strong as a melee fighter as coach, so through some variation in there as well. New special infected would be and should be imperative and important to the game design.

  • Left 4 dead 1 was a good game had challenges to it when I first played it but whhen I got hooked on it I was 20 min through the campain so I got used to it.

    Left 4 dead 2 was the same way but it was better than left 4 dead 1so yea..

    I think left for dead 3 should have more challenging obstacles,better graphics,darker woods and alleys,better and more challenging infected,and all the characters combined.
    Thats my wish 🙂

  • Personally, I’ve never found Left 4 Dead to be scary. Fun, yes. Challenging, yes. Memorable, yes. But honestly I expected the game to be a bit silly, and I think it was largely intended to be just that; a more lighthearted zombie game, if you will. So, in terms of “Army of Two” mechanics, no. Left 4 Dead is neither an rpg franchise nor is it expected to have such dynamic controls such as “barricading alleys and doors”. Besides the game focuses.on running and gunning, barricades would be supporting campers, which is.not the focus of the game. I think left 4 dead 3 should have the same style as always with more challenging obsticals and new guns, zombies, climates and graphics. Personally, I think the addition of a huge character list like those found in one on one fighter games (Tekken mortal kombat etc) which players can choose from to create a multitude of possible squad combinations making the dialogue and experience a little more unique each time. This way people wouldn’t have to get stuck playing as a not-so-well-liked character, such as rochelle. The next step should be to make the zombie killing more intimate however, less making players feel like gods wading through the seas of pathetic mortal zombies, more making them feel like mice in a maze shared by about 9000 hungry cats.

    • I agree with the large character list! My thoughts on it are this, keep it run and gun but add different stats/or abilities to each character, if you played Resident Evil:outbreak 1&2 that is exactly what i mean. No leveling up or skill trees, imo that will ruin it for nearly everyone! Just a basic, (this guy heals better, this guy deals better melee damage, even someone who can pick locks and things like that. Things like lock picking would’nt be core related, in other words, picking locks would be a perk for extra guns/items, NOT required by any means! As for locations, i want to see some snow! Blood looks great against a pure white background lol! Perhaps a blizzard event like the one in hard rain!

  • left for deat 3 should be in california cuz of all the crazy things that happen there and there should be new and better guns and melee weponds 😀

  • to the people saying to bring in more survivors…. did you forget about he Title of the game? left FOUR dead. theres only supposed to be FOUR survivors, thats the creativity of the game. you kill some survivors off, add some more, thats still a total of more than 1 survivor. the game is supposed to revolve around four people. thats it.

    and i agree with most of what people are saying. graphics, darker settings like No Mercy, more selection in guns, make guns difficult to find, and maybe not just having like Military grade weaponry in some suburban home, make the weapons accomodate where you are. if youre in a ghetto of a city, have some of the things a black market dealer might have, six-shooters, for example. things you can actually GET in that area, not military rifles found by train tracks.

    • I Totally agree Also Dead Island s a type d game that when you finish the game it gets boring and theres nothing else to do except play it again.
      ITS TOTALLY different with Left 4 dead theres the normal campain mapss but then theres forums and forums with LOADS AND LOADS of custom maps.Like lots of people have said on this topic dead island is a good game but it gets BORING

  • Hey valve, well first of all..I loved the Left 4 Dead series. I played both L4D and L4D2 competitively, so my opinion would be coming from competitive players.
    I liked how you had to gain skill to crown witches, but if you missed she would cap you. L4D witches were more deadly than L4D2 witches. In L4D3 she should be deadly as the first idea you had, whereas if she was startled she would not only cap that survivor and kill him but try to cap and kill other survivors as well. Which balances both survivor and infected.
    The tank was a pretty solid infected. The only thing I would like to see from the tank is if the tank was set on fire then he should be able to run faster like AI tanks. I mean if I was set on fire, I’d be running like hell to put myself out.
    As for other infected like the hunter, smoker, charger, jockey, and boomer i liked. As for the spitter, not so much. I find the spitter only good for survivors camping in corners. But a hunter and charger also break that up. So why not replace the spitter with another infected or the screamer?
    The maps should be more like real places that survivors would have to run through to get to a safe point. Like running through a suburban, school areas, cities, underground, hospitals, or even the ghetto. Vehicles maybe? If you find any gas cans laying around?
    Survivor characters, I don’t really have ideas, but what about doctors, gangsters, rockstars, cool people like myself? lol
    This is just what I have for ideas for right now that I would like to see in L4D3. If you like my ideas and would like for me to throw some more ideas, then please email me. I create art, game, and eval for hobbies. So I always have ideas, and want to help out for the L4D community.

    • dude if you were a “competitive” you would know that the spitter isnt only good for ppl camping in corners! the spitter does an amazing job at melting the faces off incapacitated survivors thus giving more time for your teammates to respawn. you suck at l4d.

        • If the witch were that strong again then anytime a team planned an attack around the witch, the game would almost always end for the other team. Especially in a competitive team. That’s why VALVe made her weaker. It would be nicer to have her be a little harder to crown though, instead of being able to shoot her in the leg a couple times with the spas.

    • yo man ur comment attracted me the most… what other ideas do u have?? im just curious… cuz all i play is mw3, bf3, l4d, l4d2, and portal 2 i love my l4d’s so much its one of the coolest games alive because of it’s replayability… ur ideas stay true to the franchise and u give out some catchy NEW ideas. the dark ideas are great but one thing that bothers me is people complaining about l4d2 being in the day…… like you would actually go out in a zombie apocalypse at night. lol they should make levels DARK only if the story forces them to move on that way. get me? like if they found a car with gas and run outta gas til like 7pm.. then thats a good idea. but i like day. if anything… DAY maps should be more intense. and night maps should just be frightening ones where its ur classic L4D 1. on DAY maps there should be more special infected. or IDK VALVe can do wtf they want but i wanna hear your ideas bro.

      • I think that is a great idea! We should make it so when it is daytime you can do whatever you want. But when night comes you have to put together some type of shelter.Kinda like minecraft. even know that game has no relation to this one I still think it is a good idea.

  • I see a lot of really bad ideas on this forum, which is typical because it seems the current generation of gamers is always crying about something. First off if you want characters to have stronger and weaker abilities than one another and if you want the game to have an RPG feel then just play Dead Island. L4D series IS NOT this type of game. There should also be plenty of ammo and a plethora of guns everywhere. L4D is run and gun and shoot everything. You take that away you ruin the game. Making ammo scare turns the game into a melee-fest..There is already a game that does that…DEAD ISLAND. These are two completely different types of games and it seems that people want to completely transform L4D and make it suck. All that I want out of L4D 3 is more stages and a TON of fun weapons. You know why there is just random military ammo in stages of the L4D games? Because the military was there! The sand bags and lights with generators didn’t tip you off? I think the placement of guns and ammo is perfect in the game. The point isn’t to run out of ammo to make the game into a melee game.

    Dear Valve, please don’t listen to these fools. If the game isn’t hard enough for them then maybe they should trying turning up the difficulty, because I don’t know about the rest of you, but the game is pretty f—ing hard on the highest setting. The run-and-gun style of this game is what makes it awesome. I don’t want RPG bullshit in there and I don’t want scarce ammo and less weapons. That will RUIN the game! These folks want all that stuff go buy Dead Island, and to be honest I like Dead Island a lot and it is fun but it’s not even close to the online fun that L4D series is. Don’t ruin it, these are bad ideas.

    • Undead Ted is spot on! I agree whole heartedly that L4D is a “run and gun, shoot everything that moves,” game. I have never played a pc game before L4D2, and this game has made a gamer out of me. L4D3 should not stray from the main theme of its predecessor. More special infected, more weapons, and more maps!!!!!

    • 100% agree. L4D is a great experience as is. Different infected, yes, new characters? Yes. Alter the game play? Not on your life!! L4D2 vs. is my current addiction and has been for many months now. Excellent games!

    • This x 1000

      The only instance I can imagine where someone might run out of ammo in l4d is if they have shit accuracy. Valve is spot on with the current formula more spec. infected would be nice and new campaigns are always welcome. However new items and weapons may just make it too cluttered.

      • I’m not so sure that scarce ammo is a bad thing. I’m not saying that you should have to look ridiculously hard to find ammo, but there shouldn’t be infinite ammo piles. That doesn’t mean you do away with the run and gun theme. If anything, scarce ammo emphasizes the RUN part making it a little tenser and scarier, as well as making it more difficult, and if the melee weapons are also made just as difficult to find, well there, you have your tradeoff.

        • Not to mention that if there was a zombie apocalypse, melee weapons will most likely be the first weapons that people grab for some immediate protection before finding guns, which would make sense with a lessened amount of melee weapons. For example, you’re never going to find a katana lying out in an alley like you often do in No Mercy. What I’m trying to say here is maybe just make the ammo and weapon deposits a little rarer, but most importantly, RANDOM.

  • I think the game has its own style which is good compared to alot of popular games out there. Left 4 dead 3 i believe should only add some new infected and obviously new characters, new weapons ect ect. I do believe that they should make the infected more believable if you think about it, a boomer throws up on you to attract the horde, so shouldnt have have been being ripped apart by zombies in the first place? Also maybe giving me detail on the reasons why the survivors are in the situation they are in. exentuate it. and maybe more believeable campaigns because the last place i would go during something like that is a carnival or a corn maze. maybe give them the ablilty to swim 🙂

    • Dead Island didn’t ruin L4D fans. It was all the little kids who played and blabbered like idiots. It was the people who ran through the maps like jerkoffs. I will always be a fan, but honestly, and not trying to sound like a conceited brat, I got tired of not having any competition when all of these little kids played against me and my friends. It was pathetic.

      • exactly i agree with you they just dont know how to play right so the act like idiots saying they hate it and it is stupid only because the die every damn time… L4D forever


        erin simmons

        • dear valve,
          I absolutly love the L4D series but you need to toon up the graphics a hell of alot more i mean some zombies float in the fucking sky on the game make it more realistic please

  • l4d1 was awesome. l4d2 was dumbed down and made easier …I was really upset about that. hopefully l4d3 is just like l4d1 but harder, more realistic and with better graphics.

  • I have never played the first left 4 dead
    But i have played the second one
    The fist time a jockey jumped on me i screamed and threw the x box contoller half way across the room.
    there should be able to play four player not only 2
    I anybody wondering why my name is Sophie cause im a Girl
    Love this game

  • Ideas to make Left 4 Dead 3 the best to its predecessors:

    *Keep the gameplay system as similar to L4D as possible.
    *Create a vast variety of weapons to use (I liked the weapons in L4D and L4D 2, but they seemed a little too generic after time).
    *Unlock campaigns offline (so that way people won’t have to play the same campaigns every time).
    *Give the player the ability to aim (I know that’s kind of going against the idea of keeping the gameplay system, but I did say ‘similar’, so maybe slip that into the gameplay).

  • The game needs a makeover. One thing that irritated mein l4d was the movement. In third person you moved like a stale piece of toast. The swinging, shoving, jumping, overall movement mechanics need to be re-made. If the game is suppose to be scary, make it more realistic. For example one player with a baseball bat can take down a entire hoard. ._. Really……? It should take a few more hits to take out the infected, especially since ignore all pain. We need to be more ingrosed into the game this time around. One thing that differed valve from other games was that the told stories through the game without cutscenes, but instead through exploring the world itself. They should keep that aspect but instead of just playing, they should add brief reaction commands.

  • I want more zombies more weapons new characters more maps more equipment. better graphics and scarier sounds and make it more FUN!!!

  • I so love L4d 1 and 2 and i believe they should keep the same characters from 2 and bring back the characters from 1. I love bill. And make it a 4 player game off line. NOT everyone has x.box live.

  • Me personally I didn’t like L4D2 the maps were not good compared to L4D1… People say that L4D2 wasn’t scarier is because they already went through it with L4D1…. I agree with the people that say it needs better graphics but for the people should stay the same… More campaigns of course… For everyone who thinks it’s easy. Try playing L4D1 on expert… I tried and couldn’t get past the trainstation part in NO MERCY.. L4D3 needs new weapons… For the ammo stashes on the easy level they should be hard to find but on the expert level they should be scattered everywere… On expert ur bullets go quickly because all the zombies run at you and they surround you and thats why they should be everywhere… Plus the hoard should be stronger, the witch: if the witch is to become stronger in left 4 dead 3 there should be gas tanks everywhere so it would help the survivors… They should also put new places… I.e. In a city like resident evil: extinction… It should have a safe house at a petrol station.. Things like that .. Reguarding to the characters I think they should be the same as L4D1… There should be more clues on the wall of the safe house so you know what the objective is… But other then that valve has done a very good job not just with L4D1 & 2 but also with half life etc.

