The 4-Eyes

An idea I have for new special infected is called The 4-Eyes, because he wears glasses. This would be the most intelligent of all the other infected, so much so that he even still speaks English (sort of. He mostly babbles). He is also able to communicate with any other infected, and would use them to his advantage.

His power is that he is able to “rally” other nearby infected and have them fallow him, building up a hoard that he commands. And would use them more strategically, like for setting up ambushes, or send them after a specific survivor (like the one with least health). He could tell them if they should break down any doors/walls, or weather they should wait behind them. He would even teach them not to chase pipe bombs, and that they should walk around the fire, and not through it, along with tips like telling other flaming infected to get to water.

He is able to command and negotiate with almost all the infected, with the exception being the Tank (because Tanks don’t like to be told what top do).

Provided by: XenuLies


  • that would make the game a billion times harder that is the worst idea ever what the heck are you thinking, the game would flop just like dead island, in that game the zombies can use weapons and you get tired and worn out and it over all bombed.

    • I completely agree. I think that this game was so great because it was simple and straight forward. Adding an intelligent SI will take away from the simplicity of the game and make it too strategic for most players. Personally, I play this game because of its simplicity. I don’t like games that are so complex it takes days to beat one level. With L4D a campaign can be beaten in an hour or two, with 4-eyes it’ll take even longer and personally I would just get frustrated and turn it off.

  • well why dont delete that idea and just imbrove the AI on the infected and let the 4-eye be something like a zombie that can disguise himself as a survior in realism mode.

  • he has a bow and he shoots it if theirs fire he will go to it and shoot his arrows in it and it will be on fire and can make survivors on fire and he drops a bow and a few arrows when you have killed him their will now be arrows in left for dead 3 scatterd on floors and other stuff

  • I think that if they do add 4-eyes that he can only control the common infected. I think this because some people might control the special infected to walk into fires or something.

    • When a 4-eyes would say something to you, you would just get a message on your screen saying: (insert player name) wants you to walk over here/attack that guy/etc. It would be like when a team mate is capped and that game tells you to help them up.
      But yes, that would leave a problem with AI controlled SI, I guess they would just ignore commands that would kill them like: Run into that fire, jump off this roof, go drown in that water, etc.

  • the four eye is great but make you be able to only put in click-able commands(Xenulies and zackmiller have a good point about killing other infected that should not be do-able) and controling survivors the jockey kinda dose that and people are going to make them fall off cliffs or bring them into zombies and have no defense but controling common zombies is okay.four eye shouldn’t be able to carry guns or bows but blades or blunt are okay cause four eye is command and beat not shoot and pick up gun like a soilder or survivor four eye should be weak but able too heal himself or pick up melee weapons(cause gun are no fair)and only command 5 zombie max cause 20 or 50 is hard .

  • Just an idea, What about him being able to teach the zombies to try not to hit each other when biled(Some will and some won’t)

  • A special infected that can think JUST LIKE me playing Versus Mode can command AND negotiate with the Hoard as well just to pick off the weakest link with a plan to get them all down on the floor? That’s like playing a 4 player game w/ mics on Expert, and 4 Eyes doing the SAME THING to us, with the Special Infected, by himself!? Yes, we’re fucked! (Death Music starts playing)

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