Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors


Rochelle is an associate producer for a highly reputable news station in Savannah. She was on assignment producing a segment about the Infection and the evacuation center when the area she was at got out of control and overrun with infected.

L4D 2 Rochelle

She is 29 years old and is the only lady of the group. She wears a pink T-shirt with a logo of 80’s British pop band, Depeche Mode. She has two silver bracelets on her left arm and matching silver hoop earrings. A thin studded belt holds her blue jeans in place and are tucked in to her knee-high brown boots.

Rochelle seems to have the best grasp of the Survivor’s situation and has a good head on her shoulders. She is the most liked character among the survivors, partly due to her sensible personality, kindness to others, and always willing to help.

Rochelle has the most realistic grasp of the situation and is very caring towards her fellow Survivors. Her and Francis show romantic interest in each other when they meet in the campaign The Passing. In-game, Rochelle has preferences similar to Nick; she prefers Submachine Gun and Assault Rifle variants.

Rochelle’s voice is played by American actress Rochelle Aytest who is best known for role as April Malloy in the ABC drama series “Mistresses”.

Weapons of Choice

Assault Rifle
Submachine Gun
Magnum Pistol

Rochelle Quotes

My name’s Rochelle. I produce a news show.

Hey, kill all sons of bitches right?

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