Valve – No New Source Engine Needed

Valve CEO, Gabe Newell, spoke with Develop magazine about the future of their Source Engine used in their video games. According to the man in charge himself, Gabe has said Valve has no plans on releasing a brand new Source Engine 2. The current Source Engine has been in development since 2004. Over the years it has been improved upon in what Newell calls an “incremental update model”. The idea behind it is to continually fix, improve, and polish the current game engine instead of rewriting one from the ground up.

So far the Source Engine has been holding its own over the years. Left 4 Dead 1 and Left 4 Dead 2 both used improved versions of the Source Engine and their graphics have been satisfying. Sure the Source Engine will not give us Crysis-like graphics, but not everyone can run Crysis on their computer. Valve uses their Steam software to track what hardware all of their users are using. You can see the latest Steam hardware and software survey here. I can’t see Valve ever releasing a game engine that pushes the latest graphic card limits. It’s not in their business model. They want to appeal to casual gamers because there are more of them than the hardcore gamers who spend big bucks to keep up with the latest hardware.

What does this news mean for Left 4 Dead 3? Should we see L4D3 in the next year or two, you can forget about it being developed on a new Source Engine. Left 4 Dead fans can expect to see L4D 3 on the same Source engine as L4D1 and L4D2, but more polished and improved. Don’t discount Left 4 Dead 3, or any other future Valve game because it uses the same old Source Engine. Maybe their engine is capable of producing Crysis-like graphics but it is held back because not many people can run those settings. Only Valve knows what their game engine is capable of and when it has reached its max potential. Until then, we will continue to fight the zombie hordes on the same Source Engine Gordon Freeman used to fight the Combine.


  • I really don’t mind the just okay graphics in l4d and l4d2, they give the series it’s own atmosphere. Those can be left alone, but i would like to see updated features to make the game more realistic.

  • Some think Source 2 is outdated but it doesn’t matter. It’s the content and multi-player that make L4D & (2) so special. There’s not a lot games that force this kind of cooperative play. And it is so dynamic. Pub stomping with friends or getting your ass handed to you by a really good team. I can’t wait for L4D3. The only thing I think that would make it better are options and unlocking special skills for certain achievements. Survivors can unlock crawling when incapped, getting up from hanging on a ledge, increased headshot potential, less melee fatigue, increased speed. Same with specials, hunters have better aiming, smokers can drag someone a little, boomers can puke while walking etc. etc. Oh and last but not least…MORE MAPS FOR CONSOLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think there is no need for new game engine l4d2 graphics are good enough although some things needs to be improved

  • Not 100% true. When Half Life 2 was released, it took a powerful machine to play at the time. Maybe they’ve changed. I dunno

  • honestly, i think the graphics need to stay the way they are. most people have said that the L4D2 graphics were a great improvement over L4D but i disagree, the graphics may look better and shinier and stuff, but the L4D graphics look much more…eh..apocalypse-ey. ya know what i mean? L4D just looked more grody and like it was a dirty zombie apocalypse, L4D2 almost looked like just a normal town that was not experiencing a zombie apocalypse. although, i think this is partly due to the fact that so much of L4D2 took place during the day when all of L4D was at night but still, i personally definitely prefer the L4D graphics so i hope they don’t make it too fancy. gameplay mechanics and features are the only thing that they should work on in my opinion. and in response to Natazer, who said they should add unlockables and upgrades to skills and stuff like that. i VERRRRY STRONGLY DISAGREE. im sorry but L4D is one of the MOST balanced multiplayer games out there, the reason i dont like Call of Duty so much is because of all the douchebags that play it and because of how unbalanced it is, the reason its so unbalanced and the reason that so many douchebags play that game is because its alllll about unlocking stuff, if your not unlocking stuff, your not doing it right, thats how Call of
    Duty makes it feel. when a game becomes about unlocking things and leveling up, douchebags and unbalanced gameplay are born, L4D is about the fun co-operative gameplay and lets keep it that way!

    • i do agree about keeping left4dead a classic but still…you called us douchebags…you can call us anything you want but that doesn’t change anything you #^%@#%^$!!!

    • They need to add the shadows and lighting from Alien Swarm, add better water and use some parallax occlusion mapping to make floors and rock faces more believable.

  • Yeah I’m glad they’re making a third L4D because I need at a third one in the series to be satisfyed, and I sure hope they make it only for xbox 360, PC, and not for PS3 because L4D is one of my most favorite horror game series, and I don’t want it getting on PS3!

  • Just wanna back up the concept of keeping the graphics the same and to disagree strongly with the whole idea of being able to level up and what not, thats why you join steam groups that run special servers for that kinda stuff, don’t get me wrong the crawling concept is a good idea, but where would the fear of being raped by zombies or a tank that just won’t get off of you until you are dead go, it would disappear thats what, because I have noticed that when you crawl in L4D2 at least in the special server that allows it, common infected cannot hurt you at all so it kinda defeats the purpose of being able to go down and what not.

  • can some body tell me whats wrong with my system when i play L4d1 it load n play versus but when i play L4d2 n get in the lobby and when it time to play it wont load all the way just when i play versus but everthing else on L4d2 i can play so can somebody help me and tell me what can i do r whats wrong

  • the graphics are not my main reason for playing the left 4 dead series its about gameplay for me. i say keep the same engine. i think the left 4 dead 3 should skip all around the world. say change the ladscapes, harsh winter russian perhaps. unforgiving heat australia. and please in left 4 dead 2 i had no fun with playing as hunter. not enough high building to jump from

  • I think it should be set in Australia, half of the campaigns to be based in the outback, half in the more suburban/metropolitan areas.

    Addons into Left 4 Dead 3: Maybe include kids as common infected, if not that, then in the appropriate campaigns, maybe have some animal infected? Bears, birds, etc.


    For a very different theme, Base Left 4 Dead 3 in the age of the Dinosaurs xD I would enjoy being able to shoot at a zombie trex haha xD

    • wtf? i think Europe and america are the 2 places more people than the occasional Aussie want it to be in…no offense but that is a terrible idea

      • Lol cute, Someone makes a suggestion that you dont like so you throw a hissi fit. You know, you’re meant to change your tampon every 6-8hrs, otherwise it can started to cause irritation amongst other things, you might want to get on that, bitch 🙂

    • a dino wouldn’t be wise as it would be too over powering and l4d is meant for this time, sorry. and the animals would be another over powering thing since it’d be too hard to hit them, the it does sound like a challenge. Another thing, i would myself rather see japan or egypt, but any place, so long as i get more infected, i find the infected great, they make the maps so much more fun

      • 😛 yea I know that dinosaur idea was outlandish, but would still be mildly funny xD

        But I think any sort of animal etc wouldnt be good for the game, as the infected themselves are more beastial than human now so, the line between them and animals si somewhat blurred..

