The Left Out Screamer

The Screamer was a character developed during the early days of the first Left 4 Dead. The concept behind the screamer is a combination of both the Witch and Boomer we have now. The Screamer would roam various stages of a map and much like the Witch, when you come close to him you start to piss him off. Get too close and he starts running and screaming. His screams work similar to the Boomer in that hordes of zombies will come rushing at you. He needed to be killed for the hordes to stop coming.

The Screamer was cut from L4D because the developers thought it was too difficult for the Survivors.

Maybe it is time to see the Screamer come to life in L4D3?

(The Screamers picture courtesy of jpizzle6298)



  • the screamer looks like it belongs in the game when i get this game im killing the hell out of that screamer it looks great i wander what the tank is going to look like if u do put it in their and all of the new specail infected i got tosee

  • I’m not really interested in having a “new” special infected in the game that basically does exactly the same thing as the boomer. I’m sure you guys could come up with something much cooler than a re-hash of a previous character.

  • The Screamer.. Now I think it would either to difficult or to easy. If he would work like the witch and you needed to piss him off by going close to him, he would also need to have as much life as she got, but because he would run away, you wouldn’t be able to just shoot him down fast, exept if you offcause cr0wn him. Might be an idea if they go back to the scenery that Left 4 Dead (1) had, because it was so dark that you would be able to hide him in the shadows. Then you can give him as much life as a normal zombie, let him run around (rather that than away, just running fast around could also end up being quite hard to catch)and scream, and he would have a quite good balance in that.

  • i think they should make another special in infeced called the crawler, he crawls all over the place and he lets out toxic gas in order to damage the survivers and make the players screen go blurie for a while but he mostly comes with zombies and tanks/witches he never goes alone. well you could say hes a bit like a spider he grabs you and starts to hit you. but he tries to get a surviver alone. πŸ˜€

    • But then if they were to put the infected you said in l4d3 they would be copying one call of duty black ops Nazi zombies

  • I can’t wait for L4D3! Throw as many special/infected as possible. I love it! I hope it comes out soon. I’ve played L4D and L4D2 soooo many times! I’m ready to shot up some crazy infected.

  • i think they need to add more girls! it would add more variety especially for their fan base, so both genders will play. πŸ™‚
    i’m a girl and i love Left 4 Dead, and if they didn’t add any girls to play as, that would be very upsetting πŸ™
    omg, or even better…. WHAT IF YOU COULD CUSTOMIZE YOUR CHARACTER LIKE, THEIR CLOTHES, HAIR, LOOKS ETC. THAT WOULD PROBABLY BE THE BEST GAME EVERRRRRRR, i bet you would get loads of new buyers for the game πŸ˜‰

    time to change it up a bit. girls can kick zombie ass too! πŸ˜›

    • i agree…im a boy, but my Ex and i love to play LFD 1 and 2….only game we play wit a girl is Resident Evil 5….and we LOVE that game ALOT, but i agree…so does my ex….maybe u should e-mail the creators…

    • I honestly don’t think customizable chars is good, since people could make hitler and stuff. But if they were to make an extra set of chooseable characters. Like 4 girls 4 boys.

  • NO SCREAMER!! I think a SI that is similar to a tank, but his only real attack is smashing the ground and knocking down everyone within like a 20 ft radius. Some really good teams are hard to get in and attack and get a boom and a spit, so something like this, i.e. the smasher could knock down everyone giving the infected a small window of opportunity to get in a boom.

  • Ok, So i was thinking that maybe there could be a pregnant infected and you have to shoot her in the stomach or else if shot anywhere else when she dies she releases little infected babies that jump all over you. a little twisted i know…. but think about it.

  • or then again, what about animals? you never see infected animals…. if this were real they wouldnt have all just died on the spot… its just like rabies.

  • Well the screamer is a nice touch, but you need to modify it, make the screamer knock down survivors for the length of time it would take to pick someone up (automatically starts picking you up) kinda as a stunning Special infected, leaving opportunity for attacks. You could even add the idea of attracting horde but not constant waves of it… moreless just what a boomer would bring if he puked on people.

  • Female screamer looks like Mileena from Mortal Kombat. The reason I bring this up is because her mouth is crazy. I dunno if you’ve seen it, but it would be a great addition to zombies in L4D.

  • i think you guys should put in a boss zombie at the end of each campaign and you have to fight it off until the rescue team comes. it would involve more team work but its something different

    • Isn’t that essentially what the tank is, especially at the end of “The Sacrifice” if you don’t get your ass moving?

  • good idea but I think that they should do a few campaigns like in before games and different special infected in them eg, the screamer in a mental asylum and someone mentioned a pregnant zombie with baby infected in a hospitable

  • Uh, am I the only one who recognizes the “screamer” as one of the mutants from Killing Floor? Virtually identical, except the screamer in KF is female and does damage to players with its scream…then again, this may be a chicken and egg question, considering the similarity between the two…

  • I Think The Screamer Should Be An Faster Slim Female Example Of Boomer/Witch ; Like If U Disturb Her She’ll Run & Chase U w/ An Bunch Of Horbe[ oriqinal idea ) accept for wen u kill her a whole bunch of boommer bile gets on all the surviors !

  • Another Thouqht
    – i Think U Guys Should Make An Special Infected That Has An Cool Feature Of An Gun Or Some Sort


    Another Infected ;
    Thats Not Really An Person But An Shadow , And Name Him Or Her Shadow

    And On L4D3 I Think U Guys Should Add Like Realistic Enviroments w/ Likee Insects / Creatures Like ( Snakes , Flies , etc. )

    And Also Add Like An Story Line Mode Showin Scenarios Of What Happen Instead Of Starting An New Game And Havin The cHARARCTERS Talk About it Like in L4D2 .

    And Add An Feature That Would Allow Thee Suviors Too Drive ( Boats , Cars , Helicoppers , MotorCylces & etc.)

    And Also ,
    Add When Surviors Die , Let Dem Turn And Play As In An Effected πŸ™‚

    – Thanks 4 Takin The Timee Too Read My Ideas And Thouqhts

    • i like all the ideas, except for the driving idea, espically the helicoptor it would ruin the game because you’d never die, you could just fly from 1 safehouse to another. πŸ™

    • I think you should add a new special infected that takes the forms of animals and could switch into any animal when a player is not looking at it for this to work you will also need to have regular zombie animals such as a snake, spider, monkey, and if you go by water then a shark or something like that in turn the game would be very complicated and you could make a scene out of it where the players go to the zoo and also it should be four player offline co-op as well as online

    • I think you should add a new special infected that takes the forms of animals and could switch into any animal when a player is not looking at it for this to work you will also need to have regular zombie animals such as a snake, spider, monkey, and if you go by water then a shark or something like that in turn the game would be very complicated and you could make a campaign out of it where the players go to the zoo and also it should be four player offline co-op as well as online

  • You know Screamer will be nice to be playable
    And his moves will be
    1 Left click:Make a Huge Scream that knocked down the survivor and he start stomping and kicking him
    2 Right Click:Another loud Scream that solves back the Survivor

  • L4D3 should have the Thrower: a special infected that throws the player back to the beginning of the level, so that he/she would have to restart. Also, it would be pretty cool if there could be uninfected people that try killing you too.

