The Spider

Disclaimer: The following Infected was originally going to be posted back in April, but had been delayed due to the release of Lil, since they share many similarities, and I didn’t want it to seem like I was “ripping off” that idea.

I guess I’ll just jump right into it, this infected is called The Spider. He gets this name both from his attack, and from his ability to also cling to walls/ceilings. Let me explain, his mutation is mainly centered around his lungs, where he creates a very thick, grey colored, tar-like phlegm (listed onward simply as ‘tar’). When attacking, he coughs out several globs of this tar, yet small amounts can still be seen leaking out onto the ground, leaving a small trail similar to the Spitter. This slight leakage also gives reason for him to be covered in this tar, allowing him to climb on any surface like a ladder.

When attacking, he can cough out up to four globs of tar in quick succession. Each glob can stay connected to one another by strands of tar when fired in succession. These globs can be used for 1 of 3 purposes: If spat onto the ground, they will spread out, creating a patch that slows survivors as they walk through it. If spat vertically onto a wall, it can create a temporary ‘ladder’ for other infected to climb up. And if spat onto parallel walls (like a hallway) the connecting strands act almost like police tape, preventing entry. This can also be used to seal doors shut, and if spat onto downed survivors it can ‘glue’ them to the ground, increasing the time required to help them.
Regardless of how it is used, the tar only remains sticky for a short time, before hardening and becoming more ‘rubber-like’ and finally cracking and crumbling away.

To give you the best example of his appearance, just try to imagine what a Spitter would look like as a male (covered in grey tar).


  • you think the same way as me..-_-‘
    but anyway,make the Spider have 2 ways to pinned, like…
    if the suvivor is near to a ceiling/walls the spider can grabed to its victim
    But the spider is not to Powerfull he is much like a Recon,Just like Hunter
    so,the spider may drag the Suvivor Away by Biting on the shirt,the Suvivor will Get Choked,as i said(that he is not Powerfull Enough)The Spider cannot drag up to the top of the wall,when the spider drag him/her to the ground he will Biting/clawing and Kicking…Cause the damage as like the Hunter,Both of this S.I like To hunt.
    2.just simple..use your idea,cause you think the same as I…make the zombie wearing a Swat Team Uniform,but the Bodyarmor is completly Tornd off
    to make the Spider faster.

  • it’s a good idea but I would like to added more details of spider but some people have a arachnophobia or it’s says that people afraid of spiders so I would like to share an idea by half human and half spider XD :)it would be great that’s all. 🙂

  • Heres what i want to see. An infected by the name of
    The Widow. It would be a female infected with multiple
    arms (used like hunter claws) and a fat ol ass that
    shot a solid web stream (much like smoker tongue) and
    she used both of these to kill survivors twice as fast.
    Or wait, just thought of this, maybe she could drag them
    up into a tight location and wrap them up cacoon style?
    Health would slowly deplete until other survivors
    busted you open? Pretty cool right? Point is players
    would fear the Widow more than the tank or witch.

  • I think this is a good idea but maybe put more detail into what it looks like and maybe you could tell us what it does when it hits one of its victums

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