Valve Looking for PlayTesters

Do you want to play Left 4 Dead 3 in beta form? Have you ever wanted to visit Valve’s headquarters and walk around their studio to see what games they are working on next? Unlike Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, you don’t need a golden ticket to enter their doors. Valve has announced they are looking for players to fill out a playtester survey. They will select people who fill out their playtester survey to come visit their offices and test the upcoming games and hardware prototypes they are working on.

We’re looking for folks to come to Valve and playtest both released and unreleased versions of our games as well as play around with some of our hardware prototypes. If you have interest in stopping by (most sessions last around an hour), please fill out the survey below. We’re looking for people local to the Seattle/Bellevue area, but you’re welcome to fill out the survey no matter where you live as we may have plans for remote playtests in the future.

This may seem like a joke at first, but it is for real. Valve’s office is in Seattle, WA and they are not founding for your trip if you are outside the area, so it’s most likely they will select people closer to the Seattle/Bellevue area. However, don’t be discouraged to applying because Valve says they will like to conduct “remote” playtests in the future.

At the moment, this playtest is only open for residents of the United States. International support may be added in the future, but for now, fans outside the United States will have to wait.

It’s almost a guarantee Valve won’t let you playtest any of their games or hardware without signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement. If you do get the chance to play Half-Life 3 or Left 4 Dead 3, then you won’t be able to tell us about it.

Are you a person who could keep secret all of the wonderful games Valve is working on? Who is ready for playtests?

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