New Special Infected: LiLL

Lilly was a small girl with her life ahead of her, till IT all went down. She was happy, and fun loving and part of what she was still remains into what we now call Lil. Lil now wanders the landscape running frantically trying to find someone to hold onto, although its not an intimate hug she wants to bestow, but rather a frantic attack on a would be survivor.

The mutation has changed Lil’s mouth into a giant ever flowing fountain of saliva. Not just any saliva though, a super thick, sticky saliva that will trap and slow survivors movement and reaction time.

Lil roams the landscape with unrelenting speed while dropping a trail of saliva that stays on the ground 7 seconds after the initial landing.

Lils’ moves are based on a stack system. For example, if you walk over the saliva on the ground, once “stack” of saliva is applied. For every stack of saliva applied, your movement speed and gun aim/pull out speed is reduced. You can stack up to 5 times for a maximum of 50% reduction.

Her main attack is Lunge. This will lunge a small distance forward. Lunge can be used as a movement ability to lay trails of spit and to try and land on a survivor. If the spit comes in contact with a survivor, they will immediately get 2 stacks of saliva. If someone melees her off they get 1 stack of the saliva. She does minimal auto attack damage while on survivor but she will thrash frantically and will spread saliva to nearby survivors until killed or knocked off.

Lils’ secondary attack is Bite. You bite the survivor for 4 damage and apply one stack of saliva.

If Lil dies, she will leave a small concentrated puddle of saliva at the death spot. If you walk on the puddle of saliva, then  2 stacks of saliva will be applied. Saliva decay is 5 seconds once applied on a person. If within those 5 seconds another stack is applied the timer resets.

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  • Something similar to this that I read awhile back was for a small infected child, much like young Lilly here, but she wasn’t mutated (much). Her role was that she wandered around, nervously humming lullabies and nursery rhymes. She would get startled like a Witch, and let out a scream that alerted the hoard, effectively making her an alarm car. She would have added a new creepy element to the game, but ideas like may never see the light of day, because Child-Violence would greatly change the games rating and ban it in many countries.

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