Left 4 Dead 3

Will There Be A Left 4 Dead 3?

Many people want to know “Is there going to be a Left 4 Dead 3?” According to me, “You bet your sweet ass there will be a Left 4 Dead 3.” L4D has been a successful franchise for Valve, right up there with Counter Strike, Team Fortress and some game called Half Life. There is a lot of room to expand the story line of the characters from both 1 and 2, or develop a spin-off using the Midnight Riders from Dark Carnival. The possibilities are endless.

There is no doubt in my mind Valve will want to release L4D3. The real question is a matter of when will they release it? We are still seeing new updates and content for L4D2 and L4D1. It’s good to see the creative juices still flowing and one would hope some of their ideas are being reserved for L4D3.

To answer, “Will there be a Left 4 Dead 3?”, I would say yes, but don’t expect it until Half Life Episode 3 and a newer Source engine are both released by Valve. Left 4 Dead 3 on the new Source engine – now that sounds promising!


  • left 4 dead 3 will be coming maybe in fall 2011,or maybe beginning 2012.i want play that game.and left 4 dead 2 was an awesome game lets about this game.and i still play left 4 dead 2 taaaank mutation and versus survival

  • The franchise is amazing, but I really think that valve needs to create a game type where you actually have to take shelter, fend of zombies with a group of people, or just plain old running like hell. What L4D3 will need:

    -Maybe a aim feature, but, L4D is well known for its arcad-ie fps view.
    -Alot more guns, maybe like in dead rising, build your own arsenal of doom?
    -Customizable charecter feat. (keep all the old charecters.) Kill Louis thou…


    • I am not trying to be rude or harsh on the ideas, but:
      -More guns, definetly, but making your own? No, I think that would be awesome when playing by yourself, but when playing on things like versus. That’d just be anoying and difficult, for that matter.
      -Custimizable characters. Same, it would be fun being alone, but when online with others. Might be a bit difficult.
      -Sorry for this, but map editing? That would be really stupid in a game like Left 4 Dead. Plus, there really aren’t any ‘custom’ games. I know you can make your own lobby, but it isn’t really ‘custom’, if you understand what I mean.

      I agree with M3, kill Rochelle not Louis.

    • LOL yeah tht would be epic .-. but she would be controlled like the tank, and the control bar wold go down alil faster when she gets startled, but it wont come until she was startled 😛

  • Don’t expect this game to be coming out soon, don’t pressure Valve and let them work on this. L4D2 to be completely honest was a HUGE DLC for L4D1, L4D3 needs to be perfected with the ideas of the staff and community to make the game last, for any further L4D games are a bad idea. My opinions? NO map makers, especially for console users, to solve the matter of playing the same 5 or so maps constantly small and cheap DLC packs should contain new maps by the developers as well as very successful ones previously made by the community. (These should be released slowly) More, but not an abundant amount of weapons. They should have several more guns to change the game styles players will have to adjust to. Alternate outfits for characters, custom characters is an awful idea so simply giving new/old surviviors various looks offered to the people will satisfy their need for customization. New boss infected, similar to the Tank, but again, making it have different abilities causing new variations of gameplay to keep everyone on their toes. Its all I can think of off the top of my head, but they need to stick to the same concept while adding new features to keep the experience fresh, new and surprising. This is to avoid the boredom caused by playing the same scenarios over and over which is why the game series isn’t as popular as it could be.

  • here are a few ideas, might make em into a video
    -4 new survivors like l4d style (old guy, african american, girl, jerk)
    -new weapons both melee and guns (sythe, double baroll, e.t.c)
    -campaign were you meet the old survivors
    -a l4d2 sacrifice…involving nick….
    -new uncommon

  • I don’t like L4D2 characters! I loved first left 4 dead and I hated when all characters dies on Xbox console. Why couldn’t they live to the next chapter? Why couldn’t developers kill characters from Left 4 dead 2? I wouldn’t care. All I say is I wanna characters that are similar to Left 4 Dead 1 and Zoey especially. I played first Left 4 Dead countless hours and re-plays..countless. Second game I finished only 1 time and I deleted it. I had high expectations for it but it failed.

