Left 4 Dead 3

Valve’s Steam Box Will Bring Us Left 4 Dead 3

Bookmark this post folks, because you heard it here first… Left 4 Dead 3, Half-Life 3, Portal 3, and Team Fortress 3 will all be available on Valve’s upcoming console utilizing their next-generation engine.

Valve is looking to enter into the console marketplace by release their own hardware in 2013. They will enter an already crowded market among Microsoft’s Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation, Nintendo’s Wii and other start-ups like Ouya. Valve is planning on creating their own ecosystem with their own hardware devices, games, and content delivery system. They have a lot of work to get something this big up and running AND be successful. They already have the content delivery system which is their Steam client. Games? You should already know they have a few good games under their belt. The last piece is the Steam Box which will unit console and PC gaming. Gamers will have the ability to build their own PCs or use a Steam Box to play games from their Steam Catalog. This is great for gamers and developers because they can develop games for one platform and have it be compatible for both PC and Steam Box users. Say Good-Bye to crappy console ports.

The Steam Box sounds great and promising, but what reason do people have to go out and purchase another console? This is where Left 4 Dead 3 comes into play. Valve will need to give people more reason and incentive to spend money on their hardware. What better way to gain traction and market share by release Left 4 Dead 3 exclusively for their system? Since they are developing their own hardware and are the creators of L4D3, they have the ability to really show off the Steam Box by providing features and gaming experience only available on their hardware.

Mark my words, the next release of Left 4 Dead 3 and Half-Life 3 will give us a gaming experience we have never had before.

What would you like to see should Left 4 Dead 3 be available on the Steam Box?


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