  • I think the pregnant lady idea is a better idea than the screamer, but im thinkin something different then the screamer. I was thinking pretty much keep the screamer idea, that he attracts hordes when startled, but instead change it with creepy twin little girls that run around and scream when you scare them and that you have to kill them quick before the horde comes. idk it might be a stupid idea lol. or their could be some kind of special infected that could help make other special infected stronger or heal other special effected lol.

  • Make a new infected called the devil.
    1power: breathe fire, call the horde, boomer and tank.
    2power: burst in flames without killing it self.

  • you guys should make a special infect called The Stealer. or the theif, and he’ll randomly pounce on you and take something of yours lol idk another suggestion

  • Recreate the SCREAMER! how about… the infected should look like a
    5-year old child, he would not have any claws. he will roam the map like a WITCH but with a slower pacing, he keeps crying like a lost child (like looking for his mommy) but occasionally looks around, and when he spots a survivor 1st, he stares at the survivor for a brief second then smiles a very creepy smile (showing off his overlarge fangs, all teeth are fangs!) for a brief second, then screams while running towards the survivor with arms stretch out front! he runs like with an adrenaline shot!! his screams will call up a horde. he launches on the survivor (much like a JOCKEY / HUNTER) but “crawls” around the body of the survivor while trying to bite him!! if the survivor’s health is more than 90, he would be able to throw him, any lesser, will continue to bite him until the survivor falls down and the screamer bites him with more damage. while the screamer is doing this, he is unable to scream unless thrown off then screams again, then attacks again. AND while he is “crawling” around the survivor, you will have a third person view, much like a JOCKEY, you will loose control where the survivor go BUT will still have 70% stirring ability. IF he is shot 1st before he notices the survivor, he would fall down (much like stumbling down backwards)then screams then runs off, seconds after the horde comes, he comes back to attack the survivor who attacks him 1st. his life is just as a JOCKEY. the SCREAMER moves fast. unlike the WITCH, the survivor could go near him without being notice then kills him, the SCREAMER only reacts if he SEES the survivor, he is deaf so pipebombs doesnt attract him, he also cannot smell so boomer bile doesn’t attract him too. though his vision is 20/20.

    origin: i mostly based the behavior and appearance (well somewhat) to the Philippine TIYANAK. The Tiyanak (also Tianak or Tianac) is a creature which, in Philippine mythology, imitates the form of a child. It usually takes the form of a newborn baby and cries like one in the jungle to attract unwary travelers. Once it is picked up by the victim, it reverts to its true form and attacks the victim. Aside from slashing victims, the tianak also delights in leading travelers astray, or in kidnapping children.

    outcome: putting a special infected child would probably pose some issues regarding “acts against children”.

  • I think they should add the screamer it sounds pretty brutal i havent played killing floor so i wouldnt know what it looks like there but maybe the best idea would to be to put screamer in a beta version and gather views on him that way and see peoples thoughts on it… Overall i think the screamer wouldve been great and is an awesome idea!!!

  • I think that a screamer would be a perfect for adding creepy situations and a reason to play with caution. When L4D1 first came out, the creepiest things to me and my friends was hearing the crying from around the corner or down a dark passage. The screamer should be used in the same way. As an obstacle.
    Perhaps have this infected could be line of sight based and is set off by seeing survivors, from a long distance as well, while walking around and moving to different places. I think that could force players to sneak around when the screamer is nearby, and force them to hide. Like the witch’s crying, he should also be making noise so that players know he is around.
    If he spots you far away he will let out a screech and run after you. The survivors can then try to break line of sight and hide in rooms or keep running. Imagine scrambling into a closet and shutting the door just before he gets close, then waiting as you hear him scuffling about the room until he wonders off again.
    If he cathes up to a survivor or is set off from a close distance or shot at, then he screams and calls in the horde.

  • love the idea of the screamer, but i dont like the idea of the customizable characters it would end up taking wayyyy to much time when most people just want to play

  • bring it on gotta have more intensity in my life. my 10 yr old daughter can’t get enough of l4d2 it’s time to go to the next level.hoo-ahh!!!

  • You know the location specific common infected? Like the police zombies or the suited zombie in the burning building? How about infected common that can shoot guns? Make it look realistic though; it’s hard to believe a zombie is smart enough to shoot a gun. He’d just sit there, throw up his arm and do what he used to in his past life, clumsily. Okay, maybe this is a bad idea. lol nvm

  • A SCREAM THAT KNOCKS DOWN THE SURVIVOR BUT DOES LITTLE DAMAGE. Encourages cooperation. Player gets knocked down, needs to get helped back up before more common attack. Spitter plus screamer or boomer plus screamer? Ha Epic.

  • i feel like if valve were to come out with a L4D3, that one of the survivors should be a teenager. that would add soo much more humor to the survivors. im tired of playing as a bunch of old guys with guns :/

  • Stop trying to replace me valve πŸ™
    Just because I love Mcdonalds and Burger King doesn’t mean that you can go behind my back and replace me!

  • That would have be very cool, we players’ need a challenge in L4D. No matter what the problem/creature it is. Left 4 Dead 3, should come Winter 2011 or 2012. No further than that.

  • One way to make it easier for the survivors is to make it so they move somewhat slowly, have a long recharge and can’t climb infected ladders. I mean after all, he is in a strait jacket…

  • I think a cool idea for a special infected would be one called a “Medic” or something like that. Basically a special infected paramedic or something. He would be similar to a common infected, but with the health of a Boomer. His purpose would be to heal the special infected that were just killed(up to 20 seconds after they’ve been killed). His “sound” could be that his breathing sounds like a respirator or something. It would add an element of surprise to the game-you just killed a hunter in a room you just passed through only to discover that it had been revived by the “Medic”.

  • I think screamer better chalenge than boomer if he could sceam just spoting the survivers even from far distance. For the alert to give players time to kill it, screamer can raise volume of his scream in few seconds ,to make screamer harder he can scream non-stop like alarm (or make him easy – if screamer loose survivers in his spot , he stops screaming

  • I personally think that the idea of the “Tiyanak” is a very unique and interesting idea…. Imagine yourself in some random place (kind of) like Fronteir City, and your just walking around and you here a 7 year old boy crying. So you turn the corner and see a red headed boy standing there, he gets a huge grin on his face to show of his hundereds of fangs and when he attacks he kills you instantly. I know that some of you are thinking “That will be to easy to know when he is there”…… So why not make it to where you find random survivors every time someone dies eg- Jimmmy Gibbs, Keith, Rochelle, Zoey, etc. But you can only find these people when one of your teammeates die. I also agree that there should be more chicks that you can play….( cause I’m kind of getting tierd of playing only as Rochelle and Zoey), but there should be kids like a 13 year old girl and a 15 year old boy something along those lines. I also think that there should be more to there background or a story mode…. And when you die your dead body turns into a zombie πŸ˜€ – thanks for reading

    • Problem there, VALVe Said that Children, Old people and Animals died instantly from the infection to avoid controversies of killing children and Animals, It would be cool to PLAY as a child, But a teenager, Possible 14-16? I like the idea but it’s unlikely due to people would find something to complain about as a child killing people. << Sets a bad image out already.

