We have received many fantastic Left 4 Dead 3 character ideas from our visitors, The Eel, 4-Eyes, The Screamer, plus many more. The characters in L4D are an instrumental part of the game. After all, the game is based on four survivors, each complete strangers to each other. They all have their own personality, style, ethnicity that stands them apart. The same can be said of the Special Infected. Each SI has it’s own ability, strength and weakness. Alone, they are vulnerable, but when working together they are strong and their powers are to be feared.

It’s easy to come up with new character ideas, or new locations for Left 4 Dead 3, because they are part of what makes the Left 4 Dead series so fun. That’s only two thirds of Left 4 Dead’s formula to an amazing game. The last piece which is talked about left often and directly, but is always part of the conversation (if that makes sense?), is Left 4 Dead gameplay.

The game play of Left 4 Dead is what keeps us playing. With many maps to choose from and game play modes including Campaign and Versus. Campaign mode allows you to team up with 3 other human friends to fight through the different Campaign stages. Versus is similar to Campaign where there are four human survivors trying to reach in the end, but now four humans can control the various Special Infected. The release of Left 4 Dead 2 brought us Survival, a timed challenge, where the objective is to survivor in a section of a campaign’s map for as long as possible. Death is imminent. Scavenge was a new 4-on-4 game play requiring the Survivors to collect gas tanks scattered about a map, while Special Infected attempt to stop them.

It would be great, and expected, to see all previous game modes carried over to Left 4 Dead 3. I ask of you, the fans, not only which modes would you like to remain, or dropped, but more importantly what new ideas for game play modes would you like to see?

Leave your Left 4 Dead 3 Gameplay idea below, and all ideas deemed worthy, will be added to directly to this page.

Game Play Ideas