        Personally, I dont mind alot where they make the maps in, just so long as the terrain and objectives are interesting.

  • It should be like around the world like u will stay in a place for like 5 campaigns then u get rescue and and move on a place

  • I think the camps need to be a little longer L4D is my most favored game ever and I love it just after awhile it gets a little old playing the same short maps over and over- or at least make a few more camps. Other than that im happy with the graphics honestly there isnt anything I could count them bad for..I like L4D2 Because of the extra Specials, makes the game more exciting.

  • really it should be in a bunch of big citys around the world (stay there a few campaign’s get rescue go to a nother place repeat ) citys like L.A Chicago Britain London and of course N.Y city. keep the graphics from l4d2 and darken them. A LOT of new guns (variety is the spice of life). and play as either angels of death, midnight riders, or all of the original 8 survivors from 1 and 2. maybe like 3 alternate campaigns for all 3 groups, meeting together in 1 EPIC finall map(yes with 20 people)

  • i think they should update the engine alot and make the textures on the uns ore better and enviorment then make some areas darker so it’m more scary maybe a single play open world and do some quests for citizens, and then a coop campaign which is not to rpg like and just zombie ramage. make it more of a story not just new places to kill zombies then we will have the winner

  • i like the story has that thing about it that makes you wanna keep playing it even though u beat it.Valve needs to develope new zombies,such as the screamer,good idea to just change up the story line.always keep the players guessing.also you need to make diferent guns,having the same ones over and over is boring!new maps and better graphics could make it a game everyone would want to buy.p.s keep it on xbox,ps3 has plenty of new games coming out.

  • If the updates on this engine aren’t completely amazing then u need to make a new engine! If u don’t then battlefield 3, MW3, and Gears of War 3 will leave you in the dust!

  • Anyone think of maybe adding another tank type special? I love all the sp infected but more is always better, gives more tactics to the game which I love when a team can dominate quickly as infected through pure skill or lack of on the survivors part, but back to the point at hand, if another tank type charcter was added and I dont know exactly what it did, it would throw in a whole new concept. i dont know but I like. Anyone else?

  • I personally think that they should keep the graphics the way they are. Im agreeing with Alex Swaim here, if they make the graphics too fancy and clean, it wont be as realistic, i mean its a fuckin zombie apocalypse here! it SHOULD to be dirty and gross. just my opinion tho. whatever Valve comes up with will be perfect for me. L4D 4 life!!!

    • As I said in my comment, they should include the shadows and lighting from the free source game Alien Swarm, it is way better then L4D or L4D2’s lighting. And I want to see more realistic water, oceans, rivers,water that can be raised and lowered realistically.

  • A lot more maps would make for a happy Zak. Oh, on the xbox that is, we should have some kind of map maker like Halo but more intricate.

  • i think alot more maps and new special infected like something bigger and stronger than a tank would be better than 1 and 2 and a lot more blood and gore its zombies we’re talking about make some missing eyeballs or something like that

  • i dont know if valve or a fan came up with “the haggard” special infected, the infected with spikes in its back and coming out of it bodys? that would make a fun fight!

  • I think a chapter based in London would be cool! Arrive at London city air port from the USA ( after a few chapters there like LA or las vagus due to low fuel on the plane and fight through the city and tube lines to the Waterloo train station!! And then the option of leaving to other part of Europe or even Russia could happens!!

    It would nice to have a oriental guy or girl a English guy or girl, black gangster would be different! Mexican maybe?! More than 4 survivors and perhaps one or 2 die as part of the story and some times you meet new ones as you go through!!

    A new game mode like last man standing where you have the survivors maybe more than four and as each survivor fall they become the infected but look like the survivors just zombied up versions!! And they have a unique abilitys maybe too!!

    The survivors have 2 options either they revive him if the can with an antidote if the have one or they shot him or her!! But there’s a 5 sec time limit!

    Something like that would be cool maybe as a game mode or as a new game feature!!

  • I think they should improve the graphics by adding features seen in Alien Swarm, specifically the shadows and lighting in that game are both amazing, very scary, gritty and it uses the Source engine so it could be done. I think if it is in America They should use Washington state, San Francisco, or maybe Maine, New York is pretty near Pennsylvania so rather not. This time there should be a blend of Day-time and Night-time campaigns, an overcast day can still be dingy even during the day. They also need to provide more types of scenery and props, specifically functional rivers and ocean maps with waves. I want to see different survivors maybe a middle school girl(can only use tear 1 weapons but can hide under large constructions), an older lady(ala Dawn of the Dead 2004 truck driver lady) and either 2 guys or a guy and possibly a 20 something girl. I also want to see more animations like leaning against the wall if you stand near one for a while or being able to sit on a crate, I would like a walk toggle and the ability to use the use button to drag objects (tables, cabinets, etc) to block doorways as a makeshift barracade. I want the original mood ie: scariness of L4D, not the rubbish mood of L4D2 and the jockey needs to be removed or made scary and he shouldn’t laugh. I think melee weapons can stay but they should suffer from wear and tear as well as be much weaker(2-3 hits to kill a zombie) I also want to see more NPC choices such as Pilots, Army, Police, Rangers, Coast Guards, civilians, self for rescue and more types of vehicles too.

  • i think left 4 dead 3 should take place in south america. Big jungles= scary moments. maybe it starts out with u in prison and you and some cellmates and guards escape with you.
    new spiecal infected.
    – the inferno grabs you with a bear hug and its flesh burns you.
    – the singer a zombie humbs a cute remede to lure you in and it claws you when u come in.
    – the silencer a creepy zombie comes with no noise but it has a song that goes on when it comes and it strangles you so no one hears your screams.
    i think a character could be a young female convict who never had friends so she went on a killing rampage and now has 3 friends name- evelyn
    a middle aged male who stole a gun and went crazy on drugs and when he takes pills he goes ape—- on like faster reloads faster running faster shooting and can jump highter and can see farther name- Augie
    a middle aged male who was framed and put in jail for something he didnt do and he went in and was doing his time then the infection hit. name richard
    a 40-45 aged guy who was just about to quit his job of being a guard at a prison and the infection hit and only he evelyn, augie, and richard are suvivors from the prison. name- carlos
    and on the way of escaping if someone dies you can revive them like in left 4 dead2 or you can find 3 other suvivors along the way.