  • I think the screamer should be in it! The more special infected the better. But maybe there should be something slow and daunting.
    The charger is fast but weaker than the tank, the tank is pretty quick too and tough. But how about a special infected that is something horrid looking and slow, the things that make a big impact can also be slow if you know they can still somehow get you.

    Perhaps something that leaves a sticky or corrosive trail that either slows survivors down or injures them? meaning another survivor has to pull them out of it. And if it does get them then in return for the creature being slow, it kills them with one hit on expert and incapacitates with one hit on normal. (like the witch)

    I has many ideas for things like this (:

  • i think it would be awesome they shoulda put this from the biginging as it say’s between witch/boomer it deffo be fuckin cool XD just imagon it witch bit piss her off charge at u til ya down. boomer bit atract the hordes haha wow u would be dead in 10 seconds if ya lucky u could avoid them XD

  • I have a idea

    Name:The Reaper


    Attack1:Behead the Survivor who shoots you and a team mate has 20 secs to save you they have to melee it 10 times or kill it if they dont save you in time you will die.


    Playable or not?:Playable

    recharge:you can use it once only if you use it you will run out of the scene like a witch.

    You will see “The Reaper Is After YOU!!!” if you startle him

    Tell me if you like it!

    • Well.. I Think it sounds like a good idea if it’s not playable. Would be wierd if you were just sitting unable to move or do anything till they Got too close for too long or shoot at you. Also the fact that you Will loose control over your special infected is not good imo.

      Should not be playable.

      The Screamer would be a good idea to increase the difficulty of L4D. Should maybe replace the witch in some campaigns. Only one “stationary” zombie sjokke be in the campaign imo.

  • PLEASE MAKE IT FOR PS3! Anyways, Cheese Feet stole my idea >:( Except for the Third Attack: Giant Blade arm….thingy…

  • If developers think that it would be too difficult for players then maybe they should create a DLC which contains a new chapter and the Screamer. Allowing players to choose whether they want the Screamer or not.

    What do you think?

  • if they were to put that then take out boomer itll be kinda anoying becuase screamer is screaming while boomer is vomiting so millions of them will come mostly at 2 or 3 people at the same time while almost none at the others

    • No! Taking the boomer out would suck. The boomer ist epic. I mean. He pukes on you. Isn’t that a reason to let it stay? πŸ˜‰

  • we could use 8 players in campaing (all l4d1 and l4d2 survivors and a new guy/girl) so if this works then the screamer is a great idea

  • They should create a new zombie called The Strangler : a kind of submarine smoker that catches survivors with his tentacles and when he dies, a wave of ink appears to blind the survivors. Of course, survivors should have the possibility to swim and this zombie would be the only one under water.

  • there is much to discuss….where should i begin?

    correct me if im wrong but valve has used the same engine source for both l4d and l4d2? if so i recommend that the engine source sould stay the same

    the screamer: after reading the reviews of wat this monster is capable of i think that this is the challenge that we all deserve. honestly i recommend keeping all of the monsters from 14d and 14d2 just to stir thangs up

    places: we need more campaigns. from the u.s across the world.

    Weapons: i think it should start out as melee weapons to pick up off the ground or pry it out. then lead up to guns. make it more challenging by taking it away from the horde or the special effected

    People: i would mix the races up. one of each if possible keep it @ the 4 character limit. also show a potential survivor the

  • I think the ‘Screamer’ would be a nice addition as part of the ‘Mutation’ mode, so it’s not implanted into the normal game but as a special treat for those who choose to have more of a challenge. XD

  • I would like to see it apear in L4D3 possibly as an uncomman infected on a one of the levels in a campagn eg, if one of the levels is a prison. Would be great fan service.

  • Why would Valve take out a speacial infect and then put back in l4d3 i for one think it would be a great idea but cmon we all know vavle wouldnt put the screamer back in.

    • Because They Were Going To Put Him In The Game in L4D But They Thought Because it’s The 1st One They Don’t want It Too hard Because Players Are Starting To get Used To It, I Think They Forgot About It In L4D2, But I Think Someone was Looking Through The Infected ideas And Found The Screamer
      And I Hope They Add The Haggard This Time Thney Were Going To Put Him In L4D2 But They Proboly Thought Nah The Spitter, Jockey And Charger Were good Enough

  • Put it like on harder difficulties if they could make 1 more like add “Hard” and then go to advanced and expert

    Easy and Normal:no Screamer
    “Hard” Advanced and Expert: Screamer

  • make it so that online you can direct the horde while playing as a screamer. Great idea tho on the screamer

  • The Blinder
    Like hunter, but he is much faster and he can run at walls, he must be very easly killable, but when he hits you, he explodes like a boomer. πŸ™‚
    Hope you like it, sry for my bad english πŸ™‚

    Must work more on the name πŸ˜€

  • i think the screamer would create a great challenge for us all i bet if you were playing in the dark and you didnt know it was there and its scream came you would pee yourself. and in verses mode it is totally playable you can direct the zombies with your howels and you can pin point a certain spot. and valve i thank you for making these games. and the engine should stay the same

  • lol… they should have a reaper SI……. his role is similar to the witch …
    pros: he can attack whenever.. no startle necessary, can kill multiple survivors in same turn *if aim is right*, and he regenerates health is not fully killed
    cons: slower, less health, long re spawn time

    • Much to over powered.
      Any long time player could elimanate a team easy.
      Hippie the Critic

    • I likee the idea of the Reaper but not about howw it can refuel it’s health.
      If the Survivors can’t do tht, why should the Reaper? No other SI can do tht:P

  • Let them be!Personaly I think the screamers should be in L4D3.But their behavior should become MINDED.For example when they start to scream they should become more easy to kill somehow.The more challangeable,the won’t be much harder than it is!

  • When I first read about the Screamer I was really disappointed that Valve cut him. He would be fun but unlike most Special Infected, he should only appear in certain campaigns, like the Uncommon Infected. That way it’s a little easier. But I would still love to see him, I’m totally obsessed with the concept of an Infected like this.

  • Actually the screamer was cut because Valve thought the boomer had a more sufficient role with his his exploding ability whitch could get every surviver and his vomit ability while the screamer just waits for his victims and calls hordes it also says it in the comentary game of left for dead.

  • I would love to see the Screamer come to L4D 3. Since L4D is a progressing thing, might as well bring in more harder infected.

    Should this character be playable? No. That would be cheating like how the Witch can easily attack you.

  • the screamer will be a challenge but bring it on, l4dead player r up 4 any think. it will bring a new type of thrill to the game.

