Left 4 Dead 3

Where Should L4D3 Take Place?

Left 4 Dead 1 took us to the state of Pennsylvania where we fought hordes of zombies at the airport. We smoked smokers in the cornfields of Blood Harvest. We crowned Witches on the pier of Death Toll and battled Tanks on the rooftop of No Mercy Hospital. In the end we had to make The Sacrifice.

Left 4 Dead 2 took us to a different part of the United States, down to the deep south where our latest survivors faced a whole different breed of special infected. This journey began inย Savanna, Georgia. We managed to steal a race car from the local shopping mall. We fought our way through burning infernos. We dodged Chargers off of bridges. We stomped through the wetlands of the Louisiana Bayou. We made it through the darkest of carnivals. Some even saved a Gnome!

Where should Left 4 Dead 3 take place? What city should it resemble, or what party of the country? Does it stay on the East Coast and takes us through the Big Apple of New York City, or to Washington, DC and the Pentagon? Maybe L4D 3 goes to the West Coast and we get a glimpse of the zombie infestation in Los Angeles. Perhaps the infection is global and we see the outbreak in another part of the world?

There have been many great suggestions listed on the Left 4 Dead 3 Wishlist, but few have talked about where L4D3 should take place.


  • I don’t know where it could be, but where ever it is the distances should be longer between the safe house’s, if you play the game on the most difficult settings the further u must travel, and vary the routes so you have to work out the safest way to each safe house.

    • Dude totally agree with alaska…but where in alaska? Anchorage…NO HOW BOUT….Houstan or Willow….. Hatchers pass could be the safety zone!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • I would say California with the goal to make it to Alcatraz island as one of the last outposts of humanity.

  • 100% it should be in Russia, l4d1 2 weeks after infection, l4d2 4 weeks after infection, how about l4d3 2 months after infection, disease spread to the other continents. Survivors make there way from Russia through Mongolia, all the way to China for extreme evacuation. Giving Snow climate, Juggle climate, and China town architecture climates.

  • my opinion is defintley the big apple i think the grapics would be amazing plus new york also has more than big cities suburbs,farms etc and the special infected would look awsome and it would give us sort of a challenge with all the buildings. i ama true l4d fan and this game l4d3 in new york with the midnight riders would be so epic

    • I love the idea of Japan. Lights, overly crowded streets filled with Zombies! Sounds sweet.

      I also like the idea of California. I could see zombies filling the beaches, as it raining.

  • In Cali or Canada . There needs to be a Mexican character for this. That’d be awesome.

  • I think New York would be awsome! But I live in South Carolina and ive got to say, we have overcrowded beaches, Huge tall Resort buildings, old historical buildings. Heck even a small buitiful part of the apalacien mountains.

  • New York:) but not like… Lame New York. Bright Lights, broken down taxis, all that stuff. Or maybe Canada, but I’d prefer NY.

  • I quite like the idea of London maybe?
    I mean nothing could be better than fighting your way down Oxford street, or running through the soon to be finished Olympic park. London has a great combination of old and modern buildings plenty of bridges, towers and landmarks to exploit.
    Maybe if it’s not in the main story surely a game mode where other major cities in the world are infected would be good. Say each month or so players could vote for which city they wanted to fight their way through next? You could have zombies crawling through the vattican? or the sagrada familia in Barcelona. It’d certainly deliver a lot of bonus content to the game which is one of the things which keeps me playing L4D2

  • 100% it should be in Russia, l4d1 2 weeks after infection, l4d2 4 weeks after infection, how about l4d3 2 months after infection, disease spread to the other continents. Survivors make there way from Russia through Mongolia, all the way to China for extreme evacuation. Giving Snow climate, Juggle climate, and China town architecture climates!

  • L.A. where you fight loads of zombies in casinos and stuff.

    Or japan with eathkwakes it would be awesome with buildings falling down(with smokers falling off of them),tsunamies where there is a finale where you have some time to get to the helicopter in the tallest building in the city.

  • L4D3 should remain in the States (let L4D4 go global – give us something to drool over).
    I would like to see the game start in the Midwest and work its way through to the West Coast (Seattle would be great because it has the stormy weather and a great underground — can you imagine the horde in an underground setting???)

  • I think it should either be in Japan because of the bright lights and zombies running down the streets, or Las Vegas, L.A., and maybe even Canada? It would be cool if it could be in Winnipeg because that’s where I live xD

  • Episode 1: Deep Trouble – Cruise ship. This could give a few options for traveling to different locations, including a Caribbean Island. Eventually dock in Miami. Or someplace else with a football stadium.

    Episode 2: Military Fatigue – In an attempt to get help, the survivors investigate a military base.

    Episode 3: Dead, White and Blue – Washington DC. Monuments galore, White House, Pentagon plus the Smithsonian could be creepy.

    Episode 4: Hell of a Job – CEDA Headquarters – Just outside of DC, is CEDA HQ. Time to see if anyone’s driving the bus.

    • The greatest ideas I’ve heard so far. I agree with u + some new zombies like one tht can fly around, obviously the screamer, maybe a big ass shark tht will jump out of small puddles one hit and down but had been warned like the witch, maybe a robot that was supposed to kill zombies but they all went crazy, but the ones who didn’t you can pay to help or smtin. Also when your dead (as infected or humans) you can play as a regular infected or a clown or a cop or some sh*t like tht.

  • Well if anything goes,
    As an option to make the game infinately replayable,
    make some sort of google earth thing that would make it possible
    to use any town as a stage.
    probably not do-able but it would be totally cool.

  • I reckon there should be origin storys aswell as the main campains maybe only 1 level but atleast somthing and show how they all meet because thats always been blurred out in the other games. Maybe on LFD2 they meet on that roof but how did they get there etc.
    New Infected: I reckon they should take out some of the old special infected like boomer and replace it with a new spec infected like on LFD2 they were gunna have something called a screamer but they took it out cus they had 2 many Special inf so i would like that to make an appearance.Anyway bak to the point.

    Death dealer: Shots a needle like object into you. this causes you health to slowly decrease unless you tak pain pills or heal,can kill the special inf in 2 shots( easy to kill)

    Insanity: A zombie that wears a straight jacket if it hits you it knocks you down, high health ,cap weak looks like a typical zombie but is covered in blood

    Vampire: Bird like creature, similar to jockey. Grabs onto bak and does the same as the jockey just replaces it and looks dif.

    Ricochet: Tank like size, wears a metal plate which bullets richochet of can only be headshoted or killed from behind low health cap but strong damage

    Setting:A different country for once Britian or Mexico
    Characters: 2 girls 2 boys pair of lovers and 2 randomers

    • I only really like your idea for the Insanity zombie (aka Psycho), but I would have some changes to it.

      First off I would make it a replacement for a witch if there was a map where they had to go through a Mental Hospital. Instead of crying, you hear hysterical laughter and a zombie that is walking around in a straight jacket. If someone disturbs the Psycho then he breaks out of his straight jacket, knocks the person to the floor, rips them apart, and laughs the entire time. Would be creepy as hell. Also, one of the times you see this zombie could be if you have to walk through a padded room and it would be sitting in the middle of it (only time this zombie would be sitting). Otherwise, it would be walking around like how the Witch does sometimes


    3 amazing climates! Snow, Jungle and CHina town!!! Tell me thats not perfect!

  • have it based in the uk 4 episodes in each country and then have l4d4 in eoupe for irland would conect them both wales have it up north wales south england nourth irland and middle of scotland and evacuation place for all of them have it as the isle of man

  • Disney land , orlando florida should be a stage make the characters relive childhood memories, miami,

  • It should take place at a USA border or in another country, I read that left 4 dead 3 will have the midnight riders in it as they rock out the zombies into another indangered speceies I know zombie aren’t animals or are they idk n idc but the midnight riders would be really kewl!!!

  • i think it should take place in the big citys going from new york,to boston and another cities in between those but really i dont care were it is as long as there are some awsome new special infected and new guns. i also like UnusualZombeh7’s idea to make the couple and the two randoms i think it would make things way more intense or even a dad and his son(18 yrs old we dont want toddlers with guns!)

  • it would be awesome at greece at the end the surivors could be charging at the zombie screaming WE ARE SPARTAAA!!!!!!!!!!

  • My ideas for a location of L4D3 would starting in Vegas, drive down to Palm Springs, go up to Big Bear and then end up on the beach (maybe Malibu). Obviously, the names of the could be changed, but the reasons for these places is as follows. Vegas would be a cool starting spot because you would be in casinos fighting zombies and then end up in the desert driving away. Palm Springs would be cool just because they could use the idea of old people zombies, so people are now killing zombies that look old, but are as strong as regular zombies. Big Bear because you can now use the snow, can use fog, can have wooded areas, lakes and even a run down the mountain roads. Lastly, Malibu would be a cool setting because you can be fighting zombies on the beach as well as have new ideas for zombies that are specialized for this terrain. Maybe a zombie that hides under the sand and grabs onto the legs of a survivor and tries to steer them to the ocean.

  • It should take place somewhere OUTSIDE USA, maybe Europe or AFRICA, no that sux. I agree, it should be in big cities. It would be cool if they show other survivors trying to escape but end up getting killed

  • I think it should take place in a whole other country, Maybe England have zombies with British accents lol

  • I’m going to make my ideas brief but good…
    Okay, so for

    characters: keep genders the same, three males and one female..at least one Hispanic survivor (preferably a male) It’d be something new. More background on characters. Oh and it would be awesome if Ellis’ buddy Kieth met up with him or had part in the game ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t know, just an idea.

    Infected: there should be infected animals, infected children like from a school playground or something, and some special infected that is harder than the Tank. Just to harden it a bit more but not insanely hard.

    Locations: LA, Vegas, NY, FL, maybe an abandoned island? Oh and it would be both creepy and awesome if there was a campaign that took place in an insane asylum ๐Ÿ™‚ but that’s just my opinion.

    Weapons: More duel weapons such as duel magnums, duel SMG’s,duel automatic pistols, duel sawed-off shotguns, duel desert eagles, etc..scopes on assault rifles would be nice.Bow and arrow with explosive arrows? Flamethrower would be sick ๐Ÿ™‚ Additional explosives such as C4, incendiary explosives, dynamite?

    That’s pretty much it. Wow, that wasn’t brief at all. Oh well.

    • wow. That didnt have to be brief. That sounds beast. If Valve does do that, I would go out and buy that game immediatly! Just to say.

    • Awesome !!!

      Just what i have in mind, brilliant! ๐Ÿ™‚

      And then I think New York would be an awesome city to kill all sons of zombie bitches!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Or, Paris? – Or ร…rhus, but that’s just because i’m from Denmark, ร…rhus (Aarhus) ๐Ÿ˜€ hihi. = N.Y, or Paris!!!

    • i think it should take place in Rome,Italy. It would be cool if we got to see it in a place where not many people that play this game have been. I like the first one because im from Pennsylvania. Now we need some creature suggestions.

    • heres my 2 cents worth.

      infected: i think they should be a little more savage, every now and then one of them should try to bite one of the survivors and if the survivor gets bitten there should be vials to stop the spread of the infection in the survivor. there should be more tanks and im thinking possibly a flying special infected, not a fan of swarms but a tough flying one would be kinda cool.

      survivors: they should put some civilians that hold out in houses or shopping marts that you can help out and in return get assistance from them, for instance if u find and save them, they will follow you to the safehouse as long as they are still alive, for every civilian you save u should get a cool bonus, like unlock info on one of the survivors like a background story. 3 males and 1 female seems pre cool still. i do believe there should be more plot to the game it would make it soooo much better if thats possible.

      actions: i think when the horde comes you should be able to move dressers, desks etc…infront of door ways to make a barrackade from the zombies, it would make alot of strategic to be able to do more with your environment.

  • I myself agree with anyone who wanted back the good’ol dark maps that bring fear and anxiety to anyone who watches me while killing the hordes. also i wished there would be more giant and more awesome explosions like the ones on Mercy Hospital chapter’s gas station.

  • This is basically how I see it.
    We start out in Russia, why? Because Russia is the creepiest place when in the slums. You start at Russia or Germany either one is fine, eventually leading to alaska. You could expand it if you wanted with DLC.

    1.) Infected – Slimer, sort of sewer oriented. Basically it will spew or hit slime on you causing you to come to a halt or stop basically and your screen is covered and cannot see. Is allowed to hit multi enemies so its allies can attack.
    2.) Infected – Snatcher, a shy type of infected whom is fast. He has low HP but is strikingly quick, he makes a mad dash at a survivor (Snatching) him and running a certain distance with the survivor to deal some damage and to separate the others. Can be deadly if used right.
    3.) Infected – Fire Leecher, this infected takes fire to a whole new meaning. Sorta like a smoker in a way, different looking and a leechy arm and body, but is infused with fire. The Fire Leecher wraps itself around you, can get you at a medium to close range. It uses its imbued fire to literally burn you alive. After death it leaves a small amount of liquid fire/lava on the ground to damage any survivors.
    4.) Infected – The Blender, this guy is rather extremely unique.
    Think of predators camouflage, but it ripples. This guy uses camouflage for his surroundings and can be spotted by his noise and rippling camouflage. He has a one hand claw and other nub. His face very disfigured, his mouth is on his left cheek, his eyes are close together, and his nose is not there.
    He hides for his enemies, then strikes, can be easily killed if spotted. Respawn of cloak takes 2 minutes.

    Weapons, well I’d like to see some newer weapons including melee.
    More then L4D 2.
    A more interactive environment, maybe a way to defend against the hordes until they break through? Some more ample type grenades EX. Molotov. Makes something like an Electrical bomb. Shock one enemy, but if more go around near him, it shocks them too. Acid vile? Some creative things.

    More Crescendo events maybe?
    Kinda running slow on ideas, but if not Russia, go towards The Midwest, like the desert. But at night time, save daylight for DLC.

  • I say let’s get the hell out off the USA and head over to Europe. I would love to see the alps, the oldtown of Prague or a finale in an old castle. There are just too many awesome places in Europe. Amsterdam, anyone?

  • Tsjernobyl Russia.

    Escape from Tsjernobyl.

    Nice story script with Radiation possibility’s, and maybe some extra mutants.


  • I say New York because its bigger and have alot of stuff you can do! So I say new york city the big apple!

  • I think it should be in another small area that not many people know about. Like not a big city. There are some perfect cities in northcarolina and south caralina. For example chapel hill, Winston Salem, green ville and many others

  • NY City / Manhattan

    Pot Zombie which actes like the Smoker when killed but releases lots of pot smoke, so that you get high and your vision changes and you have a hard time at aiming.

    In Multiplayer you should be able to control normal / normal special zombies while spawn time is ticking.

  • I say colorado rockys in the winter. Start in a small mountain town. Move down the front range to DIA for finish.

  • I’d say it needs to take place outside of the United States. Like, England or France or Germany. You could use multi-cultured characters like British guy, French woman, German guy, Italian guy? You could get a lot of colorful swearing out of them and racial slurs to encourage the storyline as well as the survivors trying to decide where it’d be best to go, their homeland or another’s?

    • I like that idea of starting in Los Angeles in LFD3, LA is a huge city lots of things to do and see and great world appeal?

  • florida, somewhere with a golf course. Then to washington DC. Then to new york. then to knotts berry farm or disney land.. Yee.. disney land . lol OR orlando studios

  • I think:
    1. A London – Paris – Berlin – Moscow L4D would be awesome – This would probably work with new characters.
    Maybe a goth tattooist! or Mod scooter boy/girl. Hopefully there would be dlc that would put the existing characters in these situations and also the midnight riders!!!! yeeeeeahhhhh!!!!
    2. With Existing characters (l4d 1 &2) AND the midnight riders to choose from the characters move through las vegas & LA and down into mexico hitching a ride on a military ship to a base in the pacific.. clearly the ship gets overun and they could end up reaching an infected and abandoned military base in south korea or even ending up in back in america as the boat their on sinks and they float in the ocean looking for land.

    Whichever way (if any) they go more character choice would be great. I slightly higher interactivity with objects would be good (barricade yourself into rooms by moving object (tables, chairs, bodies etc).

    I imagine a tropical island is probably out now because of dead island… would be great if some how you could play the left for dead characters in dead island tho… as from the dead island website their PC’s look lame.

    I really hope we get some more dlc soon for 2 while we wait cos i think l4d2 is one of the best games i have played.

  • Having thought about it, I would make the survivors start in Barcelona, where they must battle their way from a hotel to the beach for a boat recue. Heading north, they stop in Dublin for a Hard Rain style gastrip (Irish Summer). They head for Amsterdam, where the survivors make their way through urban and semi-industrial ares past town canals and coffeeshops to the city center for a helicopter rescue. The chopper chrashes somewhere in the outskirts of Prague, with a route through suburban areas, the castle and old town. At a abandoned train station, they get on a train (Scavenge finale maybe) and head to Russia, where the last campaign takes place. The survivors must fight their way through rural areas alongside the tracks of the transsebirian railroad, hoping to find the last resort of mankind in this snowy, forbidding place. Phew, that’s it.

  • Las Vegas?
    New York?
    How about zombie in the snow? I would say it is a good idea.
    starting from a small village, searching for the other survivors.

    there are some other suggestions I hope there will be in Left 4 dead 3 :
    1. Stories for the campaigns. it makes the game more fun to play.
    2. Scary music, essential for an horror movie/game.
    3. Darker/night maps please. l4d2 is not scary at all, failed in scaring players.
    4. New elements for the game: like collecting for food/water for stamina? Saving the survivors than the main characters? Driving car and try to escape from Tank? Joining other Survivor groups to fight mega horde?
    5. More uncertainty/unknown elements such as new special infected.that can’t tell with the sound, just replace the sound of special infected with tensioned music before it appear, so that it can do more surprise to the players. haha
    6. New weapons attachment, like laser, silencer/suppressor, and ACOG scope, for medium range. Some Vest/Helmet for the protection, works like Half Life’s Shield.
    7. New Characters: some Latinos? Asian? Oh Yeah, make all the characters in L4d and l4d2(Except Bill) optional?

  • why keep it the way it was? I think they should have 4 different people from all around the world fighting their way into their capital city (only the big ones like New York, London, Berlin, Tokyo, Paris) all trying to get to the Airport as there is a safety camp in Australia (because of it being an island and so highly protective of people entering they were able to keep it out of there)and each country has like 1 or 2 special type of zombie.
    there should be more than 4 people as well.. have like real tourneys online and stuff, when your dead your dead, and the more that come trough the better, or at the end, when getting to the airport you discover there is only 4 places on the plane and you have to vote other survivors out (least kills and most stupid actions) but that would be like a prestige kinda mode.
    at the end, when all the survivors made it to Australia somehow it does get into Australia (or any other island maybe Hawaii or w.e.) right near the end and have another full 4 whooping maps which is played online with ALL survivors (16 people) and a hell of a lot of people.
    also they need to add classes and levels, e.g. doctors that can use a heal pack and revive pack twice or can carry more or people that can mod guns and make ammo or simply some beef people that will take a lot of damage.
    give it all a new kind of feel and new level to it.
    that is what I think needs to be added

    • Paris uncommon common infected: The mime, silent, but deadly.
      Berlin: Skinheads!
      Tokyo: Anime cosplayers and gameboy freaks?
      just some thoughts…

  • forgot to add, maybe take some features of counter strike sourse zombie mod, as other people mentioned, moving objects. also the 8 survivors of the last 2 l4d could be like in charge of the survivors camp… so many things could be added, but if they are added all now it may make future L4D boring

  • i just cant wait for l4d3 but i like wat Christopher Jennings said about classes and doctor sound really cool

  • To me L4D3 should take place in new york city fight zombies in the empire state building would be great, also fight zombies at the statue of liberty or even Yankees stadium OMG that would be so cool

  • The Survivors must travel from Las Vegas, to Reno (NV) to a cabin in lake tahoe, CA

    The progression of the levels would be something like no mercy—> blood harvest/ I hate mountains. a la L4D. indoor fights in casinos, car takes them almost to reno when it crashes.. survivors must walk through reno, then up into the mountains of the Sierra Nevada (tons of outdoor fights)

    Finale would take place in a small cabin in the middle of the forrest.

  • just had a revelation.

    so the midnight riders make it out of the south, their tour bus takes them to vegas where their next show is. then everything i wrote previously

  • L4D3 should take place OUTSIDE the US! Europe (preferably eastern) would be a goodchoice! The Eiffel tower, Coloseum, Big Ben… They’d look nice with zombie all over them. But really exotic (to the american players) places like Moscow, Warsaw, Prague, post-soviet architecture which meets modern style buildings and cars. That’s really awesome. And, besides, characters should be of different nationalities. Let’s not be boring, monothematic and stop sticking only to “american/british hero” stereotype. It would also give the possibility to show some mild animosities between characters (based on national stereotypes – such as Russian – Polish or Polish – German, maybe French – British?) and to give the characters some nice “native-like” catch-phrases! Consider this idea. Cheers!

    • Ya, I think it should be in Russia or some country over there, and the different nationalities would be tourists, and their vacation would be put to halt by ZOMBIES!!!!!! and some of the zombies would look like spetsnaz, cause u would be in Russia, and the special infected would be a little different… I have TONS of ideas, believe me this!

    • It would be nice to have some Polish & Russians in the game. Maybe the two could hate each other in the first campaign but in the last campaign they sav each other.

  • It should be in the big apple cause you got subways, broad way, tons of shopping malls and plazas, as well as the empirestae building for a finale. Maybe even the burnt down twin towers to add a sort of zombie infestation accident instead of terrorist

  • Why don’t you introduce your players to some new area, which they are less familiar with. How about Croatia? It has a gorgeous coast, beautiful mountains, old cities, and large plains. Everything you need ๐Ÿ™‚

  • The next story line should take place in a survivorโ€™s haven, or โ€˜theโ€™ safe zone, where everyone else was trying to get to. On the outskirts of a big city, theyโ€™re in either a smaller military quarantined town, complete with high walls surrounding the fortress and heavy fences leading to an inspection area checking for infection. Supplies are running low and a small group of survivors have to leaving the security and safety to get supplies, in which case you should have a choice of which survivors to be in the situation all with certain perks. The older crew, survivors of such (rest in peace bill) should all have higher perks do in large part to their experience. It should take place near, if not in, the Colorado-like mountains and move into the big city, then a different route back do to some unforeseen accident (tanker explosion caused ironically by a tank or a new type of infected person). They should be forced into certain places based on what they need to gather, such as warmer cloths, food, drugs. And they need to move the supplies onto the top of a larger building for a helicopter โ€˜evacโ€™. Do to the weight they survivors canโ€™t hitch a ride, and the weather will make them stay the night in a building surrounded by the undead. They must escape the city into the forest, which is now covered in fresh snow. They come across a gathering of tanks, who roar causing an avalanche killing all but one. They consider crossing a frozen river bed, but one of them falls through the ice halfway through. Their scream causes them to be noticed by a horde, which quickly follows behind them. They must make save the fallen and make their way off of the ice before the ice breaks taking most of the horde with them. If youโ€™re interested in hearing more ideas, please send me an email. I think this would satisfy most of the fans in the whole big city versus small town.

  • Probably the most interesting thing they could do for L4D3 is make it somewhere west of the Mississippi River, such as LA,California or Maybe Dallas,Texas. To make it more interesting is to come up with several totally different types of special infected and place the game in a different country, giving the country their own unique zombies.

  • Adding to my previous comment, i wanted to say it would be stupid if you were band members trying to get to a concert. Its just outright pathetic to think they would go for something so stupid. My opinion though.

  • i think it should be in las vegas
    it has bunches of buildings tons of towers it would be awsome and for a final the survivors would have to turn on the lightshow at freemont street and make it across to a helicopter picking them up.
    it would be awsome for the final leval

      • Been Vegas 2 and it’s cool place wouldn’t care have map there but so many games with vegas in it now days dead rising got it ect fallout just saying if they put a game there there going to have do something it’s nothing but desert and big hole but I like Vegas so I can’t say much but that

  • I think it should be all over the US.
    First it should take place in florda an where they got to fight there way through Disney world down to the beach an get a boat ride to the bahamas
    Second: the Bahamas you would think since its a island that the infection wouldnt get there an they find out theres no life there but they find a choper an one of charaters is a air forces person an the take the choper out there an then end up in new york
    Third: in new york they land the choper in the Yankee stadium an fight through the city an find an army tank were the were the army poeple were trying to block out the city an the survivers take the army tank to DC
    Forth: DC were they fight there way to the white house hoping to find the president an his people but they only find the pilot of Air force 1 an he flys the Survivors to Texas

    Fifth: They fight in amarillo texas an an find another pilot to fly them to san fransisco or san deigo thinking they had an evac station that the pilot heard about
    Sixth: 6th stage an final chapter is the survivors fight in san fransisco or san deigo but the evac station had been over run. But then they end up contacting the surviviors form the the first 2 L4D charaters in hawaii an they send poeple form the the camp in hawaii to come an get them an then they get rescued an takin the hawaii an all the L4D charaters meet up
    an they they sould have an stage like they do in l4d2 an go out to paris an look for any other survivers in some other countrys.

    • I definitely think It should be in Russia, at least for one map, and u can aim down the sights for ALL weapons, not just the snipers, and the sickle could be another melee weapon

  • Ok, heres my idea since it’s left 4 dead. Im sure we want to stay with 4 survivors first of all. Secondly i dont think adding another boss infected is a good idea, dealing with tanks in expert is hard and as soon as you kill it. This happens… “hooray guys we killed the tank!. yes! now it’s gonna be easy now!.” ” oh hai i are the newboss” “WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    ๐Ÿ˜› and starting in a city not a good plan. it causes way too much budget and will cause the game to be atleast over $60.(everyone wants a cheap game) I say we start out in a small town in a forest like blood harvest. and make our way through the woods to reach the train station. where we will hold off until the train heats up ( it’s a steam train) and depart off to an whole new city and take off from there. So far the survivors were a veteran,businessman,gangster,student,reporter,gambler,coach,and vehicle inspector. We will stick with one police men(role as bill,coach) Pimp(role as francis,nick) Waiter/tress (zoey,ellis i mean cmon they talk about stuff all the time :P) and a game nerd (louis,rochelle one of those people who played dead rising there whole life and knows everything about zombies but mostly BS lol) ok i know that im probably going too far. I will stop right now. Hope you enjoy it

  • i think it should be somewhere else outside the u.s like the u.k or something it would be great if it was set in london, u.k then another part of england ect

  • It should be in Europe. Probably in central Europe so that you can move between countries. Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic etc. The levels could be in both cities and in the countryside. The early levels could be the escape from the city to the countryside (a la ‘Dawn of the Dead’), maybe with AI humans being eaten around you. A level in Venice could have evacuation by canal boat.

