Left 4 Dead 3

Left 4 Dead 3, It’s Still Possible

Eurogamer sat down with Valve’s Chet Faliszek for an interview and asked if Left 4 Dead 3 was a possiblity, and replied “some time down the road.”

A 3? You know, some time down the road. Like anything, I would say that to all of our games. So that’s not a promise of when or where. I really love working on that series. It’s one of my favourite series. It’s just so much fun with the characters and the world. I love zombies and I love horror.

As it stands, the Left 4 Dead series has ended with Left 4 Dead 2 and there is no guarantee we will see a third. Judging by his answer, it is clear Valve is not working on developing a third, nor does it seem to be in the works for the near future. Valve appears content pushing out new content for Left 4 Dead 2. Back in July we saw the Cold Steam DLC released, proving Valve’s commitment to updating and keeping the series fresh. Left 4 Dead 2 has sold significantly more copies than the original, 12 million across both L4D 1 and L4D 2. The amount sold shows the success of the franchise and how a third could equally sell well due to popularity and people familiar with the brand.

Valve is continuing to work on improving Left 4 Dead and releasing tools for the community. In the interview, Eurogamer asked what the current plans are for Left 4 Dead, and he replied:

On the PC we will incorporate Steam Workshop, so people will be able to create items. Right now, if you watch any video of people who play a lot, none of them are wearing the same outfits. They all change them up. There’s not a good path for them to get it into the game now or get on our servers. There’s a lot of work we need to do to make sure you can put stuff on but you can’t cheat. In co-op it’s less important because if you’re cheating in co-op you’re kind of an idiot. Well, you’re an idiot anyway for cheating. But particularly there. So we’re doing a lot of work there.

Then we want to do some experiments. What if the community can choose what’s showing up in the game based on what they like, as people make let’s say melee weapons or something? So there’s a bunch of playing around we want to do there. But right now there’s so much content out there that we really just want to start getting that going.

It looks like Valve is working towards allowing fans to easily modify Left 4 Dead themselves to create their own content. Essentially releasing tools and handing content creation over to the community. For now, Left 4 Dead fans will have to continue their wait for a third and feed off of the community for new content.

Read full interview here.


  • I love Left For Dead and Left For Dead 2. It would be cool to have a Left For Dead 3, maybe new characters and new zombies along with upgrades for old zombies.

  • left 4 dead 3 woul be awesome if they would make a creat your character similar to fallout but you can slightly modify your guns..(extended mags, s o and so forth.)

  • I think L4D3 should be a continuation of L4D2 but add the characters from the original L4D. I think that would be awesome.

  • hi im from Philippines, and im 24 and im playing first person shoot out since day 1, if Valve would make l4d3, i suggest, it would be nice if you make some fresh new ideas like, much more gritty environment resolutions to compete with the other gaming consule today. much more suspense. make the characters much more animate human behavior. “dont sell the game to the kids as the target market” make it much more mature and legit. lots of melee machete combat against a thousand hordes, bring the “P90 rifle swat” concept.i have red the comics and the concept mo the infection, its more fun if you would make a new character that has a concept of a mercenary assasin to save those left survivors, im not making rants, i love l4d. more power guys!

  • I might die if they don’t make a L4D3!!!!! ;…( Best zombie game ever and now that its older a lot of people I know are getting it to try it and loving it!

  • Why not add in the classic zombie that crawls out from the ground ,maybe it could try and pull survivors under the ground or pull them to the ground and vomit blood into thee face

  • Not count,theres another reason.I know exactly why they won’t make 3rd games of their series.Because number 3, Is ILLUMINATIC NUMBER!!! remember that 😉 Its simple.

  • The Left for Dead games are the best video games ever created and I have been playing video games since the 1970s. I do not purchase the extra stuff that comes out in hopes Valve will get off its rear and crate LD3. Hurry up already!

  • Left4Dead1, and 2 are by far my favorite zombie shooters. i have been waiting for a third one for quite sometime and still play 1 and 2 to this day and think 9/10 gamers will buy and play this game just as much as the rest. only idea i can think of is more zombies,guns and levels maybe battle real survivors after teaming up to kill the horde first then claim that safehouse…

  • I would love to see a L4D3….. Cold stream was ok i guess…. Pretty bit just ok..
    I think that there are so many possibilities and regions of the planet
    To work with that the series could go on like Halo! This game seems
    To have helped initiate he recent upswing of zombi culture and
    I think the brains at Valve should seriously consider using the public
    As their source for new infected and scenarios.. We are smart– look at that
    Eel guy! He is a thinker…. I have an idea too.. Spitfire, a special infected
    That can explode and burn you when you melee him… But you have to shoot
    Him from a distance cause he barfs propane or something….. Like a boomer i guess
    … Um my friend said:
    A tank that can throw boomers or jockeys at you….

  • Something I’d love to see is to have an asian guy, white chick, white guy and a black guy as the characters.
    But if they seriously are unable to make l4d3, then at least add new guns, infected or an actual new campaign that isn’t just recycled pieces of other maps like Cold Stream (which is crap).
    We all know that Valve Time is stupid… But come on… At least an update to your game which is starting to be glitchy, and old.

  • Seriously dudes what the F? Valve, you guys are acting like some certified bitches. Yous know how bad l4d fans are looking foward to the 3rd, but yous just have to keep playing with people’s emotions, and building up all of this anticipation, not cool!

  • I think that in L4D lacks diversity: weapons, characters, zombies, the plot, and add to the game a few items such as a sandbox transfer objects making them all sorts of barriers and barricades slightly infected NPC who will not in the team and on their own that is running groups sometimes help your team or your team to it, or vice versa is not infected gang attack other groups are not infected.

    Waiting for L4D3 with no patience, and I hope that some of you will take my wishes to develop the game.

  • I think a serious twist you could add for l 4 D 3 is have one of the playable characters randomly selected to be infected from the start of a campaign and slowly have them become a new type of boss infected. Also adding elements of having the group forced to split up into teams or having to be solo in co-op to make it more intense would be awesome. Many many more ideas……

  • I’ve never played the L4 dead games i really want it to be on ps3. Anyway here are some of my ideas. Grunt packs a punch like a tank 50 hp though and is fast.Digger digs under ground when a survior comes over it it snatches their legs and they can be seen by looking on the ground or floor and finding a dirt pile or hand sticking out of the ground slow 120 hp also can climb on walls without climb signal sertain spots though.Last but not least the Mutator implants a toxic mutant growth liquid on a AI zombie which turns him into a tank or to trap surviors on a sticky goo trap which last for 10 seconds and deals no damage. PLEASE PUT THIS ON PS3 PLEASE

  • i want this game to be on ps3 so i can buy and play it someone i knew who had this game it looked so awesome anyway i heard they where going to make it on playstation look on value steam box will bring us left 4 Dead 3 on the bottom of the page

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