  • Screamer sounds cool, I don’t like “Haggard” and all this stuff about the”Reaper” is over poweredly unlogic.
    It is the ultimate infected and definitely wouldn’t be playable if they did put it in.
    Valve thought the Screamer was hard enough to take out.
    I don’t think the other two will come soon,But I might be wrong.
    Oh and you should be able to replay all of the Mutations.
    Hippie the Critic

  • One of my schoolmate says that the screamer has 1000 health,and you need to shot him into his throat,but,what kind of scream will the screamer have?in the beta trailer,the screamer’s scream is similar to hunter

  • I would rather see a whole new crew, yeah they were all cool and I would have to say”France’s was the coolest” but they all got away safely ” for the most part “. I think it would be great to go more into the zombie story line. There evolving getting smarter; why not a zombie lord. Nothing to fantastic but a rather smart and coldly dangerous character. A zombie hunting you in the woods is as scary as a wolf hunting you, but give that wolf a brain like ours and you would have “terror”. Id like to maybe even get a little prelude too LFD myself. How did this happen? Hello isnt anyone but me curious about that? As far as LFD3 I hope there be vehicular options instead of just alarms. What about maybe flocks of infected crows or swarms of rats! Infected huge roachs or maybe like a roach zombie mix, from consuming the infected remains. Maybe tweak the players movements allow corner peeking and maybe a slide. Make the environments more interactive. Crawl uner moveable objects, and if possible destructive environments . PLEASE fix the damage ratio. Two bullets kill a zombie but five minute of a zombie ripping into you doesn’t!? “come on let’s me realistic”. As well I think the smoker should hang you like a knuce instead of rapping your whole bodie, and if your gonna allow a zombie to grab you you should be able to fight back instead of just standing/laying there taking it. Hope yall agree and think about what I said. But it looks great so far! Keep up the good work!

    • I agree that you CANΒ΄T escape if a zombie grabs you. ThatΒ΄s the magic of L4D and that is what makes all 4 members team work. If it is like you said we will have 4 rambos running like idiots on the map…

    • Yehhh mann!:3
      Thts how L4D should b!:P
      Tryy and makee it as realistic as an actual zombie apocalypse:{D
      Smartt idea, yo.

  • I agree with Mike B. it should have a whole new crew because the l4d2 crew escaped and went with the military.They should also have new zombies like the one you said the zombie lord that would be pretty awsome but the rats and roaches dont seem to realistic but the birds do infected birds that would be awsome they should also blend the tank and charger together that would be beast.I also think in multiplayer you should be able to choose which zombie you want to be and you should also be able to be the witch to.I just cant wait for the game to come out its going to be one of the best games of the year.JUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i think it’d be nice if we actually got to see what the miltary are doing. maybe some soldiers are dropped into “red” infected zones, but end up losing communication??


    When L4D started the players werenΒ΄t capable of adjusting to the new game mode thatΒ΄s why the screamer was an inferno. But now with L4d and L4D2 we are capable of beating the screamer and also I think that it is a very cool caracter.

    Imagine that in campaign you find the witch and you sneak around or kill her… you feel relieved… but thatΒ΄s no longer a trully relief because you know that soon youΒ΄ll find the screamer.

  • lol. heres a logical explanation of the reaper

    A vampire like SI that jumps on survivors and sucks the life out of them… the more health sucked = stonger attack power and more health …..
    he can attack and flee at will

  • I thinkk L4D3 could come upp wit something a little bit more challengingg than the Screamerr.
    Basically, it’s a male version of the Witchh:P
    And I freakingg assassinate the shit outta L4D zombies and I want a creative, bloody challenge! :33 like a huge monster wit spikes on it’s backk and stuff!

  • I believe if Valve utilized a full scale of zombies, not just new infected , but what if their were children or old people zombies? Realisticly if there was a zombie infestation, “Children of the Corn” would be possible. What if the Tank didn’t just dig up slates of sheet rock and hurl them at people; what if he picked up nearby infected and threw them at people? That would be really cool!!!!

    Anyone else like my idea?

    • OR…. If some characters had better traits? Able to heal more, faster, able to carry more than 2 guns, able to operate machinery, cars…

      What if people could give commands like a Rainbow Six deal? Hunt for supplies, stay, ask for ammunition,???

      I’m just brainstorming and on a roll!

  • I think game should take place something like “L4D 1″ Because there’s various locations for example ” towns and lots of buildings ” And “subways” Also forest’s so the hunter can hide in trees πŸ˜€ .. I think the screamer is a good idea so when he runs he is still bring in hordes so u gotta chase and find him? further more i think there should be more non controlable bosses almost like the witch but a huge beast like a tank with spikes.. iunno im just brain storming cause ii want LFD3 NOW!

  • (For me)
    is totally impossible to add the screamer!
    have said no?
    The screamer is too fast, impossible to recognize among the crowd of zombies, and before we could see, he screamed.
    Then, perhaps adding the female smoker,
    third boomers, maybe a tank out of the ordinary, or something special that infected swimmers, or maybe add invective fish (sharks, giant octopuses, etc. etc.)
    Maybe add a new kind of witch, more sexy! Hehe
    Returning to reality, the screamer will never be added

  • The Screamer could be like the boomer. like if you make it scream near the survivors it would make them deaf for a while and maybe make the screen shake or something. that would be cool.

  • This is awesome!! I’m practically addicted to Left 4 Dead and if it’s more challenging then bring it on!!(: I love making the witch mad and this will be more fun to make the Screamer mad!!(:

  • They should make a special infected called the scorcher, or daredevil and what it does is it shoots flames out of it’s mouth like a flamethrower. The primary attack is flame, and you would hold the the button instead of tapping it, therefore, the longer you hold it, the farther your meter runs out and the longer you burn a survivor, the more they get hurt. Then the second attack would be claw. If it dies, it blasts a radial flame. They should also make one that explodes like a bomb, the primary attack would be explode, and the secondary would be claw. And if it dies, then it explodes automatically. They could call it the grenadier or something that has to do with exploding. Also for the survivors, they should be able to fight back the special infected. I’m not talking about just shooting, but i’m saying actually fight back. I once played a game in L4D 2 and i was the last survivor, heading to the safe room, and BOOM! a charger gets me and I’m gettin’ pummeled. I wish you could fight back, rather it’s pressing a button faster than your opponent who’s got you, or pressing the buttons first, something like that. There’s my ideas, reply.

  • Name: Constrictor

    Health: 250

    Skill: it runs at you like a charger and picks you up and carries you a good long way and then after, it starts slicing the survivors. It’s a mix between a charger and a hunter.

    “PLAYER Customization”
    Basically …. you would have a new option called ” player customization”……… located next to the other folders …

    this new feature is profile based … so no rush for pre- game customization …..
    its simple – two variables:
    1)specialization- allows you to choose a player specialization (obviously), …. basically you choose one of a few in game game advantages … such as medic- two health slots, slayer- up to three weapons, ect………
    2)PERKS- you choose a player bonus …. such as “Impaler” – where you have a 50% melee bonus damage ….. slinger – you can hold up to two extra rounds of ammo & higher aiming accuracy, ect ……..

    player specialization could work….. though on a more basic scale …
    i think that instead of choosing pre- round specialization however …. that it would be profile based …. simply go to the “player customization” option and customize from there


    * anyone like Black Butler ….. best anime series in the world !!! ^_^

  • I think they should change players for L4D3 (and I kinda don’t like the “Midnight Riders” idea, as well as the “Soccer Moms” lol).. Since makers themselves said that L4D is a combination of all zombie games and movies, they should make new characters like a male US military officer (from 28 weeks later, he will be great at shooting), a male Asian nurse (since I think if ever zombies are going to be real, nurses can stand a chance to survive.. first aid and medicine things.. I think other survivors will let them join in their group because of that skills, and Asian, since nowadays, Asian fellows tend to go abroad, and commonly, they are nurses), a female British cashier from an arcade shop (arcade shop, so that there will be an explanation on where did she get her shooting skills, and British, to adds more flavor to the characters..Imagine, a character with accent? [Racism aside!] she was like “Bloody witch! Switch off your torches!”) and a male African athlete (he’s on a good shape, best for running, kicking zombies, and escaping, skills that are crucial when there’s a real zombie outbreak, and African, so that players have a wide range of race [promotes world unity ^_^])

    I think those are my suggested set of players.. If you like it, want to add attributes to characters or change something, or for you the whole idea sucks, feel free to say so.. Criticisms, be it pros or cons, are highly appreciated… cheers!!

