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A Fan’s Take on a Left 4 Dead 3 Perk System

The following was suggested by XenuLies:

Many people have either requested or suggested a perk system for the survivors, but i think there could be a much easier way of upgrading the survivors with less coding involved. The idea I have is for clothing upgrades that you would find spread out though out the map and you would put them on the same way you heal yourself. Here is a list if what I think would work:

Gun Holster: This upgrade would allow you to hold an extra pistol; it would be required in order to duel wield, but would allow you to duel wield a Magnum (Magnum with pistol, not 2 Magnums).

Boots: These, when equipped, would prevent you from taking damage from Spitter goo (unless your capped) and would reduce the damage you take from walking through fire. They would also allow you to walk though mud and deep water without being slowed (as much).

Running Shoes/Cleats: When put on, these would allow you to run slightly faster and jump slightly further. The effect would only wear off after running a long distance (1 or 2 whole chapters of walking) or by constantly trudging through mud or deep water.

Body Armor: This would make you immune to any form of bullets shot at you, either from friendly fire, or from enemies (assuming there would be anything else that would shoot at you). This would also add something to your health bar, called armor points. Armor points allow you to have more than 100+ health, and all the damage you take would divide between your armor and health. But this only adds 25 armor points.

Football Padding: This would be similar to the body armor, except it would add 50 armor points, and reduce the damage you take from melee (infected hits, tank punches, etc.) The reason this would add more than the bullet proof vest is because the vest is designed to stop bullets, not act as a cushion, unlike the padding. It would take slightly longer to put it on.

Backpack: When this is used, it would allow you to store many more items than normally. Some items would take up more space, ex: you could either carry an bottle of pills + another Pipe bomb OR just carry an extra health kit.

Ammo Belts: These would greatly increase your max ammo, and automatically replenish your ammo when you put them on. They fall off once you use up all the ammo.

Grenade Belt: Similar to the ammo belt and backpack, this would allow you to carry 3-4 grenade items at a time. It would look like the one that the Fallen Survivor wears.

There would be some rules that would follow these, like you wouldn’t be able to equip 2 upgrades if they cover the same area, ex: Body Armor/Football Padding, Ammo Belt/Grenade Belt, etc. The backpack would also count as a torso item, so it can’t be put on when wearing a vest/padding. And although it would be possible (yet unlikely) to find all of these and put on as much as you can, the more stuff you have on, the more they would slow you down (backpack would slow you down depending on how much you have in it)


  • There are a few short things that I forgot to put in this post: You would be able to switch one item (of the body area) for another, so if you have a vest on and then try to put on padding, you would end up with the padding on and the vest back in your inventory, allowing you to give it to someone else. Switching items would take much longer than just putting an item on like normal, because your not just putting something on, your also taking something off.
    And also one more upgrade:
    Chest Light: When put on, it would act the same way flashlights act now, it would stay on when you switch weapons/put you gun away (the regular flashlight would be different; you would only have your light shining if you have your gun out. The default flashlights would be a weapon upgrade, meaning a new gun would leave you in the dark, unless you have a Chest Light of course.)

  • If they did this I would pay 100 dollars for this game, drop out of college, order 365 pizzas, lock myself up in a room and play this game for a year straight!!!

  • These would make it a little too easy maybe if they all were a little worse or they could all be taken by a smoker or jokey when the attack you. I still want some challenge in this.

    • The special infected would also have slight upgrades, but more as mutations that they spawn with, not as things they have to give themselves. The “mutations”/perks would let you have more health, speed, strength, etc.

  • yes that was the same idea that popped into my head like a bulletproof vest that defends the surviours main health having a extra 100+ to them

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