Will We See a Left 4 Dead VR Game?

Valve has official announced the release of a new Half-Life game called Half-Life: Alyx, the first of 3 full title virtual reality games CEO Gabe Newell promised to develop.

Details of the new Half-Life game are still lacking and no further information has been provided outside of this tweet from Valve’s Twitter account, but judging from the title this game, Alyx refers to Gordon Freeman’s closest friend Alyx Vance.

It’s been over a decade since we had a taste of new Half-Life content as Valve went on to develop other franchise titles, Team Fortress, Portal, Dota, and Left 4 Dead. All of the aforementioned titles have failed to see an official third title release under their name; xxx-3. It’s apparent Valve truly does not like trilogies and end their games after its sequel despite how successful it may be.

What does this mean for the Left 4 Dead franchise? Will there be a Left 4 Dead VR game? One can only conclude fans of the series will never see an official Left 4 Dead 3 title, but there is hope we can see a game released for VR. Back in February 2017, Eurogamer announced Valve was making three “full” VR titles. Valve is co-creator of the HTC Vive VR headset so it makes perfect sense for them to release games that promote this headset. Having said they want to create three games, and it’s confirmed the first will be Half-Life: Alyx, that leaves Valve with two other games from their arsenal.

I couldn’t imagine a better game for VR than Left 4 Dead that can immerse you into an apocalyptic world of zombie hordes. L4D could be the compelling reason to go out and buy a virtual reality headset.

Will we see Left 4 Dead VR? Stay tuned…

What games besides Left 4 Dead would you like to see released on a VR?

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