  • It seems like a good idea, but if it is too difficult maybe you can have an option to remove the “Screamer” from the game. You could also make it really weak to counter-balance the ability.

  • ooowww!!! Seria genial, ya quiero L4D 3!!! nowww!! i luv valve’s games πŸ˜› portal is tooooo awesome and l4d is orgasmic.. jajaja

  • I think it should come to life but when it screams you could make sound waves so that the suvivors always know where he is That way it won’t be to hard

  • To easy I think putting in the Screamer would be an excellent idea and also I think that there should be an achievement where you be the Screamer and you have to kill all survivors before they kill you!!!!!

  • I think it would be perfect in the game but instead of running at the survivors screaming, he should run away so in order to stop the horde you need to kill him before he flees and continues screaming, or as an alternative he screams luring in a horde and while you face the horde he runs to the nearest witch and lingers around her (incentive to kill them both or completely avoid them at all cost :p) what do you think?

  • Oh! I was thinking that it would be kind of fun to have Ellis’s friend, Keith, be a survivor. Then all of his stories would be like, “This one time, me and my buddy Ellis…” heehee πŸ™‚

    I like the idea of the screamer, too. I was also thinking that it would be neat to have a special infected that would grab a survivor, and cover their mouth and nose, suffocating them. But unlike the Smoker, it would completely kill all sounds made by the survivor, making the other survivors have to pay close attention.

  • hey valve um post pics of the survivors that would be great also um leave out the screamer because it be to hard to follow but i feel bad for the left out infected

  • I think Valve should try to see what players think of the Screamer in the next game, since it was left out of the first 2. And Valve, don’t make a female version. We have the Witch for that.

  • The Screamer is very unique, but it’s extremely difficult from what everyone is saying. I’m thinking, if this were to be controlled by a Human player, it would havoc, so it’s like a boomer but more of a range-clashy type. For example, if you’re 100 meters away, you summon 5 zombies then have a cooldown, but say that you’re only 5 meters away, you can summon the max, 70 zombies.

    Overall, this is a tough challenge to tackle, and it can go either way, leave or stay.

  • A good experiment to see the difficulty, player response, and success of this special would be to place in l4d2 in a mutation. Some changes to make to the female, just make it look less like a witch and add an open straight jacket.

  • you know if people start bitching about the screamer being hard you can just blame yourself. Personally, I think it should be… rare? something that makes it not show up all the time it should be like the tank/witch once a level or less.

  • I think the screamer should work a bit more like this;

    Left Click:Creates a visible 150m Sound shockwave that can travel through walls for 2 seconds dealing 6 damage every .5 – has a recharge time of 6
    seconds if hit by the shockwave will be slowed to .75 of their speed for 2.5 seconds

    Right Click: Sends a high pitched scream to 1 survivor that deafens them and turns their screen gray for 4 seconds – also paralyzes for .5 of a second – only 1 use then it reverts to a slash that does a weak 2 damage

    On death – anyone with in range of 5m of the screamer when it dies is unable to use a weapon for 2 seconds

    If still for 8 seconds she goes completely silent

    This majorly nerfs the screamer out in the open making her close to worthless but creates a massive advantage in buildings dealing amazing damage in short times – survivors will be forced to keep a good distance from the walls or hunt her down instantly in buildings, dealing a massive 24 damage in only damage per survivor for 2 seconds – she has one of the loudest sounds in the game and has a visible shockwave so isn’t hard to pinpoint and so making use of her idle is a good idea, when survivor do find her though she can use her unique 1 shot stun and get nice and close before dieing – this tactic works great on bile covered survivors as it makes them a sitting duck for common infected

    This is my opinion on what the screamer should be like although it needs reworking ofc, but having her/him as an uncommon playable infected would be great πŸ˜€

    • tiz a good idea but what about how much life n junk? plus the witch iznt that hard i run u n blast them in the face every time almost but very good idea

      • I would say around 200hp to have a chance of making full use of your abilities and the same(ish) movespeed as a spitter

        If positioned right I could shockwave you while you rush and stun just before you headshot so the witch totally screws you πŸ™‚

        Im thinking a damage rebalance is definetly needed though.

    • i think there should be a critter called the “strangler” or something similar that could possibly be very much like the jockey or screamer.
      my idea of this critter is a small, white trash looking critter (wife beater and everything), give it a hunched back, mabye not as small as the jockey, not as fast, thin wiry arms shredded up jeans, no shoes, and attack wise jumps over to you from the front and grabs you around the neck and begins strangling you (not straddling you as the jockey does), screaming in your face, mabye vomitting a little, and while doing this its scream would stun close by survivors for a short period of time and call on a small amount of zombies until killed, making it difficult to save there now useless allie. this idea needs touching up and more deails but i thought it would be kind of cool, i also like your idea.

      another idea i had was possibly a conjoined twin zombie that had mutated very similar to the tank causing its muscles to grow vey large, it would be very slow and walk in a limping sort of way that made it much slower than survivors, and when it caught up to survivors it could probably belch out a spray of blood, pus and other goodies from both of its faces and as you stumbled back and wiped the crap off of your face it would have a chance to beat you up.

  • What would be really cool is, another special infected like the tank. Like as powerful as him with some beast music like his theme. So every level is a suprise you don’t know if you’re gunna have to deal with the tank or with the other boss infected like the tank. Different abilities and appearance of course but I think you should get what I mean by the boss infected concept. Just my opinion.

  • i think they should put the haggard in the game, look it up on youtube it looks beast and would be a tough challenge

  • U should make a zomnie called the Ram… face is skull and has no arms.super fast and attacks are kick and ram(like charger but with head instead of arm) hope u think about it.

  • I think you should make a zombie called the ‘ mirror ‘ who can clone into a survivor and use their weapons. It’s health will vary to what ever the survivor that has been chosens health is. Other infected will know it’s one of them by it being displayed on the HUD. It is extremely weak if it has not cloned ( 75 health) it is skinny and bony.


  • put it in the game is supposed to be a challenge it thats cool so i say put it in. Also you should make something that comes out of the ground to get you. it would be unxepecting and hard to escape

  • There should be a special infected called the Psycho Crazy Bitch (PCB) or the PMSer. It would move really fast and have different acrobatic moves that juke out the survivors, like kartwheels, rolls, flips, handsprings, the splits, etc. And it screams the whole time, whips its hair back and forth, and makes crazy faces that are humorous. And it attacks really fast but has low health. THAT would be really fun and challenging to play as.

