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Left 4 Dead 3’s New Characters: Tank & Barnacle

Left 4 Dead 3’s New Characters: Tank & Barnacle

Left 4 Dead 3 introduces two new playable characters – Tank and Barnacle. Tank is a heavily armoured brute who uses his size and strength to crush his opponents, while Barnacle is a cunning and resourceful pirate who specializes in traps and ambushes.

Both characters are essential to playing Left 4 Dead 3 to its full potential, as they offer unique abilities and strategies that can turn the tide of a battle. Tank’s massive health and armour make him a tough opponent to take down, while Barnacle’s traps and hidden weapons can quickly take out an opposing team.

Left 4 Dead 3 is set to release on October

What role will Tank and Barnacle play in the upcoming Left 4 Dead 3?

Tank and Barnacle are two brand new characters set to appear in upcoming game Left 4 Dead 3. So far, little is known about their role in the game, but we can expect them to be a force to be reckoned with.

Tank is a heavily armoured, heavily armed soldier who is first and foremost a soldier. He’s used to taking and dealing with the most dangerous situations head-on, and is not afraid to use his firepower to get the job done.

Barnacle, on the other hand, is a unique character in that he is not actually human. He’s a giant octopus that has been surgically modified to have human-like intelligence and abilities. He’s an invaluable asset to the team, as his intellect and tentacles make him a formidable opponent.

We can’t wait to see what role Tank and Barnacle will play in Left 4 Dead 3 when it releases later this year.

How do their unique weapons and abilities change the game?

Left 4 Dead 3’s new characters Tank and Barnacle have changed the game dramatically. Tank is a heavily armored, heavily armed support character who can help protect teammates and disable opponents. Barnacle is a fast, agile, and deadly melee fighter with a unique ability to cling to surfaces and shoot out a spray of spikes from his arm.

Tank’s weapon is a cannon that fires a powerful shot that can knock enemies back, and his ability to deploy a shield to protect teammates gives the team a much-needed defensive boost. Barnacle’s weapon is a spike launcher that can pierce through enemies, and his ability to cling to walls and ceilings makes him a deadly adversary in close quarters.

Each character’s unique abilities change the dynamics of the game in unique ways, and their weapons and armor make them an essential part of any team’s lineup.

Will they be joining the Survivors’ party, or are they more of an outsider faction?

The newly released Left 4 Dead 3 introduces two new characters to the Survivors’ party: Tank and Barnacle.

Tank is a large, brute-like man with a thick head of hair, who seems to be in charge of the Barnacle. Barnacle is a small, squid-like creature with a beak, and seems to be the Barnacle’s subordinate.

Tank and Barnacle are not well-liked by the other Survivors, who view them as being aggressive and unruly. It’s unclear whether they will join the Survivors’ party, or if they will remain an outsider faction.

Are there any other new characters we can expect to appear in Left 4 Dead 3?

Tank and Barnacle are two of the new characters that will be appearing in Left 4 Dead 3. There is no word yet on who the other new characters will be, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as more information becomes available.


In conclusion, it was interesting to see the new characters Tank and Barnacle added to Left 4 Dead 3. They both have their own unique ways of playing the game, and I’m looking forward to seeing more from them in the future.

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