  • It should take place somewhere in The American Southwest and move into Las Vegas for the finish.

  • I think, personally, that the third game should be along the America/Canada border, starting in the USA and ending in Canada. (Okay, what I really want is a game in Atlantic Canada, but that’s about as likely as me going to Mars) I’d really like to see it up north (as in close to the arctic circle) to see how the special infected would adapt to the extreme temperatures up there. Alaska/Yukon territory maybe? We could have an igloo safe house. XD

    • Well almost anywere it snows now a days besides like caly Vegas and Florida which I did see some places it did snow in cally and Florida but never in desert anyways I like the snow thing hope they put it in the game say they will but be hard make realistic with all the footprints/zombies

  • Well first off this new l4d 3 should take place in new York, new jersey yersey being the first then newyork that should be the first map the 2 map should be take place in dc then 3 map be Ohio then Kentucky because for me u need the country that’s were they end up at not many ppl and u could prob live off land b4 u could in a city that said why I put Kentucky in there + be cool see the church hill downs on derby day with all the movie stars left 4 dead

    • Also use the Ohio river that uses bunch of states and even runs down to miss all way up new York so beat that all ties in to each other

  • Stick it in NY where you make your way to an Airport and take a jet to London, where you head to the one tower, taking a heli to Moscow. From there we get on another chopper to Tokyo. From Tokyo we take a boat to Australia. Into Sydney we go, Finally taking a jet to Madagascar. Thoughts?

    • Well I say they won’t be no world tour anytime soon because really if u think about how hard it be find a plane with gas alone a pilot Or a pilot that’s not zombie and if u had survivor that was pilot sorta ruin the game because he always have to live to fly and fly from newyork to Europe is like 24 hours and if someone was bite he be zombie with in 24h good idea but u need have it start in euro and end there

    • But still good idea I could go on and on what I was talking about were it takes place in mine but I thought let everyone give me there ideas about story for those and mine but good ideas thought I just think that u run out fuel in heil but not plane or more ppl take a heil from newyork to Russia u just don’t have the fuel to make I fly alot I know

  • i think l4d3 could take place in the philippines… i mean it has a lot of mountains, alleys, caves, rivers and other stuff that can be used for great maps. the survivors can be placed on a mountain resort and ride on a cable car that leads to another part of the resort where they can escape in a tour bus. they can also be in an orphanage running downhill to reach a highway and jumping to a call center agency or they are on one of the islands of the country during high tide and the island is flooded with sea water and seaweed and they have to find a canoe or speed boat ๐Ÿ™‚ hey im just trying to give a suggestion for fun ๐Ÿ™‚

  • 1st:start in a rural town in pennsylvania work your way east fknd a small army evacuation camp (2 trucks 1 turret 4 army people) as the evacuation spot.
    2nd:trucks crash in philadelphia survors move northeast hoping to find survors in new york.they make it to newark where they find a used car shop and fil a car up with gas.they drive it to new york.
    3rd:in new york they find out there is now survivors.but they hear radio transmissions of a heli evacuation on top of a sky scraper. they make their way to the sky scraper take an elavator up to the pick up point they pick up the radio and call for the chopper he says 2 choppers are on the way. when the choppers get there one gets hit by a tank rock and crashes into the skyscraper.they get on the last chopper.
    4th:they go to washintonton dc because the pilot got a call from the pentagon.but they stop in lancaster for fuel. the pilot shows signs of infenction so the survors shoot him.they keep moving toward washinton dc.
    they make it to a mansion with lots of security. in the the center there is a ferari. they have to hold out while the computeropens multiple doors in the mansion the last door is the ferari room they hijack the ferari and head to washinton dc.
    5th:they run out of gas on the road they find a hotel and stay there. when they come out of the hotel safe room to see the pentagon burst into flames.they go acrossthe bridge to washintion dc they make it to the presidents park where they help the marines escort the president to the airplane

  • need to aim down the sights that would be a good improve ment but i think if the game started in a place like a forest in michigan and moved south trying to avoid big cities like NY or DC but getting evac from military after you take a boat into the ocean.

  • It should take place in somewhere like Japan or China where there are loads of buildings you could run through. Or along the great wall off China could be a final mission or in Bejing in a stadium. Or another place is alaska where its snowy are there are lots of mountains. Also there should be more than 5 campaigns because both times i got the left 4 dead’s I finished them in about an 2-3 Hours. JUST SAYIN

  • To my mind Left 4 Dead 2 was a brilliant game but a bit too constantly open world. Not a bad thing for a four player shooter by any means and it certainly suits the deep South. For a more claustrophobic and chaotic premise somewhere like Tokyo Japan would be perfect. Tall buildings towering over you and zombies closing from every window and alleyway. An evac in the middle of a zombie infested city = lol times.

  • i think that somewhere in Europe would be a good idea. maybe like you start in northern ireland and have to fight your way to london or something like that. Paris would be pretty cool too.

  • I don’t really care where L4D3 happens. I’ll play it. The big thing I’m wondering about is will the AI on the support characters be as incredibly stupid as the AI on the previous two games???

  • it should be in hollywood with celebritiy zombies and you could like fight zombies in movie sets and stuff

  • I think it should not be in the U.S, change of scenery,different character interactions and it broadens the LFD fanbase. I think somewhere in Asia would be epic because their cities are awesome and they also have countrysides so you can go either way.

  • i think we need to place it in a little villige/town then they move it up to a big city place or something
    i dont know what town or city

  • I think Las Vagas, Texas, or alabama…. mostly the first one… a.k.a California

  • yyeah it should be held in a small village called stoke prior near birmingham bromsgrove its such a great and luxurios place and would be a perfect scene for a zombie attack !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • As they fly the airplane, helicopter, boats. … You could make him go to other countries like: United States> Canada> Paris> Brazil> Japan> India among other countries … At least there is only one scenario. And in places such as ships or even planes.

  • I say take it to the big apple!
    push a zombie off the empire state building,hell ya! >:)

  • Well seeing as survivors have been to the city as well as the country it should take place in los angeles where the it takes street smarts to survive in the ghetto(couldnt find a more intelligent way of saying it) the survivors in this one should must use the street smarts they know to navigate through the ruin streets now flooded with hordes of infected.

  • Since they have included a few biomes like urban environments and forests and marshes… i say take it to the desert or snow. I love different environments and some of the addon campains have really brought it to my attention. If only Valve would put there kind of perfection on it….

  • i think england would be a good place going crazy through the strrets and back alleys or even running through buckingham palace pay the queen a visit

  • i think it should either take place in Las Vegas, Nevada or Maybe in somewhere in Texas. i think that the hunter jockey charger and of course tank and witch should also be in L4D3 and the others idk there good but we need to see some new Zombies.

  • England FTW!!!! it would be mad! like said before, tight packed streets, back alleys and even buckingham palace. but not only that you’ve got your dense forests and rolling countrycyde and it would be epic to have a level or campaign in a ruined castle cos that would be fucking epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think it should take place maybe in mexico, since the infection would most likely spread there first, Or canada. But if i WANTED a place for it to be, it would be japan. Imagine the Lit up signs, lighting up the blood on the floor, Or the smokers in dark places, or even rooftops! And ohhh, Donโ€™t think the boomer wont hide behind piles of corpses! Maybe a high tower that could be avoided by going through a place with many car alarms, instead of being pounced, charged, or smoked to your doom. you could put modern events in it too, like aftershocks waking up zombies in japan, or floods slowing you down in brazil. Or having your time limited from a drought in the Sahara. If you wanted to catch most peoples eyes, try allowing them to turn off gore, or be able to disable curses. But lets be honest, Whoโ€™s gonna use my ideas?

  • East and south had their turn!!! Put it in LA or Seattle! England sounds like that would be pretty epic, too.

  • I’d love to see a less urban environment and something more rural. It doesn’t need to be confined to the U.S. I like the idea of India or maybe a country in South America….

    • +++++ Imagine fighting something OTHER than zombies as well? I dunno if that’s too much work, but think about the possibilities if it took place in somewhere like India or South America.

  • I’m thinking more of a military kind of area, I know the military have been involved already, but I’m talking about places like military bases, AREA 51, underground alien laboratories, or maybe a trip to the moon! using like a space elevator as the escape for one campaign and the moon for the proceeding one. But this is a zombie apocalyptic kind of game, not some crazy dead space, or DOOM kinda game just saying though

  • Deffinately should be in the Los Angeles area! We got the East Coast in the first two games, let’s see some West Coast!!!

  • How ’bout a place like West Texas? You could have story lines for speacial infected (i.e. byproduct of petrochemical plant). A place like Midland, TX has a downtown with some 15 story buildings so you could have that element along with running around the pump jacks, refineries, etc. You could also drive an oil/gas tanker around which leaves a lot of possibilities there (again, i.e. tanker scene at the end of T2)… Just a thought

  • i think they need it in a urban area kind of like hard rain but with out the rain but mostly i think it should b in LA to vegas

  • I think they should put other things in the game, if your in the woods you have to worry about wild animals like bears in the Us, or aligators in the water or lions in africa something along the lines of that

  • It should be somewhere around the world. I would love to see it happen in the city of Tokyo. however LA would be a good spot too. Fight your way up the Fox Plaza building like in Die Hard. Whatever the case. BRING BACK ZOEY!!!! Hoorah!

  • If you want to keep it in the United States, I vote a southwestern state that isn’t California. Like Arizona or Colorado.

    Or if you want to leave the U.S., why not Scotland or southern Germany?

  • How about Canada? It’d be pretty funny, especially if you met Francis (who hates Canada

  • I think that it should be in Japan but… what happend was that the two teams off of both left 4 deads should be working together to find survivers of the zombie infection but now there is a zombie called a leech wich is a zombie that lands on you and sucks blood till you drain! and the only way to get it off is fire!

    • i think that is actually a good idea except when it attacks you you are slowed slow and limp while the screen turns dark red, and your health starts dropping. teammate has to get it off you…but how could that fire thing work?

  • Why not in the Midwest? Tour through Vegas, area 51, head near dallas, and possibly near the Mexican boarder or vise versa

  • The gameplay is only one aspect that keeps us all coming back again and again to these games; that’s already solid, and I’m confident it will continue to be. So long as the levels are creatively designed, any setting could work, but what really makes for an epic game is the story that accompanies the setting.
    Why confine ourselves to one particular area or even nation? I loved going through the levels in the first two games and reading all of the things on the walls and finding little details that told the story of the setting. The characters’ quest for survival was great, but what if we shifted to a new focus for them. What if it wasn’t just survival now, but a slow and hard fought war? Think terminator salvation, or reign of fire (leaning more toward the latter here). We’ve used up the time-frame just following the outbreak, and now we should move forward to see the world after the initial shock of the pandemic.

    The focus here is storytelling, and the story is what really decides the setting. Here’s just a quick concept:
    We see a team of ragtag soldiers creeping through an urban area with an old feel to it, a historic area of London. There’s six of them, the two in front look trained, they stop before an alleyway holding up a fist to signal a halt, and peer down it. The sound of a tank’s heavy breathing can be heard, and you can vaguely see it at the far end of the alley; it looks to be sleeping. The team shuffles past quickly and quietly, darting across the street to a four story apartment complex. Inside there are survivors, worn lean from lack of food, and defenseless but for a few crude items (a shovel, a baseball bat, and a makeshift spear from a mop handle and kitchen knife). The team gathers them quietly, giving them a quick moment to collect a few things. They leave, and as they skirt past the alleyway with the sleeping tank, someone accidently kicks a bottle. They freeze. The tank stirs and rages out of the alleyway, ripping the lead soldier in two. The howl of the horde is heard as the camera blacks out. Our first level begins and we see only four have survived the onslaught. From here, the survivors have to fight their way back to the outpost. The closer they get, the more difficult things become; as the fortifications that protect the outpost make it as difficult for them to get in as it is for the zombies. Trapped outside, a fight ensues with a super-tank (a battle similar to that in the last level of the passing, where other within the outpost are shooting at a tank so large it throws normal tanks around like children). The super-tank is taken down, but not before it rages through the high defensive walls of the outpost, compromising the site. The survivors must race for the chunnel, and safety at the next closest outpost, in France.

    In the following area we explore France, hitting the classics (imagine a smoker on the effiel tower, or a horde of witches on the champs elyees). Perhaps the outpost, or a group of survivors, is found, of all places, in the catacombs beneath the city. The last level takes us to the louvre, where spitters destroy much of humankind’s greatest artworks. A helicopter swoops in at the last moment of an epic battle, crashing through the glass pyramid. The survivors race to it and climb in (Louis, whom I imagine being the team leader and having gained a wealth of confidence and combat experience, grabs the Mona Lisa as he runs to the ‘copter).

    The search for more survivors brings our team (each member gaining more confidence in their abilities, becoming soldiers) to Tokyo. We go through ultra-urban cityscapes and quiet (a little too quiet) Buddhist temples (boomers abound, of course). In their escape, I imagine a new gameplay scenario. For the first time, the team must split up. Due to circumstances built up in the previous levels, there are four separate requirements to signal the retrieval ‘copter. They must be activated at the same time. Three of the characters can see, but not get to, each other; allowing them to help defend one another while being separate. One unfortunate soul, however, is in for the fight of their life; alone.

    The last level takes us to Africa. Through broken cities like mogadishu, the dense jungle canopy (where we see a new form of hunter/jockey bounding from tree to tree), and finally to Bastion; the location in the african plans where humankind looks to weather the storm and eventually start anew.

    Each setting allows for a different feel and complexity. Changes to the appearance of the horde, and localized special zombies will keep things feeling fresh all the way through and allow for new plot points and event moments. The key to it is not having the characters be confined to one area of the world; and the key to that is to leave behind the idea of being “left behind”, and take up the mantle of soldiering on.

    …That was… maybe a little more than just a quick concept. Sorry. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • I second your storyline. An international journey would be amazing! A quest to create survivor colonies, maybe even a gameplay element that involved a map of certain parts of the world where you exterminated the zombies.. That would be more of an mmo element.. that turns into civilization.. you could have a person playing a real-time strategy game that’s linked to the online game… too complicated.

      I love your plot though.

      • I see his concept and his hard work in thinking. But, I`m just not feeling that whole thing. I don`t know if you or him has ever played a game called Killing Floor but that sounds like the basic layout for that game. Killing Floor takes place in England where you fight wave after wave of zombie until the eleventh wave which is the boss of the stage. The game Killing Floor is also a valve game …. valve and steam made this game if im not mistaken.

        This is my concept. Just, hear me out before you ream…. Players make their own characters(everybody loves that), keep his idea for the splitting up idea. Make them split up, make the player interact and figure out how to make it from point a to point b with out dieing while still keeping that twist in it. Also I think that the game should allow you to choose what state. Take for example each map make a state…….make there be like 8 different maps….. each map has two states….. Virginia to west virginia, California to Washington(state), Georgia to Florida, then the for the Dlc of the game make it instead of a map make it an island…… to the west…. if you get what im saying…..if not, Hawaii. Hawaii never has anything bad happen to it…..ok we cant forget about the infamous bombing of pearl harbor but other than that we really dont get much game play set in hawaii….the only game i know that is set in Hawaii is Lilo and Stitch….. but wouldnt it be cool to get something out of it? Scene: A plane flies over Hawaii as the camera spans down to see the shore line. It is set in the noon the sun is right over above. Then the camera angle changes going into the water as zombies come from the shore line. Set place 1 in the morning. The streets are over run by zombies. You are a teenager and your whole life is playing zombie killing games. Your dad keeps telling you to get a job and stop playing worthless video games. You and your dad are the only two in this house….. being the teenager you`ll be in charge. You rally with three friends as you figure out what to do. Going back into your gaming skills you realize that the only way to kill a zombie hoard is to face it with a full on assult…you use weapons such as a bat, collection of swords, make shaft explosives, two by fours, and annything else laying around…..and any guns you can get your grimy little teenager hands on. In this youll have to rally everyone up. Grownups and kid alike and get them all off of Hawaii. And in the game play every now and then you back mouth your dad and the most famous line…….”And I always thought you told me to get a job, go do something with my life. Well, if I did something with my life I would not be saving you right now would I?” OR “Aren`t you glad instead of me going and doing something with my life, I stayed home and played video games all day!?”

    • i love the idea of you both Toothpick and Nick Girard… valve had much more time to develop the game this time and they MUST add more to the game… just more of everything ๐Ÿ˜€ more creativity more different zombies more areal more gameplay features like saving a kid they found from zombies defending an human outpost fighting against the military which comes with parachutes and flashlights to the ground… in other situations fight with the military against zombies fight with other npc civilists and so on… Creativity and a great Storyline are two big aspects in games… sure another L4D like the both before would be great aswell but the game has so much more potential

  • I don’t think the location is particularly important, I do however think they need to progress forward from the current forumla a little.

    As we know, the survivors are carriers of the virus, so realistically there’s no way out for them. As L4D stands at the minute, it removes all of the terror from a zombie apocalypse, zombies are practically like paper bags, you can ruin hordes of zombies with a few clips of ammo, and its a lot of fun to do so, but the really horrific part of the zombie apocalypse has been left out.

    The real horror of a zombie apocalypse you ask? The survivors, in L4D, most humans you come across want to help you, but do you think that this would really happen if it was life or death, I mean sure its not unlikely to get a few survivors banding together to help one another, but every person the survivors come across (in the game atleast) want to help them, sure some people ask them to do something first, but I don’t think that’s how things would really go down.

    In most good zombie films its not the zombies which are the real threat, its other humans, in 28 days later its the military that are made out to be the true monsters, willing to do anything to survive. We start seeing that a bit more with Bill in the latest DLC, I think we may see more survivors in the next instalment of L4D.

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if they weren’t just running from Zombies anymore, but the military too, obviously you wouldn’t get the same number of soldiers hunting you down as you would zombies, but I can just imagine a group of soldiers dropping in and opening fire on the survivors, only for me to throw some boomer bile at them and laugh as they get ripped limb from limb by hungry Zombies. It’d also give way to the introduction of more weapons, more uncommon zombies, maybe even more special infected.

    I absolutely love L4D I & II, but I do think they are in danger of stagnating if they do not change the formula a little.

    • i agree with david left 4 dead needs to be changed up a bit i love both 1&2 but after a week it gets old real quick and i think you have a pretty good idea with the soilders attacking or really just other surviors to go against. personally i would like to see alot more guns or weapons in general. i would also like a free roaming world, possibly maybe even a military jeep with a mounted gun that you can drive and mow down zombies. i could care less where it takes place just as long as it stays mixed for example a little bit of city with a little bit of outside to much city and it gets old everyone does cities. i would deff keep it urban, with farm land,malls,grocery stores ect..

  • this is off topic but i wish they would make a left 4 dead movie that would be really cool

  • I think Left 4 dead 3 should take place in Europe. Have it start in the UK, and have it end at the Siberian tundra in an underground bunker or something.

  • I think that left 4 Dead 3 should either continue with the same characters as a continuation or it should take place in a an area like Alaska. Somewhere with low temperatures and lots of snow.

  • It could be in like Miami and there’s a beach so it could be alltropical and happy in the zombie outbreak!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I think it should take place in like Colorado or some other mountainous region. I think the possibilities of a level on a snowed over ski resort or something of the like would be extremely cool.

    • Imagine a new infected species “ceiling crawling zombies with claws” which crawl over the steel cable of your ski lift while you’re in it with your team to reach the top of a mountain, cause you saw some light burning there, but IF you’ll reach it you’ll just find another abandoned city… uhhhh another idea would be zombies which hide in the snow or special infected which try to pull you into it and you can trigger avalanches with your grenates which roll over the zombies and of course over you aswell if you dont look out ๐Ÿ˜€ Also i would like l4d3 to look more realistic and more dark then the other parts, cause most zombies dont look scary at all. and we should hold onto the old characters… maybe let some die and new will join the team in the course of the game, this way it would feel more like a game with at least some soft of an story and not just a levelbased survival shooter(i know l4d is a survival shooter, but i would love it to be so much more). Sadly there are none zombie games with fantastic graphics, good gameplay, great coop much creativity and a thrilling STORY ๐Ÿ˜€ i would love to see so much more things in l4d3, but since im pretty sure that the developer wont read this at all and im sliping off topic i stop right here ;D

  • I think it would be awesome if it took place in Colorado. There could be city settings as well as mountainous settings. It would be refreshing to see a city setting that isn’t often used in video games or movies. I personally don’t want to see a typical city like LA or NY or Las Vegas.

  • … What about Chernobyl? Could be really sweet seeing as then we might just have radioactivity to worry about also, walk in the wrong area, and your health will slowly drain, the area changes for each game and only one of the crew has a geigermeasurement device, leaving the team forced to communicate so that others know where to go and not to. Also, the Zombies could be mutated into twisted shapes (Yeah, I know, they’re already kinda twisted) for example: Imagine a common human male, green slime drooling out of his mouth and his legs severely enlargened in comparison to the rest of his body. Sounds kinda sweet if you ask me. ๐Ÿ˜› (Please Valve, do introduce a system where you can combine weapons like in Dead Rising 2. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ )

  • I think it should be in the upper mid-west. Have the campaign start in Chicago and wander through the city, then continue through the corn fields and farm areas of the greatest state in the US, Iowa, and then into South Dakota at Mt. Rushmore, and finish in Colorado in the Rockies. Uncommon infected could be yeilding pitch folks, be park rangers, and possibly have infected animals, such as bears.

  • Since we learn from L4D2 that the military are taking survivors to cruise ships, I think L4D3’s first campaign should be on a (sinking?) cruise ship. (Like someone infected the supposedly secure ship and the military used explosives innapropriately.) You COULD use the L4D2 survivors, but I think it would be fun with 4 new survivors meeting up outside their rooms and hearing things start to fall to pieces on the ship. I would enjoy it if the cruise ship was near San Diego, maybe on the Mexican border. (Because you can’t start the game in LA or Las Vegas. You have to end there.) I think the campaigns should be Cruise Ship, Mexico border town, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas. Or maybe they could go from SD to random places heading up north, to Washington, where we could get some better wilderness levels. I’m good with anything, I just think west coast heading north would be fun, OR starting in Alaska (somewhere cold) and heading south through Canada towards LA or LV or something.

    • I agree, Clarke. Have the first Level/Act happen on a cruise ship with all four players/survivors starting alone instead of already altogether, that way the character can be built up from the very beginning (something L4D and L4D2 left out. So start in the rooms when all heck breaks loose, using whatever you can find and fight til you find each other and then team up to get to the life rafts to head inland. Hence, end of Act/Level 1, I think it would be awesome to see how the character the player is playing as grow from the beginning and how the relationship between characters builds over the course of 3/4/5 different acts (if it ends at 5 like in L4D2) but all ideas are open I guess, but I like your cruise ship idea more than anything i’ve heard/read so far. ๐Ÿ˜€ Good job!

  • Also a VS Scavenge mode would be fun. Like at least 2 opposing teams of 4 survivors trying to horde and steal gas cans from each other, while 4-8 other players are the special infected, trying to sabotage both teams.. It would be like a post-apocalyptic movie, where survivors fight for basic necessities like fuel. Although it would be fun, the survivors shouldn’t be allowed to directly shoot each other in this particular mode, because that would severely distract from the goal of gas can grabbing, but they should be able to throw molotovs at each other, and/or shoot the gas cans on the ground, since both teams need the same cans. Maybe the 2 teams playing as humans fight to see who wins, then they switch with the two teams playing as infected, then the two winning teams face off while the two losing teams play as the angry and revenge-seeking infected. ๐Ÿ™‚ Just imagine Louis is about to toss a can down to Zoey, and a smoker grabs him, and Nick runs over and grabs the can right by Louis’ dangling body, and leaves him for dead while Louis waits for someone from his one team to rescue him. ๐Ÿ™‚ That would make for some fun moments.

  • They should run into cults that are practicing human sacrifice to stop the zombie plague. Also there should be little kids that are infected and run full speed at the survivors. there could be lots of cannibalism going on as food supply runs short.

    A couple new zombies should be introduced. maybe one that does a exorcist, crab walk. aLSO a zombie that infects a survivor that it damages and this survivor slowly becomes deformed and eventually turns into a zombie unless a remedy is found. Flying zombies should be introduced.

    One of the levels should be a bunker in the middle of Nevada where all you see for miles are zombies comming at you. Sort of like a “Starship Troopes” scenario

  • well i think it would be awesome where there is a level inside a prison or something cool like that but i do love the sinking ship idea.

  • i think they should take the two most likeable characters from the first two game *cough Ellis & Zoey cough* and put them in with mentioned charecters eg: Keith, or Midnight riders.
    a good setting would be in my opinion the north because trying out a snowy location would be interesting, or maybe starting in LA and traveling through the country to New York.
    i agree the addition of the “screamer” and “flying zombies would be a great idea”
    otherwise they could keep playing off the “passing i really enjoyed that campaine

  • it should take place in LA and southern california, mountains, desert, cities, beaches, maybe? i dunno but it would be pretty rad. oh and there should be a girl friend special infected that doesnt do anything but get shot in the face, oh and her name is nancy

  • there sure are alot of stupid ideas on here lol, most of these dont even seem realistic given the theory that a zombie apocalypse really did occur of course.