    • I hoped there was no need to write that,but okay,here it is: I want L4d3 be more like the first of the Left 4 Dead series, if you still didn’t get why I referenced so much to both of the 2 games.

  • well..if they gonna release it by fall of 2011,..there’s gonna be fight between dead island and l4d3 (just kiddin)…well i saw the trailer of dead island..really amazed me…i have l4d2 ..and im still playing it…well probably l4d2 is my most fave games evah!..lol iloveu ELLIS!=p

  • i think you should customize ur own survivor for me that would be cool nick is my fav in l4d2 and zoey in l4d1 i want the possibillity to meet both teams and what the hell bring in like 12 campaigns we dont ever wanna stop l4d its one of our fav games of valve but when we get it will it be good? i dont wanna play as the riders i rather play as your customized suvivor but if we had to choose i would pick a guy named Ryley another guy named Matthias and 2 girls named Alyssa and Sarah? i actullay dont care what they are as long as i get l4d3 ill be fine but it would be cool if u could customize that would be a fun new feature melee weapns pwn all btw

  • There probably will be a l4d3 but wait till half life2 episode 3 is out because it’s not coming out till that’s out.

    I love half life. Can’t wait till episode 3 🙂

  • More action, more zombies, incredible graphics that will justify buying a hot new video card! Yes, I’ll buy it! When? ;-}

  • for L4D 3 u leave off were they was rescued on part 2. i have part 1 and 2 i play both im the best player in story mode i play with friends online but they suck im looking for players that can get down on PART 3 WHEN IT COMES OUT YEEEEEAAAAAH. part 3 is going to be great i now for a fact its gonna be great i can’t wait

  • they should definetly put a screamer
    in it wher it screams and knocksu on your ass and it attracts the horde like hitting a car alarm they should have a zombie who is bigger than the tank who is mutated

  • In Left 4 Dead 3 there should be the ability to carry 2 of one item. Like two pipe bombs or a bile bomb and molotove. Not just this one item at a time. Two items would be good and the ability to pass these items to friends as well if they run out and there is nothing close at hand for them to use.

    The characters (non-human) it would be a nice little feature of you could rename them to what ever you want. Bill = Captain Birdseye. Louis = Eddie (Murphy). Francis = Halford (Rob). Nick = Don (Johnson). Zoey = Jennifer (Love Hewitt). Etc etc. It would be a nice little novelty that being able to rename ALL characters in the game to what ever name you like.

    More weapons like MP5 and Flame Thrower. Grenades. Cross Bow (with explosive and non-explosive ammo).

    The ability to use any weapon while incapacitated. Not just the crappy handguns that no one uses other than in that moment because they are forced to do so. If they are holding a firearm of anykind while being knocked down. Then that weapon should be able to be used while lying on the ground as well.

  • Sheesh, you lot are spreading rumors like a group of cheerleaders.

    There are no official announcements at this time.

    But, L4D3 needs:

    1. Customizable characters
    2. Not so overpowered guns
    3. Only pistol while incapped (keep this, its fair)
    4. All old maps + new ones
    5. Bill
    6. New engine
    7. Ranks
    8. KEEP THE WITCH NON-PLAYABLE (using her would be ridiculously overpowered)
    9. Better players (a whole lot of yah suck)
    10. Color-customizable guns (when you pick up the gun, it looks the way you customized it. But, you can’t increase the power of it or anything)
    11. Less-dark maps. L4D had the perfect shading on maps, but many of the L4D2 maps you can’t see anything.
    12. Plays more like L4D (does not have different angles of attacks, reduced smoker range, and longer time to barf as boomer)

    Other than that, L4D is pretty much perfect.

  • i think the tank should have 4 hands,witch have wings,and boomer can jump high. it is more better if there’s a poison for the survivors to halfly-mutated into any special infection. e.g.= when they inject the poison in their hand (like adrenaline),their hand will evolve to tank’s hand.

  • If there is a L4D3, they better not make the character the Midnight Riders, thats just as stupid as it comes. Need a little more variety in wepons, not saying that they didnt have a good variety in L4D2, its just that guns get boring and they should look into getting some different styles and such. They will need different maps, different areas, different infected to keep it interesting, different wepons, and different survivors. Im sure that the basic goal will be the same, SURVIVE! I kinda hope there would be additional goals though, such as getting to your home to find you family, or making to a safe zone. Something besides just surviving, work towards something.

