Left 4 Dead 2

How Do I Change The Difficulty In Left 4 Dead 2 Console

If you’re looking for a challenge in Left 4 Dead 2, you can change the difficulty settings to make the game more difficult. In this article, we’ll show you how to do just that.

Changing the Difficulty in Left 4 Dead 2:

Left 4 Dead 2 features four difficulty settings: easy, normal, hard, and expert. You can change the difficulty setting by opening the game’s main menu and selecting "Options." Then, from the "Game" tab, select "Difficulty."

On the difficulty setting screen, you’ll see a slider that allows you to adjust the difficulty. The further to the right you move the slider, the more difficult the game will be. For example, if you move the slider all the way to the right, you’ll be playing on expert difficulty.

Keep in mind that changing the difficulty setting will affect all aspects of the game, including the AI Director. So, if you find yourself struggling on a particular level, you may want to consider changing the difficulty setting.


Changing the difficulty setting in Left 4 Dead 2 is a great way to customize your gaming experience. Whether you’re looking for a greater challenge or just want to try something different, be sure to give it a try.

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