  • It’s funny how some of your guys want there to be a “change” to the game when we are all here because of the way it’s been. If you want big changes then play another zombie game.

    However, I think it would be cool to add a few minor new features such as “crawling” when you are down. Also, I think it would be cool to have situation where you could boost a player to get up a window or something. Also to maybe add a wound effect? Like when you get shot by a team mate you limp for a few seconds.

    In terms of location and new infections, I think it would be badass if instead of having the Tank as the “big guy” to watch out for, to have an infected animal like a wolf or aligator be the “big guy” in certain panic events or even a horde of rats! A different one per map.

    Also, The game went from Pennsylvania to Louisiana… I think next it should be Texas escaping into Mexico. The new characters should be 1 male asian busisness man, 1 male hispanic baseball player, 1 female india technician, and 1 male american cowboy.


    • You say how we “Want a change and go play another game” well your changing it by saying you want crawling and boosting. You make it sound like Black Ops or COD. If you don’t like L4D for that minor reasons go play those games instead!!!

  • I love the idea of the Cruise Ship! And I also think L4D3 should star in the West Coast. Mainly because L4D1 starred up North and L4D2 starred down South. But all is all I just want L4D3 TO COME OUT QUICKLY!!!!

  • it should take place in hollywood in l.a and have peris hilton n linsey lohan and all sorts of celebrities turn into zombies and we should have celebrities and have cops turn into zombies and have gangsters on lowrider bikes zombies chasing ppl and u need flame throwers and throwing big size rocks and put in brassknuckles and 44 magnums that can blow off there face have zombies with there jaw falling off so it loox more scary.u should have a scene where theres a police car parked where the survivors get xcited but when they reach the car its a zombie police u should have a stage where they have to walk in a gang neighborhood in l.a but a bunch of gangster zombies come out n there tated up with bandannas on and gangster females all that good stuff…

  • should make the last stage where the survivors are surrounded by millions of zombies and then tank has a kind heart n he saves the survivors ..just kidding..aw man u should make some of the new survivors on part 4 be kung fu masters oh and like once the survivors reach a safe house theres like other surviviors in there n they come out n help n thats when a whole animated written script happends n we get to watch like its a cartoon or somthing or there also should have new military weapons like the A A 12.Or u should makeem fight in a junk yard or inside a prison lol

  • it should b where we bump into the museum n theyh have mid evil weapons like what spartans use and all that good stuff

  • Las Vegas, Hoover Dam, Mojave Desert, Grand Canyon, Dallas, The Alamo, just landmark after landmark. Zombie animals like coyotes, gila monsters, vultures, rattlesnakes, bats stuff like that.

  • I think they should use different characters in each act and each act take place at the same period of time and they should use the previous characters and new characters and have the end of each act end with them meeting up in the same place (through different routes and maybe even hear and see each other in the distance a few times in the final chapters and maybe even help each other) and have the final act using all of the characters in a epic finale with all characters being playable and insanely huge waves of zombies and all of the weapons available and the end should be left open for another game that explains how it all started and and the search for the cure or annihilation of all zombies

    • I would have to agree with you shadow, love your idea and im also a huge fan of L4D .. i enjoyed the previous characters and would like to see them back in L4D3.. so i would have to pull with Shadow on this. Btw great thinking Shadow ๐Ÿ™‚

  • hello, I’m from brazil and I think that L4D 3 must have an chapter on the jungle.

    (sorry, my english its to bad).

  • I think it should take place on the coast namely in the Monterey Bay because it has many different types of terrain including Red Wood Forests, Rural City, Big City agricultural and it has two colleges. For voice actors you should go out there and do an open call of many different types of people.

  • campain 1 left for dead should have all the people from 1 and 2 meat in a safe zone thats been compermised and hafe to get out befor there eatin or killed by the government. campain 2 steal a millatary truck and beter guns(AA-12,MP5,G3,44 magnum revolver,tomson T5S 45cal). campain 3 go to canida and try to reach alaska but u onley have 2 hour to find a safe room or frese to death. the new zombies are caled snowers becase the snow blind you. campain 4 you get out of canada and need to get to fairbanks and steal snow mobelas to get to a safe zone in nenana.campain 5 nenana wont let you in so you rest at a near by safe room but a family called the Mackey’s helps you to there plane going to anchorage. campain 6 the last safe zone tacking survivers is valdez to get there by ATV becase the highway is gone and on the final there are 4 tanks but insted of a minigun you get a flamethrower or rocket lancher. insted of a 2 player game it should have all 8 surviers and be 4 player like call of duty.

  • I have a wonderful idea for Valve and the new Left 4 Dead 3…
    Have a scenario where the 4 survivors have to fight forcefully through hordes of zombies nonstop for the sole purpose to kill the new character the Screamer… Or perhaps a nice rifle with a scope can take the Screamer out faster…

    • well i mean if its called l4d why cant it be more than 4 players? im gonna make a game so alot of ppl can play but im gonna ask valve to see if i can work with them.

  • How about Topeka, Kansas to start, then St. Louis, Missouri, then Chicago, Illinois, let the midwest see some action for once instead of the coasts

  • it should Bevin Dallas Texas!like seriously haha it would be an honor to have it in Dallas ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Sarasota, Florida. For the first campaign it would start out in Ringling Museum. The four players would have to travel through the mansions creepy gardens battling hordes of zombies, zombie clowns and circus performers. They’d have to get out of the mansion and go find the abandoned hummer and drive down to main street.The second campaign would be the hummer running out of gasoline. They would travel down through main street and onto Marina Jacks. They would have to get on the boat to escape.

    • thats too much like ‘Dead Center’ to ‘Dark Carnival’ to ‘Swamp Fever’

  • I think they should do Parts of California. Kinda like Zombieland possibly. San Fransico would be nice actually.

  • i think the L4D3 should take place in D.C with obama, Aberham Lincon,castro, and hitler. i Also have a vision of the begining movie having obama looking out the window of the oval office,with the city destroyed with the infection, saying this is not what i ment by “change” agree with me if you got the joke.

  • Realistically, it can’t be much longer after l4d2, since the military is no longer saving people. Nor can it be too far west, north, or south. It only spread so far and those people would’ve been evacuated already.
    So, midwest is the most logical location.

    • its also a game about zombies. so realistically they shouldnt make this game. dumbass

  • i think one of the campaigns should be in new york and the last level they have to get to the top of the empire state building to be rescued. and at the begining, the boat drops them of at ellis island and they have to find stuff to make a boat. the middle of the campaign is up to them

  • I would rather like it to happen in New England, they could even do it in the fall or winter. Using the same characters would be nice, but I don’t know how that could work. They could use new characters and have them meet up with the Original 4 in Pennsylvania. I also like Shadow’s idea.

  • Disney Land!!! kill little kid zombies kill mascots kill fat tourist

    or holly wood!!! zombies on coke

  • it should take place in california. it should begin with 4 military guys named,west,monroe,jhonson and ian. they should start in a abandoned C.E.D.A compound. they start in a truck that was destroyed by a tank. your charecter wakes up and his vision is blured. then they hear gunfire and see a C.E.D.A agent run by guns blazing kicking zombie butt. then you hear a scream and you see a smoker on top of a building and constrict him. then you see him take out a pistol and blow its head off. but then you hear another scream…….. the scream of a hunter. he looks up and the hunter pounces on him. the screen goes black you hear screams,then silence…….. tou decide the rest! see ya!

  • I think Boston during Halloween would be a great idea. You could have a Pats fan and his g/f with say a cop and a perp he was arresting.

    Although Id love to see L4d in Maine I think Boston during Halloween would rock!

  • maybe, just maybe you should put somewhere like a cold place like Wisconsin or somewhere northern part where it snows and stuff, and that survivors are trying to pass Canadian border, for they have heard that entire northern part of The US is infected and that Canada is still safe (too bad for Francis).the settings can be that three survivor just saved a guy in like 3rd floor of one apartment in the middle of the city, and the guy tells them that in canada there is a safety zone where all the survivors are safe, and they make their way to find a way to get to the canada. lol lets see if that works

  • i think it should be in glasgow mate, i meen like have 4 people all glaswegians, then have em nut there way through hordes of zombies, but the weapons they have (restricted to british laws) so shuvels, bottless maybe a crossbow :DDDDDDDdd

  • I think it should be like the war against zombies who are soldiers or police, but say that the nose should L4D to go back on what happened, which is shown as the cops or soldiers (military) face against that problem, nose, I say you start it being a military man, with your team, your mission is to protect the president or survive and have to travel from, for example, from the White House to Spain or another country.

  • i would like a mutiraced team say 1 asian 1 black guy 1 white guy and 1 mexican guy. i would like the asian to be a girl and japanese. the white guy would be english. the black guy would be american. and the mexican would be some 1’s assistant or major mexican resteraunt player.
    the japanese girl is a succesful anime artist and she works about doing kendo. the english guy would be an actor. the black guy would be a lawyer and the mexican is a lawyer.
    story 1st part is they survive a plane crash after the co pilot eats the pilot. the whole crew and the passanger including the zombie co pilot are dead. the zombies attack them they use nothing but their luggage to survive 1st map. 2nd map they reach a old military base and find weapons but , the base aint as empty as it looks.3rd they reach a city full of zombies they make it to a building with a chopper on top. 4th they crash again because the pilot suffered a sever injury. they are in the dessert full of zombies attacking them under ground. 5th they go in to a cave to escape the heat. 6th they reach the other end of the cave and find ceda.
    7th they escape ceda and find a island rumored to have other survivors (l4d survivors) but one of them is dieing they bury him or her on the beach and build him or her a grave. this takes place in america.

  • I think you guys should use famous people as your characters.. that’d be cool

  • I think it would be great if there were cutscenes between each level to create a story. Like it would be cool if the CEDA officers turned against the survivors to try and control the spread of the infection. So not only would we have to fight the zombies, but also the CEDA officers who were out to “decontaminate”… ๐Ÿ™‚

  • They should have custom characters that (level up) , so you could make a character like your self and see how long you last

  • Left 4 dead 3 should be Vancouver ,British Columbia ,Canada. These 4 new survivors could fight through UBC (The University Zone with a cafeteria,Dorms,Music Wing,Medical Wing) following the freeway would take them to Richmond (Urban City Zone with a factory,urban homes,Mall with the fibale being crossing the Lion’s gate bridge) still going along the Transcanada highway would take you to South Vancouver consisting of an Icerink,a buisness tower,a sewage treatment plant, and the finale at The Vancouver art museum.) The last Level could be at Stanley Park with a forest level,overun CEDA Camp,The Aquarium and a grand finale at Flower Garden at the center with Enough pyrotechnics to signal a helicopter where theyll be whisked away to safety…at least until DLC Zones show up. Hope this gave you some inspiration or something

    • And just Cause i forgot to add some characters. A high school student (guy named Keiran Wilde) a music proffesor(Woman nanes Natalie Li) A cop (Man named Lucas Stewart) and a doctor (female named Marley Mannings)

  • Um, where the hell else should it take place?
    New York City, Im talking hopping from burrough to burrough. Manhattan to Brooklyn, to queens, to the island, to the end

  • The brilliance of the first L4D – Get from point A to point B alive.
    Detail to music, lighting, location + features of the location as well as the concept of โ€œspecialโ€ infected added to a great gaming experience.

    -To keep the game great, please keep the simplicity of the first L4D. If you keep on adding and adding, the game become too complicated and the game will lose the luster it first had.

    Personally, I feel as though โ€œNo Mercyโ€ was the best map of them all. Now (in No Mercy), if instead of going through the power plant and warehouse – place in the roof-hopping experience of โ€œDead Airโ€. I would love to feel the game as more of an open- sandbox city. The openness gives a look into the world of L4D as well as creating an opportunity to create beautiful detail and coloring (and hints to future stories).

    If you do put in a city please make it an open sandbox. I know it will cost more time and money, but to make the product the best it can be requires such effortsโ€ฆ

    I would like to choose my own path through โ€œcity xโ€ instead of following the same old path over and over. This would make the game much more replay-able and henceforth more enjoyable (and desired by consumers!) Perhaps the AI generator can place different obstacles/ special details/ guns/ ammo/ items in random locations. Districts of the city can also be randomly placed, so the game can hold onto the familiarity of โ€œcity xโ€ while creating a random puzzle to keep players focused. I believe my idea holds great potential to the game; creating seemingly endless nooks and crannies, adding new areas for special operations, placing boobie traps (a tankโ€™s hideout, horde hideout, falling objects, etc) and other possibilities.

    It’ll be cool to play maybe as CEDA agents coming to rescues survivors, or to start as a sole survivor and meet up with others as you travel to safety…

    PLEASE donโ€™t put infected dogs! The game will become more like Resident Evil, and infected dogs will open a Pandoraโ€™s Box to cross- species infections. The idea will be more useful later on in newer games, when a clear story is laid down for the L4D series.

    Thatโ€™s my opinion on how L4D3 should be like.

  • K u guys better put condoms on your head cause your minds are about to be blown.

    The next l4d needs military npcs hostile to both infected and survivors that are somewhat like witches in that they are mini bosses scattered throughout the maps, and can either be stationary or patrolling. Obviously the damage they do with their guns would be dependent on difficulty the same way friendly fire is currently.

    Just imagine the complexity and strategy this would add to the game. Not just using cover and flanking, but deciding whether it is worth it to fight them for their weapons and supplies, ambushes, using stealth to sneak past or kill them, throwing bile on them to distract them with common, leading tanks to them for help, alerting them as infected in vs, the possibilities are endless.

    Boom. Damn i need a job at valve, how does that company survive without my awesome ideas…

    • Dude… pretty much what I was thinking, but even better! I like the military npc concept! That’s bad a**! I was thinking it should be near a military installation. Like maybe a weapons test site. A good playable survivor would be some sort of environmentalist/conspiracy theorist/activist.
      It HAS to be a well populated area though. A lot of people have suggested deserts or wintery tundras, but let’s face it, that just doesn’t make sense.

      • A chapter centered around getting into a prison being used as a evacuation site would be cool too. You could have a few freaked out guards (that would be like the military NPCs mentioned above). A special that could be reserved to only this chapter would be the Shocker (alright kids, stop snickering), charged up death row inmates that electrocute you if they grab you, or if you melee or shove them.

  • I think it should be in the midwest by like Milwaukee, Wisconsin or like Chicago were your on a boat on lake Michigan driving in the boat with like m60s on the sides while driving the boat your like shooting zombies like they could make a special zombie just like they do in each campaign of L4D2 they could make zombies that swim or something or just have the midnight riders and at the end of the campaign just have the midnight riders meet up with the other zombies from L4D1 and L4D2 and they all escape together.

  • i just want to say to some people think this is a valve game i see people commenting saying oh yeah lets have a story where theres cutscenes and stuff uhh it would ruin it vavle game pretty much and also left 4 dead games would be better off the way it is l4d3 should take place in the cities again but more rooftops l4d no mercy was great but i want a feeling where every building theres somthing new in it i want a roof to ground map where your going through aq entire city and mabey even like a outskirt of new york or somthing but one thing i want is a map with snow!!!!

  • ithin it should start in a military base in qurentein and it ben over run with zombies.then when u escape the base ur in a desert araea or jungel area tryin to get to a helecopter that take u to japan or mount evrest well i geuss wat im trying to say is macke u traveling around the world.

    • o ya i forgot but the charters should be a 24 year old military corprel looking for his 23 year old wife who shoul be another charter then have a 21 year old millitary recurt and a 20 year old college boy or girl andhav the rucurtand corprul in a tent and have the wife and colege girl or boy in anoter tent across the map and have them meet up at a safe house some where in the base

  • It might be interesting to see it take place in Japan. Like Tokyo or some small Asian villages. Zombies in bloody Kimonos would be very creepy. Where ever it takes place doesn’t really mater I just want a third one and maybe even a fourth in due time. You rock Valve!

  • Admittedly I haven’t read every post here so if this has already been suggested, I’m sorry. Personally I agree with some of the previous posts. Keep the simplicity that it’s predecessors had. Don’t try going above and beyond. As for the location, I could picture a global outbreak. If that were the case, a European country would do well. Italy might be a good choice. Go through cities like Venice, Rome and eventually make your way into Vatican City. Might be an interesting idea. If you prefer not to make it global, then I personally enjoy big city maps. Perhaps Seattle, Detroit, St. Louis or Miami. Nothing against New York, but I’m a little sick of seeing NYC in movies, games, etc. A slightly different locale with a change of noticeable landmarks would be a nice change. The character names and personalities I leave to the actual dev team. One new thing I wouldn’t mind seeing is the possibility of more than 4 characters. Not all at once of course, but maybe have the ability to choose any 4 characters out of 8, or just have them randomly generated to add a little extra diversity. Though my last suggestion may stray slightly from my opinion about keeping the simplicity of the previous two, I doubt this kind of change would really add any kind of negative aspects to the game… but as with anything I say, I could be wrong. I hope you enjoy and consider my suggestions ๐Ÿ™‚

  • It sounds really cool its a good idea from what i read and it seems like its hard to kill

  • i think l4d3 should start at the white house with obama and his wife (his kids were evacuated) they meet up with the guys from l4d2 and then they head to the florida keys (on land) when they get there they meet the guys from l4d1 and then obama tells them about the cruise ships on the other island and then the ceda agents evacuate the island because there were zombies on a boat then the prsident sends his wife with the ceda though she does it reluctantly. then the survivors
    have to fight waves of zombies until the boats go then they go to a hideout made by the first survivors. after that they find a cruise ship and they have to start it and kill all zombies on board.
    i think there should also be a new infected called a wizard and he wanders around the sound he makes sounds like a hunters growl but deeper and when he’s killed he explodes and boomer bile gets any in the radius.

  • I agree with going to Canada. Now you can weather changes like have them in the snow freezing…go from Vancouver to Quebec to toronto and finish it however in the Niagra falls. Itd be awesome. Or new York city would be good as well I’d love to see times square overrun by zombies and destruction. I never saw that in a zombie game or movie.

  • Hi, i really think you should use sweden as your next chapter because of that it’s not a really big country and it got everything you need, from warm cities too cold forests/mountains. And a part of europe would be really great
    so that you can feel that what happened in europe.
    Or asia, africa would be cool too zulu warriors slicing them off.
    But srsly sweden would rock you start in the suburb ”rinkeby” and you move on from there would be asewome ass hell bad ass

  • well l4d1 took place in a city, l4d2 took place in the southeast leading to lousiana with the watery scene, maybe this one should take place in desert? or in the snow?

    • Why not both? Start in LA, move toward Las Vegas and the Nevada desert, up to the forest and wilderness in Oregon and Washington, then up even further north to say, Alaska in the snow. Unique uncommon (not special) infected and melee weapons in each campaign.

  • I suggest you take the outbreak to chicago, maybe china town or the navy pier. Then makes its way through kentucky, maybe the kentucky durbey? then take it through Nashville, Tennessee. Or if you want to go the other way you could take it to Omaha Nebraska, Oklahoma, And Texas. You could through in beaches of california, to a podunk little hick town of Oklahoma. I would definitly do a beach theme or a waterpark theme. And definitly china town. That would be interesting. More night than day as well. Makes it more realistic and it makes it alittle more scary! good luck!

  • Germany !! or Tokyo yeah that would be amazing… I think if you were to use islands like Hawaii it would end up being like Dead Island sooo i wouldn’t…

  • Why not another country like Australia or why not in Asia ? I mean why should the story be in the USA and not in another country, they should have survivors too. I would like China, Japan or another country that can bring something more exotic than the good old USA. But if it is set in the USA, why not California? Sure i like the night but i thin traveling by day is way more realistic than traveling by night. I mean who will say : Hey let’s travel at night, we cannot see them well but it is way more interesting. But like i said, this is just my opinion.

  • In Tokyo or in New York city central park the 5th avenue would be amazing! OR IN THAILAND i prefeer tokyo AND PLEASE
    DO IT FOR PS3 TOO ! SHOULD BE AMAZING AND THE sales increase if you take out for PS3!
    PS3 AND L4D!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  • I’ve played both L4D n I had fun…bt got bored at the same time…I think if u make L4D3 a country to country thing it would be more fun n more surprises…I think u should start of in Honolulu, Hawaii n work ur way to Tokyo, Japan n then to the US…n I think we should be able to create a character n make animals infected too…n u knw how theres TANKS, JOCKEYS, etc. u should make an animal one of the bosses…n more weapons…n we shouldnt start of in groups it’ll be better if we start of alone n then meet wit other people to form a group….

  • I think you should either go to California or Sin City. It gives the ability to see more than just sewers, ponds, etc.

  • I say Las Vegas or Las Angeles..
    Theyve already had the normal modern area, southern area and now lets have glitz and lights. I think id be fun to see a tank in a casion in Las Vegas throwing slots at you ๐Ÿ™‚
    Or a witch getting startled at a Las Vegas adult club or something

  • It should stay in the us. The hastle of creating the game around a whole other culture would be huge. Make it in L.A., Vegas, Detroit, Dallas, Chicago, or Seattle.

  • I think it should take place In Minnesota. Up north, and have the survivors run through the st. Paul capital and in the metrodome stadium. And through mall of America. Y should L4D3 be in a major city, every video game is in a major city, and I’m bored of looking at the same damn cities. And I think on part should be ur up north away from any type of civilization and u can’t see anything but the glows off the infected eyes and what u can see in ur flashlight and what ur teammates our flashing there lights on too. There is no buildings in this part, jus tree after tree. And crashed cars. And the objective is to get to lake superior and catch the boat. But u can’t see anything, so u got to find ur way there. But the lake gives off a small amount of light. Enough to see objects, but not details. I think that having it in Minnesota would be good, because u could also have a snow campaign. And make it a blizzard in a small town. And the snow limits ur vision. (except wen indoors.) and make multiple routes to the objective that way it’s it the same route, (make like 6 or 7) but I would prefer L4D3 NOT in a major city (LA, NYC, ect.) but it’s jus my opinion, I jus want L4D3 to be different (if valve makes another 1)

  • why not have it take place in 4 diffrent countries . the infection has spread world wide and there is only one safe place left on earth and that is obviously the coldest place on earth as zombies will freeze before they get there .And so a radio is transmiting the co-ordinates worldwide and so 4 groups of survivers get wind of it one group in africa ,one in russia one in america and one in central europe.And so all the groups make their way towards the north of the world .The american group travel in the diffrent areas of america until they get on a plane to the north of the world where they have to fight of zombies on the plane until they arrive .Russia make there way on foot until they have to board a freighter and battle around the ship until they arrive .The european group have to travel across europe to paris where they get stranded fighting of zombies on top of the eiffle tower and rescued by helicopter. And the african group travel to north africa where there is a secret military base evacuating important personel and they get on a jumbo jet ment for the president of africa while the base is being overrun and they head to the north in leasure . And at the north a settlement has been set up and all 4 groups meet just in time to be wittness to the largest mass of zombies . Because so much people were in the settlements some were infected and the infection spread rapidly and our survivors are among the few uninfected and an all out war among uninfected and infected is staged :::END OF PLOT::: :::FEATURES::: With new challenges like animal zombies and new infected like a hunter-witch or a tank-boomer. :::WEAPONS::: new ability to construct weapons like flamethrowers or a pipe bomb bazooka.::: And finally have siege events where the survivors cant run and they have to fight until the very last uninfected is dead and there is no reascue but you have to survive.

  • Cali or Vegas. fine
    Tropics or up North(maybe boring?). better

    WTF option(my fav) : for a breath of fresh kimchi, start at a survivor break through the DMZ. Up through North Korea and return to and rescue from infected Seoul. Play tourists (European andโ€ฆEllis:), South Korean and North Korean charactersโ€ฆ Donโ€™t know how it would make sense (little bit of a language problem), but it would be a hell of a story and pretty ์žฌ๋ฏธ ๐Ÿ™‚ lol wonโ€™t keep my fingers crossed

  • Seriously, Josh (posted on May 23) is on to something. I’ve read all the posts, and I think he’s got one of the best ideas out there.

  • What about the northern states like Michigan, Ohio, Minnesota, ect. Or on the west coast. Maybe even like in the mid west. Or Alaska.

  • i think china would be crazy its over populated that makes the hordes alot harder sumos as boomers that would be cool, and ninjas as hunters. the great wall could be a good map,

  • maybe it should be in texas i heared its the only state that has the most guns
    california(curse my spelling
    maybe the state that has the population (don’t know wich one)

  • Why not set Left 4 Dead 3 in four different countries, with four different sets of survivors, each with their own backstory? I mean, one absolutely must be in London and the surrounding areas, and Asia and Austrailia would be nice.

    • I think it should be like that, It would be amazing like when they escape one part and they take like a helicopter or a plane or boat to the next country or something like that but i want it to be on japan

    • Four different sets of survivors, each with their own campaign.

      They could be from different countries, but only if they are close together, or otherwise could plausibly have all four sets of survivors converging on the same destination (a safe zone of some kind, or some of them go to evac points that send them to that safe zone).

      Then you have a 5th campaign. In this campaign, that safe zone has been overrun. One character from each of the four previous campaigns is still alive (maybe they’re randomly selected, maybe you get to pick). This new group of four survivors has to fight their way out, maybe to wherever survivors from the unsafe safe zone have regrouped. Maybe just to points unknown.

      Now tell me that wouldn’t be remorselessly badass.

  • I think l4d3 should be in scandinavia. it has probably every landscape except deserts. it has mountain resorts and beaches. you could travel from norway across sweden to a safe place in finland.also take the boat to denmark or something.

  • Make it in Vegas, Hawaii, California or someplace snowy.

    Vegas would be cool because of all of the casinos and other adult like scenery
    Hawaii would be cool because there would be lots of beaches, pool and maybe you could create a water infected.
    California would be cool because of all of the movie production buildings. Maybe you could make a level were they go past the sign?
    Somplace snowy like canada is just cool because, who doesn’t like shooting zombies in winter?