  • First off Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 are both really fantastic games. RPG should not even be thought of adding into this game, scarcity of weapon and ammo.. really? Thats giving the infected team the upper hand. And no the day time does not kill the mood, it actually makes it better because now you can have a better look on the atmosphere. I thought the graphics were fine and is in no need of updating. The only reason there are certain guns and not every gun that is possible in the earth laying around is because they army had come through and took all the guns they could find for safety.

    To improve the game is maybe add new 1st tier weapons(Mini Uzi is getting really old) Maybe add another boss zombie such as the tank, and maybe just add 9 different campaigns for a longer lasting 1st play. Add new characters, Why would you enjoy seeing old survivors? I’d like to met new survivors. A new environment, such a Utah, Colorado, Texas, California, Nevada something other than the south for a change. New infected would be lovely, Another supporting zombie, maybe a healing zombie? Maybe a stun zombie? and maybe female of the original zombies?

    • I think left for dead is fantastic but left 4 dead 3 should have new survivors no old ones and maby there can be a campange where you can walk around kill zombies and do missons for survivers plus the other stuff but also mabe new zombies

  • there should be new zombies new people and every once and i while there should be a small house with survivers that might have a mison to do that would make it good iv played all left 4 deas and i no a lot about the game

  • I also think it would be cool to hotwire cars in left 4 dead and i have a zombie that would be cool to add to the game screamer i jumps infrount of a surviver screames the surviver can help butt cover his or her ears and another surrviver needs to shoot the zombie but u dont need to add him ill ceap playing but it would be cool

  • Look if u want it to be scary just put more dark then light….. Put heaps of sound effects just like L4D1 put more places outside then inside.. Make it like I am legend were u have to go into a room to get the radio and then all the zombies attack you in the drak room.., you have to think about that type of stuff don’t lissn to other people. If you want it to be scary like it’s former glory then you have to think about how your gna do it. Put more sound effects… When it’s raining outside put a sound to scare people like in horror movies they put a sound and something pops up… You have to think what did you do to L4D1 that made everyone love it so much

  • ok listene here i <3 that mini uzi and nothing can change that so i suggest that they keep it and maybe put more guns and other weapons but as long as they dont take out the mini uzi. plus that mini uzi comes in handy even if you dont think that it does if you dont like it then get over it.

  • there should be a place where you really run out of ammo then run for your life or when your getting chased by the horde in the car then the tank throws a rock to your car then you try to break the windshield then crawl to safety or you start alone then you get cornered by the horde in an ally then there you meet the other survivors.

  • Big huge fan of both Left 4 Dead 1&2. I think that you should have the option of playing with the L4D1 characters and L4D2 characters, maybe mix and match them together. Defiantly more weapons. Baseball bats, metal chairs, be more creative (what would be the first household item to grab during a zombie attack?). Do a bunch of different climates, one level in the desert, one up on Alaska, and another in a rainforest. Night or Day still be ask scary as fuck to get attacked by a zombie. Oh! and you should be able to drive like a 4-wheeler or a golf cart, or even a snowmobile! So yep that is what I would like to see. 🙂

    Paige (chick that LOVES to kill zombies on L4D1&2)

    • Climates, definitely. Vehicles are a must have. The whole household weapons makes sense: I would most likely grab a baseball bat or a knife to start with, instead of magically having a M1911 pistol just sitting in my pocket.

  • Biggest fan of Left4Dead 1&2. Been playing it ever since it came out. Oh boy you better strap in for this wild ride.

  • I do agree that L4D2 didn’t have the same scariness as the first. But in L4D2, running for your life from a Tank over the Bridge Finale IS a squealingly scary thing!
    For Valve to make L4D3, new environments, random time of day for the map choice, LOTS of new zombies, a lot more – FUN weaponry, pitch-black levels which require the light directly. And, at random times, slow, suspenceful music followed by heavy foot steps of a new, big, proper badass zombie. Driving random vehicles on levels would be awesome – grab a car and run down a horde, or happen to stumble across a tank and blow the hell into them. The Bigger the better I guess – the more fun you can have the more amusing it will be, not forgetting all the zombies which might smash their way into your car if you hit a wall or something.

    All hoping for a new, scary, zombie-killing Left 4 Dead!

    • I agree wholeheartedly, Samuel. also, the ability to add more survivors and more zombies per survivor wouldn’t be bad! there’s been many a time when there were 6 of us and we couldn’t have a decent game of L4D 2.

  • ooh ooh ooh
    and, how about a multiplayer version that doesn’t switch sides, so you could choose from the beginning to always play as survivors or always play as infected.

    • Yeah that would be great! It’s super annoying to switch sides all the time and have to play the same chapter over and over again! Great idea! 😀

  • Left 4 dead is one of my favorite games, it’s one of the few very decent zombie video games that I ever played, too bad bill died, he was my favorite character.GO LEFT4DEAD3

    • Bill was the best cahracter they need to make new maps based from 14d1 or something.or bring him back seems like he made the game

  • I think to improve L4D3 the game should have a real storyline that is set in a big city. For example, take a city abt half the size of the one in the latest GTA and give players objectives and missions to clear throughout the whole city. Basicly a free realm first person RPG zombie shooter with the main mission to survive, seek for other non infected citizens and finding the truth. I know valve has the capability to do this it would be such a great game.

  • Well… they should join left 4 dead and left 4 dead 2 survivors and add a few more ppl??? diff campaign diff ppl? and the last campaign all meet up??? hmm lets say smth like spiderman shattered dimensions??? tat’ll be awesome 🙂 long and more thrillin campaings with short movie scenes like COD:MW

    • yes i am totally with u on the short video thing. it would be cool if every chapter had a begining movie lik it does at the beggining of the game

  • i dont think it would scary at all because if the left for dead 2 was not scary this one should not be scary at all……………….:)

  • when will left 4 dead 3 be released this is suppose to be the year of three’s we need a new and improved left 4 dead this year before players give up on this franchize with modern warfare 3 and massaffect 3 its time. remember left 4 dead 2 came out march 2009 we are due for a new left 4 dead. lets make this happen this year. your biggest fan.

  • l4d3 should be like a pre game with more of a story. like how the zombie virus spread who was the first to get infected? in like montana or utah. or have a mix of all the characters so far and some get infected and you have to drag them around with you until they turn. have a mix of day and night like in some of the western states. have all the weapons so far and more. be able to drive cars and you have to look for food to survive. be able to see your legs. turn off friendly fire option. make more realistic. make more special infected and spawn more special infected in one area. make running and limping zombies. make zomies crawl if legs are wounded or gone. make zombies bite too.

  • S’muel, I love the pitch black level idea.. SICK. If your team splits in two, two go to a tower with a spotlight (one on the spot light the other on defence to protect the spotlightee), the other 2 working their way through some Zombies only with the light of their torches and the spotlight helping.

    Also the ability to drive vehicles for parts of the game would be awesome!! How about traps, the ability to set traps could be cool, especially if there were 100x more Zombies.. what about a sneaking level? that would be terrifying.

    What about multiple ways to complete a level, which could depend on how the level ends. Calling a chopper or finding a car or catching a train, which will all have implications later in the game.

    to be honest, I am just really excited about this game…

    • Samuel89, love ur ideas! but u have to remember how formulaic and rigid the previous two games were. Multiple endings, branching storylines, sounds awesome, and i would love to see it, but its such a huge departure from what they did before i don’t see it happening. hate to say this, but most likely will just be a few new special infected, a few new weapons and moves. i think it will be a great game, i’m just not expecting too much different from what we had before.

  • teh graphics need to be better and have better acting for it to be even close to scary. if you think l4d is scary then gtfo

    • More Zoey???? Really? What is about people and Zoey? I really prefer Rochelle. For me the perfect survivors will be Rochele, Nick, Francis and Bill, but I really hope that L4D3 bring all new survivors.

      • Rochelle? Seriously. Sigh… She was the most annoying character from the first two games combined. Something went wrong in her AI because she was dumb as fuck always found a way to screw up my game, and always had annoying/not funny shit too say. Now zoey on the other hand, was a hot for a game character and was acceptable. Rochelle far from it.

        • Zoey hot?? Really?? She is a kid!!
          Bring new survivors, with a badass woman and keep Nick, he is hot, reminds me of Rick from TWD.
          Tbh, a new L4D with some TWD influences was great!

  • My main in idea is new weapons zombies and new ways to kill them..Samuel is mostly right those ideas would make l4d better ..ps I think that one of the new zombies should b e like a mole..it digs through the ground then spring up aNd grab the survivor kinda like the hunter..or maybe a zombie that can fly- scenario..your walking throned a city ,forest, etc the BOOM! It pounces on u from the sky Kira like the hunter..this r just ideas ppl.L4D rock on…I don’t play everyday but when I play I play l4d..( gears of war,halo mw3 2 )

  • i find it funny how everything everybody says will make it better, has already been done… in dead island… and possibly dead world…i mean think about it. new weapons *in dead island* driving cars *in dead island* an actual story *in dead island* better graphics *in dead island* i mean, i LOVE L4D they are some of my fav games. but everybody keeps talking about things that have already been done, just not by valve

  • I did it in reverse. Played 2 then 1and loved 2 best. I feel it was. More polished.however I would like a small arrow or compass on the corner of my screen telling me what general direction to go as it is sooooo easy to wander about for ages wondering what direction to go. But a marvellous and exciting series … No question.

  • Personally, I’d take a look at the “Walking Dead” show and take some pointers from there.
    Some thoughts in no particular order…
    Have Z’s key on gunfire. You shoot, you draw attention.
    Silenced weapons perks. Less sound, but shorter range.
    More places to go vertical. Fire escapes, water towers, billboards, etc.
    PLZ add the ability to carry at least 2 pipe bombs/etc.
    More aggressive Z’s (ala 28 days later)
    More Z’s… (think Dawn Of The Dead shopping mall exterior)
    Maybe navigable vehicles, but I wouldn’t go overboard. After all, in a Z apocalypse, roads will be packed, so cars won’t go far. Some boats maybe on water-based maps, maybe? (again, Dawn Of The Dead ending)
    Single player ability to play as a Z would be cool. But it just takes one good head shot….

    • I think Jeff has some awesome ideas for advancing the game to the next level. Please don’t change the feel of it though. Of all the FPS zombie games, this one has the best feel. New characters would be great but it would be cool to be able to assemble a team from any of the old characters too. Being able to play single player in different modes would be nice as well.

      • what would be awesome for LFD3 would be a custom character. Where you choose 1 There Sex, 2 There personality 3 Custom Faces 4 Each character has 1 special trait that separates them from the others such as can run faster, can carry an extra item slot, can carry more ammo ect. If anyone has played Soul Calibur 5 you can customize the voices, high pitch lower pitch. If they could use that to the already voice acting so you can stick with four voice actors and change the voice to a higher pitch or lower tone for a custom voice and personalty chooses what dialog they use. Maybe have an import feature to put your own face on the game like Rainbow 6 Vegas. Would be cool to have Your Name Your Face, running from the zombie horde along with your friends.

  • Well guys… I played the first left 4 dead for a rediculous amount of time. Then the second came and it was a joke. They made it humorous to kill zombies while in the first one you just ran and screamed. I believe for this series to get back on track you need to have more set scenes.
    For example humans running around and getting attacked while your going through the level. Humans hiding out and if you clear an area they give you a pipe bomb or something. And last but not least lets put some kids in this game. They may say no dont shoot a zombie kids thats cruel. But screw off, if a baby zombie went crawling up the wall i would flip a shit.

  • I think the setting should Be from phoenix, AZ through Las Vegas and ending in LA. there is room for darker levels.