  • here is my laundry list: set it in and around portland, oregon in the middle of winter. snow, trees, cities, awesome. remove melee weapons, besides a very occasional chainsaw maybe once or twice in a campaign. no way anyone in real life is gonna choose a bloody frying pan over an automatic rifle. bring back the original survivors, at most use the l4d2 crew as npcs. overhall source engine to use all of the new shiney dx11 bells and whistles, whilst retaining a dx9 renderer for legacy hardware. there is no reason the client can’t look awesome on one computer and okay on another whilst retaining decent networked performance. take some queues from res evil and dead space in the zombie design department: not every enemy HAS to be either special or common, some in-betweeners would make the experience feel more dynamic and believable. open world levels with drivable vehicles a la half life’s buggy, maybe with two teams of survivors starting at opposite ends trying to accomplish a set series of objectives.

    l4d3 needs to be more than a slight tweak and improvement with new maps as with l4d2. it needs to feel like a brand new game that gives you that sense of: ‘oh hell this is awesome,’ you first got when you loaded up l4d and split screened it for 12 hours straight with your mate at uni.

  • I think there should be a higher infection as in a zombie that has no human trace left like something that has been adapted for hunting humans name;luker the special infected here would be unlike the other left for dead exps but much more say all flesh and teeth vio easy to see but hard to shoot past the point were u could see human but more demonic in nature

  • I think L4D 3 needs much a better storyline. the other two l4d games didn’t really even have a storyline. you were just thrown into new levels. L4d 3 needs video clips during and between each level.
    I think it would be great if it had crysis-like graphics. It would seem more realistic and more scary.
    It might be cool if you could drive vehicles with turrets on them. whenever i would play the L4d games the turrets on vehicles that you would sometimes find seemed rather useless because you couldn’t move. And if i was in a zombie apocolypse I would definately be smart enough to use a vehicle to run some zombies over.
    I think it might be cool if there was maybe an attack dog along with the 4 characters just to help out a bit like knocking a witch or hunter off of you. There should be a boss like a mega zombie at the end that takes strategy to kill. Killing the boss will be the only way to completely be rid of the zombie infection. These are just some ideas that i think would add to the game.

  • i think they should take place a different locations like caves beaches jungles or something like it, more levels, new special infected, new weapons like grenades, character you can play can do something that the other ones cant like run faster or climb something like that stuff, maybe weather changes like earthquakes blizzards in the game & maybe make ur one character?

    • i love the idea of the weather change, and especially the idea of create you’re own character!!!!..another thing i think would be cool is if you have to start the campaigne all alone and your first goal is to find the other survivors which should be randomly generated so that you don’t meet up with them at the same spot everytime..that way you can’t memorize where to find them, and each time you meet them is diferent.

  • I have ideas for left 4 dead 3 surviours here they are: Alan: a h
    big show hunter and the de facto leader: Harold: a Friendly Truck Driver: Jack: a Grumpy Construction Worker and Stacey: a fiesty Grocery Store Maneger.

    • Ideas for left 4 dead 3 campaigns: City of Death: Bloody Junkyard: Death’s Door: Dark Oil Fields: Schools Out: and Close Call should be the campaigns in my opinion

  • Ideas for new melee weapons in l4d3 are the The Shovel, the hockey stick, the broadsword, the broomstick, me Bottle of Scrumpy!!,the bonesawa and the pipewrench. valve shold also have the golf club and the baseball bat in the game default also valve add the german weapons including the combat knive and also add the foam finger from Suicide Blitz 2

  • I love the Left 4 Dead franchise i think it is one of the best if not the best game for Xbox 360 having read most of the comments on here about what should be included in the new game i agree with most people but strongly disagree with others. New maps, new survivors, new infected, new weapons and if located in England, London that would be awesome! To be honest i not bothered where the location is i just like the idea of Zombie Politicians and stuff in Parliment and storming Big Ben and using it as a signal for a chopper or something that would be amazing! But yeah there has to be meet ups with the old survivors and there HAS TO BE! extra story modes showing what happened to the Left 4 Dead 1 survivors at the end of the events in The Passing and another extra story mode to show what happened to the Left 4 Dead 2 survivors at the end of the events in The Parish! The 3 games need to be linked together not so much as an expansion but must show some link between it to be consistant with the franchise but its just my opinion to be honest if i dont like the new Left 4 Dead 3 game i will simply create my own LOL! 😛

  • Okay just been doing some thinking about my ideas for the new game here is what i came up with hope you like and give me feedback:
    What Should Be Included?
    1. New Survivors & Infected
    2. 6 New Campaigns All Consistant With New Survivors
    3. Extra Story Mode Showing What Happened To L4D & L4D2 Survivors
    4. New Weapons & Items
    5. Music And Environments Linking Back To Scarier Original Game
    6. Location Changes, London: House Of Parliment, Zombie Politicians, Signaling Chopper With Big Ben
    7. New Modes Eg: Versus Survival, Mutations, In Game Blog, Challenge Mode
    8. New Achivements & Avatar Awards
    9. Future DLC’s
    10. Wild Card Effect! Eg: When Incapped Use Med Kit If Not Been Hit For Period Of Time

    • they really should make story like mw2 and they should improve the feeling of damaging the zombies now it feels stupid you can just shoot easiely tro zombies and you can never push 20 zombies back it should be harder 🙂

    • In Left 4 dead 3 there should be some campaign which focuses on raiding food&gun stores because survivors obviously need ammo and guns and food and maybe medical supplies.

  • Well first I’m going to say this but L4D3 beta is out for beta tester. I know this because one of my friends works for Valve. There 7 new infected, new maps and survivors. They consist of a Chinese chick, a skinny black guy, an American, and a gigolo kinda person from South America. Information on the infected is that there is a much powerful smoker, a hunter that can rip you in seconds, and a stronger tank.