  • How about a zombie that grabs and holds a survivor, and gasses them while in his/her grasp. After being released, the survivor has to deal with being high, and seeing everything in a twisted and darker world. And for the final map, rescue never comes, you just keep fighting till you die.

  • The screamer sound’s awesome, put that f**ker in the game! How about wild zombie animals? Maybe even a pregnant chick kinda like the Boomer, were she gets close to the person then she explodes? But the main characters should be like an RPG….

  • i think l4d3 should have the screamer and the witch to play as it would be great the witch couod be a boss u sit there crying then u can walk around cring but attack only when u seee a suviver

  • i think u should put it in because sometimes the game is to easy and this would most certainly fix that.
    also:im down with PCB

  • i personally think you shouldnt put the screamer in because its kind of like the boomer and the witch and its like a repeat so you should have something totally new.

    • no it a GREAT idea so what if it kinda repeatative people wont think of that when its running, screaming, and causing zombies to come at you now will they. GREAT idea valve.

  • I think they should put in the screamer cause it will give some better things to the game!

    And over the witch i think the should put her clothes like an chick that’s been dumpeed by her boyfriend and keeps crying!

    Anyway i have an idea for a new infected it should be a woman who eats your survivor!
    i’ll explain it ..
    – appearance ; very attractive blond hair, red eyes, pale skin, red lips and an long tight black dress
    -Attacks ; she first sprays gas and yiu have to get away from the gas else you’ll fall in love with her and then her mouth get very wide op en she eats your survivor and then you’ve got 10 sec. before she eats you all so in that 10 sec. your friends are possibke to shoot her!

    telk me what your think! πŸ™‚

  • oh and have all charchters from the first game(besides ellis) be alive but they all are about to turn and the gang gets them and shackles them creating the SCREAMER and thats the cutscene at the first safehouse of the first canpaign in LFD3

  • I’ve had a few ideas that I’ve tweaked from others, as well as some new ideas for zombies.

    1. One thing I think would make things more interesting is the use of pills or shots to stop special infected special attachs. IE, a boomer pukes on you, you could take your pills or shot and it would eliminate the affects of the puke from you or a fellow player.

    2. The Dementor:
    Attack(s): Grabs and gasses a player. The gas causes distorted vision, random turn of the players direction to disorient, players will see non-existent zombies in addition to current zombies on screen, other players will appear to be random zombies.

    3. Tar Ball:
    Attack(s): Similar to a boomer, the Tar Ball contains an acidic tar like substance that can be spit/puked onto player(s) which will cause the vision of the players to be greatly reduced for a time period. If the Tar Ball is shot with an incendiary round or explosive round, the Tar Ball will explode and leave an area on fire similar to a gas can which has been shot.

    4. The Decayed:
    Attack(s): A slightly stronger standard zombie. Standard hitting but increased damage. The Decayed cannot be shot with a standard weapon as it is a heavily decayed corpse leaving a lot of gaps in the body. The only defense is butting, or melee weapons to break apart the body.

    5. The Stalker:
    Attack(s): Similar to a charger, the Stalker will charge a player to a certain distance from fellow survivors. Once at max distance range, the Stalker will stop, and continue to hold the survivor but not deal any damage. It will then scream to draw a hoard to attack the survivor in it’s grasps. Once a hoard has arrived, the Stalker will release and run off. A survivor can be released from the Stalker if another player kills it, or from an explosive round hit.

    6. Rotted Zombie:
    Attack(s): The rotted zombie is more of a standard zombie attack, however it emits a toxin into the air around a survivor which causes nausea, and disorientation.

    7. Burning Corpse:
    Attack(s): The Burning Corpse has a similar health range compared to a witch, however this zombie cannot be set on fire due to it already being on fire. It’s attacks are slightly more than standard zombies, but does cause burning damage as well, to both the attacked survivor as well as survivors in a radius.

    Of course these were just some initial thoughts.

  • I think the idea of the Screamer is amazing. Those people that dont like it, well both left for dead games are easy. I play on the hardest level and it is stil easy for me. The Screamer would make it at least a little hard for people like me. Put it in and lets see how it is. The people saying “no it will be to hard”, you dont even know that. Quit assuming things and lets see how its going to play out if the Screamer is added.

  • Ya but what about a screamer tank lol a weaker tank but more damageing that calls in no. stop zombies.includeing jockeys

  • What about a pack of zombie infants. They crawl in a group of 5 or 10 and swarm a survivor. If that’s too disturbing, could do the same with a group of kids. As far as any special attack, i.e. spitting, howling, etc. surprise us.

  • All people out there how about the idea called for another zombie the hiber he sleeps and if you awoken him he will scream and scratch you!!!! please tell me what you think?

  • I think there should be a cheater zombie. it has a troll face and runs around stealing your items and ammo. when you go to shoot it the cheater turns rainbowy and you start seeing candy lands and creepy looking things. when you attack it with a meelee it disapears and attacks from behind. when your down, it eats u. when you kill it (if you can) it will drop a nuke of trolling and you start seeing really creepy stuff.

  • Really?!
    The Screamer was a prototype Special Infected formulated early in Left 4 Dead’s development. As such, he is the progenitor of Special Infected like the Witch and Boomer. He was presented as a human figure bound in a restraining psychiatric-style straitjacket.

    The idea of the Screamer was for him to lurk in different areas (much like the Witch) paying no attention to his surroundings until coming in contact with a Survivor whereupon, if sufficiently agitated, he would run off to hide and thereafter let out a loud scream which would attract a horde – thus foreshadowing the later Boomer bile concept. Since The Screamer was under physical restraint, he did not have the ability to mount any direct attack on Survivors. It was therefore important to kill the Screamer as quickly as possible before he ran off and hid.

    As stated in the Developer Commentary, the Screamer and Boomer models co-existed for a time during development, at which time all the Boomer did was to explode when killed, dealing damage to nearby Survivors. Ultimately The Screamer was cut from the game because he was deemed too difficult and confusing for Survivors to spot and track down amongst a crowd of Common Infected. The Boomer was then given its bile attack and its bile splash death effect.

  • I think that they should put in a special infected thats like the jockey, but is a bit bigger and scarier(like very f*cking scary). It should be able to jump great distances! And when it gets on a survivor, it attracts a horde. Give this infected like 100 hp(so its easy to kill) and they spawn pretty often…

  • i think they should put the screamer in honestly cuz they it would be like making it harder and harder each game and i know everybody loves a challenge in a game

  • Yes, they should put in The Screamer, except with different sounds, because his screams are The Hunters, so different that, his laughs are The Jockeys, so different that also.
    But his screams should be more effective depending on which difficulty you are playing on.

  • I’m ”in love” with the Siren’s (female screamer) concept art.
    She looks amazing and would make an excellent addition to the special infected (she shouldn’t be a super infected like the witch/tank)

    Her ability should/could be:

    Ultrasonic scream, heard as a blood-curdling scream.
    The object you aim at would determine the width of the sonic wave;
    I.e targeting something close would release a cone effect; targeting something from afar, would release a long cylinder wave.

