The Eel

Here’s an idea for a new SI. He’s Called the Eel, because of his ability to shock the survivors. He would be an electrician/Construction worker who wears large black rubber boots, a leather glove on his left hand, and has his right hand bare, with his right sleeve rolled up and a bandaged wound near his elbow (possibly how he got infected).
He would be wearing ear protection, like the other worker infected, along with some bulky protective goggles. These would alter the way he sees the survivors. Instead of seeing their silhouettes through the walls when the move, shoot, or speak, He would detect their electrical fields the same way a shark does for its prey, (and everything else he sees is just in black&white). This Special way of seeing also allows him to see where there are other sources of electricity are, like power boxes/transformers/and even downed power lines, which he can use to quickly recharge his attack.

He attacks the survivors by grabbing them on by the arm, shoulder, or neck (depending on where he’s positioned), The survivor would then yell out, unable to move, before loosing all their strength and falling to the ground. If the survivor has been dealt more than 50% HP through shock damage, they would be instantly capped, and if dealt more than 75 damage in one shock they would die instantly from a heart attack. And the longer a survivor has been shocked, the more side effects would follow: Small amounts would cause slight shivering which would make the cross hair wobble, and longer shocks would cause stiffening in the muscles, slowing their speed and reducing their melee damage.

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    • That could just depend on difficulty, and I also never did specify his speed, I’m guessing he should be slow like a boomer.

  • Overpowered? Maybe at first when gamers are still new to the character. Like most video games, once you keep playing and become accustomed to it, even hard feels easy.

  • This, sir is quite awesome. It’s the most realistic and best idea I’ve seen in the past few months.
    Some adds/ideas:
    More obvious name? (Shocker?)
    He has to charge his attack with an electric source, otherwise it would cause only little damage. There would be more electric sources placed all around the map.
    He can see electric circuits in walls and stuff and can get the electricity from it by just punching in the wall until he reaches it.
    When he dies, there would be set off a little electricity in the air, and if hit it causes the survivor to stumble back (like the Boomers explosion with a lower range, no side effects).
    It deals the same damage as a (uncharged): Jockey/(full charged): clawing Hunter.
    -40 hp = little shock effects, muscle shaking (bigger, moving crosshair) for 40 sec. – 1 minute.
    -75 hp/incapacitated = heavy shock effects, black and white screen, crosshair moving all over the screen, random muscle cramping (survivor will stop suddenly and scream and shake heavily, short black screen, 3 sec.) for 40 sec. – 1 minute.
    If a pipebomb is thrown, the sound and light flashes of it will disrupt his “electric” sight and he sees white flashes on his screen/ bot infected will just walk around aimlessly.
    If set on fire, he dies as quick as all the other SI.
    After he incapacitated his target he will let it down just like the jockey. His electricity is now complete empty, no matter how long it took to incapp the survivor.He has to find new one or he can only do the right click punch which deals -4 damage every hit.
    All common infected touching him will get shocked immediately and die, all SI will loose 30 hp and stumble back.
    He has 300 hp and is, as you said, as slow as the boomer.
    I hope i didn’t forgot smth.
    Sorry for the English.

    • You make some very good points here, but the only thing that I would have to disagree with is on his name. Yes, you could give him an obvious name, but if Valve did that we would be stuck with names like the Leaper, Puker, and Licker, but instead what they do is name them after a subtle trait they have or by something they are similar to, Like how the Smoker is named after his smoke, the Boomer after his death, and the Hunter after how he stalks the survivors from the shadows. He wouldn’t be called the Eel just because he shocks you, it would be because he makes his own electricity (bio-electricity, like an eel). Meaning that instead of starting out with a full charge like I said, or an empty one like you said, maybe it should start out as half charged, meaning he would still be able to attack if he hasn’t taken any power yet. I like the sound of him taking power straight out of the wall, and pipe bombs blinding him. Also, you sound very fluent in english.

  • Maybe he should be fast like electricity. Like when he’s full of electricity, he can be fast but every time he loses electricity he gets slower and slower. I think it would be cool, it would also be a tell tell sign if he’s high or low in electricity.

  • for the Eel it not good to have to recharge his attack or speed with sources(it might be better if it does it by itself )also he not a med or high range person so its going to be hard to get to survivors so they should make damage quite fair or make so he can charge his attacks to make them better(cause using sources is a good idea) but make them in back up batteries cause there no power avaible in outlets or electronic device(besides chargable things or things that run by really no one going to want to recharge every couple seconds.PS make on PS3.

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