    • Zombies bursting out of the fucking snow. Like you see great drifts of snow, then bam, zombies. Not like around corners, but like under or in front of or next to the survivors.

      Not sure Source could pull that off, though.

  • I think you should go through the top cities in America like New York, Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, etc…

  • I think it should be at nuclear testing where the zombies get infected by the chemicals and radiation.

  • I say if it stays in the US, make it New York or San Francisco. Someplace so dense, that the entire series of campaigns takes place in the span of just a few miles.

    Otherwise, I’d like to see a Tokyo or Seoul Left 4 Dead. Christ Seoul has potential. The area south of Itaewon, with its twisting, haphazard stairways and rusting railings, where the buildings all look like they grew there.

    L4D in Japan, fighting from Tokyo to Osaka, with Kansai International Airport being the final destination. That would fucking rock.

  • i think L4D3 should take place in winter time or something, or in canada, that would be cool, so that they would be in all different stages just like the other 2 L4D, and then they could all like meet up with each other, and more in the night time then the day all the time, and the characters should have like cool marshil arts in them…just sayin

  • I think it should be just one huge epic game. The other L4D games seemed a little too short. This one should span the globe. New York, Greece, Hawaii, Canada, France, China, Russia, Australia, Mexico, Cuba, Africa, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and any other crazy place for all terrains, for all the weapons, for all the zombies, for all the people you can meet, for all the cool sights, and most importantly for all the adventure. It would also be really cool if it was a NAVY SEAL Team, like SEAL Team 6 or some other awesome special forces.

    • That would fucking suck.

      Unless you could create a story that links those locations, as in L4D 1&2, the locations would suck.

      Having it be any kind of fighting force, anything more than having ONE character (OF FOUR) be such a man, would suck. Having it be any kind of special forces in particular would suck, because LORD KNOWS THERE AREN’T ENOUGH OF THOSE GAMES ARE THERE.

    • i think that would be cool, about the hole idea of it being nearly half the world, but i dont really like the whole navy seals thing, i would rather it just normal civilians, your avearage ones, well not all average, and i think L4D3 should have 2 chicks and 2 dudes, because it would be a lot more funner for most girls becasue have the time, they hate playing as dudes…just sayin

    • i agree, that would largely make no sense. yes, seeing the outbreak in other parts of the world would be cool ’cause i’d love to see how they’re handling it BUT you need to link them somehow and i don’t see any of our previous 2 casts suddenly taking the time to travel globally. and seal team 6? seriously?? that’s the most ridiculous thing i’ve ever heard. who the hell wants to play a special forces team in a zombie apocalypse?!? having 1 character in the group like that is MORE than enough. if you want to play a special forces team so badly, go play Call of Duty or something and if you want zombies in it so badly, bug the developers until they make a zombie DLC for it.

  • I think Vegas would be cool with all the casinos

    or possibly the mid west, for thats a very forgotten part of the country, and Michigan and area states have all the different enviroments, thick forest, farms, lakes and beaches, cities, suburbs, a big bridge and such

  • it would be epic if you were a swat team guy, or could customize ur dude, and ur gun etc.

  • I think this one should be in vancouver then take a ferry to the parliament buildings with a special kristy clark zombie or be her

  • it should be on an abondoned airport of military base. maybe some of it could take place in the white house and you have to take the president’s private jet to escape. part of it should be in one of those old war bunkers from like WW11 or somthing like that.

  • London in the uk!! has many different terrain for many different types of scenario. Like small choked streets of soho to open parks or the bridges. Maybe dingey estates?

    Tokyo is a crowded and bustling city so if all those people were zombies that’d be interesting!

    Russia is cold and brutal seeming.

    Or a mixture of different locations to show the whole world has been overcome by zombies and leave a sense that nowhere is really safe. However some levels should be strictly daytime or night time to really create the horror feel that the first l4d had more of.

  • I definitely think that l4d3 should take place in Dc. It would be perfect , u could have a secret service zombie and he would kinda be like the carrier in l4d2 the passing or like the swat zombie. The first survivor would be a old republican around the age of 40-50 who was in the war. The 2nd could be a lawer in a blue suit. Thats it for now I’m still brain storming I’ll get back to u guys when I get more ideas and I’m tired so yea ha!

  • Seattle,WA! Definitely would be great cuz of all the tall buildings and the Space Needle you could do something cool with that. I agree with Stephanie with the girl situation… OR You could make it possible to pick from the old other characters from the other games.. or allow us to make our own :] but Vegas would definitely be cool too… or even Cali. wherever it is a beach section would be cool, it would definitely challenge us to have to run a whole beach cuz there isnt much coverage area. :]

  • Northwest. Portland, Seattle or something. Get some vampire zombies goin’ on!

  • I think that it should take place in Memphis. Never seen a video game from memphis. It really would be cool. should have alot of people to pick form.

  • Los Angeles -> Death Valley -> Northern Foresty California -> Snowy Washington -> And end on a cruise ship (where like all of the survivors get together or something)

  • I think that it should take place all over the world! With each campaign they’ll get picked up, fly over seas, and then find out the zombies are there too! I think getting to see the whole world would put a creative spin on the game!

  • I think it should happen to Tourists in Central Europe, Like in France, Then have to get to Cannes to be evacuated. Or have to get into France, Go through the Pyrenees to get to Alicante or to Valencia to take a boat to Ibiza, A massive Militar Evac Station.


  • I think from seattle to up north, past the
    canadian border, through Vancouver, some mountains and valleys, then Alaska. Maybe start in LA

    • i was thinkin the exact same thing.. that would be pretty cool of an idea considering that Valve is in Washington.. so they would have a pretty cool layout of the areas for the design of the “Campaigns”
      and throughout Canada up to Alaska with the weather change like “Hard Rain” but with snow

  • I think it should start from LA nd then go 2 Las Vegas nd then 2 NY nd more placez

  • I want it to be in Europe. Or else one Campain for every “main” capital would be very cool ^^ (Paris, Berlin, London, New York, Moskau, usw.)

  • I think this one should have you run through an abandoned military out post or something in Texas !

  • I think a good started would be LA, then head north. A lot of current zombie talk is that the zombies would freeze up north, so we could start in LA, and travel north through Washington and Canada to Alaska, just imagine hitting the forests in Canada and facing a Big Foot/Tank or making it to Alaska and run into zombies drenched in oil that stick to the players?

  • Begin in Los Angeles and go to San Francisco and drive on the Golden Gate Bridge on your way through zombies and go to Las Vegas where your car has no fuel take a plane to New York and land on Liberty Island and fight wait for a helicopter go to canadian border and fight in snowy forests where a new infected is found you find an old gas station where many tanks are hiding

  • The Niagra Falls would be cool, then travel west from there to LA, but not before you stop in to say hi to the president in dc.

  • Dc would be cool than one of the characters could be the president of the united states fictional of course go to az running through the grand canyon would be the shit

  • i think from los angeles take a car to las vegas and go on a train to chicago and go ride a big plane full of zombies and go parachute to canada and when you land on the ground there would be some of the usa army of the undead and past the army of the undead and go on a helicoptor to alaska and there would be all the army and the usa people who are survivor and have guns, tank, helicoptor and nukes to kill the zombie.

  • My vote goes to Alberta. I always thought it would be cool fighting zombies in West Edmonton Mall, or someplace like it. Plus, Alberta offers a lot of different landscapes. Forests, plains, mountains, hills, wetlands, even some Canadian Shield. There are plenty of options. And that’s ignoring the additional snow possibility. But I think the coolest landscape to fight zombies in would be the badlands of Drumheller. Hoodoos and dinosaurs, what more could you ask for? Lots of historical museums and comically oversized food items throughout the region, too, if that’s your thing. Oh, and the Calgary Stampede as well. One could even take the game to the oil industry, which is quite big in that area, as well as a possible hazard even without too much help from zombies.

  • i think lfd3 should take place in canada alsaka cause u did the states time for 4 more survivors to join the other 8 well 7 bill died ๐Ÿ˜›

  • or just somewhere so random and pointless but fun newfoundland tons of woods trees cabins ectectect and thay can even put a snow level in it it would b fun as hell like it would start in newfoundland in the first map then thay get a boat to calgery in the second map go to the west edinton mall and the calgery stampede ect then like thay take a plane in the tird map to the states meet up with luis zoey and the francis then thay g2 go trew some map with the screemer added and sum weird thing that trys to kill u the hole game like in resident evil 3 nemisis then in the last map thay all have to kill it any thay should also add dogs birds ect and like on the boat add like a shark then as a bonus to the online play have like a 9 to 11 player zombie map with endless waves but once u die ur out of the game 4 good would b better ever round ud get revived but wil 9 to 11 people using all the player slots its worth it haha

    • o and the screamers scream should knock u down right away to make the game more challengeing cus if we can beet it this easy we needs more objectives more things to do more monsters like add suviver that u g2 try to save lol

    • Your spelling and grasp of grammar certainly seems to have been “left for dead”

  • i wish it could be an open world game
    with trucks/ humvees with .50 cals on them etc

  • I say somewhere there is snow. I think that’d be cool, have snow and forest maps. Or in major cities like New York, L.A., DC, Chicago, etc.

  • i think it should take place in either another country, or again in the u.s
    if in another country, the story line should be a military official who said fuck helping, ditched the army and went on his own and found some followers, and if it should take place in this country i would say las vegas to cali, so they would pass through yellowstone aswell as the forest map, and then all end with an airlift in hollywood or some shit so u could see like dead famous people, and find bill murry alive! lol

  • I think it should take place back in Pennsylvania, but in Bucks County this time! They should use a defib on Bill, he was most’s favorite character. I think they should also just use the original characters in general for some of the games, Left4Dead 1 is the best!- If not PA, Canada would be awesome!

  • My vote goes to Las Vegas, and the Vegas strip would be the final campaign. “All Bets Are Off” or something cheesy like that lol

    • Vegas doesn’t sound like a bad idea either. Now that would be a challenge and a darn good one.

  • Let’s not forget that there are OTHER places in the US besides Crappyfornia and Lost my money Vegas. Sure they would great settings for the game, but let’s not fast forward the progress of our survivors. Last stop was The Big Easy. So have them go through Texas, say Dallas or Houston. I like the idea of going through an abandoned military base/facility as well. Gives them a chance to introduce new weapons. Then from there have them shoot up to Colorado and have them go through the Rockies and some old mining towns. Then stop there for L4D 3. Then in L4D 4, they could work their way up to the northwest (through Vegas) and down the west coast of Crappyfornia. But I think eventually having them some how get to Europe would be great. Someone said in London like a 28 Days Later setting… I totally agree! But I guess we will see what Valve has in store for us!

  • The survivors could start in Denver, and work their way West. They could Fight their way through Vegas and get to San Francisco and take a plane to Hawaii, possibly the last uninfected place in the US?

  • I think a level or two in a big city like New York City would be awesome! Also using a city as iconic as Washington DC would have an awesome effect like playing Fallout 3 and COD:MW2

  • I think there should be a Midwest adventure through the badlands trying to get to the Canadian border.

  • How about this, instead of having the same 4 ppl throughout the game make 4 different people for each campagin level. One group of survivors for each part of the world or somthing. Then you can take us to places like Pairs, Tokyo, Moscow,etc. But keep the same survivors for America.

    • What for, go play resident evil for pointless rescue missions. Its about survival not rescuing

    Maybe in London, players can use the underground to access different parts of the city, also I would quite like mini missions to expand the game. For exmaple, if you set it in London, players might have to travel to Oxford Street and save people who trapped themselves within a shop because of the zombies outside and you have to take them to safety…Something along those lines anyway.

  • I personally think it should take place in another country/climate. So maybe out somewhere hot such as the Outback of Australia, or cold way up north in Canada/Russia. Maybe the climate can influence new Special Infected, too.

  • I think the game should start in LA or somewhere around there and head up northwards towards Canada, maybe go to Alaska and take a boat/plane to Hawaii. After that, maybe head off to Japan or the East Coast. It would be cool to fight zombies in the White House. *_*
    It would be cool to travel around the world, fighting zombies wherever you go.

  • SO zombie outbreak and these ppl can jux cruise around the world, just ignoring the blocked roads, limited if any pilots, know station to monitor the planes. All this stuff ppl are forgetting. Its a zombie outbreak crossing the U.S (not to mention the ocean) is quite absurd. (but totally pro some of these places)Just try and keep it as down to earth as possible or end p killing the franchise

  • If you pay attention in the safe rooms there are occasional they have maps. in l4d1 the only places not crossed off were Pennsylvania and Louisiana but in l4d2 the only place was Louisiana if I’m not mistaken. So in conclusion the only logically (to keep game fluidity) would be in another country.
    I would prefer Canada or Australia because of the seemingly harsher environments.
    or the survivors from 2 land there boat on Cuba or PR maybe get there boat to Europe, Africa or south to central America.

  • I vote for San Francisco. Colorful, west coast, diverse city and countryside of California. Also I think a standoff on a pride float that’s full of supplies, weapons, and has a minigun mounted on it would be fantastic. Not to mention what all the zombies would be wearing. Maybe all of California, a fight in front of the Hollywood sign would be awesome too.

  • well both groups from l4d and l4d2 ended up in Georgia met in the passing so i think they should fight up to Canada out of the U.S in order to be able to go to Alaska get a plane and go to a different country OR you play as the midnight riders {the easter egg were you see there van drive across the road in the passing} its a very difficult decision

  • They should set it somewhere in the third world. India/central africa/Indonesia or somesuch. I’m sick of only seeing the western world represented in post apocalyptic games.

    • RE5 is inda like that. And thats because third world countries already look like post apocalyptic settings, minus the zombies

  • In my opinion, the new game would take place in Europe. There are some diferent envoirnments that could make the campaigns better…

  • How about we stray from highly populated places. Malls are too frequently used. I mean the only thing I haven’t seen in the games is a school, I believe. And most of these places suggested are from other games/movies. Different seasons would be nice (snow sounds interesting, think of the blood staining it) and I would like to see animals and children, maybe even old people. I’m getting tired of the dead cows, crows, and adult zombies. We need variety. It would be interesting if one of the characters took in a child. If you think about it, Bill is the only one who’s old. It would be nice to try and keep the same eight characters instead of creating more that you will have to keep up with. Have them travel the world? You don’t really have to keep the setting within the United States. Have the characters travel to different places every campaign (what Trololo said), but make it three of four months later. I’m getting tired of seeing Canada being suggested (not that I have a problem with it, it just seems that’s what everyone is suggesting). Also the screamer sounded pretty neat, wouldn’t mind having that added into the mix. But that’s what I have thought about and felt the need to say. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for L4D3.

  • whatever the country, place, city just want a campaing with l4d1 and l4d2 want bill back but as would not be possible they should found a new GIRL around the place and then 8 players and more infecteds like the screamer cuz the screamer is a great idea

  • how about the city of chicago, or the NWI suburbs like escape from the steel mill, lots of traps and hiding places.

  • Antartica, similer to hard rain because it will snow a lot and there will be snow zombies.And another place could be the grand canyon where there would be broken bridges and you have to get out of the grand canyon

  • To keep fluidity, probably somewhere in the States though the idea of zombie-fighting from London, then taking the Eurostar half way and trailing the tracks to Paris is appealing…

    But anyway, how about up in New England? I would absolutely love to see them fighting in an Ivy-League type school, than making their way through the quaint college towns, down to New York. Maybe for L4D4, you could have the final chapter showing them on a boat to Europe, so those of us wanting a Europe trail can get it…


  • Somewhere in Canada, it would be cool for like a new special infected that goes in with the cold weather and snow

  • i want the original L4D cast back. I dont like the new game i just want it to go back to the first left 4 dead but with a little better graphics. why not have them in new york since they were in Pennsylvania. city streets, china town, fat tony boomers, central park. sounds pretty sweet to me. have to go through new york to get to canada

  • my name is robert gomez

    1st place

    i was thinking BAUXITE, ARKANSAS starts at a house in bauxite and they try to get to bauxite high school where there are survivors with a bus like of dawn of the dead and go to california because they heard of survivors there

    2nd place
    starts in LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA start at a hotel with their bus outside close to LAX airport and get on to a jet which has technical difficulties and end up in texas

    3rd place

    starts in DALLAS, TEXAS around some landmarks and they have to get to the cowboys stadum or to one of their malls since not every one is a cowboy fan

    4th place

    starts in CHICAGO, ILLINOIS start somewhere close to the cubs baseball stadium and get there and find some recent left for dead survivors

    • I have had a dream of a L4D Zombieland Edition, where the game starts in the streets of Va. Continues with a cross country gorefest, including the occational grocery store twinkie hunt. We could spend a few hours scattering greymatter on the streets of the 90210 area with a last stand at Bill Murrays house, then a huge finish at Pacific Playland. The beauty of this idea is that Valve could use some of its orignal programs like Death Toll, Dark carnival, the Plantation in Swampfever, and you could use the Ellis avatar as Jessie Eisenberg and Zoey can take the place of Emma Stone. Come on??? You know it would be awesome!!!!!!

  • i think they should go different country i mean to much u.s.a. itd be better to expand the diversity of people you know maybe like another said one campaign has 4 survivors and they are different for other campaigns too itd be neat to be going into japan and fighting up a colossal building then signal the a chopper with a giant flashing light or maybe they do a london thing where you run across and at the end you have to run back out (like in sacrifice) and push a button blowing up london bridge or something itd be interesting i jus dont want a call of duty/fallout feel its been done before try something else people or jus play those games

  • It would be great if the game is placed in La Plata city, Buenos Aires, Argentina. No one has ever made a game recreating this city…

  • I agree with L4D MANG ! We need some Canadian love ! ๐Ÿ™‚ It’d be soo kickass.

  • why do we all wanna go to big cities like la and vegas and illinois etc. if they are big cities then more zombies that wouldnt be fun how about somewhere small that no one ever talks about id like to know about some cities that i havnt studied but why are we even leaving comments its valve that gonna make the game so really our comments dont matter. u never know there might not even be a l4d3 who knows.

  • I say they should have the survivors from the previous l4d’s meet up in like florida (hot), South/north dakota, west coast, Washington D.C. (where they fight through the white house) where we haven’t yet been in the l4d series and sorta have them split up into their original groups by not trusting each otherand switching back in forth through the campaigns to each group and one group ends up having to kill one group because they have been infected but like some other commenters said switch to different places also

  • i say they should start up north in the cold, like in the snow, ohio, canada, alska, ect

  • It would be great to see the survivors make their way through the crowded streets of japan, such vivid colors and buildings (Yakushima is very beautiful). Peru or Russia as well would be a good considering above comment, i agree ice and snow would be a great change from the norm, but both destinations have unusal architecture and an old era feel to it. On a warmer note perhaps Brazil or Mexico would be a nice pit-stop to go zombie huntin’:)

  • I agree with the idea up North, Canada would be just as much fun to play in as the States

  • They should def make it take place out west, perhaps in las vegas or maybe even in california somewhere. That is assuming they plan on placing it in the u.s which i have no objections if they don’t.

  • the midwest …. let the survivors deal with the elements during the winter! I would also like to see characters that resemble current pop culture….

  • I think it should take place at like a military base or some place were war is because it would make more sense for all the weapons people have been asking for

  • a level at area 51 where they find out the government made the green flu. there should be a rocket launcher and a ww2 rifle. a easier map creater would be nice (like sims 3). a surviver creater too. at area 51 there should be a cyborg uncommon infected. there should be no more spitters and more witches. on a level they should escape on a submarine at go to Japan. A new infected would be nice like children.

  • i think the first half of the game should take place from where the first l4d survivors went to the florida keys as they fight their way to a safer place and the other half of the game should take place where the l4d2 survivors ran off to to only find it worse and head in the same direction as the first l4d survivors to end up helping eachother survive

  • I think it should take place in the LA metro area. Thru down town, hollywood, even thru the hoods of south central and the barrios. And they need a mean tatted up ese that was just relased from prison. Or better yet he escapes, and u have to play the escape scene. All the character should have there own solo introduction chapter before they meet up with the rest of the survivors

  • i have few ideas where the nxt installment shall take place if not you guys have already created it. I believe that their should be a secret civilization somewhere within the further south, or in downtown detroit michigan. there should be some actual survivers that the new characters which take roll in the game, find. They should be joining some other people perhaps.and also bring in some new equipment and old, meaning weapons, and not referring to equipment bring back the old survivers and make them part of the zombies and search for new survivors. im just a kid with a dream, and to me this sounds great, but these are just my ideas, there are so many other people out there with even greater ideas. please listen to them and use their advice, unlike call of duty, where they have people make ideas for them but when they come across an idea that sounded just like one of theirs, they’ll use it but give that person that said the exact idea, credit for there “Great Job”.

  • Try the big apple, i would love to see some survivors in an infested city, they could go all the way through manhattan and queens, all the way to the tip of long island, where their boat to safety is.

  • I think maybe we take it too Europe just go through different parts of it that would be cool! Would also recommended Russia nothing like pissed of Russians with guns and an unlimited amount of zombies

  • I’ve been thinking California would be a perfect place. Its appeal is obvious – there could be a desert level, a mountain level where you would have to deal with snow similarly to Hard Rain, and a couple great urban levels that could involving LA and/or Santa Monica – I was thinking a museum area and Chinatown would be so very awesome. Finally, of course, there’s a beach with a pier and all sorts of great stuff there. You could even have hip hop or reggae versions of the theme song… maybe. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Might have been scooped by Dead Rising, but Vegas would still be pretty rad. Midwest around Chicago/Detroit wouldn’t be bad either. Plenty of options open for the “flee across the Lake to Canada” finale.

    Only place I’d hate to see is New York. Oh look…the ironic reveal of the Statue of Liberty in the distance amidst zombie chaos! Very stale, and very lazy. I’ve seen New Yorkers in peril about 5000 times in movies and television. Probably time to move on.

  • How about Quebec? Dark alleys, Very slim streets, the old city, and plenty of Cathedrals.

  • It should take place in Utah, not many people know of Utah. We have dry lands, wetlands, and a lot of snow. It would be even better because they could move from Utah to Idaho, then Washington… and so on. Just a suggestion. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • San jose,CA,u should choose from beeing the very first survivers or the survivers from l4d2 or the newest survivers

  • Since L4D was up north and L4D2 was sown south obviously they should do L4D3 in the west. Maybe Vegas? And you have to go threw a Club where there’s Zombie strippers?

    • I a agree with you nick. I think the Vegas thing would be great
      Sort of the resident evil look

  • Los Angeles! Start in the city and move to the desert. Mix it up with Area 51. Horse Infected! Jockeys on horses lol.

  • Or another Scandinavian city, like Helsinki or Stockholm. Reason I say this is because it’s far different from anything we’ve seen in a zombie game. We’ve seen New Orleans, New York, Germany (any Wolfenstein), Spain (Resident Evil 4), and Africa (Resident Evil 5). Norse zombies would be fresh.

  • It could be in Brazil …. a different place, where slums show, even that part of Christ where they can be saved and that would be to climb on foot to come the zombies … would be great …

  • I’d like to see it kick off in seattle washington, pacific northwest area would be cool, might even see a bigfoot. Although someone suggested Vegas that would be pretty amazing

  • If we’re thinking in chronological order than either we have to follow our characters south of the equator to south america, (Brasil perhaps, brasilian bikini zombies, favela zombies etc.), maybe with a cruise ship map. or we can think out of the box, and take it to a different time in history( say 2 crusader knights and 2 muslim warriors have to survive dead soldiers from both sides of the conflict). Or to a space station (orbiting mars in the year 2075 and you have to make it to the emergency shuttle) or the wild west. This is the beauty of the zombie genre is that you can have ppl trying to survive in a skyscraper yet have another totally different story going on in an adjacent building, thus multiple survivor experiences. So the story options are endless. Thnx for reading

  • I was sure the first l4d was based in ohio,it looks like out countryside. But I think the newest one should be based somewhere with snow.

  • I think that they should choose different states again throughout the U.S. And maybe use a mental Asylum this time (Screamers would be excellent). Also, roaming around Area 51 would be sweet. Possibly the White House, or washington in general.

  • VEGAS!!!! It would be awesome runnin through casinos and getting stuck in the desert with hordes commin at you from all sides! Yeah imagine all the dead show girls and bouncers tryin to kill ya!

  • I reccomend the developers of ‘Left 4 Dead’ taking a look at another country.
    Go global with this, and you’re more likely to attract alot more customers, aside from the die hard fans.

    A place that I haven’t seen meantioned yet, Australia. However, it would be difficut, as stereotypes would probably be the main idea. For example, zombie kangaroos. They’re not particularly a huge part of our lives.

    If not Australia, I strongly suggest Europe. It’s a beautiful place, and how ironic for a zombie apocalypse to spread to an extremely religious part of Europe; for example, Rome.

  • I like the idea of it being in California, however how bout hollywood? Go up against zombies celebs. I think that would be awesome.

  • Why the hell would they put zombie kangroos in the game valve said that the infection spread through mamals and why would it take place in Australia the infection is in the united sates it havent spread that far PEACE! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • well someone said something bout an insane asylum…i think that would be great for a horror zombie game…other than putting the screamer in there, we should add a zombie whos negative energy from radiation causes the lights and other shit to go nuts…the person controlling the infected can control whether to make the lights go out or flicker…but u have to be close enough to be killed…n since the screamer and this new infected could be introduced in an asylum i think it would be awesome….other than that…lets add some more dark levels and use more weather…snow, rain, wind…did a better job in one level on l4d2 with rain and wind and i loved it…but in l4d1 the closest thing we got to daylight was deadair and even then it was sunrise like wasn’t completely bright out…daylight campaigns weren’t zombie feeling cus u could see one a mile away whereas in no mercy or blood harvest they came the [email protected]#$ out of nowhere…(that was the intense feel of l4d1 vs l4d2 that players prefer)…location choices: buffalo, ny near niagra falls (outdoor/indoor level..and casinos there)…on a moving train toward the west while in canada (time change included so dark to day to rain to night)…another would be once they get to washington state they go through seattle then catch a lift on a private jet that is set up to go to vegas or california…then of course have a level or two down there…basically using the northern and western u.s. all in about 5 campaigns 5 levels long each…would be perfect

  • I would say the UK. It is a beautiful place. We need somewhere away from USA.