  • I have some ideas about the characters:

    1. Keith: A Teenager (about 14 and YES! L4D needs that xD). brown hair and wears a simple Pullover. Sometimes he’s a bit cheeky. (Maybe Ellis friend, he always talks about)

    2. Carol: An old Lady (C’mon… why not?). Grey hair and glasses. She’s pretty cool (says things, you wouldn’t exept from an old Lady like “take that bastard!” and such things xD)

    3. Marcus: An Ambulance-driver. brown Dread Locks and… well, an Ambulance-driver-outfit. He’s the serious one.

    4. Chuck: A Cameraman. He wears a black suit and a camera. He’s the badass of the group (and maybe Rochells workmate…)

    Hope you guys like my ideas 😀

  • i think htey should make the tank a lot beter cuase in l4d2 it just look pink and didnt look like the one from l4d and maybe add a cover opption and make the special infected alot better like make them harder to kill 🙂

  • I honestly love l4d 1 and 2 and im a huge fan i have a thing with zombies.. and what i would like to see is maybe some of the l4d 1 survivors died and the only ones who survive in all are maybe coach, rochelle.. louis and bill .. i would love to see that. or just combine all of them at the end of the game. but also i would enjoy seeing vehicles such as maybe just like a litrle 4 wheeler.. i think with like snow mobiles and golf carts and cars. it would just ruin the fun in the game and i would dislike it so maybe modify 1 vehicle. new survivors and maybe new game modes.. like one girl or guy said just put diferent climates and i would love to see this game get a rank of 5 outta 5

  • When i played left for dead 2 my really only problem with it was the game modes like for example i wanted to see how long i could survive in survival, but then i saw you had to have xbox live(if playing on the xbox 360)and i wanted to see my individual skills like no computer players just me a gun and a horde of angry zombies, and also i think it would be cool if you wanted to you could just roam around a city in campaign, Heck something i think would be awesome is if you could build a base in a safe house and have a main base and other safe houses be like outposts where you can get a new weapon and restock on ammo also finding other carriers to have a larger character selection and more of a story like the infection has been isolated to this large city and sealed off till the milatary try to wipe out the infected(which happens at the end by advancing the story)and the goal is to try and find out what is happening and how to either cure the infection or stop it from spreading plus better character backgrounds and i know this is already long enough so i’ll keep it simple more weapons. just my idea i think it would make a awesome zombie apocalypse and the human race must rebuild type of vibe.

      • I bet you’re a dick to everyone huh, this is just friends brainstorming ideas to create the next huge zombie game. So stop being so negative.

  • i say for a campaign the survivors could be on a desserted island and have to get off of the island of course. just a thought

    • if it was in the jungle, would there be other enemies? i mean that would be cool, but the idea of it might be difficult to do because the jungle is an extremely diverse environment, would there be all of the creatures, i mean, there are spiders there that are literally big enough to eat your face, so the question is whether or not the idea would be practical, i am not saying its not cool but it would take a buttload of memory and time for that

  • i think l4d3 should take place outside america and should take place in europe. for example , a horde of zombies at the base of the eiffel tower , or running across london bridge for your life with big ben in the background would be pretty cool.

    • am i the only one who thinks a map that is in some winter/snow covered country would be awesome!?!?!? Go to Russia, canada, etc.

      • sounds like it would be frickin’ awesome, the possibility for infected bears or wolves would be EPIC!!!!!!!!! and even if they werent infected, they would still be rediculously dangerous and you could trick them into fighting the zombies. kind of like turok except instead of dinosaurs it would be like grizzlies and bison in canada in either winter or summer

  • I thought of this while playing Half Life 2 earlier I think it would be cool if you had the ability to move objects in the game like tables chairs and other things and move them into a barricade over doors to keep zombies out of course they wouldnt last for ever and when the door breaks down I can imagine them jumping over the objects some falling and tripping over them

  • This is what I think should be in L4D(Just saying what I would like to see) I think the characters should have some special ability that comes with their immunity
    Jaz-Ex-Basketball player[23](Ability is, good with blunt weapons (Baseball Bat, Cricket Bat, Sledgehammer, shovel)*wears a hoodie and Khakis*
    Melanie-Singer [16] (Wears Dress with Short Shorts under*never know*)(Ability is to do advanced martial arts)
    Bailey- Choreographer [34](Wears Regular T-Shirt and Jeans) (Ability is to amazing accuracy)
    Oliver- Actor[47] (Wears Blazer and Dress Pants) (Ability is skilled melee attacks)
    I think having the survivors have speical abilitys will help them fight the zombies, but…the zombies get smarter and are now able to block and dodge
    New Infected
    Breeder-Grabs you with tentecle and pulls you in then the monster inside her belly starts scratching you
    Jailer- Able to throw needles
    Leech-Clings to you and drains health

    It takes place in Oregon. The AI are smarter now, they will take the lead if you ask them to. There are NPC’s that will fight with you if you ask, you will have to kill some as well if they attack you. You can create a character after beating all the campaigns. There are 12 of them. There is a new diffuctly…Hell. Then there is a new mode, You chose your character(from listed above or your custom character) and you go around killing as many zombies as you can until time runs out.
    All the characters are scared at first, since they just decided to make a run for the Military stationed in Washington. The NPCS with them can turn if bitten, and you will be forced to kill them. There is also quick times.

  • maybe the game should take place a few months after the infection where power is lost, the night becomes darker than how it was with left4dead 1…


    make another side for the plot… let’s say… introducing new characters and following their story line from the outbreak to a small goal they set for themselves in their struggle for survival… of course the characters are brought together for the sole purpose of instilling the left4dead experience, but it also opens up space for drama and strain on the characters, something that would likely be a psychological problem everyone would face in a real zombie apocalypse 😛

  • I think L4D3 should be centred around the ‘fightback’ – reclaiming the infected areas and. once liberated, stocking up with ammo and new weaponry at secure enclaves that have managed to hold out against the infected.

  • I hope they add some new sick special infectted. I think the survivors should turn into infected. Let’s say a survivor only has 1% health and stays alive for x amount of time, then they should morph into an AI Tank, Witch, or something else horrific. The survivors would be forced to choose to heal or kill thier teammate before they turned. In the heat of battle with a large horde, they might not have time. >:}

    I think they should also suppress the sounds of the special infected a little more when survivors are really close. If a survivor sees you, thats one thing, but I hate trying to set up an suprise attack on an unsuspecting survivor while the infected I’m controlling loudly gives away our position.

    I enjoy both games, but like the darker maps better. Dark = Scary

    • 1: The Survivors are naturally immune to the infection (How many times do i have to repeat it in this website?!)
      2: You may hate the infected sounds but the other team loves it…Because a single ambush without someone noticing the enemy can end up in the demise of everyone (Making them RageQuit and leave you Forever Alone for example)

  • I think they should have the weather as a problem factor while trying to survive, because their are other things to worry about than zombies. Also maybe put infected animals in the 3rd one. What happen to all the animals in the Left 4 Dead world? Also please for the love of god make AI humans not be so STUPID and worthless to have.

  • I think that there should be a parady special infected for the first 7 like a boomer should have a “Ticker”. It would be a clumsey zombie who walks in high areas and falls and explosides like a boomer but it only attracts a horde from its massive sound. For a witch it would be a “warlock”, and it would have horns and claws and it shrieks when you bother it to alert a horde. A hunter should have a “Huntress”, she’s like a hunter but twice as fiecty. A smoker should have a parady called a “choker”, it would jump on you then choke you. A Tank should be metallic.
    A Charger Should have a parady called “stomper” when he uses his primary attack he kicks you repeatly. A spitter should have a parady called a “shaker” when it attacks you it messes with you acuracy. I also think they should bring the “screamer” back but not have it like it was supposed to be in L4D1, have it scream once then run away unless you kill it which would be good because it should have a ammo crate with it.
    sincerly–a true zombie killer

  • What if they made it so you can aim down the sights? Or made it similar to call of duty, more weapons, special perks, sprinting, and climbing over obstacles?

  • I think that you should feel more apart of the game like your really there, like how you feel when your playing Dead Island. And really heart pumping gameplay a lot like when your playing Gears of War 3 and your shotgun battling with some one. Like that heart pumping. Also I think it would be cool if like you could go around the country and have a different group in every state. And please include Alaska.

  • Ok, after reading the comments, I think I have some ideas that won’t change the overall nature of the game. For the third game, instead of 4 survivors, how about 6? And these could be a couple survivors from the first two games and a few new survivors. Next, I would also like to see maybe a pregame? A game a few years into the future. A pregame would clash against the idea of the survivors from the previous two games coming together though. So, a game a few years into the future would be cool. As for new infected, there’s always the possibility of combining infected abilities into one. Like boomer and spitter. The screamer might be nice too. More so, the tank is outdated. It needs to be re-invented. Maybe valve could make a larger more terrifying creature? Like if the tank starts to attack, this larger zombie comes out of nowhere and eats the tank, then sees the survivors and runs after them. Now, as for weapons, scratch the idea of all these different melee weapons. Personally, the large amount of melee weapons you could choose from took away from the second game. Sure, a shovel or an axe here and there. We didn’t need the guitar though. Now, a cut-scene here or there would be nice. Not too many, because it’s nice to go through a game and not have to wait for the game to go through a large cutscene every few minutes. This is especially what L4D is not about too. As for where the game should take place, I was hoping for either numerous places in the west? From Texas all the way up to Washington. Possibly along the way, you get a reference to Black Mesa and Aperture too. Either that, or go from San Fran out across the world. So after San Fran, go to Japan, then to India, then to Europe. Who knows, the possibilities outside the US are endless. I would like to address a few things though. Vehicles, bad idea. Sure it’s fun to drive around in a vehicle but it’s not L4D though. However, Valve could put into the game where for one of the rescue vehicles you got picked up and you had to shoot from the vehicle in order to escape. That’s not so bad and it’s a new type of finale. Someone mentioned about a pre-scene to each campaign. This would also be nice. So instead of starting the level finding out your vehicle from the last campaign died out on you, at least see why it died out on you in a pre-scene. I’m sure I have more ideas, but at the moment they’re not coming to me. Plus I’ve given everyone a lot to chew on. So tell me what you think. I know I wrote a lot, sorry ):

  • Look it’s simple it has always been simple. All they have to do is make the game more dark and more random I mean change and random u have to keep the gamers on edge at all times mabe that one ally u took to run away isn’t there any more maybe that one building u took cover in the first time and took out waves after waves of hordes isn’t there its been moved somewhere else the game need to be more random and weapons need to break. Left 4 dead (l4d) needed to make fear there zombies. When i see a horde coming at me I’m not scared cause I know I can handle the wave. They need to make a zombie wave fearful enough that valve has u on your feet hoping that they don’t send another wave at u like the last. When playing as zombies. We should be aloud to play as regular zombies as we wait to respond to new awesome hunterst. We should be able to choose to spawn a wave are selves. Zombies should be able to climb anywhere. Not just have a place to climb thats marked whit claws on a wall that kinda sucks. I stopped playing l4d just because it was de ja vu samething happening all the time. You should be able to save people in the streets. And not have the tank a flaming joke all the time. L4d should be funn scary random and make u fearful of what valve will though at u next. That’s what a game should be. That what l4d should be.

  • They should make the maps alot larger and give you choices on which directions to take, like choose a basement thats darker but with less zombies or go through a cafeteria with alot of light but massive amounts of zombies. They should cut back on special infected and focus more on the zombies themselves, 2 or 3 really tough special infected would be cool as boss’s but i get so bored of them when they’re coming at me every 5 seconds and i have the perfect formula down to mass-murder them. Vehicles would ruin l4d but i think there should be a level like dawn of the dead where you’re hold-up in a mall or something and have to leave to get more guns or supplies, forcing you to leave the safety of the mall and then tricking out a bus at the end to escape to a boat, the catch being the more you leave the safety of the mall to get guns and food, the easier it will be to leave when you finish the bus and if you wait too long and dont barricade enough, zombies leak in until you re-seal the entry, it would have more than 4 survivors, maybe 8 or 12 and you pick what they do every day. All i msayin is that a little strategy into the massacre now and then would be fun and interesting, maybe giving you glimpses of how other survivors are faring and whats goin on in the rest of the world. A mission dedicated to the outbreak would be a must, maybe something like you and the other survivors are at a party or a grocerie store and everything slowly starts turning to hell, you see a cough, some people puking, a fevered near-zombie attacking someone, then panic and you leave ina hurry to find everything in the world you knew went crazy, you go home to the family/rommates you left that morning (who were sick) only to have to kill their zombified corpses, you pick your escape after looting a gun store and a grocery store and steal a truck or something and rescue the survivors youre teamed up with during a high-adrenaline escape. Thats what l4d needs, close-calls, tough choices, copious amounts of stress on staying alive and relationships with the survivors with them, thats what makes people afraid, it brings people into the game in ways that mindless gunning cant because they mentally HAVE to be in the situation when you see that flesh-rotting zombie chasing down your best friend and if he dies, he doesnt come back, but you can find alot of survivors to offset permanent character loss, form the teams you want to do what it takes to survive, one group goes for food, the other for guns, not every comes home at the end of the day and thats fear.

