“Left 4 Dead: Survivors” Announced.

It has recently been revealed that the Japanese arcade company Taito has been working with Valve to create an arcade port of the highly successful Left 4 Dead series. Taito had previously released a video trailer for their upcoming title, simply named Project Z, a link to this trailer can be found here:

The video itself seems pretty basic, it’s a live-action trailer, showing a news headline of a new infection reaching Japan, followed by several actors dressed as zombies shambling around the streets of Tokyo, before finally stopping at an arcade to play games. No information can be gathered by the trailer itself, and nothing about it even seemed to point to Left 4 Dead or Valve. That is, not until a promotional image was released showing Project Z to be Left 4 Dead: Survivors, an arcade port set to launch exclusively in Japan. Not exactly L4D3, but at least it’s something.

Now, before we start making assumptions about this being another hoax, this isn’t the first time Taito has teamed up with Valve to create an arcade port, as they made a Half Life port titled: “Half Life 2:Survivor” back in 2006. Aside from the title and universe it’s set in, HLS is rather different than other HL titles, instead giving the player 3 game modes: Story (a basic abridging of half life’s plot), Mission (co-operative objectives), and Battle (multiplayer deathmatch), the multiplayer modes supported up to 8 players in a lobby. Since HLS turned out pretty different from HL2, there’s no telling what L4DS will be like, what campaigns, characters, or game modes it will feature.


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