  • I’d have to say Europe and Scandinavia. Examples Stockholm, Gothembourg, Helsinki, London and Berlin are 5 good cities that the game could take place in!

  • i think l4d3 should be set in the midwest going into the rocky mountains. going through michigan then to iowa, over into nebraska, then down to kansas, then go into colorado up into wyoming then end up in utah. and bring in a new special infected that crawls and can jump on you then beat you down like a tank. and make the levels longer with the safe houses spaced out further. and make the levels like a winter setting. also everytime when you shoot a car that the car explodes. also new weapons for example a lamp, chair, claymore, mines, sledgehammers, tire jack, pens and pencils, scissors, etc…

  • please please base it in new zealand, it would be perfect, pleanty of fauna and farmland, and also cities.

  • you should play as the midnight riders {the Easter egg were you see their van drive across the road in the passing:mission 2

  • i think for l4d3 should take on it on British soil like London and Manchester
    Glasgow, Scotland and Wales please make it British so half the English gamers would be happy

  • Make it in like peru with hidden maya temples then you also can add like mummies and stuff.

  • I believe the Northen US Wisconsin Minnesota and like the canadian border something involving snow or harsh elements, would be cool to not always see palm trees and warmer climates

  • they should start of in Alcatraz where they fight they fight of zombie prisoners and get onto a plain to LA,CA where they go through Disney land then they go to Vegas where then they go through casinos and things and then end it in New York they players should be an Asian dude who was a karate teacher a Mexican chick who was working as a teacher a black dude as a cop and a white dude played as a mobster

  • it should take place on the high cliff tops of the himalayas were mountain climbers were stuck in the mountain surrounded by zombies (side note: they could ice picks and ropes to strangle zombies). Also, the tank could be an abominable snow man instead of a regular roid raged gorrila :p

  • It would be neat to play in Las Vegas in a huge Hotel with the nightclubs and pool area casino. Or a huge collage campus with the football field, dorm rooms. New York time square, or an aquarium were the fish and sharks are zombies or you have to get into there tanks and go through there exibits. Maybe have the female role be a Hispanic, have some dog zombies. Or have a level on the queen Mary ship, or play in different countries each level…Either way I can’t wait to see the outcome of L4d3, so exited…:)

  • Ok……how about this. Your are one of many survivors in a FEMA shelter. All is safe and quite and BOOM!!! An infection breaks out and you fight your way to the safe room. In the end only 4 remain in the safe room. And start from there. Fighting to the military outposts in Washington DC. Fight through zombie infested Whitehouse. Help scattered soldiers find a means to help everyone escape. Those are my thoughts. Thanks.

  • I was thinking as a baseball field like the left 4 dead 2 baseball commercial. Put it on a giant baseball stadium.The poster will say ” Dead Strike,strike 3 they’re dead” or something like that.Another campaing is what I call Cold Blooded.Good luck with your ideas.I really expect my idea.

  • i feel like its time to go to russia could u imagine how awesome tht would be? start in like petersburg in the fall fight and fight all the way to moscow!!! have like a russian convict, some foreign business man, average russian woman and one of those russian wrestlers. needs alot of new weapons kinda disappointed when there was only a few new guns. gotta have a variety i doubt everyone in the south only had two types of pump shotguns and submachine guns!!

    • if they do it in Russia You should be able to play as a bear. Just saying. All Russians are bears

  • I totally like the idea of it taking place from the west coast and you have to go to the east coast…like the final finale would be the statue of liberty…they seriously need more campaigns, and more lvls in the campaigns when they first release the game…like 13 campaigns and 7 lvls per campaign

  • What about if thevstory begines in Miami, ten you had to go to timessquare new York and ten go to the frontier of mexico and scape

  • heres my ideal auctually lots of them 1 zombies 2nd weapons and 3rd take place 4th campaings
    1rst chapter zombies hagird : u brang the screamer back but what about the hagird : punk zombie : is that zombie holding a gun a melee weapon : invisible death :is there a zombie here cuz i dont see a zombie here help me survivor dies: bus driver look out car and again survivor dies 2nd chapter weapons tac gun this is what couldve happend if he had this weapon shoots tire with a tac tac is something pointy and then that driver is a tank and u get the idea :back fire shotgun the hunter got me so did the msoker door near him and so is hunter shoots : spiked jacket invisible zombie got or not im happy i have a spiked jacket : hunter claws : u cant prounce liek a hunter but u can kill like a hunter : 3rd where this is whasington dc to antartica 4th campaings las vegas saying lets take the gas away from the ve : as the midnigth riders were escaping they runned out of gas at vegas to retrieve some gas to get to their next concert 1st the drive thru your post to drive to the safe house without dieing then right at that safe house u run out of gas 2nd gas shop your just checking but someone else stealed it before u even grabbed it can u retrieve it 3rd break in the inn the guys safe house he lives at is the innn u go in the inn safe house hes infected and he turns into a tank surpirsed enough ? 4th motor cycle run u go out the other end and u see this motorcycle but first kill 10 tanks but witch oen has the keys to the motorcycle 5th casino holdoff u have to like stand at the van for a while and protect whos filling in the gas then u drive away and post to drive until u reach the radio u call the helicopter oh yeah u get to a casino on the roof theres a radio escape veichle airplane well sorry for all my ideals i can give u more but your probally piled in ideals sorry for all my ideas i know it probally takes a long time to read all this

  • well i think tokyo, Japan.characters like an important game developer(businessman), then a super naive harajuku girl, an underacheiver teenage guy whos a yakuza son, and an old martial arts teacher.more people are alive and you venture thru tokyos underground and all the main cities and one mission could be climbing to the top of mt. fuji pastes hordes of zombies to be rescued.just a thought

  • You should go with bigger maps, In L4D and L4D2, it takes you an hour or less to go through a chapter… Make that last longer. And go with big cities, something like New York, LA, anything with skyscrapers, in which of course you can enter. And yeah, I think you should put a save game option in the mix. Lose the thing where you can just choose which chapter you wanna play. Include that after the first beat of the game. But before that, leave only Campaign 1, Chapter 1, and that’s it. So naturally when you beat Chapter 1, you get Chapter 2, and you beat Campaign 1, you get Campaign 2. It’ll make people wanna play it more, just for the satisfaction of conquering it.

  • I personally think it would be cool for them to start off in Alaska and somehow find there way to Hawaii! So you get the bitter cold winter feeling and then a sub-tropical feeling! I think that would be amazing

  • South Africa would be a cool choice a plane full of passengers contaminated by the virus crashes at Cape Town International Airport and spreads out of control engulfing the country. South Africa has many many types of scenery as well as cities, towns, small towns, beaches, farms, you name it we have it. As well as a large population to match.

  • i think you should be able to make your own person feel more in the game that way make this person like you are make the person look bad ass either way that would be really cool

  • you know, there is eight million people in New York, so I think it would be Badass to have four survivers mowing down zombies in central park, the subways (instead of sewers for once), and even playing a little sirvival on a Broadway stage.

  • I really think it should take place in Minnesota, New York, Nevada, Tennessee and DC. Try to survive, through the cold wilderness of MN, the packed streets of New York, the dry desserts Of Nevada, the Home of Country Music and wild Red Necks of Tennessee, the honorable and military packed city of DC.
    These are my ideas and I really think u should stay in the states and i think minnesota is a good place for it!!!!
    Stevie Ray

    • I live in Minnesota…. it would be cool playing my own state. St. paul/Minneapolis would make great city gameplay and you could take the more wilderness gameplay up north with the big rocky cliffs by lake superior and the huge pine forests.

  • I’ve actually thought about this one for a while and while it’s overused as a gaming setting, I think Vegas would be a good starting point. I even have the characters made up.

    Juan – a beefed up Latino cop who still respects the law, and oftens argues with Lucas (below)

    Annie – a petite Asian blackjack dealer with a stocky build and glasses. She doesn’t speak much, but she’s the only one who remains in control.

    Martha – a kickass grandmother slot player who came to Vegas when her husband died to play slots. She would be great comedic relief.

    Lucas – an African-American with a gangster appearance (dewrag, etc.) but a very protective side to his personality. He argues with Juan a lot, but won’t let any harm come to his companions.

    Campaign #1: Vegas hotel and casino – survivors goal is to get out of the resort hotel and casino, down into the parking garage where Martha’s RV is parked.

    Campaign #2: Hoover Dam – Martha’s RV can’t go any further when cars are stacked up along Hoover Dam. They must go down the road, through the tourist store, into the dam itself, and emerge on the other side where a raft awaits that they plan to take down river.

    Campaign #3: Grand Canyon – The river hits a pile of boulders and the survivors must hike up the path in the canyon toward campsites and a visitor’s center, hoping for other survivors and food. They find a radio in a cabin and call for a chopper.

    Campaign #4: Route 66 – After fueling up a car from the Grand Canyon, the survivors are stranded along route 66, complete with diners, motels, and tacky shops. They must navigate the roads and buildings to try and get to a small airfield where hope to procure a plane. At the airfield, they learn that a survivor rescue center has been set up at a nearby military installation

    Campaign #5: Military Installation – Seriously, could it get any better than this setting? Survivors arrive to find (of course) that the military have all become zombies. Out of supplies and hordes advancing, the heroes must fight their way through the installation to reach the center where they can procure a military personnel carrier that will get them out of this living hell once and for all.

  • You know, I think the small area that is not really known, my home place, Grovespring MO. Like have them start out by the caves in Smittle Cave Rd. Then they venture and get to an old red gate, then travel down the road into an abandoned farm, MY FARM!!!! They search the house and find a destroyed party with a whole crapload of zombies. They shoot all the zombies and find a gas can under the porch in the back yard. They take the big cherry red Chevy avalanche, which happened to be alarmed, so the alarm set off. The quickly get in the car and one of the AI characters drive and the other three, including the player shoot out the windows, making it harder to shoot with the car jerking around, trying to escape the tank that is following them. They finnaly reach the highway, where they drive into the small town of Grovespring, when the truck breaks down. One of the characters open the hood, and how about a new small special infected, like an evil baby, jumps out ond runs off, crying. It attracts a horde, and the survivors take refuge in the old gas station. They then go out back and get to mfa, where there’s a car there. They thake the car and it breaks down in Niangua. They follow the rilroad tracks and find an abandoned train, an AI character drives while the others explore the train, finding it infested, like the sugar mill, with wandering witches. The survivors then make a plan, and two push some crates that blocks the witches in a corner with the opening right beside them. As they do that, the other person shoots, THE PLAYER. Then there’s a big crash, and the survivors black out. They all wake up, and they find themselves in Marshfield. They battle through the town and on the freeway until they find an old semi. They take it to springfield, fight through there, then get picked up by walmart…

    They then crash and fall to an oil rig. The fight through there, then take the rig to the coast of france, then the rest is up to ya valve! Oh yeah, I had a character design. A young man about twenty five named James Harrow who has short dark brown hair, blue eyes, cuacasian, five foot ten, he wears a black hoodie with a white tee shirt under neath. He wears black baggy cargo pants with Black converses. He prefers assault rifles and auto-shotguns. I also thought of a female character, Erica Jovins, I don’t know her design, but I also came up with a guy named Nico Brady, and another guy named Grayson Beacons. Nico’s the african american of the bunch! I love left 4 dead! Candt wait for three! I’ve already stocked up on guns. You guys have made me beleive in the zombie apocolypse!

  • In my opinion, I think the game should take place in Washington state! Where the possiblities are endless!

  • Having thought about it, I would make the survivors start in Barcelona, where they must battle their way from a hotel to the beach for a boat recue. Heading north, they stop in Dublin for a Hard Rain style gastrip (Irish Summer). They head for Amsterdam, where the survivors make their way through urban and semi-industrial ares past town canals and coffeeshops to the city center for a helicopter rescue. The chopper chrashes somewhere in the outskirts of Prague, with a route through suburban areas, the castle and old town. At a abandoned train station, they get on a train (Scavenge finale maybe) and head to Russia, where the last campaign takes place. The survivors must fight their way through rural areas alongside the tracks of the transsebirian railroad, hoping to find the last resort of mankind in this snowy, forbidding place. Phew, thatโ€™s it.

  • Why not different countries and characters for each campaign or something?
    Outback Australia, The Vatican/Amsterdam/Top Gear test track Europe, Tokyo Asia, etc. Obviously as the survivors are on a cruise ship, there’s another campaign sorta done. Question though, I understand the fact that the main characters have always been “immune” according to the story, but what ever happened to the zombie panic source idea of players getting infected then turning….would make an interesting feature if added into certain modes of play, e.g. a hardcore campaign mode where there are no respawns but you can become infected and try infect everyone else?

  • Hey Valve (For Left4Dead3 or Left4Dead4)

    I Think the Left 4 Dead Series Campaign should be revamped and if not then the overall style of game play should be re-considered regarding the zombies knowing how a zombie would react under conditions set by the enviroment of the group of people placed in it. Knowing what im talking about (since i practically own every movie of George Romero and others too) knowing this would appeal to the scene of gamers both you and old like myself. We know that the zombie infection is transmitted many ways but Here are my pointers that would make the game more interesting:

    1] New Weapons introduced:

    # Pickaxe, Crossbow with explosive or flamable tip, RPG, Hand Grenade,
    Vile Jar type Nitro Glisten, Tube of Gun Powder with fuse,

    2] Unarmed attack towards a zombie:

    # If no weapon is on the person at the time, then when the zombie comes in reach of the survivor if the person hasn’t been scratched or biten then a chance is reached to (break the zombies neck) therefore rendering it immobile with no chance to move but still with a chance to bite a passer by if the person steps with reach of the zombie to bite.

    # Depending who the person was before the became infected eg. if a work constructer they have a pick axe in one hand which would hamper their progress to weild a two handed weapon therefore it would slow them down.

    3] Depending on the melee weapon’s involved been:

    # baseball bat, Axe, Crowbar, etc..the use of the weapon would be

    # (Upward or downward) motion option for the left mouse button to crack the head or jaw.
    # (swing across) motion option for the right mouse button to clear a group of zombies out of the pathway.
    # If an downward motion the pixaxe or other sharp weapon would come lodge in the zombies head with a 60% chance to remove but damaged somehow.
    # If an sideswipe motion was used then the lower jaw half would be sheared from the face of the zombie.
    # Should the player cripple the zombie by either (surgically removing) an arm or leg(s) from the zombie then the zombie can still make some progress towards the player still.

    4] The use of Live weapons:

    # Ammo should be limited to the more bigger guns like Heavy Mg’s, with shotguns and pistol been more frequent.
    # When the ammo runs out the chance to use the live weapon as an melee weapon before it breaks.
    # NitroGlisten and Tube of Gunpowder with fuse should be somewhat littered around but not to much.

    5] Scene’s take place & other types of Zombies:

    # What no desert with a town or city (like las Vegas from RE4) or research lab, surely someone must be somewhere trying to devolpe a vaccine for the outbreak?
    # Would like to see dogs & crows that would be infected too.
    # What about introducing a zombie suicide bomber, you shoot his backpack and Ka-Boom!!

  • maybe you could be in the north pole and make your way to canada,also a special infected which lurked under the ice and poped up behind you and strangles you and pulls you under the ice

  • Contrary to what some people have said, I really hope L4D3 isn’t set in Las Vegas, it just doesn’t appeal to me. I would love to see a L4D game set in New York, maybe with a campaign where you have to battle your way up to the top of the Empire State.

    Also some more extreme climates would be interesting too, I really enjoyed fighting in the swamps, and being in the jungle, desert or snow would be pretty fun…oh and more storms, nothing says scary quite like a thunder storm and torrential rain in the middle of the night. ๐Ÿ˜€

    I know this is kinda off topic, but as some others have also said, I would like to see dog zombies, and maybe other animals. After all, they’re all infected with a mutated strain of rabies, which would come from some animal, right? Last idea I’ve had for a while is something like “Horde Mode” where there’s no special infected, but a massive increase in common infected.

  • it should take place in south america with u getting out of prison with some cellmates and guards and you fight your way through the jungles big jungles= scary spots

  • I think the game should be played out in northern Europe, for example, in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Helsinki, Moscow and so on. In Stockholm there are many different stages which can be developed, including the amusement park in the harbor, Globe Arena, Sergel Square, and, finally, can the survivors take a ferry to Tallinn, Helsinki or St. Petersburg.


    Gustav-Young guy who is relatively fit and short brown hair dressed in ordinary clothes jeans shorts and blue white striped t-shirt

    Goran – middle-aged man with a little beard but not scruffy

    Elin – Girl who is 25-30 years old, Blonde hair in a ponytail

    Justyna – 27-30 year old girl originally from Poland but emigrated to Sweden

    • VALVE! Listen up, I have a great idea.
      Characters: A Midnight Rider Band member, a stripper/groupie(she’s both), A fan, and a roadie are the survivors.
      Starts off in Dark Carnival but they need to get to the parking lot to get in the Midnight Rider van. Then the stripper suggests they head to Las Vegas, to see if they can get help (plus she’s from there) so they run out of gas on a highway in Arizona or Texas or somewhere along the way. and need to get out of there. So they escape the Road Kill campaign (that’s what i called it) and get to Vegas, unfortunately no luck there so they escape and decide to head to L.A. But being unlucky they get stranded in the hot desert between Nevada and California and need to get rescued from there. Then Finally the make it to L.A. and get saved.

  • wow there are other places other than USA seriously there are too many games where it takes place in US i can think of HUNDREDS never heard of a game take place in papua new guinea lololololo

    • yeah that’s true, but you gotta remember the story, it wont make any sense, and L4D can easily make other games say all survivors left from 1 and 2 and say 3 and others on the way, split up to go to different countries, thats another trilogy for them to find out whats going on and then meet up to take the source of the outbreak out

  • New York is by far one of the scariest places to be in the even of a zombie infection. Skyscrapers and dark alleys, subway tunnels, interstate exchanges, bridges, and the suburbs like Yonkers, NY >> freaked out if left 4 dead made a game in a common NY middle-class residential area. Going through people’s houses, public schools, etc. Would make an excellent map pack.

  • If Valve are reading this here’s some player feedback.

    Keep it in America, as the other 2 groups are based in places there, so the story will still fit.


    – Prison
    – Building Site
    – Docks
    – Chinatown
    – A City
    – Countryside/Foreseted Area

    There should be atleast more than 5 campaigns to start with

    4 New Survivors and 1 extra for L4D1 group, say they picked up a hitchhiker.

    Keep Existing Weapons and Add New one’s

    Duel Weilded Weaopons, with any 1 handed weapon’s so have 1 weapon in one hand and another in the other,for example “Left Hand Nightstick, Right Hand Machete”

    More Melee Weapon’s; Swords, Blunt objects, Enviromental Objects

    more player choice; sniper points, enviromental destruction “shooting a ball off a chain of a wrecking ball for it to fall and take out zombies and block their path but keep an alternating route incase you need to go back”

    Dead Rising 2 Easter egg towards Chuck Greene

  • i think an ideal place would be another country for a change of scenery. Somewhere like England, Australia, etc. Possibly Venice? I think the time setting should be 2 weeks prior to L4D, “The first sign of infection” It would allow for interaction with other computer characters that aren’t infected yet. The level could be chaotic with zombies attacking humans as well as the 4 survivor characters. It would add a dynamic approach to trying to kill zombies without killing humans. Of course once the zombies attacked the humans they would turn to zombies, eventually leaving only the 4 survivor characters.

  • I think Britain the isle of the dead is a rather nifty idea and Brit zombie films have always been top notch. There’s just something about Britain that suites zombies. Only problem with this being there is not a vast amount of guns as there are in America :p
    Japan is a good choice my only complaint is that all the charcters would be similar… You can’t really squeeze more than one sterotypical character from Japan go with a place like Britain or USA you can get the businessman (nick) crazy black guy (lewis) calm cool old black guy coach, douchebag francis, soccer mom zoey and so on.
    Britain has three countries and a hella lot of diversity in terms of people living on the island. how about a Sikh bloke in a turban a scot girly and so on.

  • L4D3 can start on a cruise ship and it would be the beginning of the infection in L4D timeline, 4 survivors (can be 2 male 2 female this time) board the cruise ship for mediterranean holiday and while on the ship everyone finds out about infection and cities are falling in US,

    Then they see a smaller ship near them with few survivors despite the warning of some people on the ship including 3 survivors (1 can decide to help) captain decides to help after they rescued ship survivors they realize something happened on that ship (that point that ship may belong to the company which is responsible of the infection or can be another pass anger ship) and things gets much worse when they understand survivors they rescued are infected and they break free from medical bay and some mutate so L4D3 begins,

    First campaign would be on the cruise ship 4 survivors try to reach bridge to send a S.O.S so they go to upper decks reaching safe houses/cabins. When they are successful Italian Marines save them with other survivors and take them to land when they think they are safe
    Second campaign begins and this time instead of safe houses they reach a transport at the end of the maps like train,car or bus. They decide as infection began in US they should be safer if they go to East so they take a plane on last map.
    Third campaign begins when their plane crashes on Greece as one of the passengers was infected and during the fight it kills the pilots and one of out survivors try to land the plan and crash lands it, so they try to reach a city nearby and they realize things aren’t any good here infected are everywhere. They decide to reach a train terminal on last map while they are evacuating the city 4 survivors defends the terminal until train arrives then they escape with the train.
    Forth campaign starts when they are on the train to Turkey, when some passengers including the driver turns into zombies due to infection, survivors try to reach the locomotive to stop the train before it derails or crashes. They stop the train before they crash into the station and they arrive to Istanbul there they hear that most of the uninfected survivors build safe zones and army has an emergency HQ so they try to reach the army and other survivors on Asian side last map can be defending the fort against the horde.

    This is my suggestion also they can change few more things there can be other civilians and survivors and if 4 survivors save them or help them during their escape they may show or open a different route for the players like telling them a shortcut, opening a door or operating a machine so it will be a faster or safer way to exit

    There should be more environmental hazards which is dangerous for players but also can be used as a trap for infected, and different ways to reach the exit.

    They should add movies before and after maps like in Brink (which can be skipped in multiplayer) which would add more drama to game and story.

    Also when more than 1 infected surrounds the player they should grab the player so he/she can not move until infected are killed or pushed back

    Thanks for reading ๐Ÿ™‚

    • nice story you created there (meraba, slm) it would be great if the 3rd game takes place in multi countries. I mean did only americans survive like in the last 2 games? Why would a worldwide crisis take place only in america? There has to be more countries and the survivors should travel around the globe and especially EUROPE. Also,I think the narrow streets of Istanbul/Turkey would do such a job for being the horror for the players.
      Its a brilliant city, I went there in the semester
      holiday and the first thing I thought that it would
      be a great setting if a left 4 dead game took place
      in Istanbul.

  • Zombie infection in Canada’s Capital Region, 2011?

    The country experiences 4 seasons, Hot Summer, Dead Fall, Frozen Winter, and Rainy Spring. The timeline changes with the rate and spread of infection, areas becoming gradually more destroyed through campains.

    A group of four, against Canada’s Apocalypse. An epic fight for life.
    A twist of fate; these unconventional protagonists are a new generation of young heroes, revolutionary, and non-mainstream. 4 Gays? Left4Queer. These homos will survive the apoc, using wisdom, courage, and power to make it.
    Every season is now zombie season… which makes it huntin’ season, boys.

    Levels: 4 True Canadian campaigns , seasonably alterable, the survivors must voyage across a nation ravaged by zombies for rescue, with 1 unique Tokyo campaign. (Unlockable.)

    1: Capital Crisis (Blood-Stained Canada Flag…)
    Rideau Center Mall roof to National Archives Helipad.
    (After being left for dead by the evacuation helicopters on the malls’ roof, (because of ‘overloading evacs’), our queer survivors allocate basic-weapons and escape the zombie-infested mall, passing landmarks: Chateau Laurier, Parliament Hill, Supreme Court of Canada, and then to the chopper-pad on the National Archives roof.)

    2: Hot Pursuit (Blood-Stained speed limit sign…)
    Orleans Suburbs to Hawkesbury Bridge.
    (The group survive a chopper crash and are again alone in the midst of the undead, but now having accumulated guns and supplies through their treck to safety. Battling through maze like suburbs, the group make it to a roadside gas station. (Rideable vehicles; can be featured in left4dead 3 and used to cover vast miles of distance to safety, hordes chasing behind them.) Down Highway 17, along the Ottawa River, the Radio tells of an evacuation squad looking for survivors at the nearby town of Hawkesbury, at its bridge between Ontario and Quebec. They smash through a few zombiefied towns, detouring through roadblocks, (finding new vehicles if powerful infected or poor control makes them crash and need to find a new car). They abandon their ride by the bridge once getting there and fight to get rescued, only to find there is just one boat left allowing escape onto the Ottawa River. Rescue crews were long gone.)

    3: Royal Blood (Blood-Stained Fleur’D’Lis flag on fire…)
    Montreal Boatdocks to Queen Elizabeth Hotel Trainstation: Downtown.
    (They leave the boat after hearing Montreal Police have a downtown transport to rescue survivors left in the city. The protagonists battle infected across the industrial docks, the ruins of the gay-neighborhood, Mont-Royal Park, and get deep within flashy burning downtown, making it to the last train leaving Central Station beneath the Queen Elizabeth Hotel.)