    • I hate to believe people when they say crap like this but I honestly want to know if you’re serious, cuz It’s awfully hard to believe

  • Left 4 Dead need’s to think long term gaming not just piss away some half-assed game plus some bullshit DLC that they expect you to buy if you want the full game. I say reboot the franchise by giving L4D3 a new owner; valve clearly doesn’t have what it takes to make a stand-up zombie game now.

    Left 4 Dead 1 was nice; very little story and it kind of threw you around which was a huge negative but it was still fun. The characters were relatable and unique, good looking and feeling; the guns were useless however as a single bullet from any real gun should have been a 1-hit-kill for a headshot. This is something to change in the third game.

    Left 4 Dead 2 came around and still didn’t solve the bullet vs dead body issue; spraying a zombie in the arm, leg, or chest wouldn’t do much more than piss it off or make it crawl towards you if you cut it in half. You need to destroy the brain nothing more nothing less. I don’t mean “blow its head off” I simply wish that shooting it in the head is a kill; most games are becoming too mainstream and too “FIREFIREIFEIRIERIERI” instead of being an intelligent shooter. Not to mention the A.I. just got fucking horid in the second installment; your team-mates were down right useless and there are too many team killers.

    Another major issue is the community; they’ll boot you for every reason under the sun – and the GUESTS can vote kick which shouldn’t be allowed. Two people could be playing; have a guy with a guest come in, the guy is a team-killer and so is the guest – but they can’t be kicked because the guest suddenly counts as a player. Makes no fucking sense.

    In short; Valve has a lot of problems if they want to pawn off another Left 4 Dead game on the logical and mature community of gamers. Some of us liked the other two installments but had found major flaws that would prevent us from buying a 3rd without improvements.

  • Good grief PLEASE NO CUT AWAY movie garbage. Black Ops nearly bored me to sleep with this. It’s a friggin bad @$$ zombie shredding game, if you want a story, go get a book. Throw in some zombie animals – dogs, cats. And add some creepy kid zombies. Where? I say the desert. Into deserted small towns. Or the suburbs, with both day AND night scenes (L4D2 had too many daylight campaigns). Better yet, the northwest – mountains, cities, and water. Could always do a military compound in the desert or another country. Florida would be a good option, with all 3 environments there too. College campus would be cool with zombie cheerleaders and football players.

  • I think some kind of feudal Japan setting would be cool with samurais, ninjas, and zombie geisha’s lol

  • I guess for myself keep the graphics the same maybe a little less generic like for looks more garbage on the ground blowing leaves maybe rats running along walls extra dead bodies lying about, have an occasional zombie in a car that could sit up and jump out at you or starts honking the horn as its trying to come out at you witch would alert other zombies. Maybe instead of animals or children which does not offend me maybe have zombies with only upper torsos so they’re low to the ground and others occasionally could jump in mid air at you that way you have to not only shoot mid level but sometimes down low and up high.
    I like the thought of making a solo level a progression starting by yourself with one item in case you get knocked down so you can revive yourself and not having a gun right away either but to be found later, and search for other survivors for your team that are maybe hurt so you’ll need to look for health too, or if you feel that you have the nads for it forget the other survivors and try to make it yourself (extremely hard but possible). Maybe so your not just making a mad dash for a safe room they could have a separate game where you have to save npc’s from an infested building or that are being attacked in the open to be able to get med packs you still get a small health pack if they die but to also get extra ammo and a key to open the safe room maybe even rare weapons to be only used for that round the npc’s would eventually leave for they’re own safety. Have zombies bust through or jump through windows at you without warning! I did like some of the rural areas in LD41 like Bloodharvests running through a blinding cornfield, But you gotta do either an insane asylum, or a creepy run down old prison like from “The Shawshank redemption” which is in Mansfield Ohio been there the place is wicked creepy! A Blizzard map would be cool like hard rain every now and then visibility would be low, zombies jumping out of snow mounds run out of ammo throw slow to make snowballs….. maybe a little goofy but funny. sorry for being so long.

  • I think L4D3 should be the same as the First, and Second installment of the series.I would really love to see special infected that PizzaLover made up in this.I also loved the idea of being able to recruit other survivors along the way if you do pass by any.

    • jesse u no that l4d3 and l4d4 are coming out this novemebr right? there comin out at the same time andthere already are new special infected. the siren is a girl who wanders around and when she sees u she mkes this really loud noise witch makes it so u cant control ur character and calls the horde so u endup getting eatin if ur friends dont help. the secondnew infected is the screamer hes in a straight jacket and runs really fast and he screams reallyloud witch slows down ur character and hurts ur life.the last but definintly not least new infected is the haggard. its as big as a tank but it doesnt hit u or run, instead it moves really slow so u dont hear it and stays far away and when u come into the open it rips chunks of metel and shranel from destroyed cars and buildings out of its self (were they are impaled into him) and throw them at survivors for very high damage. hope i helped all u l4d fans who have ideas and sorry i crushed all ur new ideas but this is how the 2 new ones are. althouh valve are stil trying to get 3 other new infected to for number 4,so… kepp posting so we can pick 3 new ones for the fourth game!

      • You’re wrong, the screamer was a infected taken out from the original Left 4 Dead and some of it’s qualities were stuck with the Boomer.You got the Siren’s qualities mixed with the Screamer, who saw you, ran away, and screamed to the horde, as heard in L4D commentary and Wikipedia.
        The Haggard seems good, but I highly doubt they’d implement another big one…
        Where did you get this info from anyway?

        • actualy no im right they changed the sirens traits to these ones and they took the screamer out because they thought he would be to hard to fight in number one but now there gonna add him. and if u look at the picture of the haggard it has the left 4 dead 3 official stamp logo on the picture so, yes they are adding him.look him up on google images if u dont believe me

  • i believe that Left 4 Dead 3 should take place in New Jersey…no i am not a guido i dont like doing that kind of stuff like tanning everyday…but Left 4 Dead 3 should be in New Jersey bcuz i have great ideas for campaigns. One should be through the suburbs of Newark, near Giants stadium, Prudential Center, and maybe the characters can finish the game in NYC…or possibly in Bayonne, and ship off to Bermuda for a safe life away from the infection…

  • I think you should make new survivors, tougher infected, the original tank, an alternate tank that is like a boss version, alot more weapons, like knives, grenades, and other cool stuff, be cool if the survivors can drive a car and shoot the infected out of it for on episode. It would also be cool to have some animals infected like deer wolves and other wilderness creatures. have a special infected that can levitate or float.

