The Mole

So another zombie Idea I thought of, sorry if there’s a similar zombie idea but been off the site for while and there’s too much to catch up on.
The Mole, after the infection hit many power plants including nuclear plants begun malfunctioning. The mole’s population consists of many workers of the nuclear power plants. As the infection hit these plants, the once were workers who are now zombies ended up wandering down into the lower levels of of the facility. With no one watching the plant’s levels the nuclear plants entered the melt-down stage. The facilities literally collapsed, trapping the zombies stories below the surface. With radiation seeping from the radiation chambers, the zombies begun changing. They begun adapting to the dark, their nails turned more into claws and they begun digging steadily getting better and faster at it. After a few years these zombies are making their return to surface. Unable to withstand long exposure to the sun they now dig right under the surface waiting for victims. The Moles will make random holes to impede the survivors progress, the holes will be deep enough when a survivor falls in they will be hanging on the ledge needing assistance from a fellow survivor. Along with digging holes the Mole will also dig their way right below the survivors and whenever he decides, he will expose himself for a second to grab at a survivor’s feet and knock any nearby survivors off their feet. The mole will have low health since he will only give a window of a few seconds until he retreats back under ground, so he will be very difficult to kill.

That’s it for now, guess I was in the mood for writing near a novel for a single zombie back story lol.


  • I imagine him acting similar to the graboids from Tremors, You see him tunnling around by the upraised mound of earth sifting towards you. Maybe he simply pull the survivors halfway into the ground, or create a series of trenches or fox-holes to turn simple landscapes into vast mazes.
    With the level of attention and teamwork required, he seems more like a boss infected. That way he could be specifically placed in rural maps like Blood Harvest, where there’s lots of ground for him to easy uproot, as streets and indoor/upper floors would be a safe haven from him.

    • I too was thinking the whole tremors things of the sifting ground as he digs towards you. As well I was thinking of throwing him grabbing people and pulling them into the ground but I didn’t want any confusion as to whether he pulls them like waist deep or up to the point of buried alive.

  • this SI make some Hole to trap those suvivor hmmm…

    if the Suvivor hang on the will be a perfect ambush.. Mole+boomer+jockey+spitter= WIN.

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