    4:Cold Fear/Fear of Heights (Pride Flag bloodied…)
    Downtown Condo Penthouse to CN Tower Observation Deck
    (Our F.A.G.S [Fighting Angelic Gunslinger Survivors) battle from their hold-up in a glamorous penthouse stronghold, to a radio reported rescue operation on the CN Towers observation deck. They make it 24 floors down to the streets of Toronto, battling through the gayborhood, ruined Young Street, passing Much Music Headquarters, through the subway, and then streetside to the CN Tower. You can choose to either take the C.N Towers elevator or the stairs depending on the A.I director. The tower is like a gauntlet and at the top either a helicopter awaits, or a set-up in the upper lounge allowing the survivors too stronghold indefinitly, *only if they took too long to get to the chopper.)

    5: *Bonus Level; Tokyo Japan. (Bloodstained Japanese Flag)
    Get from Tokyo Tower to bayside Rocket launch.
    (The survivors, held up in Tokyo Tower, make one last escape, after hearing of a rescue op. being undertaken, allowing survivors escape to the moon, safe from infection. They battle down the tower, across the traditional park-temple-gardens, through Tokyo’s Royal Palace, past Shinjuku’s futuristic skyscrapers, and up into the rocketship for final escape from the planet of terror…)

    5 Stunning levels- 4 seasons; multitude of pathways from beginning, to saferooms, and finnaly to end-rescue. Gameplay, strategy, new weapons, and infected types, all aspects affected by season and setting.

    The survivors: 4 individuals, banded togethor by fate and chance. Each has a special characteristic giving them advantages, disadvantages, and further strategy to survive.

    -Guns, 21, a rugged badass, spiky-haired sharpshooting college-dropout.
    -Medic,24, an androdgynous blonde-nurse with supermodel looks. Good pilot.
    -Kiss, 18, young club-raving teen with pink hair, and love of explosives.
    -Jack, 33, the handsome but cold-survivalist lawyer. Good at driving.

    *Canonically, the F.A.G.S (Fighting Angelic Gunslinger Survivors) escape via airforce rescue to a floating arctic oil refinery in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, off the coast of Canada. It is also canonically acceptable that they end up in Tokyo, finnaly shipped off on a rocket to the moon-rescue-station built for survivors. This is a homosexual protagonist centered video-game universe after all. Besides, if your going to have a bonus campaign, it might as well be intense and over-the-top. This is about Canada Pride after-all.)

    *Bloodstained Rainbow Colored-Canada Flag.

    (PS; Guns and Medic are the main ‘couple’ in the story, With Kiss and Jack falling in love as the sideplot.)

    [It’s about hot gays finding love, witty quentino tarintino style dialogue, davechappelle style jokes, team-work, good shootin, resourcefullness, and stereotype-breaking pride to survive, in the Capital City Apocalypse]

  • I think Left 4 Dead 3 should take place in Singapore. I mean, it’s in Asia and it’s quite simply to New York City. You could start in the Woodlands area and make your way into the heart of Singapore: Orchard. From there the survivors could make they way to Changi Airport, where they can find a jet and get the heck out of there! I think it would be fun and a great experience for new and old players alike!

  • I agree that the game location should stay in America, but one thing i would like to see, is a four player offline co-op.

  • ENGLAND!!!!!!!!!!
    Country side missions
    Town missions
    Then the finale being in Manchester or London ๐Ÿ˜›

    Break the mold and don’t have it America plus it shows the whole world is effected by the out break not just America ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I think that at some point they should make a Valve game crossover that features the heavy from TF2, Gordon Freeman from Half-Life, Chell from portal, and a Counter-terrorist from CS:S. Maps could include City 17, cp_dustbowl, Aperture labs, etc. And weapons could be from the games, such as the pulse-rifle, The Force-a-nature, An Aperture Science Zombie Killing Device, An AUG, etc. All set in the L4D zombie apocalypse. You can tell I put a lot of thought into this.

  • It is just some things I think, but first I think the tanks should be tougher to kill than it was on the second one. But as far as weapons go, put maybe some new updated weapons, but keep the sub machine gun, shotgun, assault rifle, auto shotgun, and hunting rifle. For melee weapons keep the same weapons as the last one and add a couple new weapons. I think the game should be kept in the eastern part of the United States, I would like would like to see D.C., but that is just me. Put a new special infected zombie in the game. As characters go, four new characters, it would seem that you are truly alone in the zombie apocalypse.

    These are just a couple of my thoughts. Thanks

  • wath a about mexico, the infection is going to the south.
    EL paso, “cross the border, or die”
    Tijuana, “the zombie y el burro”
    mexico city, “bigger city, bigger problems”
    cancun, “the last spring break”

  • The longest bridge in the U.S. is the mac bridge in michigan, but since a bridge has already been done I think it would be cool to see Grand Rapids or Detroit michigan with either a city sweep; since grand rapids zombie walks have made the news, or a huge automotive factory with loud machines running to help cover the infected sounds. Another cool idea is D.C. Do an infected invasion with some historical backgrounds. Of course the casino would be cool. As far as terrain goes it would be amazing to play in a snow setting with random white outs making the viability like a foot forcing players to find cover waiting it out or get jumped making it real easy to get separated and possibly losing a player.

  • Tokyo!!!! It only makes sense. Beautiful Location turned into a zombie resort n the amount of ppl in Tokyo makes it even better let the 4 characters fight through Tokyo that would be AWSOME!! AND stop using States in America not cool. Toyko would set the bar for the L4D franchise

  • lol mexico? i think they’re resistant to the infection… years of exposure to infectious bacterias and such/ ya know … jk ..

    KARLA: she has to be a sexy/smart ginger…not Mexican… like Ariel a from met art…. lol if you dont know who she is make sure to have safe search on before google imaging *heads up*

  • I start a city like Cincinnati would be good. You start out on the outskirts of the town and make your way into downtown, then over to the river and onto a large boat and take it from there. I say the boat gets busted and they have to travel the rest on another way until you reach there destination.

  • i think that LEFT 4 DEAD 3 should take place in LA and you should have a survivor thats mexican a celebrity survivor. and also i believe u should also put in like kids zombies and animals i also think you guys should put a campaign in hollywoood that would be EPIC thats what i think should be in LEFT 4 DEAD 3
    Thank You :):D

  • Maybe Asia? Perhaps spread out across different parts of it, like China, Japan, Thailand, India? North Korea would be interesting. xD

  • i think in Canada manitoba becous there swamps and deep forest alot of small towns and bigger towns and the city farms or somewhere else in Canada or in the the usa in southern navada the harse land scape to mina sota or north dakota
    or hawiie or alaska does any one agree

  • Set l4d3 in ASIA ๐Ÿ˜€ in japan/tokyo or Mongolia/UlaanBaatar … and Russia/Moscaw etc… ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff

  • I Think L4D3 Should be over in the Land of Leprichauns! (for those who havent the slightest clue what im talking about i mean Ireland!)

  • I have played both the left 4 deads extensively and love zombie movies and video games. I would have to say that the setting for the next left 4 dead game should start in my home town Whittier and make its way to Los Angeles, Whittier is a small town in Orange County next to L.A. I have noticed that most people that play left 4 dead online tend to live in California so they’d love it. But if your interested in getting new customers then the setting should be in San Antonio, Texas, it’s a large city in the center of Texas. The game can show some other southern culture, and get many new customers that can relate to southern culture, and cowboys and what-not.

  • it should take place in a suburbs or schools or stadiums or a movie theater or like an old castle or a waterpark

  • Boston, Massachusetts. NUFF’ SAID. Nothing better than a city and killing thousands of zombies. [:

  • While having it set in Canada would totally rock, I fear that scavenging for handguns and AK-47s would be next to impossible. Then again, there’s nothing quite like bats and bludgeons… Could you imagine battling hordes atop of th CN tower or on Parlament Hill? Actually, killing a zombified House of Commons would be hilarious.

  • We’ve had so many games set in california, tokyo and mexico, why not north carolina with a horror movie theme?

  • How about start the 4 or 5 campaings traveling fron NY to Europe, you start in NY central park, big apple to the harvor, finally in cargo ship or kind of, the ship travels to east hoping a safe zone, then the story continues arriving in France, London, Spain full of zombies, many posivilities.

  • set one campain in the US, one in the UK (with no guns sean of the dead style) one in europe and on in aisa, make the infection pandemic!

  • L4D3 should be a world wide game, starting with the survivors of the 2nd in a new place, let say Canada for first chapter, and connect with people by radio in another continent by the end, thats how chapter 2 starts and a new 4 some in new continent with new special infected. Pick any 5 or 6 main cities in the world, 4 caracters and new special infected that will come from there. Diferent guns and melee. All chapters conected for the sake of survival and the 1st thing that would come to our minds for any of us…… its there any safe place in the world on a zombie apoc?

  • Maybe Alberta Canada Going To Ontario Canada
    First Chapter Would be In Calgary Going To Edmonton In A Water And The Rescaue Would Be Another heliCopter But It gets Engine Trouble And Crashes In Regina Saskatchewan Then U Go To Flin Flon In manitoba Where u Escape By Plane And U Chrash From A Hunter Who Stowed In The Cargo Part Of The Plane
    Third Chapter U Crash In Winnipeg Manitoba And u Go To Selkirk Mantitoba Where Ur Picked Up By Another Plane
    Forth Chapter Your Plane Lands Because U Run Out of Fuel
    In Thunder bay Ontario And Then U Go To GeraldTon Ontario Where U End up Seeing Jimmy Gibbs Jr Car And U Check it’s Out Of Fuel Then u Reach A Train Which Takes u Away And The Game Ends There

    The DLC Chapter Would Be like Another “The Passing” Where U Emd Up In Quebec City In Quebec And U meet The L4D2 Survivors And Fight Your Way To A Boat Which U Escape On(One Survivor Has To Go In The Boat House B4 The Ending CutSence Goes And Then That Ends The DLC

  • Let them travel to Washington escorted by the military as they get saved in the campaign The Parish. The Military has safe hold in Washington but it will only last very shortly after they arrive and the HELL WILL BRAKE LOSE!!! Maybe after L4D3 they could escape off to Europe or Asia or Africa. Well you name it.

  • it started in united states it should end in united states.

    i think it should start on a steamboat going down the Mississippi river.
    theirs 10 survivors all with differnet perks and abiliys[like more health or faster at running]. so your attacking zombies from the steamboat and killing them as they try and board the boat when all of sudden the engine blows up and your forced to jump out.

    all i can think off

  • I think it should take place in the north. where it is cold, snowing, raining. probably Canada?

    • I agree with Joshua. Canada seems to be an excellent location for the 3 generation of L4D.

    • Yeah I’m all for a campaign in Canada with snow and all that but let’s look at it realistically. You’d have to make yet another set of survivors because the cast from the first 2 games wouldn’t be stupid enough to head up north in the winter.
      The infected would need to be redesigned around being killed only by melee weapons because it’s Canada and we don’t have random guns cabinets.
      Medkits would be replaced with poutine and common infected would need a 24% obesity rate.

  • I would love to see more weapons and detachable parts so your laser sights wouldn’t be tied to one gun :/

    Maybe unlockable primary weapons? Like pistols with upgrades

  • I have to say it shoukd either take place in New Jeresy, New York or Cali…Oe Have it Start In Atlanta and they have to go all the way to New York…just some Ideas…

  • Start it in Detroit. Hell it already looks like a zombie apocalypse happened there. Then take it to Canada like Toronto then swing over to the UK and Asia. L.A. would be cool or Seattle a little West Coast flavor. Just hurry and make the damn thing. Forgot Amsterdam!!!!

  • If you look at all of the maps in both L4D1&2….you will see that either Oregon or Washington is either circled ripped off of the map. So I believe that it will happen in the last safe place that only the government wants to know….maybe in Seattle, Washington? But yes look at the maps you guys!!

  • Somewhere up north around Wisconsin or Minnesota… Maybe the Dakotas? And have it take place in winter.

    • i think left 4 dead 3 should go in canada ontario it would be soooooo cool also i cant wait for left 4 dead……..4!

    • I agree with yours they should go to one of the Dakotas, plus i think they should go somewhere that it has snow like in the winter time that would be cool.

  • A big city whould be awesome like dark alleys i think l4d 2 were fail way too much light N’ stuff and you should put like money into the game or xp so that you can customize your weapons and stuff borring choosing like 3 weapons from a table.

    • No freakin way. That would be way too unreal. What damn role would money play in a place completely demonized by zombies? We need more weapons, definitely more weapons, and to make it realistic, the first mission could be such that the survivors need to make their way to an arms factory which had been infected and has collapsed. The survivors get access to all the awesome weapons, and we need more variety of sniper rifles and grenade launchers.

  • Britain. Could play as British survivors, IMO, the L4D series shouldn’t just be set in America.

    Maybe fight your way through London.

  • I can think of a few new settings:

    1. Ski lift. Put in a really fun ski/snow board scenario
    2. Hollywood. like someone said. Make plenty of pop culture references.
    3. Beach. Yeah. I’m from the so-called socal. Guilty. If not beach, a shipping port area.

    Other ideas:

    Mexican survivor. Some female who represents some cute, well-known Mexican celebrity. Put in a well-known Asian dude (no, not Jet Li) as a cameo.

  • How about starting it in alaska, with icy zombies; the survivors get pissed off all the snow and fly to hawaaii, where zombies surprise them some days later, creeping out of the waves…

  • and, how about making like a freeroam map, where you have to go to the missions, like in gta sa?

    sorry for doublepost, i just forgot to write that in the first one :d

  • I’ve given this alot of thought:

    Las Vegas.

    Being able to fight from a desert, into pawn shops (for guns) to the Las Vegas Strip, into a casino would be awesome. In the Casino, you could use areas like the lobby, slot machine areas, buffet, hotel, and you can fight your way back into highly secured areas and into the money vaults.

    You can create a Vegas with minimal electricity, and maximum zombie occupants (It’s Vegas after all, lots of tourists). Speaking of tourists, the survivors could be anyone from anywhere.

    Besides, What happens in Vegas… (Dies)in Vegas.

      • I also was thinking that you can have a Hoover Dam (esque) map. Can start top side on the road part of the bridge, into the tourist center, down the tour route into the passages ways of the Dam and into the generator room.

  • I think it should be in a big city with drug dealers who pay you to kill zombies or do special missions so you can buy guns grenades and vehicles from them. You should also be able to customize your character and be able to roam around the city. More zombies. Crossbreed zombies such as Wank = Witch and Tank and a Targer = Tank and charger. More levels. let people play as Witches.

    • I think that it should take place in new york because there r bigger bildings and scary because u can get lost and they should make a zombie that spits fire

  • how about you start in Tulsa,Oklahoma , then fight your way to an evac in a park then a helicopter takes you to Topeka but when you land, the base is overrun.just as idea

  • maybe in the western , with all the country things and maybe some horses , kinda like , read dead revolver undead nightmare , just as an example, but all first person will be bloody cool =D yeah

    Who agree pls with me pls , reply my idea

  • I think it should take place in another part of the world like Paris, France or go to the west side of the united states like California, Arizona!!!!!!

  • I think L4D3 should take place in Japan..or someplace that super populated and cool. Maybe even a European country like Germany. Ellis’s friend Kieth should be in it, except he’s talking about Ellis now ๐Ÿ˜›

    • Oh and make the Witch/Common and Uncommon Infected playable.I sure do enjoy playing as Hunter though ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I truly think it should be worldwide, so you can do a little bit of every place, meaning do the biggest cities in the world!

  • I got some option:

    1: Japan: Don’t know, it makes sense…
    2: Utah: IDK, I just like it.
    3: Montana
    4: Hawaii (I’m sacrificing my own home for this. Hawaii is in the middle of the pacific ocean, plus with a lot of active volcanos, huge mountains, beaches, large buildings like L4D 1 and farms like L4D 2!)

  • I believe somehow the two groups we met from L4D and L4D2 should join together and end up, like some of you said, in a different country. I understand thats 8 people we’re talking about but its just an ide.

  • Im a big fan of what they did with both games before. Even though I liked the first one better. Probably cause it had a darker atmostsphere. I bought the first game when I was living in Pennsylvania and then I moved to New Orleans Louisiana and then I found out the second one took place exactly where I was partying every week-end, Bourbon Street! I felt like the game evolved around me. For the second one, I dont see many other choices. I’ve seen many of the ideas and I must say that lots of them are pretty good, such as Hollywood, Las Vegas, a snowy region of the US and even somewhere in Europe. Hawaii was a good idea but already taken by “Dead Island”. A free roam world wouldnt be possible cause it would take too long and lots of computers could not handle the amount data required to play. Personally, I would like to see the next game take place somewhere in Europe, and the survivors could me mixed between tourists and locals. I could laugh at the accent of a French guy in the streets of Paris or even in the Eiffel tower swearing at zombies and complaining.This is just an idea, tell me what you think.

  • i think either the midwest (somewhere well known like chicago or the twin cities area) or yes on the west coast somewhere

  • I think the next game should take place at Ireland.Beautiful green land.

    And maybe one chapter of the game could be about a mental hospital middle of a green field.There could be torture chambers under the building.When you are passฤฑn of a chained dead body, it may attack you but couldn’t chase you.

    Shiny and green, then dark and scary. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I love the Left4Dead games. I’m actually playing with my dad, and family friends, taking turns. I think the next main characters should be 2 boys and 2 girls, one girl an indian. I think that’d be cool. Also, make her a teen or something. I’m 16, and would like to play someone younger. I love all the weapons. I think the characters should start in Seattle, WA. Going through the football stadium, going to the space needle to look for a route, there’s a lot of options. There should be zombie animals and children. Make it kind of hard to kill the children, because some people would have trouble killing a kid, others not so much. Possibilities are endless.

  • What about the UK u could have four characters with four different accents such as English,welsh, Scottish and Irish would be fun.

  • personally, i think it will take place in oregon or somewhere in that area. notice that in l4d1 louisiana and oregon are circled and ripped out of evrey map, in l4d2 only oregon was circled… so i think l4d3 should take place in the last safe haven, oregon.

  • i think it should take place in various areas; cities, forests, villages etc., like the previous games. but i think the campaigns should have cut scenes added to them.

  • It should take place in Alaska or something. I want to shoot zombies in a snowstorm. And falling in water and dying would actually make sense.

  • It would make sense if at least some maps were on the Island Zoey, Louis and Francis are heading for. Or maybe something goes wrong on the ship. Underwater CEDA hide-out? Possibly. Maybe the old survivors run into someone new on the Island? Maybe we finally get to see Chicago Ted? Rochelle, Ellis, Coach and Nick are heading for an army-outpost. Maybe they arrive in Milhaven? What I don’t hope and expect is to again see a new group of survivors. I didn’t really like the new ones, but everyone has their opinion on that. It’d be awesome if the survivors run into people from previous crescendos. Like the man who needed cola, or something.

  • Los Angeles, California, baby! Seriously, think about it. Covers a new area of the country, large population to feed the horde, plenty of weirdos who might go totally nuts if they see zombies…
    But, what of the protagonists? The original survivors? Or someone new? Being a fan of the former, WILL WE EVENTUALLY MEET KEITH?! He could replace the one dead survivor from L4D1!

  • I had a dream about l4d3 once! I think I was at a abandoned school. And there were school kids. there was this girl zombie with a red checkered sweater with a short skirt, and she was holding books. Idk if that’s a good idea to use, but I’m just putting that out there.

    • I had a dream about me playing L4D3 once too, it was set underground and the title menu was a dead boomer (Complete, not just bottom half) and a witches cry in the background, then when you clicked campaign the camera shot through a door and down some stairs then a witch pounced at the screen and it went black then started campaign. Can’t remember what the survivors looked like but there was a new SI with razor sharp claws running at them and occasionally turning invisible to appear in front of a survivor screaming and shredding with its claws and I remember one of the survivors shouting “SHIT! SLICER!” then I remember a Mosin Nagant as a weapon and I remember a room full of dead bodies with an SI in the middle of it screaming (could have been a startled witch idk what it looked like) but then I woke up unfortunately.

  • you should make it a more open world in left4dead 3 because it gets boring after taking the same route everytime you play the game. If you want to make left4dead 3 the best one yet then take it to one of the big city’s-
    New York, Washington, L.A. Or Even Glasgow Scotland (Would Settle For London But Would Prefer Glasgow).

  • part three of my ideas zombies mixed up zombies u know jockey charger yawn and yawn what if u see a jockey and see one of his arms dosent look right one thign it dosent look liek the real jockey arm another thing it just jumped on a survivor on his head and charged they called it the jockargerjockey and chrager mixed together
    melee button is charge other is ride no normal attacking just special abilities nextu see a smoker and spitter together there in love accept jockey is in the middle smoker gets the survivor jockey rides survivor and spitter spits there not like jockey leg on spitter body but think like a team

  • part 3 continue any ways l4d3 seriously who says midnight riders who want them what about l4d1 chracters there on that island next thing u know zombies foudn out how to wear a floating swim suit so they can get to the island next at the last place we put them bill had been defrillbate by nick u dont meet him until second campaign youll call it zombie island theyve come to have a we missed u party with starting with eating u !!! campaign one the boat oh yah we all been seeing the angels of death has anybodied wonderd what thye look like why dont they come kncokign to your safe house door they just got infected they all turn into zombies one is a boomer hey aleast ull know what they look liek auctually 1 still a survivor he kills the zombies theres your solution promblem solved well theyve got back and they see bill and a defrillabator lets see what happens when we have 5 surviviors any ways take the rest of this idea on your own oh yeah later on angels of death guy gets charged off a bridge into the river and sinks

  • How many zombie games have been based in Europe? I don’t actually know of any…maybe there have been some. But I know I speak for a LOT of people when I say I’d like to see L4D3 take place in Europe–or even the Middle East. Can you imagine fighting both American soldier zombies and terrorist zombies? It would certainly be controversial, but maybe you could release that as an expansion. But seriously, I think it would be incredible to have a level where you have to fight your way to the top of the Eiffel Tower for whatever reason, or clear out Buckingham Palace or something. Europe has serious potential.

    Additionally, I think it would be really cool to see a zombie FPS set in a decade past, such as the 40’s, 50’s, or even the 80’s in California. Perhaps you could do an expansion for that? I don’t know, I’m just spitballing here. But those are a few of the things I’d like to see.

  • I’m thinking It would be great doing a West Coast adventure. Say Washington state to Frisco,Then on to L.A. winding up in Mexico or crossing the ocean to Hawaii.Emphisis on more campaings!!!

  • I believe the next setting for L4D3 should be in the desert. Many games are based in large urban areas, mid-land plains,and cities near the coast like Los Angeles the most over used city used in games and movies as well as New York, Chicago, and Las Vegas. But what about desert themes? The only game that i had played with a desert theme was Fallout New Vegas. Deserts are now being highly populated now-a-days, so why not have the games setting there? Like, for example, Phoenix, Arizona. I believe is the 6th most populated city in the U.S. Everyone is entitled to there opinions i am just throwing mine out there.

  • i think that on l4d3 they should split it into two parts (l4d1 survivors and l4d2 survivors)and switch between the two and maybe right at the end of both storylines they meet up and valve make a massive zombie filled map as the last mission and you can play it 7 player! or 8 player if they could meet up with a new survivor or keith!and the location should lead up to new york or D.C!

  • I would like to see Las Vegas for L4D3. You got the deserts, casinos and hotel resorts.

    Actually, I will love any setting for chance to kill more zombies.

  • Personally I’m hoping for a snowy campaign, it would be alot like Hard Rain from L4D 2 but with snow lol. Wooded areas are much more creepy if you ask me because its more open. You can’t just back yourself up into a corner and just wait till the horde has passed. Add snow to the mix and you can have swamp men but a snow version… *shudders* OK I just freaked myself out for the coming winter LOL!

    Fact is everyone wants to see it in a city, fact is city landscape is basically the same; building after building, tunnel after tunnel. SpartanR94 has a good idea as well if you ask me; because Phoenix, Arizona, is one of the most populated city in the U.S. its a prime spot for hordes and survivors. HOWEVER, its just that, a city; you can do the same for just about any other place.

    If you ask me you should be looking at environment possibilities then go for location. Hard Rain and Swamp Fever were great show cases for environment hazards. If your going to do something in the desert areas; think about the hazards; dust storms, flash-floods, heat waves… Some where with Jungles you can have monsoons, poison plants/animals. An area prone to rock-slides/mudslides. Things that make it harder for the survivors to get to safety.

    Another idea is to make it so that the paths aren’t so one liner; say you make 5 or more paths or breaking points in a campaign. One time you load the campaign it randomly decides those 5 points to pick a different route so its not always the same even its just 2 different paths; its different because you never know which path you are going to get this time around. Plus you can always add the option to pick which paths they take at the start of the campaign.

    Another thing; survivors. Everyone either wants new or old; so give them a happy compromise. 4 new players then over the course of the campaigns you find items that represent the old players. Zoey’s jacket or a picture of her, or something else that she a is known for. Francis’s vest or picture, ect. A bottle of pills that have Louise’s face on them or his tie, ect. Rochell’s could be a camera or her reporter idea. For Coach maybe his favorite brand of chocolate bars the “Chocolate Helicopters” or perhaps a team flag from the high school he taught at. Nick’s famous suit or part of it, one of his rings, or a wanted poster? For Ellis; take your pick, his hate, shirt, a tool of sorts that you would find in a garage, ect. And as a bonus Bill’s Beret.

    Point of these items? They unlock the survivors so that we can pick and choose who we team with. Now I know that the problem with this is the fact of voice files, personally I wouldn’t care if Ellis called one of the new or old players Nick I really wouldn’t. It just would change things up a bit. Plus it would force the people to get to know the new survivors at least until the unlocked the survivor they want to play as. Personally I always liked have options and unlocking things so I would really like to see this put into the game.

    So yeah that’s my ideas on Left 4 Dead 3; but there just that ideas, so I hope that valve is reading these cause I think they would give some ideas.

  • THis time it all goes north…. starts in the west coast where you must travel all the way to canada!!!!!!!! hopefully they’ll add a supertank and equip-able armour

  • sorry for those who had to read my comments on wishlist.. but here it is .. the basic summary of lfd3 .. its long but *please read and consider*

    LFD3 – Survival goes west
    we meet 4 new survivors at a midnight riders concert in hollywood. they must escape to survive
    Michael: coaches massive son
    Athena: sexy teen ginger
    Saul: mid aged ex-Israeli commando
    Eva: hoot mexican teen
    NPC – SECRET ASian MAn!!!!!