  • The demand for a new Source engine isn’t really about the “graphics” (pure aesthetics/eye-candy), but it’s more about modern mechanics, better physics models, new features that 2004 Source can’t do, and so on.

    The graphics for L4D2 are fine, if just a little stale. The game is so fast paced that it doesn’t matter, because it performs so well. But there definitely should be a new engine rolling out at least after L4D3.. if L4D4 has the same engine, then that will be an issue, considering everyone has new engines coming out; Bethesda has their new “Creation” engine for Skyrim, id Software has their new “id Tech 5” for Rage, EA/Dice has “Frostbite 2” for Battlefield 3.

    Pretty much everyone and their mothers has new engines coming out. Valve seems to go the way of Blizzard, where Bliz makes rather stale games imo, sequels to decade old games that use the same mechanics and generations old tech, like Starcraft 2, and Diablo 3 looks kinda bland as well.

    Blizzard and Valve have all the resources and money in the world, yet its always funny how the underdogs roll out new engines, when the behemoths stubbornly don’t.

  • In l4d3 They should totally go to a camping place where there is a lot of rides and they escape to a helicopter by going on top of the mountain and riding down the zip line across but they have to be careful for smokers! They should also make cutscenes in the single-player campaign but in multi-player they don’t.

    • Cool idea. I like that it would be in an area where theres mountains and different terrain to L4D1 & L4D2. Personally I think it would be awesome if vehicles could be used, abondoned cars etc. Also, although not really part of the L4D format, I’d love a free roam game mode where you could check out a massive city (for example) crawling with Zombies, with only you and your friends are survivors and you have to work together. Just a thought. How about the next L4D be in England?……I could do abit of voice acting then!


    Oh… And pennsylvania, Philadelphia perhaps… and my little sister and girlfriend wont like that its no girls

  • Personally, I’d love to see things like Night Vision goggles, actual silencers (that silenced SMG was useless) and being able to mod weapons as you go in a similar vein to CoD or GRAW2. Or maybe being able carry more than just one pipebomb/Molotov etc. And more weapons!! Forgetting melee weapons (personally, I don’t care for them if I have an AK :p), having 3 tiers of weapons is good, but multiple assault rifles, multiple SMGs and pistols would be fantastic! I mean, the M-14 or the Atchisson Assault Shotgun would be perfect for zombie killing!

  • They were 5 things I didn’t appriciate with l4d2

    —1—: The graphics, it looked to much like tf2 (cartoon), and that combined with the daylight isn’t scary at all. F*ck the daylight, I dont want to see what’s hiding in the corners!

    —-2—–: Way to much ammo. In a zombie game (survival game), you want to feel like your every action decides the outcome. With ammo supplies around every corner to fill up your AK 47 you dont really have to count your bullets. You dont even have to switch to your secondary. You have to make the pistols and melee weapon the thing you usually go around with, and save the rifle for special occasions (special infected, hordes, tanks). Summarized: skip alot of those ammo piles, much less of them. I never felt that melee weapons and pistols were a choice in l4d2, for me it was just something you used for fun, not for survival.

    —3— : Make it possible to mod weapons, personalize them.
    Like if you can collect special material on the way to the safe-room, and while in there you get tools whitch allows you to put a scope/silencer and perhaps spikes on a baseball bat or whatever on whatever. Once again, make the player feel like his decisions is relevant to the outcome.

    —-4—- Another complain about lack of options, but this time it’s about the map. Create more ways to make it. For an exampel, instead of bringing some random guy cola you can choose not to and go another (maybe a bit more dangerous way) to get to the finish. Depending on you current situation (health, ammo etc) one choice may be better than another.

    —-5—- : The zombies. This game is 50% about killing zombies in different ways, then you better make the killing as realistic and with as much details as possible. More realistic looking zombies, better AI and even more details when killing them.

    —6— Just kidding, Im out.

  • I think that there should be survivors to pick from, but there should ALSO be a CREATE A SURVIVOR mode!!! So you can create yourslef!!! and I REALLY agree with not liking daylight. Its supposed to be a SCARY game. So lets go back to L4D1 and keep the third installment nice and DARK. plus, in reality, who would go out during the daytime in an apocalypse where everything can see you? I know I wouldn’t. I REALLY agree with having CUTSCENES, that would be awesome!

  • has any one noticed valve doesn’t do threequels? and the half life 2 episodes don’t count. they are extensions. plus at that, why do you think episode 3 hasn’t been mentioned yet? i smell a conspiracy..

  • Think left 4 dead crossed with gta san Andreas riots. City you can free roam vehicles, multiple groups of survivors played by other online groups you can team, fight or steal from. City covered in zombies and a main plot made up of smaller missions. Awesome

  • ____________IDEAS

    England,London. Russia,Moscow. Somewhere in Asia like China or Thailand.
    I can’t come with more ideas! But I can say that you can make that they travel from country to country with train,ariplane and etc. And also I agree you should make an avatar creator or whatever it’s called.

  • I think there should be a create a survivor mode so that people get to put them self’s in the game and no just pick a person on how they look.

    In l4d3 there should be more option to how you get to the safe room based on the current situation instead of going the standard path.

    I agree that there should be vehicle to operate but only for a while and not alot of them because of that.

    There shouldn’t be alot of day light because of the fact that its a survival game and if you can see it then you can plan ahead.

    I think you should put the screamer in because it would give the survivors a new challenge to deal with.

    The AI’s should be able to pick up pipe bombs and ect. because it could come in handy and they dont have to throw them they could just supply them.

    The l4D3 game should be 4 players because its 4 survivors trying to stay alive and not 2

    My last thing is that it should be place in the west coast of the united states and travel the world.

  • i think it should be on the west side of the US but not in California (the gun laws there are strict) or maybe in mexico?, Germany?, or how about in the MIDDLE EAST! that would be a good settin for L4D3. but their should be a sledge hammer you could use and they should add the AR-15 in to the game and for the SMG’s a AK-74U, the shotguns a double barrel 12 gauge shotgun or a AA-12, the pistol: glock 18, sniper: the M21-EBR, and they should add a selector switch option for the assault rifles

  • west coast. also i really would like it if they made the survival mode so you could set it up how you like it and then save it so then you don’t have to set it up again. that would be awesome. most of the time i setup for like 10 minutes then live for like 5. it’s annoying.

  • I love left for dead, but honestly I think left for dead 3 should take place in the old western times. That would be SO legit.