    Being hit causes survivors to become deafened; first 3-5 seconds they are rendered helpless as they cover their ears; 3-5 seconds after that, the are able to move, but cannot shoot, and for a remaining 10-14 seconds after that, will be deafened, preventing them from hearing allies, enemies and disabling subtitles also.

    So they would be able to hit all survivors in a straight line from long range, or multiple survivors up close with the cone.

  • Ok, i wanted to put my idea out there for a special. Something that can say things like ‘help’ or ‘anyone still alive’ only the basics. If a survivor goes searching for the source of the calls, something will drag them to the infected, and claws them (much like the smoker) while letting out a blood curdling scream attracking the horde and letting the other survivors get a general location where in the trapped survivor could be, but the special can make quick work of the survivor, running off before the rest get to it.

  • The “Screamer” is a good idea for a special but maybe something more like a combo of the witch and hunter. the same get to close and you’re screwed part but with the ability to get close to the survivors in a jump that makes her looks like she is actually flying would be a good trait. but instead of crying make her sing. a warm welcoming song that make people want to walk to her. Sorta like a siren or an evil mermaid. Make her look like a beautiful woman at first. And when a survivor get close see peers over her shoulder. It is a glance that put fear into your soul but you still want to come close. And when she stands completely up her eye’s turn a bloody red then turns into a ugly crone something like that and jumps around the survivors in her flying fashion attracting hordes to your location and when the horde finally gets there she jumps onto the survivor that got here screaming and starts shredding them. That would be a very good special infected.

    • uh…no that would be a terrible special infected. and I’ve heard some bad ideas but really? “warm welcoming song that make people want to walk to her.” if i heard a song in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, i wouldn’t walk over there because that were all the zombies would be, they like sounds right? “her flying fashion attracting hordes to your location.” I didn’t know zombies like each other even though if u played the game u would notice that they randomly beat each other up during game play. “Make her look like a beautiful woman.” huh i also didn’t know that zombies could be beautiful considering they eat flesh and have wounds all over.

      • i would think the song would make the character move against your control and send aroma’s in the air to make it seem like a beautiful woman but when you get close it shrieks alerting the horde

  • The Screamer is a very good idea, however the male version looks a lot like the Ram from Dead Island. It’s the straight jacket, which L4D probably thought of first, but Dead Island got it out on the market first. The issue right now is that they need at least another special to go along with L4D2 when they released the Spitter, Jockey and Charger. But the question is, what else can a zombie do? There could be one that hides in the shadows alone and then latches on the the trailing survivor, but that sounds like a Jockey and Smoker combined… Or perhaps it doesn’t make any noise at all and is just silent when it attacks so there is no warning except for the piano music. But then it’s not really special, just quiet. They could go Resident Evil and throw in some zombie dogs or something… What if they made another Tank? Obviously not a Tank, but something of equal strength and size? And they could every so often exchange the Tank with this new one? Not sure, but when they do think of other specials, all of us will have the thought, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

    • I just say the trailer for the concept designs for new specials and I saw one for the Haggard. He’s big like the Tank, but the has shrapnel coming out of every limb and his torso. So I was thinking, use this concept so that he runs at them the same, but instead of throwing rocks or hitting a car, he just runs and thrashes about dealing more damage to survivors which will, in turn, cater to the more experienced players.

  • The Screamer concept is great.But for another special infected a special infected called the Injecter. His hands much like syringes he charges at the character like a Charger but with his arms first and he stabs the player with his long syringe like fingers and stars in ijecting them with a very mutated strain of “Green flu” even though immune to the common strain the survivors can get infected. If not savedrescued before death by the Injector the survivor turns into an infected called the Fallen which is like a common infected with the endurance of a tank! If rescued before death there life meter turns purple and begin at 50% and plummits little by little by 1% the player starts changing and begins to attack others. This can be heal by a first aid kit or can be slowed by injecting yourself with Vaccine which will be held in your Pills inventory box! This also add another level to the danger and adds a sacrifice elemant to the game!

    • I like that idea alot..i agree.they should have an infected to have thr ability to turrn surivors into infected after some time if not treated…:)

    • I think thats a beast idea, it would make the game alot more challenging and WAY more fun, when left 4 dead 3 comes out iam so going to get it for PC so if they dont add all these badass ideas, i can make them myself.

    • Well that could replace the Tank so there are two equal boss zombies, but that could get annoying after a while so maybe not. Or like a disable button so you don’t have to deal with him.

    • that would be cool maybe the “cure” is in a syringe that can only be found in a safe room? you could carry the antidote along with you but you must sacrifice a med kit! what do you think? πŸ™‚

  • for a good special infected their should be a mutated bug/human mix that is fast and easy to kill but does medium amounts of damage and can fly. also psychopath humans should be added to mix it up

  • Why not make infected that are children and they have this eerie childish cry and they crawl on walls and stuff, just imagine being on that bridge on L4D2 when you hear the cries and out of nowhere, a horde of climbers crawl from under the bridge.

    • YES!!! I wanted creepy kids too. For one, kids are already creepy, but I’d rather see one replace the witch rather than just be a normal special…super fast, kind of quiet except for maybe a creepy giggle, and it attacks you below the waist so you could potentially not even see it until it was jacking up your legs, making you go down instantly just like the witch does. But to take it up a notch, allow it to also take down other survivors, not just stay on the 1st survivor it takes down.

  • i thought of a special infected kinda weird though but whatever… you know when there a survive who is either ahead or behind the group? what if there was a zombie that grabs him/her from behind covering his/hers mouth and hiding him/her in a room where him/her cant get out without the other people help(like when u die in a campaign map)while his/hers health is slowly decreasing. and they are forced to go either ahead or behind to save him/her looking in every room. the special infected has low health and if u spot him he will book it. his name… ? leave a suggestions for it if u like the idea.

  • As kool as the charger is they should keep him but make another that only comes out in diff spots here in there like make his entire body the same size and give him an armored front side to where you cant kill him if you try to shoot him in front you have to get his back to kill him and i think it would be kool if the witch doesnt just stay in one spot but hunts you down…… Imagine hard rain with like 5 witch trying to hunt and kill all of the survivors hard but i think it would be badass.

  • I want to hunt down the screamer and kill off a ton of hordes and then put a shotgun slug through the screamers head.. I’m not the only l4d player that wants to do this am i????

  • It would be awesome if the guy screamer rips his arms out of his jacket and attacks you like a witch instead of running away

    • if you make the screamer do that it defeats the purpose of a screamer the point of a screamer is to run and scream and the entire time she is screaming endless amounts of horde come to attack you until you kill the screamer

  • dam thats all sick and nice i bet the game is better than the 1st one ans the second one the zombies and infecteds are all sick.