  • For one of the campaigns they should make snowstorm one kinda like hard rain where you cant see 5 feet in either direction and character outline disappears so if you get split up then you screwed with a snow monster infected like a bear or something???? and the vice to that a sandstorm level where you cant see either? thats just off the top of my head.

  • To an early comment there is 4 people to play as because its left 4 dead! And yes I think the game should be darker and fast so it difficult to keep up, have zombies that can climb on ceilings not just walls this way you are not just looking left and right your looking up and down which would be really cool. And just make the awsome damned game so we can play it.

  • in order for l4d to be scarier it needs bait zombies. basically zombies posing as survivors waiting for actual survivors to come along and scare the crap out of them sort of a more convincing witch because you can hear a witch from a mile away.

  • I saw a comment about the zombie hordes being more terrific. Less special infected, more of the annoying zombies. I would love to have to depend even more on my teammates – more strategy. That would be really cool. For example – if there was a switch in a house that would open a door, then a volunteer would have to enter the house alone, leaving the others alone, forcing them to think strategic. For example, one person will have to take the sniper role, covering the other people. Eventually, preventing zombies from entering the house.
    I don’t know how, but strategy would be really nice.
    It would also be nice to have the possibility to sneak past enemies, set up traps, make barricades, etc.
    Try thinking less action, more strategy/horror?

    To think about it, it would be really awesome if you added one of those monsters you simply cannot kill, but you will have to run and hide from, opening for the possibilities to hide in closets, boxes, behind containers, etc?

    I don’t know, but I hope L4D3 scares me more than L4D2 did.

    • most of what you say is everything that is against what left 4 dead is about. If you want all that crap and sneaking and less action play resident evil left 4 dead is all about action shooting an unreal amount of ammo into tons of zombies and just f*cking sh*t up why would they change what has made them what they are???? but having separation and specific roles now that’s a good idea.

  • They should really make a left for dead 3. they should have a police area where you have to pass put difrent alarms on the stage to alert the zombie cops. New difrent playable characters. diffrent special infected .more weapons.

  • i really hope that l4d3 will be much darker and scarier with even more hordes of zombies and even stronger special infected along with more guns >>and no melle weapons… i hate them-____-. l4d1 was an amazing game the chill in the air as u walk in the dark alleyways and the unknowing of what to do. when l4d2 came out we knew what to do so there was that special feeling lost. the thing that got me irritated about l4d2 is that its in the morning, that just lost the zombie feeling for me. PLEASE BRING BACK THE NIGHTTIME PRETTY PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Wow, you people have some unbelievably awful ideas and even less talent to describe your ideas as a drunk monkey struck over the head.

    Come up with something good then try to write it out properly, if I was Valve and/or the Left 4 Dead 3-development team I’d be scared away just by the sheer stupidity and unoriginality displayed out here!

  • You guys seem to be forgetting this is ultimately a survival / horror game. Why ask for more weapons? Why ask for more zombies? It’s the strategy of the game that has a flaw with the current L4D series.

    Here’s some ideas on what I would change in GAMEPLAY:

    – Reloading early would causes your remaining ammo to be thrown out. Does not apply to shotguns.

    – No more “universal full” ammos. It pretty much takes the term “survival” out of context. Finding a gun on the floor should have random amount of ammo, not always all full. Ammo can be spread out, but sparingly, and for SPECIFIC guns, not UNIVERSAL. This would force the player to think twice before switching weapons and reloading like crazy. There should be consequences for these actions.

    – There should be a “crawl” feature when you’re down. This won’t allow you to heal other people or get back up, but at least you can “crawl” to safety to hide from incoming hoard until your teammates can get you back up. The speed for crawling should be even slower or equivalent to your walk speed when your health is at 1.

    – We have zombies that keep coming at you after losing an arm, but how about making it so they keep coming at you after they lose a leg? Currently if they lose a leg, they die. Give them a feature to crawl towards you if they lose a leg.

    These 3 changes by itself should be enough to make the game more enjoyable and more “realistic.”

    • Another thought – having random NPC “survivors” whom you will occasionally encountered. They can be both friendlys and unfriendlys, mobile and non-mobile. Friendlys can include joining the team briefly (expendables) or unfriendlys, where they are holed up in a passing point and refuses to let anyone go through their “area.”


  • Left4Dead 1 and 2 are fun on the first playthrough, until you realise the campaigns will be fundamentally the same every time you play them, apart from slightly varied zombie spawns etc.

    The 3rd game doesn’t need more guns or modes. It needs a free-roaming approach that allows the players to develop their own strategy and not be funnelled down a narrow path. I want an entire portion of city and an objective to fight my way to, with multiple routes to choose between and the option to try and make my way past zombies stealthily. Players should be allowed to split off and leave the group and learn from their own mistakes. There should be many more variables to make it less of a run and gun shooter and more survival horror – the group survival mechanic should be the core of the game, and there should be a big emphasis on exploration. Nobody really cares about blasting through unrealistic and unintimidating hordes of zombies anymore. Just watch or read the walking dead for a lesson on that.

    And crucially, if teammates go down, they should be infected themselves, not reappear in a random cupboard.


    • Yeah, except that the survivors (so far) have all been immune. Correction, they’ve all been carriers of the disease so they’ll pass it on but won’t become zombies.

    • I love the idea that a survivor can become infected. I think a few more guns and melee weapons would top it off. But the thing is, l4d1 was scary, l4d2 wasn’t. I think there should be some survivors who you can meet who can help you along the way but are easier to kill than the original survivors. Also, a new couple of special infected will top it off!

    • The background behind those “random cupboards” is that “the survivor didn’t die but instead,was so heavily injured that they had to crawl over to a room and barricade themselves inside but found out that they could not subsequently get out”.

    • I dunno…the fact that L4D2 wasn’t “scary” wasn’t a factor for me. By the time it came out, I knew what I was in for, and I expected it not to really frighten me…I just loved the gore and violence aspects (sue me for being simple).

      That being said, a complete revamp of specials (including things to replace the tank and the witch) would be nice. I think it’d be cooler to just have random zombies within the hordes be super tough to kill – that way you have all of this mayhem happening around you, and blammo, one zombie grabs you and starts whoopin’ your butt. This way the team has to stop to take time to help you. Keeps the teamwork spirit, as well as also keeping you off guard. Having a special that jumps on top of you off of buildings or from trees or what have you could be interesting as well (not like the hunter though…something more sinister and less obvious).

      Players can already go off on their own or fall behind and get butt-raped by zombies or specials now, so the idea to fully split the group is sort of a moot point. Maps with more variations are what would be preferable. Not sure how many of you folks play add-ons, but the one map “Yama” set in Japan seems to touch on this idea. There are multiple routes to get to the same general direction – only it could be even more confusing.

      Think about it…you’re in some sort of urban area, where most of the populace is infected…this would mean the streets and such would be a complete mess, and there’d be all sorts of routes to get someplace.

      Your idea for an entire portion of city would fit this bill nicely.

      I’d love to also see more weather conditions. The heavy rain in L4D2 wasn’t bad – but thick fog would be awesome (way harder to see specials or deal with hordes), snowstorms (another element to cause confusion and make your team be more cohesive), etc. Nothing over the top like the suggestions for volcanoes and meteors, but real weather elements that would actually cause survivors to be far more careful about proceeding.

      Survivors becoming fully infected though, is a sort of lame idea…they’re already carriers in the storyline, and thus immune to the actual infection. But maybe a boss special that can cause the carrier strain to mutate super quick, and cause one of the survivors to sort of freak out, or appear as though he or she is now becoming infected, and then the team would have to incapacitate that player until they can kill the boss, and then revive the player – that could be interesting (sure, a little complicated, but the idea could be tweaked).

  • i believe alot of these ideas are awesome but some r just not l4d. I think it would be cool to have a zombie crawl on walls that would be sick. y not make some of them more gruesome like a headless zombie or a special infected that was only a torso but had some hellish attack and just walked on its hands. I love the idea about randomness everyone knows when a horde is coming.everyone also knows when the tank is gonna spawn as well. the idea of a new tank or newer looking tank would be awesome 2.That idea of finding temporary survivors that can die eventually would be cool as well. The idea of specialization is awesome people can pick curtain jobs i love the strategic aspect everyone wants. I wanna see more variety too,let you can choose like different path ways each time you play it just gives the game more replay value cause i know i got bored after i played the same level over and over i knew l4d2 inside and out. everyone knows when a tanks gonna spawn and everyone knows were the ammo always is. I love the idea about guns breaking that’s cool no one can smack a zombie 1000 times and not worry about it breakin. and before you know it your guns gone and u only have some sort of melee weapon or just your pistol. They should also add some new pistols that do alittle more damage only like 1 maybe 2 more. i also agree they should make it darker as well. The online was fine but i think it would be awesome to play as common infected and start hordes and just make it harder for the survivors. i like the idea of a cut scene every once in awhile to provide a more in depth story line. i think a temporary flame thrower like if you went onto a military base of some sort but only one just as like the final battle type thing idk alittle far-fetched but it would be awesome. my final point it we be awesome to have some sort of pre infected scenes to see how everything all started. or some section to see how the whole thing dies down cause you could never have a zombie Apocalypse forever.

  • Derek’s Official L4D3 Intended Ideas List:

    1. Climates/Natural Disasters: Sandstorm, Blizzard, Rainstorm, Earthquake, Etc.

    2. New Characters: Obviously one female, one black guy, one middle-aged white guy, and one that everybody finds funny.

    3. NPCs: This is essential, don’t overpower the idea but have it subtle, like the church bell guy or the L4D characters joining, that is subtle.

    4. Crawling: The ability to push yourself across the ground when incapacitated.

    5. New area: This is obviously going to be added but it’s good to list.

    6. No Weapon: Either run out of ammo and have no melee tool forcing you to switch to fists, or having a catastrophic event forcing you to lose all of your weapons; large explosion or start falling making you lose grip.

    7. New Special Infected: Another obvious addition but always good to list. Animals could also be a good addition, like wolves.

    8. Splitting Up: Have an event forcing the survivors to split up then rejoin later, or have them separated the entire campaign but still assisting each other.

    9. More Terrifying: Have it night or daytime with effect, like the cold stream beta the tunnel with the light at the end. The zombies have to be more abundant.

    10. Catastrophes: Erupting volcanoes, A large container of whatever causes infection exploding, and wait for it… Meteors.

    This list of ideas is subject to change. Any information relayed in other comments could be held to fines. please do not redistribute. This list is copyrighted by the Derek360 co. International. @2012.

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  • maybe there will be a upgrade to the older zombies smoker,tank,boomer,hunter,ect like increasing the boomer speed or giveing the smoker the ablity to use ALL of it’s tonges and the tank realy a punch and throwing maybe give a charge and make it be abble to pick you up and use you like a weapon and maybe a wall waking zombie we all no the tank cant climb give it the ablity to cling to walls but i have never been the tank. And im back to the smoker my fav zombie give it place were it can use its tongs to swing. Hunter needs to have it’s attacks in since it could sneak up be hind the surviers and but it’s hands over there mouth and pull them away.

  • It should have more cut scenes to give the story and the characters more interesting like at the start of LFD1 they should make the cut scenes lead into parts which split up the teams and try to meat back up, the vs is good but it would be cool is you could pick old characters from past games and just don’t have them talk in the vs matches, and also a tank should be able to break a safe room door down because if the round hasn’t ended that means the person done a runner and they should be working as a team to get in the safe room together, just a couple of ideas that may improve the game, even though it has little to improve.

