Left 4 Dead 3

Left 4 Dead 3 – Fall 2011?

If Valve were to release Left 4 Dead 3 I would suspect its release date to be early November 2011. Video game publishers love to release new games just before the holiday season because that is when video game sales are at their highest. With high anticipations for L4D 3, Valve certainly does not need Β any holiday help to achieve recording breaking sales.

The Game Developers Conference is being held in San Francisco, CA beginning February 28th. If no news about Left 4 Dead 3 is released by the end of this conference then expect something to come out of the E3 conference in June 7th-9th.

Here is a list of games G4TV expects to be announced during this year’s E3 expo. Direct your eyes towards the bottom of their list you will find Left 4 Dead 3.


  • so there will be a L4D3 in november 2011? i wanna kno 4 sure b4 i get too exited. i am a constant player of the first 2 and a 3rd 1 would b rlly good 4 fans lik me. & they should definatly bring the Screamer in2 the game, he was a good idea and should b put n L4D3 ^_^ <3

    • Anything is possible, although a November 2011 release date is becoming less and less likely since no word has been given if L4D3 is in the works. If you don’t here anything by the time E3 ends (June 7-9) I would say no L4D. It’s my guess we will see a Left 4 Dead 3 on an updated Steam engine, whenever that may be.

  • please make a l4d3 it will be better than cod but i hate cod icsapes for world at war and black ops zombies

  • OMG i hope there will be a L4D3! thatd be soo epiccc >.<
    i love zombies and left4dead has to be my favorite zombie game <3

  • i dislike that leaked trailer over utube because i dont want to play as soccer moms and i see people talking about xbl i have an account

    • Haha don’t worry, its a fake video.
      That was a video from Amber Alert edited as a Left 4 Dead 3 trailer

  • I have seen reports and have actully seen video on Youtube stateing that they are relaesing LFD3 AND 4 on the same day in the portal2 game informer im not exavtly sure its true but considering its on gameinformer which don’t lie i hopeing its right

  • valve actully said that after portal 2 and the finall campaign for l4d2 cold stream that they were gunna realease l4d3 in november or october and on a web site it had a list of games coming in 2011 it had modern warfare 3 and l4d3 on the list so i just might come out this year hopfully its not a joke. πŸ™‚

  • Valve said that after portal 2 and the final campaign for l4d2 cold stream that they might realse l4d3 somewhere in november 2011.And on a game list i found it had modern warfare3 and l4d3 so hopfully this isnt a joke! πŸ™‚

  • Left 4 Dead 3 has been banned. The makers of the game and president of the company Valve have been removed from the company and Left 4 Dead 3 since under their name has thus been banned.

  • I saw that l4d3 was coming out November 2011 in a Game Informer magazine last year. I really hope it comes out this month.

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