  • i think it would be cool if you could completely customize your survivor like hair,shirt,pants,hats,shoes,etc. and you should be able to save your gun during the whole campaign. your gun should be with your customized survivor so you can add silencers,scopes,red dot sights,under barrel attachments like grips grenade launchers, flamethrowers, and shotguns. but you can only get certain attatchments for certain guns like scopes for snipers and grenade launchers for assault riffles and smgs. also you should have to unlock your guns insteaad of finding them because why would there randomly be ammo and weapons lying around during a zombie appocolypse. alsothe game should save instead of freeplay the whole time. if u run out of ammo you should be able to hit zombies with your gun.

  • I agree with the idea that the character should be customizable, keeping the various accessories and dresses in theme with the atmosphere of the game, it would be bad to see ridicoluos caps or dresses.
    In the campaign of L4D1 and L4D2 the final veichle can be an elicopter, a car, a ship… but a train is never been used.
    I would like to see west coast scenarios. Las vegas should be great or a small village in the desert.
    Since i liked the rain in the “hard rain” campaign, i think it would be great the presence of other phenomena independent by the zombies, i mean something like an earthquake or a volcano.
    There will be new survivors? Me, i would like to see campaign with a mix of the characters from the first 2 chapters.

  • I agree with the create your own player. I would also suggest since it is a zombie apocalypse why not do a world wide scenario? (etc. Times Square NY, Washington,Las Vegas, Miami, London, Germany,Italy, Iraq, tokyo, africa, australia) Why limit to specific countries or cities? Instead why not use planes and other vehicles to travel and meet other survivor groups (such as the groups from L4D 1 and 2) even have add on levels where all groups need to work together and stop the zombie apocalypse from their locations across the world! Maybe even a sidestory to uncover how this epidemic started. Hey if you want to make this big I think this would be colossal. Also I agree with just keeping it in free play instead of loading spots also newer special infected maybe even bigger. Also more weapon options and yes the ability to use your gun as a melee or at least some combo melee moves.

    • i actually have been developing a game similar to that for the past four years. it is an mmo, that is a more realistic kind. im not sure if ill get it out at all. ive only got ideas done. essentially…. this game would be a well… simulation for any person as to what a real zombie apocalypse would be like. the game world: our planet shrunken down a bit. its not going to be a perfect representation or anything, but. it will be pretty interesting. its more action oriented. but you could level up your mechanics skills etc. also… many infected events. randomly generated to have thousands of zombies attacking different areas. every person would have to work together. you could start out in japan. as a student. with bad grades. but your backstory is that you looked actively for knowledge. and you are also good with a sword as you are part of the kendo club. there. decent leader character. and also has a good skill with swords and a wide variety of general knowledge. its actually been a dream of mine to be in a zombie see how i might fare. but. this might have to do. anyways. its a pretty cool concept if i might say so myself. ive estimated the client would be a minimum of 30 gigabytes due to the amount of content. and the graphics. they would have to be top notch in order to induce that realistic, fear inspiring feelings you would feel in real life. no magic here. just all normal weapons. nothing out of the fantasy genre. by the way. since weapons are scarce…. spawn times for weapons you can naturally find…. probably going to be like 4 hours per spawn. a little more realistic. it would be a hard game. but if you know how to cooperate effectively. (something not many CoD and fps players know how to do these days, due to their arrogance and wanting to feel superior.) then you could essentially overwhelm any opposition. i was actually just adding notes and doing more research for the game when i came upon this post….

  • What I see some of you are saying in the comments is that they should change L4D3 to be similar to CoD, or other games. And you should be able to carry more weapons and molotov’s/pipebombs, etc. I disagree with doing that because L4D3 should stay like L4D, not become a different type of game but with the same title. I agree with it being put in the dark, and I’m not really a fan of the ‘customize your own character’I prefer when you have characters already. What I agree with the least is carrying more weapons/molotovs (etc), because doing so would create less of a challenge.

  • Personally I’d like to see a snow-bound campaign – possibly with zombie Santa Claus (special infected, bit like the clowns in DC)?!

  • Bloody hell if you lot want to play dress-up then play the sims. Instead of making Left 4 Dead 3: Hats, just stick to the magic formula.

    Remove a couple of specials, *cough jockey cough*, and put a couple of new ones in.

    New weapons, throwables etc.

    Make up 4 new characters with little interesting tidbits of back story, write some good banter between them

    Set it somewhere new

    Then I will defo give valve another 40 quid 🙂

  • i think it hsould take place in los Angels were lots of buildings were smokers can get you from and tanks can crush yuo from the freeways and boomers can get the massive population of zombies then the news copter can save you there lots of areas in the west coast new zombies like a little boy for a witch

  • I think they shoul put nick fransis Louis and elis together and they find a pill that turns people into humans and at least put a story line and cut scenes in this one

  • i think that the jockey should b taken out something like a dog zombie. in the intro for l4d2 a dog barks twice then suddenly stops. animal zombie would b a nice touch. along with tht there should b the pregnant zombie that ive seen on youtube