  • does anyone else remember the cut out special infected from l4d2? i think his name was Haggard or something. kind of looked like a charger but with long hair and a ton of spikes stuck in his back and he would throw those spikes at you. i thought that wouldve been a cool infected. possibly have it be that guy instead of a tank sometimes and have the screamer instead of the witch but have the screamer just run in a circle so you can kill him but just have to be quick. have it random so sometimes youll get either one of those 2 instead of the others so people dont stick with the same strategies game after game

  • i think their should be a infected bill , where hes dead but of course back as a special infected fast and quite , like a hunter. his secondary attack is he can throw his military knife at you , tipped with poison & poison you until you heal or get incapped . or an instant incap on Realism or Expert & poison you until you heal or die. The other idea of his secondary attack he could slash at you with his knife doing damage , but causing you too bleed losing health . Bills primary attack could be him running at you the stabbing you repeatedly in the stomach , whilst covering your mouth , but the player has to move forward to release his hand to scream and also while trying to move towards the group . After being repeatedly stabbed too incapped stage , you’ll have to run off too regain your strength , you could either run off and try it on another survivor , or go to an incapped survivor and choke them until they die , but the survivors do scream and sound like their choking when you’re doing it. – eli . this is just an idea so whatcha think ?

  • My idea was the Screecher: Basically a mix between a boomer and a witch. The Screecher runs faster than other infected and makes a loud ear- splitting screech that attracts the horde and, if near a survivor, stuns the survivors. It has medium health.

    • I know, I know… Sounds like the Screamer… The Screecher doesn’t stay in one place and mostly comes out when you alert the horde. Also. It does a good deal of damage but not enough to make it overpowered.

  • i have a great idea for a new speacil infected. The radius and the graver. The Radius dwells near cave systems and other enclosed places like bathrooms and has 3 legs and two arms aswell and it has like 6 eyes and has the refelxes of a giant spider and its speacil attack is slowing you down with its spider webs and the graver is super cool! He is a very scary creature you donot want to meet it has no arms but one leg and only one pair of eyes and its speacil attack is blowing up like a creeper from minecraft. If you get near it the Graver would first give you a warning by growling really hard and if you shoot it, it would explode like a boomer and blood will come gushing out and the boom will be so loud that it would bring down that horde and getting too close to it while it blows decrases your health by 20 if your plaing easy and in expert by 50. Cool and i hope valve puts this in the gAME OR IF THEIR WORKING ON ANY OTHER speacil infected than you can put the speacil attacks on them i hope the game releases soon and your series opf left 4 dead never ends Yes keep up the good work guys!

  • i have a great idea for two boss zombies. To replace the tank is the raider he sounds like a charger but really isnt. The raider can appear in varous maps or places that are very queit. Instead of a signal alarming you it is very quiet and the only thing you can hear of it is its crawling. Then when your not looking it attacks like a hunter but its agility is very fast and its life level will be extremly high and it will only get stronger if you shoot bullets at it hence before he was zombified he was shot and killed thus after being injected with zombie blood he formed into a great beast with its attack of strong reflexes of a normal tank and if the other survivors try to help 2 more arms will start growingand plummet into the survor thus leaving only one left to kill it and its only weakness is a molotov! the second to replace is the CHARGER. it is like a tiger zombie and human infected combined. Its speacil power it has large claws like a wicth that gives 10% of life levl away and it can also bite like a tiger but its teeth are so big its jaw was ripped out and it is also a very strong competiter with its weakness being melee weopens like a machete , chainsaw or( if they ever put this is l4d 3) a crossbow! Those are my suggestions so i hope when they release the game these creatures will be in the game if not who cares its left4dead3 its gonna be awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!XD

  • i think their should be a new boss called “The Infected Survivor”
    basicly what it is, is a bitten by a zombie (still alive) running around killing anything and everything. that includes basic horde zombies, smokers, boomer, tanks, witches, hunters, jockeys, spitters, and you. they carry anything from a baseball bat to a machine gun. they have medium/low health. they look pale cluchting a wound (neck/arm/leg/chest/stomach) shouting gibberish.

  • I got 2 special infected.The Scarecrow and Pouncer.The Scarecrow is a another version of The Witch,except it dosen’t have claws and it doesn’t cry.And the Pouncer is a female Hunter except she’s faster and stealther.Can we create survivors too?Of so,make my fan charactars real!Their names are Susan and Dawn.Susan worked at Mercy Hospital before the infection and she worked at Save4Less in summer.And Dawn is a 13 yearold girl that ecscaped her school before the infection.Also make Keith a charctar

    • You stole these ideas not just from me but from other people, too. I can’t stand unoriginal people especially the one who steal thier ideas from others!

  • I have an idea for a new special infected called the kamikaze what he would do is run into a groop of survivors and explode dealing hefty amounts of damage and stumbling back survivors he would also explode when shot at. He would have very low health like the boomer.

  • If VALVe doesn’t allow you to create a character they should atleast let you choose your characters clothing like in Deadrising 1 and 2 it would make it a whole lot better if it allowed you to customize the given or chosen character to make his/her clothing fit your personality.

    Just an idea from: Kamron

  • An idea for a special infected could be ‘The Greeser’, much like a boomer but instead when you shoot it some greese gunk shit comes out which knocks the characters (by slipping) to the ground temporarily (and causing impact damage) which would leave them prone to an attack from the horde. Basically the more you shoot the Greeser the more greese spilt onto the ground and the only way to kill it is through multiple head shots.

    For survivors anyone really just as long as they include an oriental character that could be a yakuza or triad crime boss.It would be interesting to see.

  • what if there was a special infected that sat on top of buildings and had sort of search light eyes that kind of scowered the ground and if the light from its eyes spotted you it would let out an eerie screech that caused a bunch of witches to come out of alleyways and buildings and stuff and walk towards all the survivers. the only way to kill him/her was an instant shot to the head or theyd screech. it would be possible to sneak around the lights though. i think that would be pretty cool. :o)

  • how about A Dragger… THAT zombie can drag suvivor from the team far away…
    press click to Stomp the suvivor-10HP in one stomp
    press W,a,s,d, to Drag him again
    Weakness shoot at his Scar on the Hand…
    Only my idea to L4D3.. πŸ™‚

  • My Friend..says: i have L4D3 in my laptop
    Me:i dont belive it!!!
    Friend:yes i have…
    Me:your lying!!…
    Friend:you dont Belive it..
    My Friend is lying out there… the L4D3 is dont exist yet..(maybe) But The Valve are making idea but… my Firend says : i have already… πŸ™ ?

  • the screamer is a good idea it should not be usable because people will hide or keep away from survivors so they face a bunch of zombies and die.any way its okay much i don’t think it needs to changed

  • Need Dog Zombies that sprint fast and drag you into hordes but they come in 2-3s cus there weak as shit, or fuckin birds like out of resident evil you need like the flamethrower to kill em and shit, and need to run into local survivors that you watch die by like some fucked up scenio like run into like a squad of army men and they get fucked up by a tank or sumthin and its like a awesome super tank with armor on

  • I think if there was a screamer, the screaming would become really annoying with the right sound. Also, the boomer already takes the role of attracting more zombies. You only have so much ammo before you have to mow them down with double pistols and pipe bombs. I guess it would be cool to fight more hordes of infected, but I think they shouldn’t be blown too far out of proportion. Maybe if they just sent sprawls of about 10-15 common infected in reps, or alerted zombies farther from survivor site. Let’s just see what Valve can do.

  • Oof, L4D3 isn’t coming out. Every time Valve makes a third game, it ruins the franchise, and L4D is already a really popular game.

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