Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors


Ellis is the youngest of the Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors, at 23 years old. He too is from Savannah, Georgia just like Coach. He works as a junior mechanic at an auto shop in Savannah. He wears a white and blue cap with a truck towing logo, a Bull Shifter T-Shirt, half-unbuttoned overalls with sleeves tied around the waist, and black work boots.

Ellis has a love for beer, music, and everything country. He has a crush on fellow in game character Zoey, who he meets in The Passing. He is always trying to impress his friends by trying to show no fear and prove he is indestructible.


Being the youngest of the group, Ellis is considered to be the “little brother” among the other Survivors. His nickname is El, and has a childish sense of humor given the situation they are in. Ellis doesn’t appear to have grasped just how serious things are around him. You will often find Ellis providing the comic relief no matter the situation the Survivors are in.

Eric Ladin does the voice for Ellis. Eric is best known for his role as Jaunary Jone’s brother in AMC’s award winning series Mad Men (2007). His facial expressions are similar to actor Jesy McKinney.

Weapons of Choice

Sniper Rifle
Hunting Rifle
Grenade Launcher

Ellis Quotes

Folks call me Ellis. I run an auto shop with a couple of my buddies. We’re also in a band. I play bass.

Kill all sons of bitches. That’s my official instructions.

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