  • ok look ppl,first off u ppl who think l4d3 needs 2 have a story…are morons.the l4d games are clasic zombie shooter style,and theres no reason 2 change that.if u didnt like it why did u even play the games? second create ur own characters?world maps?picking levels off sed map? come on really? the hole point of l4d is to pick a survivor and help them escape from zombies and keep running till u find characters.well i say hell yea make 4 new characters.and add in 3 new special infected.everyone who has ever looked up l4d3 nos that the haggard needs to be added.then i think u should use the screamer 2,final pick a 3rd one.there are tons of ideas by fans on this page just pick one already. here ill even add to it the crusher-has 4 very powerful arms that it wrapps around survivors and squezzes the lofe out of them.
    hows that. there is my idead and here is my survivors,
    D.J-darrel jr. turned to a life of crime at the age of 14.he started selling drugs to his the age of 16 a gang had formed around D.J,witch included his best friend and brother the age of 28 D.J deals all over the world andruns one of l.A’s biggest gangs.he was supposed to be negotionating a deal with some ppl when the zombie outbrake hit the town they where in.him and louise escaped but got stuck in the junkyard they were in.while trying to escape louise fell of a crane they were on.D.J believes he is untouchable and just wants to survive and bring his newfound friends with him.
    alejandro-also knowin as”the jack of all weapons” he is one of the biggest gun smugglers in america, when the zombie apocolypes hit he lost pretty much all his buisness.through online connections he met joel,whe wanted to purchase some guns to protect himself with.when he got to joels junkyard to sell the weapons they found them selve surrounded by zombies with the exit blocked by zombies.alejandro just wants to survive and will use the other 3 survivors in an way possible to protect himself…or so it seems.even thoufh thats how it seems he is usually the first one to jump in front of someone else to save them or give up his meds,but always saying”its not cause i give a shit about u people its because ur no use to me dead”
    joel-joel jedadiha jr. is his full name.he is a redneck proud hillybilly.the junkyard used to belong to his dad but was passed down.joels hobies include guns,cars,shooting,nascar, and beer.when the zombie apocolypse started he and his to younger brothers rick,and jak,wanted to purchase some guns and just sit in there watch towers huntin zombies.but rick,and jak got infected while trying to get to alejandro.with nothin left for to stay with,joel decided his new friends needed his redneck gun skills.
    kayeigh-kayleigh grew up with guns.with a perfessional hitman as a dad,and a bank robber for a mom.ironicaly she became a detective for the F.B.I,when her parents found out they completely cut contact with her.her lifes goal is to find them.she was following up on a lead,one of her uncles,when the apocolypes hit.she wrecked her car out side the gates of the junkyard and ran inside trying to escape the a F.B.I agent she feels she is responsible for protect her new partners,even at the cost of her life.
    my ideas for campaigns are
    1.the scrapyard-junk ain’t the only thing get crushed
    -the survivors must survive and make it to the other side of the junkyard so that they can escape in joels hummer.but the hummer needs some fuel.
    2.schools out-class is dismised PERMANENTLY.
    the survivors must go through a school when the hummer runs outa gas,but can they make it to the football field by the highschool, all the way on the other side of the small town,and get to the rally point set by some teenager who they got a phone call from(actualy they answered some dead kids phone to talk to him)hold out at the football field waiting for your escape ride to show up nightmare-ghost stories are the last thing to worry about
    -when they crash the car on the side of the highway by a lake with a public campsite built around it,can they make it to the docks on the other side of the lake to escape on some ladys speedboat?
    4.dead cruise-its all fun and games…TILE U DIE!
    -take the boat all the way up river out to the ocean(this only works if l4d3 takes place in virginia,california,or florida)where they get off on to a cruise ship sitting idle in the water,once u made it all the way up to the top deck, holdout at the theater there and wait for the captain who has locked himself on the bridge to un barricade the door and let u in.then while not paying attention he hits a small island and the ship starts sinking.make it through a finale of neverending horde to the other end of the top deck to escape in a life raft.
    5.ruined vacation-this is one vactation you’ll never return from.
    -the raft drifts onto an resort beack island and u must make it through the jungle to the hotel then climb the hotel to signal help,then get back down through the hotel and survive at the disco rave party on the beach to be picked up by military helicopters.

  • also i agree with u ppl we need zombie dogs to.nothing magical just zombies dogs that run into u and ur guys stumbles and drops what hes hold(gas can,gas tank,etc)or scratch at him.

  • brang it to illinois, like one level you could start at the top of the Wilson(or as i still call it the sears)tower and try and fight down all of the levels of the biggest building in America, and maybe play another chicago level in the city, with all the tall buildings and big city, smokers and hunters could have a hay day and it would be fun

  • By the looks of the comments above, some people don’t seem to realize that although the L4D games seem like a common goal of getting to safety from every campaign, the campaigns are intertwined and in fact do form a story, if you wanted to look for it. They like this idea and used it in L4D2, to which they will do it in L4D3 too.

    With that being said, both L4D and L4D2 were intertwined with the DLC.

    As for location; They should do it in Canada.
    Canada provides loads of rivers, railroads, wilderness, towns, airports and highways for it’s area mass and population. Campaigns can be based off of each method of transportation (Rivers, Highways [Trans-Canada Highway], Railroads), along with on-foot through towns, cities and forests.

    Furthermore, there is more reason for areas not to be infected in Canada as there is a large land mass; much uninhabited and less population than most countries, to which it’s concentrated in the south in cities.

    • ur idea actualy makes a little bit of sense.nice.o and ppl he is right there actualy is a storie in these games somewhere and they do how the survivors are all carriers of the infection, and how louise(sorry if i spelled his name wrong) refuses to tell the l4d2 survivors that they are carriers to. he also neglects to tell them how the military experiments on carriers.then he lets them go on there way(thnxs alot what a jerk)

  • is better l4d3 in europe,africa or asia,usa is very repetitive.


    resident evil 4 was in spain

  • id simply like to see it on both xbox 360 AND ps3.
    i dont wanna buy a 360 JUST for L4D but i will if i have to
    do what ever you like to the game
    just make it so more ppl can play (with ps3’s) and keep the trophie system

    DLC would be nice to have aswell

  • I think that Valve definitely needs a new engine.
    I mean, the looks might be quite fine for Source’s age.
    But the problem lies in other things, like movements and… just the whole feel of the controls kind of makes me tired, it feels really “old” or childish.
    I mean, it’s smooth, but things like jumping ridiculously high and… just all the unrealistic stuff pulls you out of the experience.

    The gameplay is great though, that’s what keeps me playing the game and it creates quite an atmosphere.
    But all the physics and all that stuff are getting really old and dull.
    Also the graphics are quite dull, even if updated the heck out of for a 7 year old engine.
    You can’t get passed the cartoony look, it will never happen for this engine.

    They should head towards the look of the CG intro-scene of this game more.
    If it would look like that, that would just be perfect for L4D3.
    Yes, you will need a better computer, but even though I’m not a person who always has the best thing, I still choose for a new engine that could go on for a half to a full decade.

  • I think it should take place back in Pennsylvania but this time in Philly and in Bristol both have alot of scary places in it. Lol and be nice to go through my house and demolish the place killing zombies lol.

  • Also for a new special dead how bout The Gunner a special zombie who was once a Marine but somehow still knows how to use all his training and how ot use and steal weapons from the good guys. As for 4 new guys how bout actors this time like Anna Faris as the girl the Wayne’s Brothers Michelle Rodriquez hope thats right lol.

  • I’d like to see customizable sound bits for L4D3. Right now you can make the characters say combat commands or simple words like “yes” and “no”. Let individual players make their own sayings and taunt. Mind you this would make the online game more “mature” but hey, that’s the internet for you.

