Witch Variation Ideas

My head is spinning with ideas for new Witch variations, so I thought I’d take the time to put them all into one giant post, so get ready. The following variants are:

The Reaper: Something that has been largely suggested, the Witches male counterpart. He would have a hoodie on like a Hunter, only brown and sleeveless, possibly unzipped (if it’s a zip-up hoodie) without a shirt underneath, revealing a very scrawny, almost skeletal figure. Instead of sitting (or wandering) he stands, leaned up against a wall with his arms crossed. And instead of crying (because me and a few others couldn’t find a crying man to seem manly or threatening) he would simply be asleep, indicated by some mumbled snores.

The Banshee: As her name would imply, she is most known for her distinct ability to scream or wail. She would frighten easily, and not actually be a direct threat like a normal Witch. Upon being startled, she would let out an echoing shriek before running away, alerting a horde, effectively making her an alarm car. The only differences being: The director can spawn her in places where a car can’t be (like in a hall, sewer, rooftop, woods, etc.), and crowning her disarms the ‘alarm’.

The Black Widow: This one would look the most like the current Witch, just with darker hair and cloths, but she would play out very differently. She would have much shorter claws, meaning her hits aren’t an instant incap. And she’s very quick to anger, once startled she would behave like a Tank would, attacking the whole team, chasing whoever’s closest. After incapping you (which would need 3-4 hits) she would simply leave to chase the rest of your team. Due to this unique and more balanced behavior, she would even play playable in verses, which is something everyone has asked for.

The Mermaid (swimming Witch): This one would be exclusive to water campaigns (like Hard Rain or Swamp Fever), and would be the least obvious of them all. First off, she wouldn’t cry, or make any sound at all. Second, she would appear as a regular body floating face-down in the water. Upon startling, she’d sit upright to get a look at who triggered her, before quickly diving down into the shallow waters. Then, while you’re still up to your waste in the water, she would yank you down and try to drown you. I can just imagine the fear of realism where one minute your teammate’s safe by your side, and the next he’s disappeared. The best way to avoid attack would be to seek high ground, as she would only attack you in the water.
This next idea isn’t a variant, but I thought I’d squeeze it in anyway. I think the Witches posture/pose should vary depending on where she is spawned. For example: If spawned in a dark room, she would be huddled over in the corner, fetal position. If spawned on a bed (or sleeping bag, etc.) she would be laying down. I think you get the idea.

And lastly, just to get this out of the way, he’s a new item idea. I’m not sure what to call it, but it basically would be the Witch equivalent of a Bile jar (She attacks those that get hit by it). It would have to be either sugar based (Witches like the smell) or some sort of pheromone that gets her angry. This would most likely be of military origin, as there aren’t many more sensible reasons for it to exist.


  • I am just saying this,why should there be that much special infected and example why is there names that are the least commeted about for that zombie character.

  • The More Freakin zombie is coming to L4D3 the More Awesome Weapon we have..
    ( -_- …maybe it could be a Flamethrower or stungun,that stun the SI until it Paralyzed..)

  • If I’d do a male which, I’d call him Psycho (or maybe Wacko or something since Borderlands and other games use Psycho).

    Instead of crying, he’d be having a panic attack. Seated, he’d be rocking back and forth looking at his hands covered in blood and when standing, he’d either be circling an area or pacing in a straight line looking at his hands. He’d make sort of a “rah” noise in a panicy voice but not screaming or anything loud. It would sort of sound like he was saying “no, no, no” over and over again like part of his brain is messed up from realizing he got bit or from the moment he was turning.

    I do agree, crying is sort of weak for a guy. But I think someone looking ready to freak out at the drop of a pin would be pretty scary.

    And another one based on your leaning on the wall. Maybe there’s a male “witch type” that’s basically impossible to kill from the front and he’s staring intently at something (an ammo stash, a weapon, a health pack, whatever.) If you pick it up or get in his line of sight, it sets him off and he barrels at you. So it’s up to you to decide whether to avoid it or have your teammates ready to kill it from the back. For Versus, this would be cool since about all the grabbers could wait to see. If you decide to run, they could try to smoke, charge, jock or hunt the teammates readying to shoot it in the back. As for name, Watcher or Lookout or Guard. There could also be a level (or more) where there’s a gas can or switch or whatever that he’s staring at and you have to set him off to finish the level.

  • (Animals) there should be a time when they go into the woods and there will be bears and wolves. When they go outside there will be cats that jump on the face like the jockey.

    (Snow) one of the chapters should have snow in it.

    ( Cleaver )The size of the charger but not as strong as the tank.But it will have two heads instead of just one. You have to do two or three shots/melee to kill it. And if you hit it four time on the chest it multiples.

  • Did you get “the reaper” idea from that thang on resident 5? Since it was a instant death attack monster just like the witch?

  • Awesome Ideas / add-ons to the game, only one problom… if you added all those mobs / diffrent kinds of witches (The Mermaid,The Black Widow,The Banshee, and The Reaper) you would need to lower the spawn rate by ALOT like 1 out of 100 chance for each one to spawn.What if you walk into a dark room FILLED with the new Witches (exeptions with The Mermaid)… You Get The Point Right?
    I Still think those are AWESOME ideas tho!
    I Also Have an idea for like a boss mob. I was thinking you could add “The Demon”.

    Details: Demon Would have a Little Darker skin tone as blood and when you kill them they’re blood would be a limeish green colour.It Would Be weaker then the witch and a little slower then when a Jockey/Hunter would pounce making it harder to escape.

    Also I Came up with a player idea and backround
    Name: ???
    Details: White Girl, Dirty Blond Hair, Black Lip gloss, Black Leather Jacket no sleves, Face and arm Scars, Black and white leggings, Black Biker Boots, diamond ring, ruby neclace, and like a Bruno Mars Hat.
    Story Line: Came From a wedding that week (explains the ring) after her Husband was infected she didnt care about anyone and anything…

    That’s All I got! 😀

    P.S. Luv L4D2 and L4D


    • The variations would spawn in place of normal Witches, just as the wandering Witches do (it replaces, not adds).
      And in response to your survivor, Valve makes sure the appear with bright or warm colors to contrast the dark and cool colors of the infected, so you can quickly see your teammates in a crowd. Since the only color she seems to have is her necklace, something warmer or friendlier to avoid being shot by her teammates.

  • i really like the Mermaid idea, it would be scary to look at your friend and then looking back at him and not seeing him by your side next time you look back

  • Ummmm….. I think these are beast ideas and all, but I have something to state, and a question. First off, Will it only be for Next Gen users because if so i wont get to see the game D:. Ok now for the new item… Ok 2 simple ideas probably to simple but either a Jar Of Sugar (Easily found but weak stench, doesn’t affect the regular infected) Or Boiled Coke (Obviously wouldn’t call it “Coke” for Copy Right Reasons but has strong effect and damages them by 4% every 5 seconds they stand there Also it shoulden’t be common because then no-one would use the sugar.) Those are just some ideas and im hyped for the game release

    • I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there’s no confirmed what would be appearing in the next installment. Although unconfirmed, there does look to be production of it being kept secret, But all the post made here are just fan-made speculations.

      As far as what console L4D3 would be out for, It would most likely be for PC (just like previous installments) and the Steam-Machine (Valve’s gaming-PC/console). Hard to say if it would ever be for anything else.

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