  • -possibilty to choose which infected u want to spawn with.
    -ability to fly as infected while u r ghost would be cool so u can choose a good postition to spawn at.

  • In my opinion, a zombie similar to a spitter who can spit a pool of acid is nice but instead of shooting acids, it shoots a poison thingy that damages the survivor when he/she continually moves for a duration. Somehow similar to Bloodseeker’s Rupture (from DotA). Good for rushing survivors.

  • Customizable chars, so you play your own characters… make the story a bit more open for the players, a sandbox and open world where you can go anywhere… and totally redo the special infected, for god sake they only gave tank a new skin, hunter got its legs uncovered and, boomer SAME… Just redo their models completely.

  • Half Life isn’t just “some game”. It’s an awesome game and its WAY better than L4D. Even tho it’s only playable in singleplayer. It received 39 Game of the Year awards, including Overall Game of the Year at IGN, GameSpot’s Award for Best Shooter, GameSpot’s Reader’s Choice — PC Game of the Year Award, Game of the Year from The Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, and “Best Game” with the Game Developers Choice Awards, where it was also given various awards for technology, characters, and writing. Edge magazine awarded Half Life 2 with its top honor of the year with the award for Best Game. The game was released in 2004. The game is still popular. They even made 2 following episodes about it. There is even coming an episode three! This is taking so much time because they first developed L4D. Just search it on wikipedia if you don’t believe me. They expect the episode to be released this year.

    • The person who wrote this article knows half life is a massive and great game, it was humour in how he wrote it, as if he needed to go in to what half life was, DUH.

    • First of all Left 4 Dead owns any stupid half life or portal game. 2nd your just to ignorant to know a good game when you see it. instead you probably rub CoD’s balls because you don’t know any other good games instead of the blockbuster games your friends tell you about. And for all you ppl who think l4d 2 came out too soon, it didn’t in fact. i wish it came out sooner because it was great. all im going to leave you with is Haters Gunna Hate, Lovers Gunna Love.

  • the game is amazing to begin with but i would like to see…
    – alot more customizable features
    – more humor (like zombies with party hats on and walking into a room and 2 zombies are just humping eachother)
    – daytime maps
    – more special infected
    – little kid zombies!
    – boss fights (not like tanks, but actual bosses that you would only see at the end of a certain campain)
    – more weapons
    – aiming feature
    – dogs

    that would make my dream game!

    • L4D3 will be awesome and only needs a few things to be a serious contender for game of the year. First there needs to be a way for AI to pick up grenades, and if not use them, give them to a player. Three new special infected would be great. Keith should take Elise’s role and have 3 new characters. Gloria: A blonde professional dancer with a selfish/narcissistic personality. Lee: A wise Asian man who fills the role of coach/louis. James: Openly gay and has an humorous, friendly attitude despite the terrible conditions. Maybe some maps that take the players around areas that explore the origins of the disaster or give a source to the outbreak. dual-weild pistol/knife combo would be great for when a player is surrounded but still needs range. No children zombies, it is bad enough you are killing tons of former humans, but the media would eat alive the idea of young-adults pretending to kill kids in a game.

  • I want all the survivors from both l4ds except kill louis an ellis and replace them with more chicks. That would make the game much better. I agree with A39734, chick survivors are too good to kill off.

  • Well sorry to tell you lady but there won’t be more women because more guys are playing this game then women are

  • i think keep all the old stuff they had but new caracters and new spechel infected so like LFD1 to LFD2 how they add stuff but LFD2 to LFD3

    ps.scruw map editor and all that bull crap

  • instead of just falling down and dieing if you get incapatated they should add an infection bar so once you do die you turn to zombie

    PS. screw the idea that they are immune

  • 1st off bill dies he was a great survivor his sacrifice makes me love him more. secondly they should have 12 campaign 6 with l4d plus kieth and 6 with the l4d2 characters. or we can play 8 player campaigns and have 4 more special infected. make your own gun suck. ok i would like to atleast customise their clothes i would make zoey a school girl :D. i would like to actualy see the npc’s. defending a place is already made its called survival. kieth would be intresting to play as because he was mentioned alot by ellis. i am so curios about how he will talk. i think in type of gameplay should be like u cade places and survive for some time. midnight rider shouldn’t be the characer but i would consider npc’s or uncommon infected

  • l4d3 will comeout soon this is valves biggest game ever. l4d2 campaigns are mixed this is the order dead center,the passing,dark carnival,swamp fever,hard rain,the parish.

