The Vampire and The Mummy

Here I have for you 2 Special Infected ideas that reflect back to some of the classic monsters, and brace yourselves, because they’re both blood themed.

The Vampire or The Leach

First one’s called the Vampire (or the Leach). And as his name would suggest, he attacks by biting you to drink your blood. But he doesn’t do this just because he’s attacking you, but because drinking more and more blood restores his health. As such, he would even be able to feed off of commons, but the amount of health he gets is only as much as he takes out, meaning he can gain much more on higher difficulties.

He would look much like a normal common infected, only being slightly larger and slower. His defining feature would be his row of bigger, sharper teeth (not just 2 fangs). And as many could guess, he’s covered in lots of blood from previous feedings.

He attacks survivors by grabbing onto their sides/shoulders and sinking his teeth into their neck/upper shoulder, lifting the survivor off the ground if their small enough. Since he isn’t continuously tearing your throat, the bite only does 1 instance of damage (10-ish on normal), but the rest of your health gets turned to temporary health. Enough blood loss and you enter a state where you become woozy/nauseous and temp health bleeds out faster.

But this attack has a major backfire, because your an immune survivor, he can’t digest your blood correctly, so has an allergic reaction to it. This means that the more he hurts you, the more he hurts himself, and too much blood might make him puke it back up. He would then need to leave and feed off of a common infected in order to restore himself. He would be the 1st infected to release victims at will, ether when he’s done enough damage or when he’s about to die.

The Mummy

Next one I like to call the Mummy. Now I know what your thinking, but bear with me here, he gets his name due to being a medical patient that is heavily bandaged up, even sporting a sling cast for his right arm. This is due to his mutation where lots of bodily materials and organs were dissolved for energy in order to mass produce blood, or more specifically, blood plasma. This has forced skin to become very thin and over saturated with this blood, giving his skin a crimson complexion. The fact that he was bandaged up would suggest that he was under medical study as this was happening, causing said Dr.s to try and save him.

His actual ability is that he can puke out this blood onto infected teammates, healing them due to it’s high amount of plasma. This isn’t like projectile vomit like a Boomer, it has a much shorter reach, which isn’t too bad because the hurt infected come to him. This regenerating ability also applies to his own health, always slowly moving back to full. Aside from just healing, this blood can also extinguish flaming infected, making him deadly during a Tank fight (Tanks don’t regain as much health from this). On a side note, being covered in this blood also blinds the infected slightly (less than a bile).

Everywhere he goes, he leaves very noticeable bloody footprints, along with spots where the blood drips from his mouth. Due to his arm being in a sling, his melee is very ineffective, and he also can’t climb ladders, he relies very heavily on his teammates cooperation, having them go to him and defend him because of his needed support.

Out of all the infected ideas I have ever given, if I had to pick 3 for the next game, it would be these 2 and The Ricochet.


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