  • I think that the game is great a little boring after the first but great i love how it gives u that hopeless feeling i wish it be more like a real zombie movie for example dawn of the dead let the survivors come up with their own plans and after the cut scene have an option where u can pick the decision of the team in single player and a vote for multiplayer. Let the stages be a littoe bit longer also and the crecendo events were great in part 2 keep that don’t add animals that’s to resident evil the special infected are enough give the old special infected new moves and add a few new guys maybe one or two u don’t wanna over power the zombies with special infected let there be special weapons also like a elephant gun o a stun gun let the game be a little more realistic crawl if u are incaped i liked that idea add some story to the game the first one was just run shoot live let us kno wats happening like a radio station or news station cut scene the newer version should also b a little more scary i mean like dead space scary c’mon valve u can do it i kno u can u made me happiest military man alive when that game came out this is one o my most fondest memories of the navy when u guys made this game please valve scare the shit out of us true zombie lovers again we need it

  • What your saying does ring true. I actually played L4D 2 before I played L4D 1 and I was freaked out the entire time. Then I played 1 and it wasn’t as bad, but the whole ‘at night’ thing made me jumpy. The one thing that I wish they could do is a wandering witch during the dark. That would add a real scare factor, to know that she could be coming right toward you and you can’t see her.

    In response to danhall’s comment, I do think it would be better if Valve added some element of infection to the group. Like, have the health bar and another below it to show how close you are to being infected (of course, the infection takes more time to set in than your health meter takes to drop) and you need to get to the safe house before you are totally infected.

    I also think that giving people more options would add realism to the game. Maybe let players split up? Make more that one safe house? Provide a map of the area so players can navigate the area however they want?

    • Why play a 4-player co-op game then have the survivors split up? If the survivors were to split, it would have to be due to unforeseen circumstances and not personal choice. Not very realistic IMO. Personally i think there should be the odd random “run-in” with other not-so-friendly survivor groups.

  • I think both games are good esp the second one. I like playing vs alot. I think they should come up with more infected zombies of course but i also think it would be cool to be the witch in this mode. and i also agree with danhall, once survivors go down they should become infected. And also i think the survivors should have a special skill of their own. Idk just some different ideas.

    • The possibility of being a Witch is naught. She is too powerful for Survivors to handle Witch players

  • Hi it’s me again.
    I thought about some special infected. Hope you like my ideas ^^

    1. The Gripper: A Computerfreak with glasses and huge arms/hands.
    He grabs a survivour and run away with him. Every time he stands still, he will squeeze them.
    2. The Screamer: A Prostitute. She has a huge hole at her throat. She has black, short hair. She’s kinda a mixture of a Boomer and a Witch. If you annoy her too much, she will go crazy. Then she screams and runs away. Thereby she will allert a horde of zombies. And she will only stop if you kill her 😛
    3. The Breeder: A pregnant woman with tentacles on her back and a huge mouth on her stomach. She will grip a survivour and will pull him to herself. There her “Baby” will appear to… eat >:D
    4. The Howler: An infected dog/wolfish creature. Its very fast and can sprint to a survivour. Having reached the survivour. It will jump on it like a Hunter and will bite him until he dies.

    That’s all for a while. Hope you guys like my new ideas 😀

      • really? But honestly I did make up the Gripper and Howler idea… damned and I thought I had a new idea…

    • (1)The Gripper: Possibly a little underpowered?
      (2)The Screamer:That idea Existed once but was cut from the final game
      (3)The Breeder:The name doesn’t match with her description and possibly a little disgusting?
      (4)The Howler: Good idea but we don’t need another hunter type do we?

  • Oh and by the way:
    I think it should take place in California and Nevada (YES I thought about Las Vegas, LA or San Fran ^^)

    And I also think there should be a mode where you can choose any of all 12 characters… just a thought…

    • i think left for dead 3 should be a prequel like a left for dead 0 and it should explain how the infection started and you should only play the game as left for dead 0 half the time and when you beat a level you continue as left for dead 3 when they are trying to end the infection and trying to learn abou the infection and you should play at military bases science labs and just regular zombie towns on your journey to find out the truth

    • I think it should be in california and the very last mission (like the bridge in l4d2) you have to run up to the hollywood sign from the very bottom and jump on a chopper

    • l4d3 should actually be based somewhere else lyk for intense finish a mission and end up lyk belfast and get a plane and they may change the voice of the guy whos on the boat or plane or whatever 🙂

  • I like the idea of crawling when your down but to add to that if your on the ground you should be able to grab on to a chair or a heavy item which you can pull yourself up instead of waiting a whole year until the AI comes to pick you up which can take a century. Or being able to pull out your shotgun or machine gun but the catch is to that it when you do fall down your bullets will fall out of your reach maybe a couple feet away.You will still be able to shoot the rest of the ammo out of your gun and then pull out your pistols

  • It would be cool if zombies can hold on to your ankles after you shoot them which would make it easier for the special infected to attack

  • They should also quiet down special infected like on versus im a hunter and like the survivors can here me a mile away betweeen the hunter and the boomer there two of the loudest and also the hunter should be able to grab on to survivors dragging them away kind of like a jockey but when he jumps on you he will drag you away and of course tear your guts out but with the way the hunter attacks he attacks you or the AI right infront of you its too easy to kill him

  • Wow are you guys giving ideas to improve the game or to change the game into something different . Half of your ideas are already on dead island

    • Ikr? I found some of the ideas that the zombies should bite the survivors? rlly? this would make no sense ( would make this game kinda lame for the unrealistic facts (of the ,,green fly,, (for ppl that are stupid and dont know ,,green flu,, is the virus that caused many people to turn into infected) + for ppl that dont know : sometimes you can see a hunter biting you on the neck when he pounces you to the ground ; the thing is that the church guy was bitten too by a carrier ( female ) that might have become an infected but it would actually make the game silly if the infected would just run up to you and start biting/eating ( this is to those that think that biting or eating is a good idea ->THEY ARE INFECTED PEOPLE NOT UNDEAD ZOMBIES THAT WANT TO EAT OUR BRAINZ! ). Oh and i found one of the most stupid ideas ,, 10. Catastrophes: Erupting volcanoes, A large container of whatever causes infection exploding, and wait for it… Meteors. ,, BUT I actually like some ppl ideas to add cut-scenes + some ideas are good too BUT you need to think about them cause this game is kinda based on realistic stuff that could actually happen (this virus is a modified ( maybe by scientist when they were creating biological weapons for the army or something cause Elli’s said a story about Keith going camping in a forest and he saw the military planes testing some new bombs ) so the thing is this game’s modifications must be realistic then just stupid ideas like : Headless zombies , meteors or other stuff . to make sure the ideas are quite good go read everything about l4d and its stuff on wikipedia .

  • I think these are really good ideas but the Left 4 Dead games have been extremely balanced and most of these ideas would surely overpower the Special Infected. Versus was the greatest part of the game for me and if these ideas were implemented the survivors would have a hell of a time living through a chapter.. ever.

  • All of your ideas are shitty. Shut up, all of you. L4D3 will have whatever the fuck Valve wants it to have.

    • DUDE…it’s people like you who are STUPID!!! You should be put on the next rocket to mars and shot into deep space…people are just expressing their views and AH’s like you should be banned from the internet. “How’s them apples.”

    • whats with this stuff saying that valve cant count to 3 i never understanded it heard it lots of times but what does it mean

  • how can a game be scary??? com on!!! now, dead island has some moments in their game that kinda startle you and that’s cool 🙂

  • There should be a DLC campaign where you play as the L4D1 survivors after the Sacrifice. Bill starts out dead, and you must wait for him to respawn later on. It takes place on the island in the Keys that Bill had talked about, yet it has been over run by zombies, so the finale is a new kind. Instead of waiting out 3 hordes and 2 Tanks, you must kill off 1,000 infected, making the island safe, as no more can get there.

  • i think they should make caves have you ever saw the movie descent 1 or 2 put creatures in it like that along with infected animals and just a thought you may think its a stupid idea but new mele wepons such as darts and knives and maybee bows i thought a bow ‘n’ arrow would be cool

  • The Left 4 Dead francise is popular and zombies have been very popular in these recent years. I also like the idea that, like in the graveyard in L4D2, for there to be randomly generated terrain. This will give the game more choices and a new feel eveytime you play. I hated being able to predict everything that happened. Weapons should be more unique. The shotguns were all the same, the assualt rifles only had minor differences, the hunting rifles and the sniper rifle had minor differences. And what was the point of adding a suppressor onto the SMG. Random weather events. I also think other survivors that can help or try and kill you can spawn randomly as special infected. They can help by dropping health packs or ammo packs or on rare occasions weapons. The number 1 thing i want is AUSTRALIA TO HAVE GOREY GAMES. (I would also like to point out the picture shown in the above article is a promotinal picture for Dead Rising)

  • I believe that Valve should make as many as they would like but we need new special infected.It would be an amazing experience to have like the “Leaper” like we see pictures of on facebook. I have heard rumors about Valve making a new Left 4 dead as we are speaking right now and I hope they do. I would personally like to see more special infected and more campaigns and stuff like that so we wont beat the game as quickly,My friends and I had just got Left 4 Dead 2 and beat it in 4 hours. It doesn’t take that long to beat all the campaigns. It took us 2 days to beat Left 4 Dead 1.In the new Left 4 Dead ,When the surviors get hit or bit by the zombies. They should be infected themselves so that their used to be friends could experience shooting one of their own friends or something like that.Personally,My friends and I would like to see another Left 4 Dead.My friend and I was drawing up some new special infected zombies today and thinking that we could send them to Valve and thinking that they might put them in the game.We had done a new witch and another larger and more challanging tank.I believe that they possibly would put it in the game. My friend is a very good artist. She will be sending it to them tomorrow evening.She is very confedident in doing this.She hopes for the best too. So do I.

  • lmao they need to increase the smokers tongue length to the l4d1 length of 100ft instead of 30 feet
    the chargers should be able to turn slightly to grab survivors if they try to dodge the witch needs to be instant kills the whole immune factor for the survivors totally trash your ideas of infect meter but they should still bleed out cuz magical gauze can’t stop broken ribs or ripped open stomachs and acid burns the overall server quality sucks I’ve been jockeyed from at least 90ft away super jumping due to severe lag in vs the tank mods are amazing like some players possess this amazing ability to make tanks run 80 slower the. a red healthier survivor in water trust me I rape with the tank and I’ve been outrunned
    another great addition they need is an amazing new special infected that can use like a parasite in one of the campaigns and they need to get it out so they need medical supplies. how about a few new special infected 2 for level specific jobs and 2 for every campaign and they should do a skill tree for the main story and have a perk system for vs. like give a special infected a perk for bullet resistance yet still flammable or noise reduction. hunters are fucking loud waiting to pounce not to mention turtle beaches can hear everything I’m a hard ore zombie fan and I love cod and dead island and they should take the best of both worlds

    • These ideas arnt that bad with the exception of 1. no perks. thats the worst thing that can happen to a game is adding something stupid like perks. you people need to stray away from the whole COD style games and realize that ingame skills are a lot better to have that a perk. perks will ruin this game and run it into the ground.

      • I agree. That is the same concept of “Bullet vs Blade”. Why would in-game skill matter if I can just get there and Pwn with my advantages.

  • I hope L4D3 comes out soon so I can buy it and then have all the fan ideas come to life so me and all the other fans can enjoy one of the greatest zombie killing gore, spuying ever!!

  • I think that the zombies should try to eat you instead of totally just punch you in the nose every time you get near one the whole point of the survivor going down is for the zombies to eat him, not punch him to death and just leave…. to be honest it’s pathetic and I would like to see like a big long dark room you have to cross no light at all except for a door at the end with whatever the heck you want in it looking forward to left 4 dead 3 and hope youll add some actual killing effects of the commons

    • Well the whole reason they don’t bite you is that you have to make it to your escape and with 1 bite you will become 1 of the infected. But I agree, add something more than just punching……

      • Well, we already know that the survivors are carriers of the disease, and that means they won’t become one.

  • I think there just needs to be more variety in the campaigns. Events where survivors are forced to split up, or maybe even a campaign where they start seperated and meet up later, would keep it fresh and interesting. Its been done in custom campaigns, it can be done again. Another idea would be to have an event where all the survivors are forced to pick a route, and the route leads to 1 of 2 safe-rooms on that level, which then means that the next level is different depending on which way the survivors choose. Once this happens, the routes could lead to each other later in the campaign. Heck, if it was wanted, it could be made so that there are multiple finales for one campaign depending on choices that the group makes. This element would mean that the game-play would be a lot less repetitive while maintaining the same core elements that L4D and L4D2 introduced.