  • why is dead center 1st because 1 they dont know eachother then.2 they geth the car. why is the passing second because of the car. why dark carnival 3rd becuase they leave the car here. why swamp fever 4th becuase thats when they 1st meet virgil . why hard rain 5th because of virgil he picks them up again. why the parish last because 1 virgil leaves them there.2 they say they are going to find the military in the passing.

  • 3 reasons why bill died in the sacrifice. 1 they couldn’t kill zoey so many fans and that would be sexist. 2 they could’t kill louis cuz that would be racist. they couldnt kill francis cus he has a long life ahead and bill is in his 60’s and he has some inter disease.

  • all I really want is to play as the special infected in single player mode. they should put teams like 4 suvivor bots vs player & 3 special infected bots


  • HERES MY IDEA FOR THE L4D3 SURVIORS fisrt off monika a spunky blonde teenage girl only 16 she was having the time of her life until the infection ruined that for her she found out that her parents have died and her sister dead as well :she has green eyes a unzipped blue jacket with a minney skirt and a glove on her right hand due to being bit and trying to hide it so no one will know so she can get past ceda and a bruse on her left leg and has nickes tell me what you think about my l4d3 survior ill come up with more surviors later

  • heres a campaign ill think youll injoy its the final on a capaign that i havent came up with the name::: on the final the surviors call for a ceda chopper and it comes 3 minutes later but theres a twist instead of landing the chopper gets hit by a rock from the tank and crashes then you go back and call for another chopper to come pick them up and then the hoard comes to attack and then once they defeat the zombies the HAGGARD come after the tank then after you kill it get to the chopper and fly off and circle around the building and get the basooca and blast the building and if you dont blow it up in time you loose you turn and the computer does it for ya please tell me what you think about my idea

  • I think left for dead 3 should continue with the carriers who were getting shot (they were mentioning it on the walls of the safe room in the parish) and something happens were a compound (or wherever their all getting shot) gets overun with zombies and they escape and maybe as there escaping you see the l4d2 survivors helicopter going past. But as you move on you see the military and other carriers getting attacked (from behind fences or something), and this is just an idea and probbaly not a good but as well as introducing more special infected maybe you can have guys from the millitary with guns (or knives to make it fair) and they take you down in a few shots, but remember even I dont think its a good idea but Im just proposing it.

  • I agree with what Tarken had to say, keep L4D3 how the first two games were. Add new special infected, new area ( like L.A. or Washington or wherever) new characters ( NOT MIDNIGHT RIDERS! maybe only 1 midnight rider but not the whole goddamn band) and new weapons. I would also like to see a new boss that is just as challenging as the Tank. Also, no map editor, that’s stupid. Just keep it how it’s supposed to be

  • if i was the creator of the game series i would put and i would like to make it a little realistic
    kieth well we keep on hereing stories about him from ellis and a midnight rider.
    more chick charters and players.
    more guns more campigns and more speical infected and alot more zombies and the screamer.
    attack dogs milltary shooting from jets (it will make it more harder) and rebels or raiders attacking.
    zombie kids zombie handicaps i think it will be a little funny and both surviors from l4d l4d2.
    and you can choose a groupe or make groupe when the surviors meet more wieder zombies and modifeie the hunter witch and tank does anyone agree

  • I think being able to make or customize maps would be pretty cool, so u don’t have to keep playing the same campaigns Over and over again. And maybe make a mode were u be JUST the infected like a training thing so u can have fun as the infected so u can get better with them, But like I said maybe bring custom maps to the console, becuz the Pc Players get all the good stuff and can play custom campaigns and don’t have to Play the same old campaigns

