Stalkers, Maulers, and Boilers, Oh My!

Ferals/Stalkers- This special infected consists of 4 infected total. It would be a leader zombie and 3 (or however many seems nessecary) other zombies following him. These feral zombies would be very skinny with shorts (leader feral may have a shirt or something to distinguish him from his followers) and they would have many sharp teeth. The leader feral spawns with his followers at his side, when the leader encounters the survivors he can send his followers to attack the survivors. The way they attack is by grabbing a hold of the survivors and biting them, however they can be resisted if just one feral is on one survivor. Multiple ferals (up to 4) can grab a survivor and pin them to the ground (it only takes 2 ferals to pin a survivor). The more ferals on one survivor the more damage will be dealt to that survivor. Once the leader feral is killed the rest of the ferals will run away and despawn. Only the leader feral is playable on versus. The leader feral has more health than his followers.

Gutter/Mauler- This infected’s left hand has been mutated to form a claw. He has 2 main attacks: he can charge a player and jab his claw into a survivor and breaks it off (to give time to recharge ability). This deals 30-50 damage depending on where he strikes the survivors. When he charges a survivor he picks them up and slams them to the ground then breaks off his claw. This allows for enough time to run away before the survivor gets up off the ground. His second attack allows him to open his mouth and shoot 3 spikes out of his mutated tentacles in his mouth. These spikes spiral into survivors dealing about 10 damage every shot. These attacks make this special infected a good hit and run ambusher.

Boiler- This special infected would have no arms (or a stray jacket or something) and would only have one attack. He spits a boiling tar type substance that doesn’t hurt the survivors, but severely lessens their movement. He can spit on the ground which created an area of boiling tar (similar to the spitter’s spit) that slows almost anything that walks into it. Or he can spit directly onto a survivor which slows the survivor for an extended period of time. It also makes it longer to heal or help a downed survivor. This infected is especially useful in situations when the survivors need to run. The only downfall of this infected is that he can deal no direct damage to survivors.

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