    1)Hollywood Undead
    2)Golden Arch
    3) VEGAS
    4) Hello Canada
    5) Goodbye for now
    Chapter 1) escape hollywood to survive
    chapter 2) You make your way to San Francisco since there is supposedly a refugee there … but nope … the warehouse is empty… but you receive a adress of a survivor with a hideout in vegas… you steal a chopper and fly away
    chapter 3) vegas… you meat secret asian man(npc)…. he has word of survivors in canada … and a jet !!!!!! you must make your way to the jet … To canada …… This Time It All Goes North !!!!
    chapter 4) if america was bad .. canada is worse .. different SI that are much stronger/ advanced stage of infection …. you must find the survivors
    chapter 5) Not too far now… and here they come …. shadows of the deep … a limitless horde behind you … you must hurry or die… as you approach the shelter … you meet the original lfd survivors … and so does the super-tank…. you band together and fight ….. now its the last stand …. 3 survivors stay behind … sacrifice themselves … The 3 are “left for dead” while the others escape to saftey… In This Chapter you must kill the super-tank and delay the undead for 5 minutes while the others escape …. too be continued =>> !!!!!

    characters can equip armoured vest
    larger maps
    old and new
    More weapons.. include KATARS (think wolverine), sledge hammers, and rpg’s
    And Clips at the end of each campaign

  • new york and it should have the characters from freinds or how i met
    your mother or in pasadina and have the people from the big bang theory on it

  • i think it should be in Canada many acres of trees swamps and remote towns and canda is starting to get over populated cities building you can snipe from and one desart and canada’s great plains they are desert like right to the cold artic people nearly living anywhere up here

  • I wanna see a jail them like others said, an i would love to see there be something like make your own survivor, or it would just be some one different in the closet why would it be the person who just died.Or maybe start off in a army base that would be cool.

    p.s get rid of the jock an keep the spiter.

  • I also think there should be at least 2 female survivors this time around, preferably 3. We’ve done the whole 3 men 1 woman thing twice–but I think realistically, there would be more women than men, since men tend to sacrifice themselves in order to save their women. So I’d like to see more playable female characters–or better yet, an option to CUSTOMIZE your character’s gender, race, and general appearance. Now THAT would be awesome. And games always sell WAY better when they have a customizable playable character.

      • Riiight that’s why in Dawn and Day of the Dead the woman survives? Look at the chick in 28 Days Later she totally saved the dude. He would have died without her. There’s also Claire Redfield in the Resident Evil games. Chicks would be much better at surviving in a zombie infested world. They aren’t trying to act all macho and stupid like most men would in this situation.

  • Why only in USA?
    Paris could be pretty cool, or London, Tokyo, somewhere in Russia? or Australia.

    C’mon… There is only in USA where is zombies, UFO attack, Doomsday, Virus?
    Your def. not lucky fellow americans ๐Ÿ˜€

    • well if you’ve ever watched Doctor Who and/or Torchwood, then the british are pretty S.o.L. also lol

  • I think they should include Keith from Ellis` stories.
    Kahled: Ex AlQueda agent

    Cole: US Marine

    Viktor: Russian spy

    The setting will be all over the world.
    All the survivors will get to go to their home country.
    The game starts in like Israel or Afghanistan or something like that.

    (campaing 1) Dead Heat: You start out in like a desert city with zombies of course and you make your way to an American military base where there are zombified marines and stff and you have to get in a plane that takes you to Russia.
    the common uncommon will be suicide bomber zombies sort of like the zombine in HL2 except not intentionelly blowing up

    (campaing 2) Cold Dead Shoulder: it takes place in Siberia going across to the bering straight where a guy in an oil rig will take you across to Alaska.
    common uncommon will be guys in snow suits so they will be able to take more damage sort of like the fallen survivors in l4d2 except you don`t get anything.

    (campaing 3) America`s Undead Hat: it takes place first in Alaska (1st level) then moves through Canada where you have to get in a helicopter to Texas.
    common uncommon will be zombies that throw maple syrup at you to slow you down but it wares off fast.

    (campaing 4) The Border: here the helicopter lands and has to fill up with gas sort of like the boat in hard rain. you have to go to the border of Mexico and bring back gas cans. then you take the helicopter to Nevada where it goes down.
    the common uncommon will be border patrol dogs who will chase after you in packs

    (campaing 5) Home Sweet Base: you start out in the northern part of Nevada going to Area 51. you reach it by the 3rd level but when you get there the base is being surrounded by infected for the next two levels. the next saferoom is in a bomb testing range and then you have to move to the base itself for total safety. about halfway you call for a medi-chopper to air lift you to the base and then the games over.
    the common uncommon will be scientists that have these chemical backpacks that when you kill them it releases smoke into the air like whey you kill a smoker but the smoke damages you like a spitter.

    • they should be a campaign 6 where the survivors from all three games get together to survive in chicago

  • I think it should be in the west coast start in Texas,then you go to Las Vegas where there is a rumored safe haven,then Las Angeles,then you head to Washington D.c. where you meet other survivors and they take you to a safe house a few blocks down from the White House,lastly you head into canada. The End!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • CANADA! I’m a Canadian girl and am such a nerd about this game my cousins and I came up with our own Left 4 Dead course on our way camping, including using the gas station we stop at we decided could be a safe house since the windows are all barred…-coughs- ANYWAYS

    Saskatchewan to British Columbia would be very interesting. You could start in the prairies, open air, no tree cover, a few small hills and very remote towns, then proceed to Alberta and get into the bigger cities like Edmonton and Calgary as well as the rivers and lakes. Finally get into BC near the mountains, dense forests, etc. Maybe have it in the fall-spring area to include some snow. (yes, we get lots of snow in spring and fall too)

    C’mon, EVERY game and movie about zombies is in the U.S., we Canadians need something too! ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Bonuses of west coast&Canada is that you have mixed terrain and surroundings. you have massive Hollywood, the beach, vegas, & snowy canada. you can still keep some of the original SI while adding some new ones.
    Old SI To Keep:
    CHARGER( more accurate charges)
    BOOMER (more health, longer range puke)

    NEW SI:
    1)CLIMBER – spider like SI that entangles survivors with strong web & bites them until they die (replaces the smoker)
    3)MILLIPEDE – this SI isnt bound to a single survivor, its smash attack can hit any survivor within a few feet, though its attack isnt as strong as a hunters, however considerably stronger than a chargers punch, ….. basically this SI can attack and flee at will with descent strength
    4) The Reaper – a vampire like SI that jumps and sucks the life out of survivors…. the more life sucked = stronger attack power … he also can attack and flee at will

    armoured vest
    play as witch in versus
    play as infected in survival
    clips at end of chapter
    you can equip both a defib and health pack
    more weapons… dual knives, katars, arisol & lighter (mini handheld flamethrower … limited life though), ect ……

  • I also agree that a desert or other kind of remote place would be cool, maybe some exotic places. A interesting idea would be that either you start with 2 players and you meet people the further you progress, OR , a survivor dies at one point (and i mean dead for the rest of the game) and another survor shows up. Maybe if you want to change the 3 men 1 woman scale you could kill 1 man and add another woman to the group?

  • I think they should definitely make a L4D in europe. It’d be nice to see things like the big ben, and the london bridge being recreated. And with characters, it’d be great to see like, a tourist being stuck there, so American players can have a piece of home.

  • I think the next zombie killing should take place in california. How epic would it be to kill a
    zombie version of a celebrity or even a disney character!!!!

    As for new characters…..
    Scarlet- Marilyn Monroe hollywood look a like dressed in her famous white dress
    Ricky- Mexican cholo with attitude
    Stone- Military comando
    Cristy- High school cheerleader

    New infected….
    Nightcrawler- special infected that can climb any wall at any angle even upside down. He will be more like hunter in the sence that he pounces
    Children- in the first two installments I noted that all the zombies we fought were full grown adults….where are the kids. Killing a little boy or girl would make this game a bit more fun in that now you not only have to aim high but low as well when fighting a hoard.

    New weapons…
    Flame thrower
    Knives that can be thrown

    Flea Market
    Santa Monica Pier…last stand till rescued

    Anothee thing

  • I think the next zombie killing should take place in california. How epic would it be to kill a
    zombie version of a celebrity or even a disney character!!!!

    As for new characters…..
    Scarlet- Marilyn Monroe hollywood look a like dressed in her famous white dress
    Ricky- Mexican cholo with attitude
    Stone- Military comando
    Cristy- High school cheerleader

    New infected….
    Nightcrawler- special infected that can climb any wall at any angle even upside down. He will be more like hunter in the sence that he pounces
    Children- in the first two installments I noted that all the zombies we fought were full grown adults….where are the kids. Killing a little boy or girl would make this game a bit more fun in that now you not only have to aim high but low as well when fighting a hoard.

    New weapons…
    Flame thrower
    Knives that can be thrown

    Flea Market
    Santa Monica Pier…last stand till rescued

    Another thing that would be nice is seeing how the characters end up finding each other…So far the characters just happened to end up together with no story as to where they were before hooking up. Playing as the witch in versus would be bad ass!!!!

    • i recon in left for dead 3 should be set in new york and the charicters should be a camra man nammed ben a taxi driver nammed eddie a commando nammed roger and a teenager named lucy how is a gril and the new wepons should be a baseball bat whit nails a shovel a sleghammer graned luncher m60 machine gun dule wild 44 magmams a spcel gun called the master strike it is a one shot kill pistol it can be found very rely on certan levls and maps and a dunbell as a mille wepon as well the new specil infectid should be the screamer the holwer is a escaped mental pacent wearin a long chain handcuffs which he can strangle the surivors use the survivors as shield while kills the survivor to stop you getting to him and he also fights the infected aswell the gremmlin who is really small and can jump really high and relly strong and he only rarly appears but hits you and takes half your life down and the jumps away and wont appear till next level but if you kill him you will get an avievment called big thing come in small packeges its worth 50g because he is rare to kill but if you dont he keeps coming through out the game the doomer is like a tank but dedlyer and can use its surroundin as weapons and can throw u into walls and into hordes for extra damage the viper is a part witch part smoker it can lead you into dead ends and get you lost so you are more vonurable then burrows into the ground and pulls you under the grond and suffercates you and in left 4 dead 3 should inculed the outher specil infectid from privouse games also i would like to say that the screamer when it screams it shkes the screen and makes it bury the campains should be called lifeless city the second campain holaday from hell the third campain sould be called dog days the fourth canpain long trip and the fith canpain callled hopeless nightmere and in the end campain all the surviors meet up form l4d 1 and l4d2 and meet up whit the new surrviors and at the end they see a helicoptor and appers on the hurison and merinase come down and escort them to safety and thay all escape safely as you escape in the background you see new york getinng nuked by the millitary and the esscorted to a place free off infection. please post back to me about my idea thank you

  • For starters a urban neighbor hood, like dawn of the dead esque, after that a down town setting,sky scrapers,parking garages, a sports stadium or arena,the other ideas a church or evangelical compound,maybe even set it in a massely populated country like china.

  • i think l4d3 should take place in 4 different parts of the world we have alreay killed in the us. but what if we got kill the puss bags in like roam or spain, hell even japan just to give the players more of a look at what a zombie invation would legitly look like if we ever left the US. during one.
    Just a thought….

  • It should be set in london england with such great backdrops as big ben, the houses of parliment, The bloody tower (Tower of london) Picadilly circus and the bridges that cross the thames, Tower bridge, Charing cross Waterloo, also the london underground would make a great level. London has a spooky history alot of spooky places i think it would make the ideal scene for l4d3.

  • Why not leave the US and go to Canada, Mexico or even better: leave that continent and go to Africa or Europe or Asia. The world doesn’t only exist out of the US, Canada and Mexico you know. There are tons of players from Europe, but every game is in the US.
    I think you could make a wonderfull game in London, Amsterdam, Paris, Madrid, Moscow, Prague, Tokyo, Sidney and much more.

  • I agree with either Europe, the West Coast, or Russia.
    We’ve used America twice in L4D, now we should show how other survivors around the world are handling it!

  • Also, I freakingg love Ellis and to be honest, I wanna meet Keith! So L4D3 should include Keith:33

  • I like the whole prison concept. How ’bout this? A black female prison guard, a white man who would be the warden, an hispanic inmate and a black inmate who were from rival gangs. Now, they all have to work TOGETHER in order to survive. The first stage would obviously be in a prison and you will have to kill a bunch of zombies dressed up in prison uniforms, some zombie guards as well. Once they find their way out of the prison the safehouse would be a bus they use for prisoners. That bus will then take them to the second stage and you take it from there…

  • Or how ’bout – AMSTERDAM (Red Light District)??? Characters can be a couple of tourists, a wise, sarcastic man who hands out flyers, and a hooker. LOL. You will even see zombies through windows dressed like prostitutes and they break through the window to chase you. Also, this time you can ride a bicycle and pedal away from the zombies (because Amsterdam has thousands of bikes parked on the street). Then you can also get on one of those boats that Amsterdam has tons of by the bridge. You would see zombies popping out of the water and hang on to the boat. Just some ideas…

    • One of the SI characters would literally be called “The Hooker” and she would be a version of a witch & smoker put together where she would have this long arm that has a handcuff attached to it. She would then cuff u and pull u back to her… lol

  • I just want Left 4 Dead 3 to be four players on the XBOX.

    Ohโ€ฆ And pennsylvania, Philadelphia perhapsโ€ฆ

    • great idea about the 4 player thing i hate only being able to play 2 player cause i have two siblings that play with me but we have to take turns so this way 4 ppl could play at once. GREAT IDEA!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • The new game should take place in Illinois. You should start in a rural area, like a farm, and fight your way up to Chicago, where the military is being held. There should be a campaign in it similar to Hard Rain, where you have to escape a town that’s about to be hit by a tornado

  • I think the next l4d shuld take place in Nevada. That would be awsome. Shoot some zombie Elvis and Wayne Newton. Lol.

  • I think it should take place somewhere in Africa. small and poor villages and crossing some desert, no place to hide.
    maybe the pyramids… secret passage and stuff
    Or maybe some of those places that the sun does not show up for days…

  • Do it in Australia mate! They banned the full game there so lets see how they like it when zombies are chomping on their asses.

  • i think midwest in the winter time. nothing is more scary then zombies coming out of snow banks and breaking out of the ice. the locations here are perfect, we have every type of enviroment. cant go wrong with drinking beer here in wisconsin ๐Ÿ™‚ just giving the midwest some love haha

  • i think it should take place in 4 or 5 major cities around the world like levle one shoule be in. PittsBurgh PA where the survivors will be faceing hordes by the thousands then after u beat that campain. u should go to Washington DC where u have to fight a boss wich should be Abe Lincolin or Ben Franklin. the after Dc u go to Alaska where u have to fight the normal infected then the uncommon infected the u have to fight the rare infected which should be sled dogs ( AKA barkers ) and the owners ( AKA mushers ) . after alaska u got to LA then Hollywood.

  • Definitely Maine – Maine to Boston MA, or Boston, MA to Maine. Perhaps the survivors are fighting thier way to a supposed evac in Boston, or perhaps attempting to head to Canada where they heard of some safe place.

    Steven King has it right when he says New England is the best creepiest place in the USA. OLD buildings, OLD cemeteries, etc. You could even make it during fall, around Halloween – or just past, when all the leaves have fallen and people’s old jackolanterns sit in front of big McMansion homes in the suburbs – rotting away… CREEPY.

    Then theres always Washington, DC… these days, theres lots who would like to take out some pent up frustration in video game format, on those politicians… And we could make that one from NYC to DC – or DC to NYC – we could toss in Wall Street – oh what fun! Stock Broker infected… Huh? HUH?? Ya gotta admit – that would be SWEET.

    NO around-the-world trips. That just wouldnt make sense. How are the survivors exactly going to get transcontinental flights..? lol

    Maybe in a far off time, when that infection does spread around the world, we can follow our intrepid survivors off to England.. but for now, lets just watch this infection spread through the USA…

  • Too many suggestions for “around-the-world” settings.

    No way. Keep it in the USA! I want to watch this thing spread, and perhaps even die out (starving zombies, ala 28 days) in the USA – THEN we can hop off to other places – Valve could even have two titles at once going. Left4Dead, and Left4Dead Pandemic. The pandemic title could follow the virus all over the world. Theres no end to the possibilites of the Left4Dead title!

    Most of all, and I know this should be on the wish list – but… I want more backdrop story info. I want to see more wall charts, maps, and scribblings, top-secret govt. info (playable video and tape recordings in-game would be cool), etc. I read every bit of everything in both Left4Deads, and wanted to know more. I wanted to find government experimentation gone awry info, etc. – It would be awesome to be able to pick stuff up and throw it at zombies too – like chairs and such.

    At some point, we must make a trip through ground zero – wherever this infection started….

  • takes place in San Francisco, to Las Vegas area to Southern midwest to Florida to Key West

    or Europe :/

  • i think it should take place somewhere in like asian or japan or possibly just somewhere in the other half of the world…make it a global crysis

  • It should be a split story line, the continuation of Left For Dead 1 & 2 (Maybe Left for dead 1 could meet Keith to make four survivors) with the campaign storyline meeting at the end of the game. The left for dead 1 survivors getting on their island to find it inhabited with more zombies, then escape the island and hear on the radio or on a map where a safe point/city is. The Left For Dead 2 survivors helicopter crash lands (again) in a city infested with Zombies who then also hear about the safe point/city, and try and reach it. When they get there a huge cut scene is shown which is a huge final battle as survivors team up, and leaves it as a dilemma showing some of the survivors nearly or actually dying, for the next Left For Dead 4 if they only want 4 survivors, so a mix of each left for dead 1 & 2.

    • that is a awsome and epic idea for l4d3 but there has to be more campaigns (whihc ik you havent put) and i guess you pick which team you go on l4d1 survivors or l4d2 either one or random but still great idea

    • I think your idea is great it should definitely be shown like that where it could be like in modern warfare 2 or world at war. The idea where you can change between the 2 groups of survivors getting close to eachother as you pass a chapter is one perfect idea.

  • i personaly wold like to see a levle set in afganistan with terrorist zombies mabie a army base or a small vilage and i thing the caricter customizeation is a good idea but i wold like to see weapon customizeation mabie perks or sompthing

    • Lol the big thing with lfd is that it is fairly real beside finding piles of ammo with exactly what you need the game is you take what you can get you an find pipebombs and guns left behind by the military but you won’t find something to change your weapon to do what you want weapon perks are more call of duty anyway this is lfd tons different lol but idk I’m not saying your wrong or I’m wrong it’s just my opinion so please don’t get mad for this it wouldn’t be the first time some one got irritated because I shared my opinion

  • I think that the survivors should start in the winter in Canada so that we can get some snow action and maybe there should be a zoo level and one of the horde allerters is that you have to destroy the glass to an aquarium and it will make this huge racket. You can also do a whole bunch of other things in a zoo. Like they can go through the feeding areas and such.

  • L4d3 should take place in the mall of america , great space ,whole lot of action.
    Or the most haunted towns in the world , it will be kool if you put zack from ghost adventures
    I have a good one , make it at E3
    AREA 51

  • I think it should be in the city that never sleeps.. NYC.. its only logical that the survivors would be swarmed with so many people and NYC is one of the places with alot of people.. LA would be my second guess.. But I have an idea.. just like Part 1, there should be a part where the survivors would escape from lets say JFK airport and go overseas.. And then realize that the world has been affected..

  • i think dat it should take place in Los Angeles, A big area with with a lot of space to fight zombies and it would be cool to drive and with new weapons

  • I think it should start in Canada, to get like a Winter vibe and like they should work their way down the country and they will make it to a Harbor where a rescue boat saves them and takes them to a overrun foreign country like Korea or Japan, and they work their way through different cities in this foreign country, either way that is my idea of awesome L4D3

  • i would like cheats like infinite ammo or unlimited health more guns stronger zombies and more independent characters more frequent hordes and let us people be zombies without the internet and p.s. screamer great idea

  • I think NYC idea is great… I mean, it’s quite populated, means that survivors will find it hard not to encounter hordes of zombies (challenging!) also, there will be lots of famous skyscrapers.. Like Chrysler Building, Empire State, and so on.. Imagine? Survivors running through the Central Park? Shooting zombies at Broadway? Trying to save their own lives while on Time Square? Having glamorous safe areas at Upper East Side? That’ll be cool! Isn’t it? Not just the big challenge a big population may bring, it may also give the players some treat, playing and at the same time browsing the city!! Also, it’s the “City that Never Sleeps”.. They can turn that famous tagline into “City You don’t dare to sleep” LOL
    whatdya think? rocks or sucks?

  • I Think It Should Take Place In Moncton,New Brunswick Canada It Is the Perfect enviroment For A Horror game

  • I think you should involve germany. Why not? Fighting on the Oktoberfest or around the Brandenburger Tor. Bavarian zombies with beer. Of course drunken. I think that’ll be awesome. And what about the harbor in Hamburg. Cologne Cathedral or the Neuschwanstein castle. I got a brilliant idea! The alliance arena! My favourites are the Oktoberfest and the alliance arena. HOpe you’ll read my comment ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Blue Bavarian Morph

  • I think West Virginia would be an interesting place to have the survivors treak through, considering West Virginias forests and city environments all alike. plus new special infected could be included maybe one that has to do with coal since the state has plenty of which…maybe like “The Miner” and that could go either which way on what it does.

  • Really, NYC would have been a great idea, if it wouldn’t have been the first place to go. Crowded streets, high population, and the fact that it’s not the cleanest place in the world would give the virus an easy time of spreading from person to person. In addition, L4D already took place in the North, why repeat it again? The area in and around California seems interesting and possible (especially since the map in the beginning of “Dead Center” during L4D2 didn’t show the west side of the U.S.), even potentially fun. Maybe the survivors travel to Nevada and have to shoot their way through a casino? Or cross the Golden Gate bridge to get to safety? Or fight their way out of an old movie set? How awesome would that be? Hey, maybe we even run into Nick’s ex-wife! (Alright maybe not. By what Nick describes, I don’t think she would be a very pleasant woman to be around…) But DEFINITELY make sure to include a female character, and one way better than Rochelle, for us girl gamers out there!

  • I think left 4 dead 3 should be unrelated and have a more solid story line with longer levels and more of them I think we can all agree there is never enough Wich is good but gimme 30 even 40 levels but also let me drive a car and run down a horde or a tank ram my car off a bridge maybe put me in one big city a huge map like GTA there is so many possabilities with this game they need to use them and do this shit find more protected clothing around possibly get infected this franchise needs to be taken to the next level thumbs up if you love the idea of a GTA style left 4 dead of free roaming mowing down zombies with a car and even setting up a safe house as your base! And create your own character

    I think people would love it! But Rhys just me maybe

    P.s I love chasing the smoker on foot I can never keep a straight face! The way he makes a run for it classic

  • P.s I forgot the point was where it should take place and even though I’m British I’m sorry but it has to be NEW YORK CITY!!!!!

  • you should make a new kind of gameplay and by that i mean like that upcoming game dead island but it should be more realistic (zombie realistic). Maybe a big city like New york where you can run around with your friends 4-8 players and find “AI-survivors” who gives you missions to do with your friends, missions where you first have to go to a weapon store to get better weapons so you can easier finish the main goal of the mission (whatever that is).

  • i think that it should take place in south america and that virgil from l4d2 should pick up survivors from america, they all get into a fight, someone shoots virgil, and they crash in chile, then the game starts. also, bring in the screamer, get to create your own character

  • The best thing that would probably make tons of people happy is to take actual places, but not just the important places. It will be hard, but if you could have houses that actually exist would be amazing! Imagine fighting zombies in front of your own house! This means you can go from the biggest cities to the smallest towns.

    • more guns and zombies? are you kidding me L4D2 was confusing for me to decide which gun to take in the gun shop in Dead Center:2 streets.
      and spitters and smokers and jockeys and chargers are enough for me.

      • You scared of a little zombie shoot em enough and they’ll die
        And take the gun that suites you, do you like to hang back and cover your allies with a sniper or get right I’n the battle with a shot gun or maybe even combine the two with a rapid firing gun it all depends on how you like to play

      • whatever I wanna see more type of zombies even dog zombies which are like cod 4’s wolfs that take you to the ground and rips your ass apart

  • They could be an Air Assault squad in Afghanistan shot down by zombie terrorists, trying to get back to America.. you could call in air strikes from an uninfected AF base, have modern weapons (!!!AA-12!!!) and use heavier explosives. Then they could escape to the U.S. (New York?) just to find that it’s Zombified too oh noo! Just my idea haha. Good or bad?

  • Japan would be an awesome place to kill zombies.

    Each campaign could be in a different place, that would keep things interesting.

  • Start them off in say, Las Vegas or San Francisco, then as the story progresses move them towards Canada where the temperatures are too cold to support the current zombies.

  • I would say the most logical place it would be is the west, like Los Angeles or Las Vegas or something, cause they have done the north/east and the south.
    …And Remember, Karma Charger is always watching!

  • How about Lapland? You have to fight against a deadly horde of snowflakes, 1-3 infected appears every 50 minutes and of course new boss infected called Santa throws you some presents?

  • West Coast. Start with Vegas and San Fran, Then Seattle and Vancouver, and end up in Alaska.

