Left 4 Dead 2 Survivors


Nick’s character was initially going to be an escaped convict who escaped prison during the Infection and found himself a nice white suite which he stole from a high end retail store. Before L4D2 was finalized and released, the character of Nick had changed from an ex-con to a con artist he is now.


Nick is best viewed as a 35 year old con artist and gambler who was on his way to a big Riverboat Casino card game when the Infection hit. He wears an all white suite which he claims cost $10,000, with a blue button-down dress shirt, and brown leather shoes. He has several gold rings on his fingers and one of them has a gang’s emblem on it, making you believe he was once part of a gang. It is also believed Nick has been married, more than once. This comes from conversations with other survivors.

You can hear throughout the game Nick does not want to be part of the group, often complaining about everything along the way. He is very negative and pessimistic about the situation he has fallen into. As the game progresses, his trust and attitude towards the remaining Survivors increases.

Hugh Dillon does the voice of Nick. Hugh is a Canadian musician and actor know as the lead singer of the 90’s band the Headstones and as his role as Mike Sweeney in Durham Country.

Weapons of Choice

Submachine Gun
Assault Rifle

Nick Quotes

Name’s Nick, but don’t bother learning it ’cause I ain’t sticking around long.

I have not… come this far… to die now.

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