    • Making these choices then impacts the game itself, which, if used correctly, could make it a lot scarier.

      • That would mean that if they could split the team up during certain campaigns (which would be an awesome idea to create tension even more). They would have to be rid of the hunter, jockey, and charger. Either that! or give the player a move where if they are caught by the hunter jockey or charger they can then get out if the situation via a button combo move if done quickly. Something like rapidly hit the right trigger button to kick out of it or break free from the grip. Otherwise it will cause nothing but anger and frustration as the hunter jockey and chargers attacks can’t be defended against by any single player.

        • And lets not forget that the game knows when a player is too far from the rest of the team. This is when the send in the heavies to kill the player. The hunter jockey charger AND smoker. I forgot about the smoker as well. So yes a move to break free from all of those special infecteds attacks would be needed if they were going to split the team up at any point in a campaign.

  • I’ve mentioned it before on here but we need to be able to carry two of any particular throwable item. Two pipe bombs or one pipe bomb and a molotov or two molotovs. Which ever takes the player in questions fancy at the time. Also we need the ability to swap these items with team mates. If they run out we can hand them a pipe bomb or whatever if they run out as we will be carrying two each. It would come in hand that if one person was low on health and there was no first aid near by to use. A different range of machine guns and assault rifles. How about adding an MP5 silenced and an MP5 unsilenced. The silenced one does about 10% less damage than the one unsilenced. Stealth over noise comes at a price.

      • Yeah but last time I checked where I live (Scotland) we’re not German. So how is that fair to us and basically everyone else who isn’t German either.

        • Because then it would be unfair for German players because then it would be the same as gaining nothing.

      • No it’s not. It is already there in L4D2 where you can use the butt of the weapon as a melee during combat. That’s still using the weapon as a weapon regardless of ammo or not.

  • Here’s a new idea of a special infected, The Rager, when attacked by survivors he will scratch the survivors both hard and quick. His looks is a male infected and wearing a military uniform with faded jeans and flip-flops. Hope you like my idea!

      • And keep it wear, idiot? If you didn’t know, the “goo” is stomach acid. ACID. It would completely wreck the container. Stop being stupid and your ideas are also stupid.

        • Quit being an ignorant jerk and do your research. Digestive acid is not the same as sulfuric acid, even if it were as corrosive and it is in the game.
          And what the fuck do you think they would use to carry it, a Pepsi bottle?
          Look at the boomer bile container and tell me it wasn’t made to hold bio-chemicals.

        • Your an idiot…acid could be contained in some metals dumbass! So before you start calling someone dumb think before you reply with stupidity!

  • Heres what they should do. they need to have the maps vary in time, maybe sometimes have a map in the day time and maybe at night. regular infected need to be based off sound, the louder the gun the wide range you attract. you need to be able to give items to people not just pills,shots but anything. there needs to not be an unlimited amount of guns on the ground, for example theres one ak on the ground you can just keep picking it up with our having to reload it. pistols need to have ammo because as much as i love it the game can be really easy with a magnum with unlimited ammo. characters need to be able to carry 3 weapons, primary, secondary, and melee. of you can duel wield secondaries, or some of the sub machine guns like the uzi in l4d2 at the cost of having a melee. there should be a few more characters you can choose from maybe around the 6 to 8 range. the maps could be a little bit more open as well. new guns, throwable, and minor health pick ups would also be nice. new specials and maybe some new skills for some of the older ones. some people are saying that the survivors need to become infected but thats a terrible idea. that would take away from the vs mode as well as the douche bags who get infected just to ruin the game for people its fine the way it is so nothing needs to be changed as far as that goes. there might need to be a bit more interaction with the surrounding environment. maybe the ability to move furniture around to make a barrier before hoards, or to block a door off for a little while, maybe being able to open drawers and closets for things like guns, ammo, pills, or shots. maybe have side missons to do through out the stage, much like in l4d2 when you can rescue chompsky in the carnival only have them actually make a difference in the next segment of the game. other than that i dont see anything that can be done to the game with out taking something away. the only alternative is making it a mmo style game maybe like the game borderlands but idk how that would turn out.

    • Nice suggestions! I like nearly everything you came up with here.

      I’m not 100% sure about the blockading part, but interactive items in the game besides what you carry would be a nice change of pace.

  • Am i the only one who seems to think the cast need to talk and respond to each other more, i’d like to see the characters more in-depth and their reaction to other survivors. And a new zombie idea

    The Digger – A zombie which dives into the ground and grabs players ankles, dragging them along. He can be seen by a dirt trail being lifted up wherever he digs. The digger dragging the survivors underground would hurt them, and when shot, the player buried will need to be lifted out by another player.

      • Not to mention the fact that fans would refer to it as the “bugs bunny” zombie! Maybe we can make “bugs” say ” Thats all folks!” after wiping out the survivors!

        P.S Jordan keep up the good work of weeding out weak ideas like this one =)

  • I know quite a few of you know of the haggard but in case you don’t he is a muscled guy resembling a hunter without the hood with star pickets and steel beams in his back which he pulls out and than throws it at unsespecting survivors with the obvious scratch ability. He is epic so I’d love to see him come to life and tear us to pieces. As well as hoard survival which a: has no special infected b: has no tanks c: has niether tanks nor special but twice as many zombies. 🙂

    • I think the fans would like to have more types of special infected other than those were existed. Changing the outfit and attack behavior of the normal zombies should be more interesting. The map style and atmosphere should not be repeated and design it more amusing by adding some special features like any objects in map can move should be better. I’m a big fans of L4D, and i looking forward for the latest series as soon as possible 🙂

  • I saw a more recent comment on here that was a really good idea…Do a prequel to the whole story about the initial outbreak where everything starts going to hell. The left 4 dead series is really sweet but dead island just has alot more to offer. Something completely original needs to be done that’s different then dead island and any other zombie game.

  • Forget most of those other ideas, although there are some nice ones. I’ve played Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 for nearly 3 straight years, with the odd week off so I can play CoD then trade it in. It’s the only game I have consistently played over those 3 years. After spending thousands of hours on each map, all that l4d3 needs is a LOT more maps, or something to keep the originals feeling different each time we play them. I’m talking about multiple paths, not just the odd fence blocking the way you use 90% of the time, knocking you back 5 seconds. Randomly spawning/moving objects would be a sweet idea, and so would sections where the survivors might have to split up (basically, more set pieces). Also, some more variations of weapons would be nice, with scopes and add-ons which are found. I dunno about everyone else, but I always stick with m16/ak47 depending on what map, with shotgun for a tank if possible. I just wish there was more reason to use snipers and shotguns more often.

  • It’s me again with some other ideas for the survivors:

    1. Matthew: An Asian guy with glasses, black long hair and a Nerd-T-shirt (Maybe with UFOs or such things on it). He’s about 18 years old and was a total nerd in High school. He didn’t have much friends but knew exactly what to do in a zombie apocalypse and… well that’s why he survived.

    2. John: An old farmer who lived at a farm far away from the city. Since his wife died, John was frustraded and thought about admitting suicide. But then zombies appeared, which gave him the energy to fight until death.

    3. Kate: About 25 years old. She has red to orange, long hair and wears glasses too. She was the leader of her band called “Braindead”. Her boyfriend was the drummer. In one night they had a gig at a local bar. There, her boyfriend gave his life to save hers. Since then, she is trying to take the chance her boyfriend hasn’t got to survive that apocalypse.

    4. Tony: An Italian Policeman. He wears a uniform and has short, brown hair. His last case was an attack on an old Lady. She had a lot of bite marks on her arm. His partner James told him to get some coffee as the Lady turned into a zombie and bit James. Tony ran like hell through a chaos of blood, screams and corpses. Finally he got to his car and drove like hell away. Then he crashed and found himself at a group of 3 other survivors…

    I think the movie at the beginning should show the stories of the survivors so you know which kind of person you gonna play…

    And that’s all for a while… hope you like my ideas…again ^^

    • Finally some F***ing originality! Good Job! Most people would star naming other video game characters and movie characters and stuff at least someone has a mind of thier own! Thumbs up!

    • Marco If you get a chance check my character ideas on the Midnight Riders Post.. I think you’ll like them!

      P.S. I like Kate and her backstory already!

      • I do like your character ideas – well thought out. And I agree about Dave’s idea for Kate…those are good ones.

  • I’m not sure who said Dead Island is better…but…as someone who has played through it several times, I can say, I disagree. It had some cool points to it, but the ending was AWFUL. As anticlimactic as the ending to Borderlands. I wanted to punch the game right in it’s face.

    The L4D games are bar none, by absolute FAVORITE games. To the point where I play almost nothing but add-ons now just because I crave playing, but got too bored playing the original maps.

    I for one hope that L4D3 has some variation…something to throw us off. As another person mentioned, multi-path maps, far MORE maps, longer maps, and some unique specials would be nice.

    Customizable weapons would also be cool – or just a giant array of different weapons to choose from – maybe even relying more heavily on melee, and making guns something hard to attain. That was really one of the only cool parts to Dead Island (although having to repair your weapons constantly was annoying).

    I also think the suggestion for maybe a prequel type scenario would be cool…seeing live people getting attacked and mayhem breaking out around you would be kind of sweet.

    Or relocating it to another country, rather than the USA…Rome, or London or some place crazy like Egypt – or even having it take place in several countries (with different characters for each country) could be a unique experience.

    Regardless, it needs to come out soon, because it’s literally my favorite game of all time, and DAMMIT I NEED MY ZOMBIE KILLING!!! No other games of the genre that have come out before or since have been able to keep my attention that long.

    L4D – I just can’t quit you. I’m brokeback for dat ass.

  • i would like to see a boomerang with a very sharp edge that does defo come back to u , as i special weapon wouldnat that be fabbi x

  • It would be cool if they added Alphas(term used to describe strongest member of a pack),for example an Alpha hunter would be larger,have a cooler design, and have 2-3 normal hunters surrounding him.An alpha smoker could pull up to three people simultaneously.Pls reply if you guys have other Ideas ^ ^

  • I think all that should happen to left for dead would be more or different special infected, more challenging missions, def. more maps, or like around the world kind of thing, and very different (and more to choose from)survivors. I have some ideas but im going to look them over again and then. Put them on here for all to read..

  • Thought of a bleeder, basically S. infected lacking skin with just a heavy blood flow around his exposed muscle, leaving bloody footprints. Main priority would be an AOE type, where he’d basically be the infected’s medkit. Doesn’t appear often, but he’ll stand by special’s who’r wounded or in a tackle/grip, splashing around his blood which invigorates the other infected in a pill type health boost while he takes bullets acting shield, though from his start, he is constantly on a drip health, which slowly decreases from the time of spawn. One of the things though, the more he bleeds, the more resiliant he becomes, starting maybe at 575 health, the closer to death, the more he bleeds and heals, so a strategy would be to kill the infected attacking first, as he is primarily weak close-up, with the lowly scratch.

    Think it’d add some nice strategy for the infected, and make it more challenging when an infected jumps into a tight team.

    Another is the Jackel, a witch counter part, yet kinda a flip flop on her skills, she has the deadly claws and a freaky noise. The Jackel is something I think could add some horror aspect, making not a peep until you see him, hopefully by turning a corner, when he sees you, he’ll let out something horrible of a scream that’d shake around the scream while he lunching into a deadly spree with his weaker claws, though his attack will still do decent damage. The thing is though that he’ll have a screen effect when activated, making the cross-hair shiver and the screen and audio shear as your survivor becomes disorientated by the deafening shreik, which I’d hope to cause a slight speed decrease, making turning your aim toward him harder, giving a sense of urgency to take him down quick while your screen freaks out.

    The guy will be bald, pale skin which compared to the rest of the infected is somewhat intact and lacking sign’s of infection. The only distinguisable feature would be a very torn, dried mouth, lips cracked and browned and black with dried blood, the cracks would proceed all around the mouth area, also I think a heavier color in the eye. Extreme chest expansion upon shreik, major sign of infection.

    And uh…tha’s all! ^^

  • Make every character have has their own abilities and weak at some ability..
    1.women character should move quicker but during aiming got impact on accuracy..
    2.Fatold character easy to get fatigue.
    3.Some Character got special skills..Quicker fixing item(mechanic/repairman character)*other still can repair or fixing something in mission but slower
    4.Some character more powerful on melee weapon such as martial arts character.

