The Ricochet

Here’s an idea for a new Special infected, he’s called The Ricochet. He is covered in large, flat, armor-like plates on the outside of his body, mainly on his back, while his front is actually very weak and almost bony. With these plates of shell-like armor, he is able to curl himself up into a ball, much like an armadillo, and begin to roll around.

He’s rather slow and “wonky” when trying to move around un-curled, but he automatically curls himself once you start moving fast enough, or when you use his special. When rolling, his “shell” is immune to bullets, and he can quickly pick up speed as he rolls around, but ricocheting (bouncing) off of walls like a pinball reduces his speed.

His primary special attack (other than trampling survivors like a charger) is that he (when uncurled) will grab hold of a survivor and curl up around them (there’s plenty of room inside because he’s so skinny).

Doing this doesn’t actually do any damage, not until he begins slamming and bouncing off of walls with the survivor, hurting them on each impact. But the survivors are not powerless, however, as they also have a slight degree of control when rolling, almost able to steer the Ricochet into out of an impact, And the Ricochet also will take damage over time, due to being up against the struggling survivor for so long, + additional damage to himself if an impact is too great. The survivor is released when he comes to a stop

Being completely bullet proof on his shell, the only option is to hit him in his soft underbelly, made up for by how little health he would have (200-ish) and by his weak melee attack. His ability to trample over survivors makes him a bigger threat in tight corridors, much like a charger

And as an added bonus, he can be melee’d by a Tank, like a car or dumpster, sending him hurling towards the survivors, earning points for both himself and the Tank for the damage done. But this can be a double edged sword, because the survivors can also affect his roll using any type of explosive.


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