The Pack Leader

Now I see a lot of talk, hype, and hope for infected animals such as dogs. Well I thought of a special zombie “The Pack Leader.” Back before the infection the pack leaders were dog trainers, with many dogs of their own. The skills of dog trainers has always made the best out of the worst dogs. After the infection the Pack Leader continues to train and gather packs of undead dogs, goes to show some skills and loyalty transcend death. Now the Pack Leader roams through the maps with his pack following ready to attack the next spotted survivor. The dogs even after death still retain their heightened senses; well heightened for zombie standards. They can hear/smell survivors from greater distances, once they find out about you they will howl out loudly. It will signal to the survivors of impending danger along with calling a horde to your location. The Pack Leader can have a pack of dogs ranging in numbers from two-six, they will command their dogs strategically with flanking maneuvers and distraction. The dogs won’t have an ability like the hunter where they pin you to the ground otherwise they would be to great a threat with a Pack Leader controlling up to six. The dogs once they reach a survivor will bite into their leg and not let go dealing major damage to a survivor’s leg, they can be shot or shoved off by the attacked survivor or any other survivor. Without the dogs the Pack Leader will be defenseless and easy prey. The Pack Leader along with his dogs will be a small threat, with the addition of a horde swarming all around you the threat is increased with finding the dogs through the zombie horde, The dogs can also serve an excellent distraction for a fellow special infected. Since the dogs will use flanking formations, it will bunch the survivors closer leaving them vulnerable to Spitters and boomers. With this distraction it can also make it harder to notice when a Jockey or Smoker takes away another survivor. Chargers can be devastating with the tightened group spreading them apart and giving the dogs a few seconds without gunfire to reach a survivor.

Well that’s my other idea so far, good night


  • I’ve had mixed feelings about how animals would work (especially since they likely wouldn’t be added anyway), but my ultimate conclusion is for a dog known as a Blood Hound. He would simply be an uncommon, spawning mixed in with hoards, and its only difference being that it’s much faster and a much smaller target.

    This actually reminds me of post I made along time ago, a boss which was actually just pack of Hunters, led by an Alpha Hunter. Coincidentally, it was also named “The Pack”.

    • I for one think animals would work out well, primarily dogs. Sure they’d be faster and harder to get a sight on but they would also be weak. Alive, dogs can have enough health issues that makes them pretty weak and to be infected, I don’t think their anatomy could hold up well as a zombie so they would have low health being already weakened a lot by the infection.

      • I never said they wouldn’t work, I meant Valve would never add them because the animal violence would get the game removed from many other countries.

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