The Shank

It’s been awhile since I’ve said something interesting, so I guess I’ll open up with another new Boss Infected, this one being a close Tank variant. I call him The Shank, but many of you would know him simply as the Haggard. Being a fairly popular idea that many of you have heard of, I probably don’t need to go into detail on what he looks like.

The main difference is that, opposed to the Haggard being the result of some sort of accident, the shards of debris found impaled in the Shank are the result of an adaptation in his behavior. Allow me to explain: In the same way the Chargers left arm shrinks in order to help add bulk to his right arm, mass is taken away from the Shank’s mid-abdominal area, causing a natural hole to form. In addition to this, the Shank behaves much smarter than the Tank does. Instead of brooding around angrily, he relives his stress by ripping up and destroying anything he can get his hands around. As such, his presence in a campaign can be foreshadowed by lots of pre-destroyed environment. With this lack of frustration, he thinks much more clearly, making him more intelligent than a Tank could ever be.

After all his destruction, released tension, and now clear thoughts, he is able to realize that all the sharp debris he’s creating would actually be useful as a weapon, so what could be more logical than storing this shrapnel where he already has a newly formed hole in his stomach.

Gameplay-wise, he plays out much like a Tank would, with only few minor differences. 1st, he is slightly slower than a Tank, due to his shards dragging along the ground behind him. 2nd, his ranged attack does MUCH more damage and travels much further, being a large chunk of metal that he rips out of his torso before throwing it at you like a javelin. There is also no recharge time between throws, since he hurts himself upon ripping out the shard. And 3rd, his melee would also be stronger than a Tanks, due to shrapnel embedded in his arms when he hits you (this shrapnel isn’t put here by him, it is the result of his destruction). Sound-wise, he makes little noise, only the distinct sound of his shrapnel being dragged along the ground can be heard.

There were many other names that could have been given to him, some of which being The Shipwreck (ocean themed), Train-wreck (rails used for shrapnel), and The Junkyard. I don’t like the name “Haggard”, although it does imply how beat up he is, the name is hardly used enough to give people a clear understanding of him (or at least, it isn’t used where I come from).


  • I think an infected guy called the Tickler would be funny, a guy who when running about is giggling to himself but when attacking a survivior he jumps on them and tickles their feet or body making them laugh and incapped through giggles for like 10 seconds or something like this lol

    Bring on the Tickler!

  • a infected called the elite strong and fearless fights whit fist can drain 50 percent of health good idea right

  • Tremor a worm like infected creature that buries in the ground and pops up to grab survivors much like a hunter but the ability to burrow it self for safety but can be seen through trails it causes while moving 🙂 also should have a flying creature that appears once in a while such as a tank does but the ability to throw acid from its mouth and fly down pick you up but only to drop you in that one area causing 30% damage to there prey … Name this one Lazarus

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