    • Forgot about the zombie..
      please add zombie like kid zombie that always attack your knee when you comes near and player need to aim up and down while horde party is going on around you..

      and add animal zombie would be nice…a group of crow/eagle need a shotgun for effectiveness, raging bull,

      and my this time can put panzerschrek,minigun(terminator style)

      • 1: Zombie Kids? Doubt it…Too hollow (i’m talking about soul) Da fuq happened to Human minds wanting to kill Kids? -_-
        2:What does aiming have to do with Body Mass?
        3:Eagles? Too hard to fight
        5:Minigun…Even worse…it wouldd be too heavy for someone to handle it…

  • Le Dave is back with some more ideas for the survivors:

    1. Thomas: A soldier with a scratch on his face. he is bold and very muscular. He got badly hurt in war. Since then, he never trusted anyone. He was a total hermit. He trained every day for the case that his country will need him again. He is very seriously and aggressive person. Unwillingly, he goes with 3 other survivours.

    2. Cindy: A geriatric nurse. She has blond hair. She worked hard at the nursing home because she felt sorry for the pensioners. She aspecially took care of an elder woman called Hellen. She only had a few weeks left… One day she was talking to her when she suddenly heard a scream outside. Instinctively she locked herself and Hellen into the room and waited. But soon, the zombies came through the door and forced her to leave Hellen behind and flee. Then she met three other survivors at a gas station…

    3. Collin: The son of a very rich buisnessman. He’s about 16 years old. Although his family was very rich, he never wanted the money… he just wanted parents who take care of him more often. He often wanted to play with his dad but every time he said:”Not now go play with yourself!” That’s why he ran away from home one night-for good because in the same night, a zombie horde overrun their house and killed everyone…

    4. Lance: A priest. He has short, black hair and wears a cross-necklace, a polo shirt, green trousers and brown suit-shoes. He held out in his church as long as he can. But then the zombies broke through the huge wooden door of it. He praied to god to help him on his way to safety. He drove his car until it ran out of gas. Then he went to the next gas station to get some gas. There he found the others and knew it was a sign of god to go with them.

    • Collin is too young to be in such a gory game! He must be a legal adult age!
      Cindy is the name of one of my survivors!:)
      Theres already been a war vet survivor (Bill)
      Lance is my name!

      • 1. Damned
        2. Didn’t know 😛
        3. Bill died so actually there is no war vet survivor xD… but I know what you mean…
        4. Now there HAS TO BE be a Lance in L4D3 xD

  • I have been playing both left for dead series for quite some time now and i still love them… the only factor that makes them less interesting or scary is that we know whats going to happen, we know what to expect and we already know all the possible things you can do in each map.
    So, as most people already said, is make new items(movable items), special zombies, animals affected, weapons, maps, different directions you can take on a map, make maps wider with room for exploration to find better weapons or items, but with more time you waste more zombies come. A map could include going through a run over military EVAC camp that has special weapons like RPGs for Tanks stronger weapons that the public normally wouldn’t have access to. Night vision goggles that can be found, will will make vision slightly harder, but it will increase the scariness factor as you don’t have a clear vision. More maps with the use of a flash light, sniping or close range maps e.g.. running through a field (like in Hard Rain – L4D2) or forest maps, more environments, New York could be an idea for a map.

    I will be giving ideas for All the things listed above a little later, 🙂

  • 1.I think letting you choose survivors from the first two games, plus new survivors, such as picking Zoey and Ellis or something.

    2.Choosing which types of Special Infected to be in the game. Like you can disable Hunters if you want. Must have at least 3 types in the game. (When playing Campaign mode, call a vote.)

    3.Picking difficulty for Survival and Versus.

    4.Enabling/disabling blindness when Boomer pukes or explodes on you.

    5.Making Smoker smoke harmful, maybe losing 1 to 4 health.

    6.Unlimited chainsaw.

    7.All guns, items, and health items in each Saferoom.

    8.Allow you to shoot when being attacked by a Special Infected.

    This one may not make much sense, but maybe allowing to have a glimpse of Aperture Science from Portal or the Borealis from Half-Life. Just a suggestion.

  • I have some ideas for some more special infected here are my ideas below

    – Glider: i was thinking about a gliding or some kind of winged infected beast that comes down and maybe gets his wings and wraps it around a survivor and suffocates the target.

    – Blender: what about a tall figure that is skinny and blends in with his surroundings and attacks people without them noticing very thrilling scare right there and like all special infected they all have a noise to tell if they are nearby i was thinking like a slithering noise or something.

  • There should be a zombie that has an evil laugh and like really sharp teeth and will come out from shadows or like dark storage rooms and tear you to pieces instantly.

    Or zombie kids.

  • Sincerely…I think there are some good stuff here but i think i like it the way it is right now…
    I also hate the fact that people here try to add RPG contents,over-powered zombies etc…
    People here say what they think without reading facts,background history and uses no logic whatsoever
    I saw stuff here like: “Unlimited Chainsaw”(Chainsaw runs on fuel okay?) “Catastrophic Weather” (Believe me…You wouldn’t like it much when you play it) etc…

    (If you want to talk back to me,i’ll gladly reply to you)

    • By the way…STOP TALKING ABOUT SCREAMERS OKAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? NO MATTER HOW YOU PUT IT,SCREAMERS WERE CUT FROM THE FINAL GAME!!!!!!!!!!(Testers found it too challenging to spot a Screamer before it alerted the Horde)

  • I think that there should be zombie kids, they would run fast and when they get to you, the would wrap around your leg and bite you, it would make you really slow and hurt you. You would know they are coming because they would sound like they were laughing as if they were playing, but they sounded like zombies

    • Now, now, we have to be professional about this and call them “Midgets” because no one wants to go around slaughtering children. But all the same sounds cool.

    • Yeah but that wouldnt work considering the whole killing children in video games. Thats why there is not children in grandtheft auto or any other shooter games that would enable you to kill one

  • Also i dont realy care if its scary or not i gust want it to be fun and i like hannahs idea. Althog it would be a pluse i would rather it be fun. FOCUS ON FUN!!!!!

  • i am agreeing 100% right their because honestly when the game designers make a game on what the fans like and when the fans want to help the game designers some great ! ideas we and other fans love it and agree with it meaning as we all fans that agree with our ideas we came up with and think its great for the part 2 of the game we assume and expect the game designers will agree with our statement for the part 2 of the new game but instead they listen to our fans great ideas …. the game designers turn around and do their own ideas and some of the times we fans like it and mostly of the times we fans dont liek their ideas they put in the game all the way so i hope this left 4 dead 3 game thats coming out i hope the game designer will listen and make our ideas very helpful to make the game SUPERIOR !

  • i think it’s good to have a funny zombie game that isn’t so scary! L4D actually cured my fear of zombies and i’m trying to help my older sister out with her fear of zombies!

  • Yes i would appreciate the fact that l4d3 will be a bit scarier but i like the way it is right now lol ive got an idia for special Infected : like it goes behind u and puts his hands on your face its like it grabs your heas ans u are in first person view and u cant see sh!t and then after 2 seconds it screams and attracts a horde lol sry if my idea sucks

    • No it is not a bad idea it is actually really different, it sounds like a mudman mixed with the screecher idea. really good.

  • My idea

    Beserker- huge boss,one every 5 levels or so,which is the size of king kong and has a weak spot on the back of its leg.

    Trapper-special infected,which jumpes between buildings and corners isolated survivors

    Please resond if you like or dislike my zombie ideas

    • you spelled “Hunter” wrong dude, sorry.
      That’s exactly what he does, and for the berserker… I dunno, maybe spawned in large spaces, not little alleys or a cortyard ’cause the survivors would be doomed.

      Look at this:
      Puppeteer: Another special infected that can shoot his nerves from his hands or Tentacles to control one survivor to attack the others or just making him human shield. What do you think?

      • Im responding to, c.alex the beserker is desighned to roam large streets,so it will be an easy target,i think the best first encounter would be on a building top,patroling the block,and when it passes your side of the skyscraper you must crouch behind a stand in a bookstore or somthing similar that can conceal you until its weakspot is visible

        Please tell me if u like my idea

        • If the Berserker would be raging and other stuff( a.k.a Dumb enough like a charger) it would be a very good idea. The slightest impact Blows away the survivor several meters, and incapped.

          By the way,

          What do you think about my pupet master? :)))

        • Well, umm… kinda like jockeys but it would be good when controlling the survivor is to aim with their gun and shoot the others, not steering like jockeys xDD

  • Also i think there shiuld be a storyline in future games cuz at the moment its bang bang try not to get owned and thats it,like maybe an evil genios that infects himself and u have to kill him as the final boss?

  • I’d be disappointed at an attempt to make it scary. plenty of that already. the fast pace of the left 4 dead series is what sets it apart from the others. To be scarier there would have to be more time dedicated to building suspense which means less time dedicated to cutting sick on a crap load of zombies. Of all the FPS, few, if any do rapid fire mayhem better than L4D.

    Love the dialog as well – The comedic dialog takes the edge off the scary genre.

    Zombie dogs and an ultimate boss – a mutation of all the zombies in the game encountered at the end. Love how L4D brought back the idea of a boss

    For the most part leave it the way it is.

  • Hi it’s me again!
    Well… honestly, my last ideas were the worst I’ve ever made… so I took a break and thought about new, original survivour ideas and…. here they are:

    1. Greg: A scientist (about 38 years old). He has black, short hair. He wears a white lab coat stained with blood. He barricadet himself in his abandoned lab to find a cure. But then zombies overran his lab and he took his last chance to escape. He took a fireaxe and fought his way through it.

    2. Dean: A 21 year old DJ. He has blond, long hair and wears headphones arround his neck. Dean was partying at a local country club when the infection reached the suburbs. He “luckily” drank to much so he had to throw up and ran to the toilettes. There he unintentionally locked himself up. That’s why he survived the first days of that apocalypse. After those days he climbed out he window and was looking for a safer place. He than took a pistol from a dead policeman and found other survivours.

    3. Michelle: An actress (28 years maybe). She has brown, long and curly hair and wears glasses. She also wears a mini-skirt, black tights, black boots, a dark green shirt and a dark red scarf. Grown up in a very strict family, she never had real chances to do what she wants. But she fought for her rights and went to the acting-course at the highschool. She became a good actress and was ready for her breakthrough… but then zombies overran the Highschool and she hided at a book store nearby. Then she headed to the policestation to find help and found 3 other survivours.

    4. Steven: A soccer player. He is about 30 years old. Steven is bald and has a beard. He wears his team uniform (blue with red stripes). He was one of the best players in his team. Therefore he is a bit arrogant… He was training with his team when suddenly zombies ran over the field. He left everyone behind, because he only took care of his own buissnes. He then took a baseball bat from a corpse and flee. He then met Greg, Dean and Michelle

    I hope you like my ideas. I myself think they are way better than my last ideas… stay alive guys!

  • In my opinion what makes the game scary at this point isn’t the traditional horror like the first time around. What still gets my blood pumping is when you and your team are having all the odds stacked against you, and survival mode kicks in. Using evry bit of concentration to make sure all 4 of you make it out alive, or the feeling you get when you are injured and you hear a tank and know full well you can’t out run it. Then that rush of relief you get when the safe room door closes after a hard fight. THAT is what still keeps the game scary and fun. A few ideas to mix it up in the future:

    The Poisoner: An incredibly fast infected that crawls on all fours. It can crawl on any solid surface, however to balance for Versus it cant jump,only a short leap at a targeted foe, but mostly just crawls on walls and ceilings at a fast pace. It’s primary attack is it clings to a survivor, leaving he/she immoble. Within a few seconds it bites injecting venom that does damage over time (similar to spitter goo, but on one survivor instead of all.) The rush for the survivors is to kill The Poisoner before it delivers the venom.

    Introduce some animal common infected, i.e. dogs, birds, etc

    Let the survivors be able to drag a downed ally for short distances, and of course the downed player can still shoot.

    I have many more, but these are just some to start. Let me know what you think.