  • idea make the lfd3 be in the north and let the midnight rider meet up with them from lfd2 and other surviors and with this plan you will have a choice to create a team from the guy of lfd1 and 2 with others that are new

  • Zombie outbreak takes place in Washington, DC with a full sprint across the Mall. People from all walks of life converge on Congress. A Secret Service Agent, a lobbiest, and so forth. But, the main character of all … you. You get to creat a character in your image. Then, when you play with multiple friends (so of which are female) they don’t have to fight over the girl character. From DC, we go to Boston in the winter, with the helicopter touching down in Fenway Park. They board a plane with others; the finale of this level consisting of having to fight while a number of people board the plane (trying to keep them alive). Then, the plane goes down enroute to Alaska (not directly) and crashes in Keystone, SD (near Mount Rushmore) with the same four surviving. Rescue is found on top of the Mountain. The last stop is Alaska, with a great battle taken place on a military base, thought safe from the infection. The battle is won, but the war is lost. The four flee the base at the end on a battleship. The ship is infested. There is a number of survivors left on board, but the sickness is spreading. The four have to kill the infected before more are created. Sort of like a bonus ending, where there is a fixed number of infected to be killed. That is my idea.

  • well l4d3 shouldnt take place in vegas because it would be kind of copying dead rising 2 it should still be in the u.s. i would say maine/NH in the middle of winter and have the camera shake sometimes to show how cold it is (shivers)

  • also I’ve always wanted to hit a zombie with a Stop sighn :3 can you make that a new mele weapon? SHIZUO HEIWAJIMA!!!!……sorry..^^’

    • lol make it like a spear, it would be cool to see customizable weapons not going crazy with it but have things like a bat and you could put barb wire around it, or even see something like a double barrel shotgun with a sword blade in the middle of the barrels. you know customizable bad ass things like this

  • maybe it could start off on a cruise ship and theres suddenly a zombie outbreak onboard and ur four main charactors have to make it through this ship all the way up and into the captains area whitch is the saferoom then the next level the ship comes crashing onto land where the rest of the game can take place so while ur runnint threw the ship u see others getin ate and changeing maybe runninr into a room and killing off sum zombies jus b4 they get killed or change and u have to kill them.

  • In Left 4 dead we were in Pennsylvania fighting zombies in the city
    next we moved to Savanna, Georgia in Left 4 Dead 2 yet again fighting zombies in the city, town, swamps. So when it comes to Left 4 Dead my idea for where this game to take place I would have to say somewhere like where I am living right now in Wewahitchka (yea I know its hard to say just think We Wall Hit Your Car) simple because of all that is around here would work for a zombie game like Left 4 Dead. You would start off here in Wewahitchka then move to Port St. Joe because boats are moving people out. Only to get there and see that all of the boats have already left you behind so you get the idea to go to Tyndall air force base to steal an airplane and once again like in the Left 4 dead games see that they are all FUCK”D UP and that idea was stupid. The only place you have left to go to is Panama City (which in real life is only for parties and nothing else really) to finally steal a boat.
    Also something I thought would be great for the game and gamers is for all four of the playable character to have different skills they can use like (one of them be a doctor so when he heals himself and the other plays he can give you more heal then the others can, another be a common thief so that someone can now turn off all those damn alarms, another can be a cop but they were on a swat team so they can reload faster and handle guns better and the last playable character I really have no club on them so if someone else has an idea for them they can say it

  • I personally think it should take some place outside the US, so you could see what’s happening at the other parts of the world.

    Or maybe have it start in the US, and then they take an airplane, and crash somewhere else? xD. Idk. Just think it should be outside it.

  • Hell man, I really want to see a zombie game in the UK. London would be great. There’s got to be lots of British taxi cabs around and maybe one of the missions could be holding out in the houses of parliament. Another level could be outside buckingham palace where the uncommon infected are the royal guards (red coats, massive black furry hats) they could use the gun with bayonet to attack to from slightly further away meaning you can’t melee them during a huge horde attack.

  • Japan, China or UK. Also one of the levels could be on a beach trying to get to a boat but instead of dieing when you go in the see you don’t die straight away instead you try to keep yourself above the water and your health is like when your hanging off a building or when you on the floor so when it goes down to the bottom you drown and die but for someone to save you they chuck a rope and pull you in

  • NEW YORK CITY!!! Imagine going through an undead yankee stadium or the empire state building. And it should have Keith telling stories about Ellis (one time me and my buddy Ellis…) Or I think it would cool if it took place in 60’s or 70’s Vietnam, and the the vietcongs were actually messing around with the virus (which was probably from the black market) so a young Bill and 3 other soldiers go in get to the bottom of it. WHATTAYA THINK!?

  • Hear i go lfd1 and lfd2 have been a blast. Lfd1 took place at pennsylvania,then lfd2 took place at georgia. Now its time for the west coast or maybe states like texas,neveda,new mexico,arizona,blasting guns and ammo all the way to california. Lfd3 should take parts at the desert,maybe tombstone arizona, perhaps las vegas, the grandcayon,or yellow stone park, or san fransico, hollywood, and other place. I think lfd3 will be another big hit no matter what killing zombies is the shit. Weapons : lets go with the latest models,maybe ww2 weapons,its always exciting useing military vehicles with 50 cal on top of vehicles, with more explosive’s ,or maybe air born aircrafts. I guess i get so excited with games like this. Well i guess this is it for me hope you like my commets. Peace out.

  • heres a thought, its been 5 years since they escaped the bridge (L4D2 Parish ending), the infected were contained and destroyed, happy ending and all that s**t…, coach has gone on to become an author (writing about the past events/campaigns), rochelle got her big story and became a famous news reporter and became famous etc.., nick disapperaed into west europe and ellis became a stock car driver after dead center,

    epilouge is a cutscene of a goverment lab in area 51, two sciencetists are disecting a zombie alive (held down), as they go to perform an incision and remove its heart, it explodes (boomer vomit) the bile goes all over the sciencetists and it infects them (new zombie called carriers very rare, replaces witch), the two infected are trying to fight the effects but its too strong, they become carriers, they infect the base and escape into the nevada desert, theres hundreds of them running towards a town called Osprey (random name), they as suspected wreak havoc into the town, infecting everyone, its a relatively large town so around about 7500 population so alot of zombies,about 80 odd people flee into the town hall and barricade it up (first safehouse), they have the usual, ammo, guns, molotovs, pipe bombs, adrenaline, medi kits etc…, most are civilian who were working wen it happened so theyre still in outfits, after they settle down and calm down, the mayor who convienently at the time was in the hall adresse’s the people and declares a state of emergency saying the military will be there in 3 days (much like dead rising), some agree except 4 people who disagree and want to go out in hope of rescue and answers (thus the campaing is them fighting their way to area 51), the 4 people are the towns local MP (sterotypical nerd, glasses, suit, the works), a burly lumberjack (its quite a agricultural town and alot of labouring industry) in his overalls and a HUGE axe, a FEMALE college intern working at the town hall (with the mayor at the time), and the deputy sheriff (usual outfit, handgun etc..), they storm out of the building and fight their way through the horde and encouter old SPECIAL INFECTED, and news ones (Carriers, Screamers HOPEFULLY, Stalkers, jockey like build but bigger and no laugh who hide in trees puncing on there backs, same as jockeys but instead gnaw on their back and the hoarders, speedy tall zombies who sprint at the surivors and carry them off out of range and chuck them into hoards of zombies, when i say chuck i mean CHUCK) they then do the usual except are not trying to escape and instead are fighting towards the heart of the horde and must kill the two first carriers, (the sciencetists) they are equivalent to tanks but x2 times stronger and fight at the same time, as the virus is relatively new to the town, there isnt many zombies to encounter, certain cars are drivable and do need petrol (gas stations are stationed round the map), game is styled as free roam so you choose when to do missions but as time passes on the numbers of the zombies grow and non infected wear thin, money does work on this game as pawnshops are spread across the town (same as dead rising 2 but no looters), upgrades can be bought for your weapons and new ones can be bought, petrol can be bought, anything really, a special feature is when you encounter carriers (not as strong as the last ones you fight) they as mentioned vomit on you which can infect you, to fight the infection a short button sequence appears on screen and you must complete in order to remain not infected, its gets quicker and harder the more times you get infected, if you ever fail the sequence and become infected you only get 5 game hours of play left with that character until they turn and you lose them for the rest of the game, save points are the safehouses, if you lose all but one surivors then you must find a second surivor as its impossible to surive by yourself (smokers hunters,jockeys etc..) they can be recruited from the town hall but are limited, the more zombies you kill then the more chance that surivors will appear at the town hall, at least one of the start characters must remain in the squad (OF 4) at all time, if they all die then its game over, you can leave surivors at safehouses and will gradually heal and recover over time unless bit when of course they will infect anyone in the safehouse and render it lost and impossible to regain. as mentioned before main campaign is to destroy the two major carriers (basically the mothers, once theyre gone the zombies will quicky die out), if a carriers are destroyed then the zombies will lose some and maybe all of their influence in that are. once main campaign is completed then you can still continue playing but all same rules apply as they did before regardless of the amount of carriers.

    hope you consider this as this took alot of time and effort as well as thinking to create, hope you like it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • the 3rds in vegas theres a map on the wall in the first l4d marking that the only safe places are louisiana and vegas and in the 2nd theirs another that said the only safe place is vegas

    • Dan, this is the best story i’ve ever seen! You have a great imagination and great ideas! I love the L4D series and would love to play your chapter in the series! If you would like to have your story published, I could get it on gamesradar’s newsletter! Please write back if you’re cooperative with this idea! Thanks!

    • that is a really cool idea but personally I think they should leave drivable cars out of it, I’m also a huge fan of create a character so I would be awesome to see that in a left 4 dead game, and Ive been waiting to see like a teenager in one of these games (paranoid 18year old always going on about what he saw in this move or that game) but is really good with weapons training or create a character like that and such. Also the getting infected sounds like it would be a huge pain in the ass I mean boomers puking on you is gross and annoying enough but trying to do a button sequence while zombies are running at you would suck lol. But on the grounds of you dieing instead of just finding that player along the way in a safe house or something you find a new character at the safe house (or create) and if you spent a long time with that first guy and you lose him the other 3 are upset and sad about the loss but if its early on then they don’t really care they just are thinking about surviving. I think that would be an interesting twist to these games without dramatically changing them and not making them a pick up and go kinda feel :p

  • I think it should take place in either Detroit and cross into Canada or St Louis and try to make it to Chicago …..Have them go through a zoo and the animals have been affected and attack them.

  • Maybe it could let the player choose where. Like maybe the start of the game can be a international map and the big places could be where you can go. 5 levels for each maybe? With different infected in each place, depending on the place certain specials, and the common can hold things pertaining to the area.

  • left 4 dead 2 and 3 is happy to play in dark carnival many zombies, the passing bill dies .no mercy battle tanks in rooftop. the parish many charger in bridge. end of the world in left 4 dead game

  • I think it should be in one of 2 areas either on the west coast, lets say California, Vegas specially since Vegas was mentioned in both l4d1 & l4d2 then heading over to some other state. Also you could do another country or continent like Europe with England, Germany, Italy or even Africa would be amazing with infected feeding on lions and etc. There are alot of different ides in terms of places you could choose from but in terms of being safe with your choice i think the west coast is you best bet.

  • Ok how about this, 4 places in Europe with 4 different sets of survivors who all hear about some sort of safe haven town in Paris, 4 different stories on these groups making their way to this place from different countries in Europe, just to spitball some idea: Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK. Then when they all get to the “safe haven” (now overrun with infected) they all have one big epic 16 player finale trying to hold out as long as possible, or perhaps only 4 are allowed to escape, one from each group, or just one of the four groups, I’m just giving a basic idea, but I think that would be amazing!

  • I say it should take place in Canada but like each campaign is a different season (winter, spring, summer, and fall) to make it more of a challenge because you don’t know what the seasons will bring you ๐Ÿ˜€ also they should make some cars driveable but it alerts the horde and the can still get you also {this is my last idea}; The tanks don’t go as slow, and they can take half your life with one punch or one rock throw

    PS: Sorry if my ideas sound a bit “challenging” or “Oh hell naw im NOT going to go through those O.O!” but I just really like challenges XDD

  • California no doubt about it
    but really it should be in california starting of in the desert region through the rough ghetto and then to beach. California has a huge variety compared to any other place in the United States and even the world and theres also lots of intresting charaters your can create with your average californian

    • i actually kinda like that idea. You could have plenty of interesting character combantions. Gangsters, trailor park people,big city people like from Beverly hills or even celebrities. Hmm sounds interesting.

      • Has anybody seen Zombieland? There should be a celebrity tie in such as find and save Bill Murray lol. Also somebody mentioned having Keith who is Ellis’s friend as a survivor. The landscape should be L.A and I think the survivors should be Keith, A midnight rider band mate, a Peace Corp asian chick (just to have the irony of a hippie fighting for her life, and a black CEDA male scientist. Plus have zombie animals where you fight thru the San Diego zoo. Can you just imagine a zombie silverback gorilla Tank? OMG!!

        One last thing. I love all the characters from L4D & L4D2 so have all of them (excluding Bill b/c he died) meet up and have them fight in a grand finale together. Then they altogether travel around in a city bus and look for aide.

  • you know what would be cool? let us say that the pandemic goes global and forces humans to leave Earth and like, colonize a different planet or stay on a self sustainable spaceship because they think that the infected will eventually die from starvation or something. say about 20 years of being in space and then they find that the infected started breeding like animals and started eating something. also animals should get infected (dogs, sharks, bats). humans finally figure out that the only way of dealing with the infection is killing off the zombies. they send down like 1000 soldiers or something and all of them die except for like 50 and you play as a German male general, a south American female soldier, a 17 year old asian male (who like stowed away, and an african soldier. (
    also there should be a mod where you could be star wars characters or something:3 )

    • first thats stupid eskimo we havnt got that far in the left 4 dead world to go into space i like the animals idea tho.

  • Canada during fall and winter, having to survive not only the hordes of zombies, but also the cold of the frozen wasteland. Even going through the oil sands in Alberta Canada, or whats left of them after the apocalypse.

    • that would be epic,one of the special infected should be a hockey player, when you kill him you get a hockey stick for a weapon.

  • I would definitely say the West Coast, around Los Angeles, definitely starting inside the city. A friend of mine and I have even come up with campaign plans, survivors, special infected and other ideas for it, though at this point the most I’d expect to actually see completion is some sort of mod. I did really like the idea of a Vegas campaign with a light show finale.

  • I have actually thought about this very subject over and over. i Was thinking intensly about it. and the question is not shoudl it be in a different country or this or that. the main question is what would be new and exciting what place really has immense character and where is good enough for the beautiful imaginations of the left 4 dead devlopers to play with. First i thought stick maybe another big city? but where? Chicago? Los Angelos? Seattle?I’m really not sure.Possibly Texas? Truth is I’m not sure. I like too many and i can come up with far too many ideas for characters interesting levels and jsut colorful Creations. I guess We jsut have to rely on the minds of the developers. but i suppose i might personally like seeing some New England Characters running around bashign skulls open with bats from the yankees or red sox. so i perosn would like Boston.

  • I was thinking… why not have extremes like Alaska. During a Snow storm there is low visibility, scarce supplies, and mostly uninhabited. Another extreme I would like to see is DEATH VALLEY! What better place to fight the undead. See how long players can last in a fortress built by some of the last remaining survivors. It has very high visibility, which is great because players don’t always get to use the Sniper or Hunting Rifles to their full potential. Instead of scavenging for gas, players could scavenge for Water. Players could end up going to Las Vegas and see if Luck really does exist. Maybe put vehicles in Death Valley. Let players choose a vehicle and upgrade it or put their choice of supplies to last them through Death Valley on their way to the CEDA Vegas Strip Evac station!

  • From Maine to cali. there should be different weather, and challenges.
    a search for more survivors and a look into how this happened, roam thru a prison to find survivors. make it longer and more things to do.

  • I kind of like the whole idea of changing up the characters to bring up some real diversity like a gangster character and maybe like a zombie nerd or fanatic or something. In terms of location, we can start from east and head to the west coast like from New York/ Washington D.C. and headed southwest to Texas and finally California. When you add a couple of bonus campaign missions, it should leave the U.S., after the survivors maybe realize that it has spread all over the U.S. and there could be talk of maybe a few remaining global safe havens, like an island stronghold. In the end only to have it raided by zombies. Extremes like Alaska wouldn’t work because then people would be like, oh, that makes no sense because zombies are dumb and they’d either freeze or they could barely move since the cold makes your muscles tense up and affects your thinking and stuff. The heat wouldn’t do to good since the zombies are still stupid and perish, and no survivor in their right mind or even half a mind would walk through a random desert and say let’s go find supplies and survivors!Unless of course they want to die or something. The game should really focus on what’s going on the mind of the survivors. If this really is based on zombies, there should be some reason why they’re traveling one way or another, perhaps you should have parts during the game where you hear about safe places and how far the infection is spreading. Perhaps a broadcast from the President or something. Cutscenes however, aren’t really recommended because you know, it’s all about putting you in the survivor’s shoes and having you think about what would you do, during a zombie invasion. I also think you should run into other survivors but only to have them die after a short while after seeing them since we’re talking about the story of four certain survivors, but you should introduce other people every now and then like the Gunstore owner in L4D2or the Churchbell ringer guy in L4D1 (I hate that guy) but it makes it weird when you hear and see more rescue squad guys than you do teams of survivors. I want to see a guy ahead of you getting chased down and eaten by zombies and when you get there he tells you about some safe house or something and then turns into a zombie or dies or something (but without the cutscene because that gives you the feal it’s just a game. You need to give the player control).

  • I Think the New left for dead should take place in Britain during the winter!!! I also think they should be rescued by a hot air baloon or a small propeller plane or something like that but not in america two games there is anought! Besides londons weather gives a zombie apocolypse a freaky effect!

    • I agree. Britain is pretty big,but some people would say small places,like Stoke,or Stone/Stafford.

  • i agree with CALIFORNIA.. and the Canada thing too cuz it would be really awesome to have a winter level, snow storms and the blood on the snow would look epic

  • i think it be awsome if u play like a swat team assigned to go into the city u wipe out the zombies hopefully a game would be like that some day

  • And what about Europe? Or Japan? Or Australia? Or an African setting? North America’s kinda getting old for the setting. Sure, guns are easy to come by and everything, but it’s getting bland.

  • I think that the setting should be placed in las vegas. The reason is because las vegas brings a more diverse enviroment, from the once thriving city, into a barren landscape. I also think that the zombies should be more, in a way, smarter. Like instead of just running into the survivor, they go from the back, or they call a special infected. Also,the guns shouldnt be everywhere, its not like im going to find a shotgun, ak-47, and a thumper in a house, i think they should be looked for, like in a pawn shop or in a gun shop. And make the levels endless in a way. Like instead of a horde coming every 2 minutes, zombies come from themselvs, and they call others.Lastly, no more pills or adredaline shots or pills, make it a funner and more safe game 4 kids, because the company could rate the game M but kids will get a hold of it, so just take out does and replace it with energy drinks and special food. Please Reply and tell me what you think.

  • eeeww I don’t understand why everybody asks for snow! I HATE SNOW!
    I would like a goddamn hot place!
    ok here are my thoughts :
    1)A huge modern attraction park like Disneyland, much better than the old little roller coaster in L4D2, with the possibility to use many attractions.
    2)Akihabara district in Tokyo would be enough to make thousands of maps…
    Maid zombies, otaku zombies, businessmen and OL zombies, etc.
    3)Paris… There was “See Naples and die”, now there will be “See Paris and die”. ๐Ÿ™‚ That could be a swell idea to re-visit this Louvre Museum. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    And… Why not going up the eiffel tower to get an helicopter? (^^)v
    4)Why not going to Egypt?
    Enough of zombies, let’s kill some mummies instead!
    Mummies, zombies, huge spiders, dead archeologists, etc.
    We could get lost in a gigantic labyrinth in an Egyptian pyramid!
    5)A TRAIN! I want to kill zombies in a train, pleeeaaase!
    Whatever the country it is. I love trains…
    Maybe an old train? But damn, that must be difficult to fight the tank in such a narrow space… Still, I’d love to do that!
    6)A huge university. Zombie teachers, students, janitors, etc.
    Actually there was a nice campaign about an university for L4D2, but it didn’t really look like an university… Or maybe it was high school?
    7) the peak of a mountain! NOT A SNOWY MOUNTAIN! No, something like the mountain level in the first Half-Life…

    hmm that’s all for now, but like some people say, LEFT 4 DEAD is the best concept ever, the possibilities are limitless!
    WE WANT LEFT 4 DEAD 3!!!

  • l4d3 should take place in san antonio is that cool also laler it should then take place in a millitary base ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Mmm perhaps Las Vegas would be the best choice for me! or maybe places like new mexico or tijuana ;D

  • i’m just sad that Ellis and Nick will be gone ๐Ÿ™ I couldn’t play left for dead 1 because i was too attached to the L4D2 characters. I hope the characters are a lot like them, at least. Funny and always making little comments and banter. I don’t really like the Midnight Riders idea though. I think you guys should keep the L4D2 characters and have it so they’re at a Midnight Riders concert together. All of a sudden something happens and the Midnight Riders either become zombies, or make it an 8 player game and allow the Midnight Riders to join Nick, Ellis, Rochelle, and Coach ! That’d be awesome.

  • Ive made a campaign =D Campaign 1 Death Camp: The camp where noone has ever returned. Level 1,The Hotel. The survivors are at the top of a Building (Much like L4D1 Lvl 1),and has to make themselves down to the exit,where a Camp is being held. Level 2 Camp. Into the Camp,you have to find the Master tent,out of 50 all together. Level 4 The Tent. Once you get in,you will have to start a Alarm,get to the other side of the Camp,shut it down,and there is a Tank/Witch there. Once you have defeated it,the Saferoom is straight ahead. Level 5. Carnival Finale. The Carnival,ah. Start the engine of the Truck (It makes a loud booming sound),and try to Survive.

  • A major city with multiple land marks that players could battle on/around.
    Example – New York (Time Square or Statue of Liberty)

  • Iowa, plenty of corn fields, and small creepy towns to go through. Amish undead? I think so…. That or Rome or something, some where out of the USA, Rome would be cool because you could have the survivors fight their way through the Colosseum, maybe a horde fight in the Pantheon.

    Though Cali would be cool, as everyone is saying, I would TRULY enjoy a fight where you need to blow up the Hollywood Sign.

  • My vote goes for someplace that’s always cloudy and/or rainy; Seattle, Portland, London, Liverpool, Juno or Ketchikan Alaska, something like that. I think it would give a nice creepy atmosphere to the game.

    Another idea, it could be in a national park of some kind. New special infected could possibly include a vicious “Zombear” as a substitute for the standard tank, and maybe an evil infected moose in place of the charger.

    Just sayin…..

  • The majority of these ideas look like they were written by 5 year old children, though some of the ideas are good, like the one that ‘Will’ wrote on ‘September 5, 2011 at 8:21 am’.

    It’s just the grammar and spelling is quote atrocious. That being said, I hope Valve is looking into some of these ideas, I barely play Left 4 Dead 2 (I don’t have the first one) but for some strange reason I’m looking forward to the third one, it might be something different I guess.

    If it were to take place in a wide variety of countries, then it would most probably make a great trip for all the artists that have to work on the environment. xD

  • I’m thinking this game should take place in snow or colder weather as well, just to add a challenge, especially if there is a snowstorm, it would be harder to see ahead of you and know exacvtly where you are going. And if possible I think Keith should be a character to play as.

  • I’m liking the sound of the Alaska (almost 30 Days of Night) and Japan suggestions. How about something isolated, like a cruise ship, it’d be a bit different but not sure it’d quite work :p I’m not too keen on a pure city setting myself, I think there’s a lack of variety. Perhaps somewhere in Europe would be good, having overrun historic locations as well as atmospheric abandoned places – proper ghost towns, a suburban estate where you can go into homes and meals have been left on tables, music left playing, but with an air of slight decay and dishevelment. Just llook at urbex photos, theatres, asylums, power stations, hotels, offices, tunnels, subways etc. And there definitely needs to be a train, perhaps utilised, after being cleared, as the means to get to a new area…. Anyhow, I’m waffling now, theres so much I’d like to see

  • i believe that it should take place in all enviroments so everyone is happy say have 1 in the desert 1 in snow 1 in urban area one in a rural area and everybody shall be satisfied

  • ive been playing l4d 1 and 2 for some time now and reading thease forums it seems that the majority want keith and or snowstorms (like hard rain) so my thinking is make variable conditions so each playthrog of a level is diferent weather wise also i duno about u but im sick and tierd of peaple stealing my kills with the sniper rifle i say make a bolt action or have some delay between shots lastly is it just me or is the suposably magnum pistol not all that powerful considering its limitations

  • The next game should either be towards either the Middle or West coast of the US. Their should be a mixed race of survivors, not just African Americans and Caucasians. Maybe a Mexican man could be a survivor, and a Russian dude would be good (Russians are awesome in video games). We haven’t been to any famous cities, so the Big Apple of LA would work.

  • No one has mentioned Vegas… Great mix there, Some Urban action on the strip, Showgirl Zombies, Some Time in the deseret, possibly traveling to the grand canyon. Indoor playtime in casino/resorts,
    I realize thew whole vegas game thing is a bit played out at this point, but it also folows the path of the survivor stories, PA, to GA, to VA, L4D 4 in LA perhaps?
    It has promise…

  • I always liked the idea of a campaign based in a University. It’d just have a lot of possibilities, like laboratories, a gym, some sports fields. Who knows?

    To mix up the finales maybe one could be trying to escape from somewhere, rather than defend it? Like, say you needed a signal, so you turn on a lighthouse and have to fight your way back out?

  • Regarding the fact that the infection has spread quite awhile, I really want the locations to be simple, yet unique. I’ve always wanted to see the ocean in L4D.Perhaps California, and journeying to the Mexican Border, perhaps going to a port, traversing the California beaches and boardwalks, (Boardwalk Carnival Finale?)

    The idea of Paris, France, and the Eiffel Tower being a finale with lighting it up, and possibly starting off some fireworks, has been a dream of mine forever.

    Overall, Valve needs to expand their locations to either Coast, and going abroad, and implementing the ocean to their will. Perhaps a new AI-Controlled or Human Controlled Infected lurk in the water?