Wish List

What features do you want to see in Left 4 Dead 3? There is always room for improvements to make each Left 4 Dead game better than before. Are there special infected you want to see carried over from the first two L4D’s, or how about removed all together?

Valve is great when it comes to listening to fan’s opinions and tries to satisfy us all. Fans wanted to see more melee weapons such as chainsaws, swords and bats and they got just that in Left 4 Dead 2. Now is your chance to voice your likes and dislikes and tell us what you want to see in Left 4 Dead 3 when it gets released.

How do you guy like the current weapons and items available? Do you want more or less weapons to choose from?

I would like to see Left 4 Dead 3 go back to darker maps and try to bring back the scary atmosphere the original has over the sequel. Give me more maps like Blood Harvest where survivors have to fight through dense woods and more endless cornfields.

Fan Submitted Ideas

Dirk’s Various Ideas