  • I think they should make it where u have to save people an they get added to ur team and durring the story mode u gain people and lose people to the infected
    I also think they should add a map that u are in a calapsing skyscraper and u have to make ur way through it to the bottom but there are rows of sky scrapers and buildings and u make it quarter of the way down the one ur in and it falls into anothe skyscraper so u have to make it through some and lead on to roofs of building until u notice the airport and the radio in the office of the sky scraper says that there is a heli leaving in 10 mins then u have go to the airport and find out they left and crashed then finally u noticed a boat at the beach/ocean and u get on it and get away safely tell me what u guys think and hopefully u understand kind of where I’m going with this tell some maps u think they should make on left for dead 3

  • I also thought that u start out at a military base where they rescued u and zombies make it in the base and kill almost all of the soldiers and u get new weapons and u guys continue on what u think should go with it and what weapons they should ad not like RPGs or anything like that but shot guns or sub machine guns assault rifles or pistols??

    • Well the thing is brandon wouldnt that be too similar to the 28 days later scene when they are all in the army bunker and by night the zombies are atracted? Sorry if u are offended.

  • Honestly new zombies being thrown into the fray would make the game a lot more “unpredictable” and “scary fun.”

    My suggestions would be:

    The Poisoner. Vinnie really had a great idea with that one, it really would make the game have a more intense feel to it…considering you’d have to worry about attack in all directions then. I’m 100% behind the idea!

    At least a flying zombie would be cool, it would be shocking to those first playing the game and take them off guard. Well, because in a horror game isn’t that what you want?

    As for animal zombies, it might be best putting in regular animals to, so you might not know whether it’ll attack you or not.

    That’s about it! But to conclude everything, putting in new zombies would be a great idea, mainly because of “unpredictableness” i mean, isn’t not knowing what’s coming next one of the scariest things out there?

  • My Zombie Idea:

    Puppeteer: A special infected that can shoot his nerves from his hands or Tentacles to control one survivor to attack the others or just making him human shield or it can just choke him like a smoker..



    Appearance:Has purple clothes(or a magacian vest or something).

    Spawning:He should appear most likely hiding after furniture. It can be recognized by his Distinctive laugh.

    Range: medium-low unlike the smoker
    I really don’t want to copy the smoker but the Spitter copies a bit from boomer
    That’s it! Tell me your opinion please!

    Also like others said:
    Animals: Crows,Dogs,Mutated rats(maybe?), Wolves ( in forests).
    And a weapon: Flamethrower, Shocking taser.
    Please reply if you like or not,cheers :))

      • @Brandon
        Well, never thought about it, maybe(I said MAYBE!) at some windmills or maybe Las Vegas? I’m not very good thinking about maps…

        It came for me as random idea like… you know, I thought it can be good for something, nobody never said anything of that, but thank you for your opinion, maybe something else, like… mines or bear traps????

        • @ C. Alex

          Mines sound good.

          I would be afraid of the dumb bots running over the bear traps though. >.<

    • Excuse me for saying, but I don’t think a taser would work to well on a zombie…actually, it sounds like something you use to bug BOTS and online players.

    • I do think that some people would find that helpful, however I partially feel being able to aim down the sights would promote the survivors slowing down alot more frequently, which can be dangerous.

      I think adding third person capability for both pc and console is a good idea though, seeing as how some people are better at 3rd person shooters, thereby opening the game to a wider audience to dislike fps games and only like tps.

  • I think another cool but possibly complex feature would be specific area damage. In addition to having a health pack heal a survivors overall health, have items that heal specific damaged body parts. Meaning that the infected can strategically target limbs on a survivor. Attacking the legs will not only damage overall health, but cause the survivor to limp. Attacking the arms can prevent a survivor from using the larger weapons, i.e. assault rifle and shotgun. Attacking the head causes periodic blurry vision. These effects will last until the the area recieves attention. Just another possible way to add more strategy into the game, which is something the series prides itself on. It should also make a great new feature to bring back more life into the franchise, at least for thos who feel it make be getting dull. This of course in addition to any or all of the ideas mentioned below.

    • I also thought of another cool, non playable infected similar to the witch, who may be just as if not far more terrifying. And I believe if done right, would never ever stop being scary.

      The Maiden: A gothic looking infected with long black hair who appears at random during play. She moves around very swiftly almost like she is floating. When she is near all the lights in the vicinty go out, making it so flashlights are the only way to see for the survivors, you can only hear her breathing. Her ability is she targets one survivor (of course the survivors don’t know who she is after) But she picks one target out. At any time she screams and swoops in grabbing her target and floats away from the group while doing damage to her captive, (effectively splitting the group and causing them to break pace chasing after their kidnapped ally) When she is killed, the screams and disappears in a void of black smoke, at which point all the lights come back on.

      Tell me when the lights go off and all you can hear is breathing while you desperately search for the Maiden you would not be scared. Especially because you don’t know if you are her target.

      • This could add some scary-ness to the game. And the maiden really looks like a fast boss to me.

        I think they should add up a Butcher, special infected whom can wield a knife, something like that. Well your maiden is pretty damn badass.

  • Honestly, we need a mmorpg for the 360. We should be able to create our own characters, have servers to choose from, and each server should have a big map to play on with a community of people. You have to break off into groups or just stick with friends; kind of like Walking Dead on AMC. I say this for about every game, being a huge mmorpg fan lol.

  • Fro L4D3 to be a huge success it needs to be more like ARMA day-z mod. An open world (not a set path), that is darker, has more scarier zombies and that is unforgiving for mistakes.

  • I played dead rising that was slow annoying and real boring I played dead island it was anoying and slow killing zombies the best zombie game is left 4 dead I will like them to make a number 3

  • The best thing about left 4 dead is its split screen I don’t play online line because I’m not a …ing nerd I hate online every game these days are on ..ing line

  • I’ve played Left 4 Dead 1&2 every day since I got them (over 2 yrs ago). My only concern is if they try too hard to make the game have more suspense slowing the game down. Would love to see more special infected. And maybe checkpoints where all the survivors need to be inside a region before they can carry on, just to stop those idiots who decide to become a one-man-army and die once they turn the corner. Another idea that I would love to see in the game would be to be able to drag incapacitated/dead survivors.

    • Well, first of all the checkpoint idea… forget it. Why the hell are those Safe Rooms,man?
      And second… well dragging the survivors can be useless, since on several servers the incapped survivors can crawl, but it could be really interesting to replace the crawling with the other survivors dragging. I like your idea.

      What do you think of this: There are unreachable places for 1 man; it requires the help of other survivors to reach there. The reward should be Pills, guns, stuff like that. But i think these places should appear after a horde fight or two…
      I know you can find stuff in houses, but I thought it would add a little bit of teamwork and should be rewarding though.

  • Here’s idea:

    Why not a zombie that runs away from you, but you have to kill or else it would alert the horde?

    Kinda like a “Runner”

    • There is a zombie that’s running away from you. Unfortunately he doesen’t attract the horde but it’s really rewarding when you kill him. 🙂

      • I believe you mean the Fallen survivor Uncommon infected, he runs but drops lots of goodies upon death. And what John had said sounded allot like the Screamer, a special infected that was going to be added, but never was because play testers found it too confusing, so they gave the hoard drawing ability to the Boomer.

        • Yeah, it drops goodies when you kill it, but it draws YOU closer to the horde, rather than visa-versa.

  • here’s a thought for a special or another witch.

    it lies on the fall in or around a pile of dead zombies it will make no sound but it wont attack unless you stand on its tail or tongue that lies so far down a road.But if you stand on it be pretty much the same as a witch.

    good or bad idea =)

  • other ideas.
    choice to silencer on your guns.
    stealth killing.
    at end of each chapter u gain another person or weapon.
    Mission where u fly over and you’ve got to pick up more survivor’s
    special that lurks in the shadows
    body armor that u pick up but will slow u down
    riot shield
    be able to climb back up if u fall off a building

    and thats my ideas

    • Wait…if you gain survivors in every mission wouldn’t that mean you’d have 9 survivors during the final chapter? (not to mention the ones you’d pick up from the planes) In L4D, that’s a small army! It would make the game much too easy. You would have to triple up on the zombies and add every special infected mentioned on here, just to counter that.

      Body armor: you already walk slow enough in L4D where you can just barely out run a witch(20% of the time); or a tank(5% of the time) even if it limits the damage, it still would be a problem, especially if you’re about to die, so unless you have the option to take off the armor whenever, it would be a big unpopular problem.

      Riot shield: they already have a mod for that for L4D and L4D2.

      Being able to climb back up: It would be a great idea, because every time Ellis falls of a ledge, I just yell, “go to the freaking gym, man!”

      • The riot shield isn’t a mod, it’s a legitimate weapon that valve made and put into the game, but they set its spawn rate to 0. it can still be spawned into the game with the console command, it doesn’t require any modding or hacking in any way.

  • wow.. interesting idea all around. when will L4D3 be offically out?

    Zombies: Should remain the same or maybe abit crazy and haywire.
    Special: Blender and Zombie kid would be awesome. Or maybe a attacking female infected. female zombie or ghost are always scary.

    Weapons: grenade or different type of launcher would be great.

    Survivor: I’m thinking maybe one of the survivor would be half zombie and half human or A nerd Professor who fail on his work.. when he get to much damage he or she will turns to this zombie life form, like hulk..

    Vehicle: Survivor able to drive away to survive huge zombies areas or attacks.

    Maps: make it a worldwide thing. since there’s a japan map in it.. definitely it already infected the whole world.

    Just sharing some ideas. hehe. But would love to know when will L4D3 be out. You know L4D addiction.

  • They should have a speacial infected that can do what Vinny said with the maiden thing, exept it should not fly or go through walls because then it would be a ghost not a zombie. they better not put ghosts in L4d

  • I think there should be s speacial infected simaler to the spitter but it shoots fire. and fire mixed with spitter acid would do seriouse damage, and it would cause more teamwork on the speacial infected side

    • Zombie that shoots fire… sounds very interesting. It could spit the fire into Spitter’s acid to make an explozion!:) It’s a good idea, but how in hell the zombie could produce fire? The virus cannot hold or control the fire because it would burn it, that’s why we use molotovs.
      It’s a great idea and it could add up new gameplay tactics, but i don’t know how could a zombie can ever control or withstand fire x(

      • I had thought of a zombie that spat a sticky, tar-like slime onto stuff. This slime would slow survivors when walking through it, making a deadly combination when added to spitter goo. He would already be soaked in this slime, allowing him to climb on walls and the ceiling, like spider-man. And other infected are able to climb up his slime if he spits it on a wall.

  • How about some more environmental damage? Breakable environment means that we could break open crates with crowbars, destroy weak barricades with axes and other sharp objects. Also, I think we should see some child zombies, as they were always nowhere to be found in Left 4 Dead.

  • I thought it would be pretty cool if they stuck more with the eeriecreepy theme other than in Left4dead 2 when it was less creepy and more just zombie theme. Also thought it would be cool if they brought back Left4dead characters and they traveled around the world looking for a safe area. Big bad dude at end; evil bill tank or something like that, even though that wouldn’t really fit the storyline.

    • Or at lest tanks that look diffrent like there was mor than 1kind of boomer make a couple tank looks so they don’t all look the same

  • About zombie childeren,i hope they arent invincible like in Skyrim,you could shoot them with a nuke beacon and they wouldnt freaking die!

  • I honestly think they should just keep it at 4 people people in each game they make, it we be way far to easy with more than 4 players. I love all the left4dead games! And I can’t wait till the third one comes out! I do have a couple ideas though, and I know it would be very hard to choose which ones. But,maybe for a new special kind of zombie you should call it Flamer or Flame Thrower! A zombie that can aim hot flames at a survivor from a certain distance.I know a lot of zombies burn into the flames but this special kind of zombie shouldn’t be able to get hurt from the fire. Or maybe a special kind of zombie like.. a zombie dog? That would be exiting! A new thing for many players, the dog should be able to sense human flesh from a certain distance. I really do think they should make a zombie dog that really would be great! The zombie dogs weakness could be pipe bombs or grenades! I think the pipe bombs would do better though. For the flamer possibly…the same thing or guns! The 4 characters maybe 2 girls and 2 guys? And where it should take place maybe the country like in the first 2 this time maybe kentucky or tennessee. They are just some ideas! Or maybe it could take places in some cities! Maybe new york would be good to try out! or chicago! 🙂

  • I think that if you add even more special infected you should maybe put the 2 groups from the first 2 left 4 deads together but allow them to die along the way and let them become infected.

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