  • i think that maybe we should be able to have a part in the game thats like how you can play and load in the same part for like single player or for online that you can play with people or charecters were your in a place and you have to make it to other parts in the game that you find the other charecters fighting and you have to save them then u get a new charecter to unlock… sorry if its a lil confusing but do you get it? and then you can have the campains and realisim and stuff like that from the first two games in there 😀

    • i like the way the game is. so you don’t need a map editor just bigger and cooler places to fight or a survival mode like halo’s firefight gow2 horde mode or codwaw zombies. and i like the midnight riders idea. I’m not sure who they are but if there awesome have them. if not maybe like an army of 4 instead of 2 idea cool right do it be an army of 4 people on a mission to survive 100 rounds or a mission to get out of the new special infected army. I’m no idiot this is a good idea. p.s. my facebook is a stick person send me some pics of the midnight riders if there are any ill decide if there cool enough for a third lfd.

  • I think they should make a survivor that’s Keith that Ellis is always talking about and Keith should be talking about Ellis, just sayin’.

  • how about setting up l4d3 as a bit of a prequel? both l4d1&2 are set up after everyone gets infected it seems. what if the set up was during the initial infection? complete with crazy neighbors, roving gangs, etc that are also targets of zombies, and consider you to be competition at times, and comrades at others.

    just a thought with some interesting game possibilities that opens up l4d just a bit.

  • I seriously think there needs to be more girls, like Zoey and Rochele because im a girl and alot of my friends and i love to play as girls but it sucks because one of us is a girl then we have to be a black guy and tattooed douch a hot hillbilly it sucks for real so in the left for dead three i say more girls or a create r character more special infected more campaigns and MORE AWESOMENESS!!!!!!! 🙂

    • i would like if there is 2 guys and 2 girls to be even. or we can make more survivers like 10 survivors! 5 guys and 5 girls instead

  • you should be able to create a charicter… like, choose your voice and everything… also, there should be animals for special infected… like a dog, you hear a dog-like growl in the distance XD

    • That is a great idea, but voices would be hard. Then other survivors reactin to ur voice. But voice chat for customs would work, but bots and prescripted lines would ruin it. Good idea, though.

  • it dont matter if you play a guy or a girl. until somebody adds a feature that gives you a bonus if your male/female its dumb to bitch about wanting more females in the game. I rather it be all men myself and i am a woman.
    i like nick, francis and ellis they are my 3 favorites.
    i hope they have a 3rd l4d. i love the game but have beaten it so many times it is now boring. I wish they added a longer game with more things to do and more places to visit

    • only for the pc version theres countless custom campains to download play singe player or multiplayer. alot of them are really good and beats playing the same old campains over and over….

  • I really don’t see the need for another female character in any L4D games. I’m a girl, but I wouldn’t be caught dead playing as Zoey or Rochelle unless I was forced to. My favorite characters would have to be Francis or Ellis. So, no more characters portraying us as either horror movie addicts or nurturing women who listen to English electronic music, please 😀

  • I Cant Wait to see another L4d i thought that 1 and 2 were just absolutly awsome i still play 2 now xD i just wanted to know is there like a suggestions page anywhere i would love to suggest some new ideas for infected like

    Witch:Extremly Sneaky Ability : Sets 2 jocky like minions on to the chosen survivor

    Morpher : Ugly Fat Smelly Short Ability : Morphs into The Survivors skin so you literally cant tell the differance For All you know you could be shooting your team mate !

    well thats all i can think of the top of my head lol xD

  • L4D3 should be released with more infected, Special infected animals and finally the hardly ever before seen THE SCREAMER all of that would make a great l4d game especially with all the new maps the game desighners are making!

  • I think u should all stop bitching about the charectors they all have the same health they have the same strengh so it dont matter how many girls or boys there are aslong as they make a L4D 3 i dont care and i do think it should be in the UK this time

  • i think that if it does come out and its real they should add nick ellis zoey and francis i know if you played the passing you would say bill is dead so thats why I said francis because bill is dead and i think francis would go great for left 4 dead 3

  • I definitely would love to see Valve release Left 4 Dead 3; In my opinion I think that they should have the setting of the new campaigns in Chicago, IL. The windy city would be perfect for the story, have them traveling to Soldiers Field to seek a military rescue crew. Just hope there is still a military rescue crew at the stadium.

  • I would really love a LFD3! You just can’t leave out Ellis! I have to say, Ellis is my all time favorite! It would be cool to give it a twist, and add more special infected to the game. I don’t really enjoy the tanks, they always give me a hardattack when I’m not paying much attention to the screen or turn a corner! XD I think a good setting would be Texas, because it’s a very populated and big state, therefore giving more zombies to kill, and much more campaigns! Another thought that hit me is, have all four characters meet up at a military base in Texas, and everything goes wrong and a case breaks out at the base. Either way, I can’t wait for LFD3!

  • We as a community NEED another L4D. The game is awesome!!! I personally am from the east coast and would think a nice travel through some of the more historic parts of the country would be nice. Start in South Beach and work your way up the coast. You could shoot through washington d.c., baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, and Boston. What would be better than running though central park one minute and then getting chased through Yankees stadium by a horde of zombies and babe ruth!!! Lets make some new special infected while were at it. Possibly some kind of digger, Something that sprouts out of the ground that has an armored chest but a weak back. Would take some serious team work to take that badboy down!!!

  • i think they should have the characters out of battlefield badcompany 1 & 2
    presten haggord sweetwater and sarge or a swat team that be kool lol

  • I love L4D2!!! I think there should be a 3rd one. It should hav mor girls. my friend and I both love to play it. when shecomes over and we play it we both wanna be the girl.

  • ls I think it would be very cool if there was some times where something might happen like you are runing or going somewhere and you and someone else gets seperated form the other two. have different places too like an area with more specail infected rather than the other ones. but then one area where there is a lot of the common zombies

  • Ill tell you one thing i bought XBOX360 for 1 reason L4D BABY !!! man o man what a game fuckin still play it online kick ass still has a good replay value i must say if they come out with L4D3 ALL STORES WILL BE SOLD OUT OR JUST TOO MANY PRE ORDERS all my family and friends have L4D1 & L4D2 eathir on PC or XBOX 360 and if it goes on ps3 platforum dammmmmn ps3 fan boy are gona go crazy lol but i dought its gona go on ps3 😛 JUST HOPE IT COMES OUT 4 XBOX 360 SOON CAN’T WAIT 🙂

  • Forget About My Other Comment .

    My Ideas

    1. New Characters ( Instead Of 4 Characters Make More Some More People can Play & Let More Multilayer Play So U Have All Your Friends Come Over And Play )

    2. New Maps ( The Bigger The Better )

    3. New Weapons ( People Are Talking About Like using Flame Throwers And That Would Be Awesome If U Can Use That & More Guns And Melee Weapons too )

    4. More zombies & Infected ( I Be Hearing A screamer Infected People Going on About That would be Epic Putting that in Left 4 Dead 3 & Zombies Like Children , Old People Something like That )

    5. Cars & Motor Bikes ( Be Great If U Can Just Jump On Something And Shoot Zombies )

    6. I Would Like To go On Rides Like A Roller Coaster Maybe Or Some Thing .

    That’s What I Would Like To See I don’t Know About Any One Else …… 🙂 😀

  • girls need to get that lolypop zombie game instead of complain on the enternet. i think there should be a forrest an have like zombie deer or something and i think for a special zombie there shud be lika running zombie that is like a hunter but hold on to your legs so you cant move and is on fire so he attracts hoards and enflicts additional damage

  • I want some Animal zombies(Dogs, cats, birds..) And a nonimmune Modus, where you will become a zombie or a special infected if you take to many hits.


  • i personally think they should take on character creation where you also pick you character personality you could be funny like ellis or quiet like nick? and gun customization.. so you make your own character whatever way you like and make your gun to your own liking.

    It would also be kool if they made an amped up version of the hunter thats faster bigger and hell of alot harder to kill.

  • It really doesnt matter if your a boy or girl it doesn’t effect the game play, and having vehicles is retarded this isn’t gta. Customising guns is a nice idea, maybe a level up system xp gained for killing infected/special infected reviving/saving team mates. Use xp to unlock weapon upgrades. Same with special infected level up to gain extra abilitys. New special infected is definatly needed. The zombie that can mimic a survivor is a good idea. Maybe something like a spitter but when it spits at you it reverses your controls and buttons or slows you down/cometly stops you, they could even be upgrades for the spitter.

    • WTF,the whole idea of l4d is survival and ways to survive this isnt call of duty no upgraded weapons no vehicals just old fashioned zombie kickass.that what made the game awsome in the first place.the only thing i would like is a little iron sight action no spray an pray, yes to more guns,melees,and would it hurt to a rpg or something i wonna see those fucker fly!

  • L4D 1 takes place east coast, L4D 2 takes place in the south. L4D 3? Maybe the west coast. campaigns starts in the streets of LA (holly wood, BH) go up state to SF (Alcatraz, GG bridge) go east to neveda (reno, las vagas ?) then finally to Area 51 (government facility) Zombies were they created by man or aliens?

    • There also should be like cool myths and stuff like infected Bigfoot that would be epic or like for a character CHUCK NORRIS I like the forest and infected animals sounds cool instead there should be 2 girls and 2 boys mybe I also think that there should be like famous people that are already dead or just alive and I get an achievement on Xbox for killing them and they are rarely seen like they are hidden in the map some where and
      The Bigfoot zombie would be epic or like u have chuck Greene from dead rising as a playable character or like they all meet at a big military base and it goes so wrong and then in one campaign they could be in Nevada and fight zombies and some aliens to and there should be some levels where u are on the escape vehicle and u defend the vehicle as zombies climb on it and they should bring some SCREAMER action in to it huh huh we got some good ideas and the zombies should be able to swim to

    • if left4dead3 comes out. i wish they have a rocket luncher and better guns. plus they should have a map at hollywood for a good start!

  • I’ll say, Just new characters, new maps, story lines, new special infected, and for some occasions let valve at least join the Survivors for an epic battle with those new special infected (let’s say 4 more new special infected). I don’t like the idea of customizing the players characters, since by customizing their character they are more suitable for what they created losing the thrilling factor the game would bring, and no customized guns, it will also lose the panic effect because even though your guns have limits, it is STILL CUSTOMIZED, new guns perhaps would also be a good Idea, uninfected characters would also be good, so that after helping them they might turn into an infected like the Church Guy in L4D 1, and if some are sucked because there are less girls, oh well, it would be nice to have an extra, but do not create characters that would exceed 4, because it will no longer be called left “4” Dead, But Left “8” Dead.. Funny how it works out.. looking forward the part 3!!

  • I think both of the games are good as they are although I am expecting a part 3 I would like them to take as much time as they need because they have made a great series so I would like them to take as much time as the game need because to me the longer the game takes to make the better it is and besides they don’t even have a realese date or trailer so it’s gonna be a while guys/girls(no ovensess)

  • Another thing Would be nice is Having more stuff .. Instead of Having one first aid kit make two things like that , two guns in both hands . Make something hard like the tanks so everyone can bring it down sometimes U Play online some people run off and leave the rest to do it ….

  • Not to drag open a old thread or anything but wanted to throw in something the first poster pointed out. You complain because some people run off and leave you to fight the tank. Sometimes the tactical advantage is not to get banged up by the tank and save your health. For instance, instead of standing in front of thre tank guns all ablaze, try getting him to chase you around a rock so you are being chased in the right direction. At least that way you gain ground. And when he burns out or dies from gunfire you’ll be that much farther along. All too often I see people who want to run up and fire into him and back away, back to the safe room instead of your goal. Just wastes health and time, IMO. Also, if I might suggest, if you get knocked down by a tank turn your flashlight off and stop firing at him. I can’t come rescue you if youre drawing attention to yourself. *sigh*
    Back on topic, f$$$ yeah. Bring L4d3 on!

  • the problem with all these comments is we are trying to mix this game with other games ya some a suggesting ways to improve it which is why this is here and hopefully valve will take some of these awesome comments in like more guns a little up grades ,dig the texas scene and how it started like in l4d2 rochelle (i think thats ho spell it)said that could have started with the animals thats why peaple killed them ,the reason why there is know animals unless valve never went that in depth any way back to the scene why not area 51 the charecters could be guerds who worked there or how bout a testing facility in california that created a knew virus and it escaped some how ,who knows maybe they won’t enen make a 3rd one we can only guess.

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