  • idiots! customizable characters? that would defeat the purpose of a story line! Everything else I agree with like putting on the Haggard,the dogs,and the Screamer

  • One thing I love about L4D is the ‘kick’ feature, but Valve, please, PLEASE just let split screeners vote count as one.

    Oh, and to all you split screeners out there, please just stay away from my games. Go and play Mario or something more suitable to your ability and maturity.

    • I don’t check e-mail, no point. Your split screen comments are moronic. For those of us who are real gamers, we don’t need to play with someone from Japan, we have friends we can sit on the couch with and game. Split screen isn’t about maturity, it’s about being able to sit down with a group of your friends (in person) to have a good time. Perhaps it’s the socially inept (like you) who need games not to have split screen and are only multi-player online because personal contact with another human being frightens you. Fuck all of you who think online gaming is better. Get a life, get some friends (who are real), and brush up on your history of gaming because without us REAL gamers, you wouldn’t have the games you have now. That’s why they need not change Left 4 Dead, and why they won’t pander to your wants. They understand it’s us who make the gaming universe, not you whiney, online bitches. Perhaps World of Warcraft is more up to your standards. Go play that and leave us real gamers to the real games.

  • I personally preferred L4D over L4D2, it had a more realistic atmosphere, no need for all the extra arsenal or special infected. I keep going back to the original L4D for pure fun and enjoyment. Maybe L4D3 should be what L4D2 should have been, a continuation of the original, no need to try and re-invent what is already an excellent game, just take it up a notch.
    my 2c worth. 🙂

  • I am so happy to find that LFD3 is being developed. I was given a copy of the 2nd game as a gift and instantly fell in love with it, I bought the first game, beat it and pushed these games on all of my friends.

    I agree LFD2 is not up to the same graphical level as some other games, but they are flawless. This is the thing I like about Valve, they ship perfectly developed products. I’ve played games with development budgets that are probably several times what valve makes in profits in a year and they are so buggy and imperfect. If your spending millions of dollars on a game there is no excuse for idiotic AI and incomplete graphics.

    Even if the lesser games are used as periodic revenue generators for the big games like Portal and Half life I am okay with this because they make such good games.

  • left 4 dead 3 could be in florida to washington DC and there could be customized survivors for players who like to have their own personality, new hot infected and new guns like the crossbow, FAMAS, rpg, double desert eagle, G18, and other cool stuff

  • Migs has some good ideas and add the charachter you create as somebody or just keep all 4 people. it should be set world wide but in theMAJOR cities like Beijing, tokyo, washintong dc, L.A., London,Rome,mexico city, i would pay $100 for something like that. and dont bring back L4D charachters make coach nick ellis rochelle meet up wiht people from each country and still have up to 4 players on human and zombie sides but if some people arent chosen then they have a cutscene where that person was killed and take the jockey out it SUCKSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!

  • Is Source Engine showing age?
    Yes but it is aging very well. The Source Engine seems to be very versatile and was probably made to be updated. Look at some of the games that took it and totally revamped it to make games with.

    Customizable Characters?
    I agree it will be hard to implement with the story line of the game, but this is a feature worth looking into. People might want to play as themselves, gain unlocks or other customizable things. This would be difficult to do but it can be done such as separating campaigns from generic multilayer maps, or even making a dynamic storyline like new MMOs are experimenting with. But like I said, it would be difficult.

    Sandbox mode?
    Love it! but then it would be like a MMO and the current server/network system would not be able to handle it. I would love to see maps and campaigns with different exits that would lead to different maps/campaigns areas rather then the linear storyline

    Adding items like silencers, gun mods, night-vision?
    This has potential to add a whole new level of strategic game play but the issue is the items(if made for idiots) could make the game to easy or the items(if made for advanced users) could make the game too hard for the average user. COuld be dun, would be nice but might be hard.

    What do YOU think will be in LFD3?
    I am a pessimist so I’m expecting a slightly updated version of L4D2 with slightly better graphics, new weps and new characters… And possibly dumbed down for consoles with a horrific port to PC. LOL a game made for consoles on a engine made for PC then ported back to PC! Sounds idiotic but I would not put it past them.

    • personal i dont think valve needs to upgrade there graphics i think its fine the way it is its not like the have to be soo realistic because franicly i think most fans will just be happy the 3rd one comes out with new characters and new infected.

      • The current polygon count on the models are still at an acceptable number. If Valve were to add DX11 libraries they could use some of the more advanced features and upgrade the graphics to a higher level if they wanted to. Only issue is that any port to the 360 or PS3 will still be DX9 level.
        So yea, with a few upgrades to the engine it could be more then acceptable for a next gen platform.

  • All I care about is for them to bring bill back or to give him a better death because the one in the sacrifice was pathetic.

  • you have to look at it from valve’s stand point of view when l4d2 came out only a year after the first one just as many people who loved it criticized it if they rush l4d3 like they l4d2 they will lose more money then what they can make if they wait they will lose more fans and they wont attract new people to the game if they just put 1-2 new zombies and diff campaign and characters making a video game is not some high school algebra….. look at halo 2 to halo 3 it took 3 years in between releasing halo 3…. mass effect to mass effect 2 took three years….. dragon age orgins was in the making for 9 years before release modern warfare 2 to 3 little less than 3 years and the multiplayer is basically the same… if valve is coming up with a new source engine its gonna take them a while to make but in the long run it should make l4d3 way better than the other 2 (hopefully)

  • i think that in l4d3 they should have Ellis nick Rochell and couch meet the l4d3 characters. and there should be a little more story line to it i think so then you could see couch or nick someone from l4d2 die to. needs more conversation between the characters. Needs more suspense on each level. like the end of each level have someone maby from l4d1 die or 2 just a little more suspense for it. and A LOT LESS CURSING ITS NOT COOL!!!!!!!

  • For the map it should be in New York City and they should add animals like dogs crows and lot more zombies cars to drive around instead of walking tru the hole map

  • I think there should be a screecher that summons the horde or special infected by making a high pitch screech that disorents the charactors vison and speed and also is like a tank but cant get shot with a molitove or incendiary ammo or it will blow up

  • I think that we should be able to go around the world killing zombies and I think that we should be able to make are own characters

  • 1.) I agree we need to be able to customize our survivor – that would be awesome
    2.) I dont care so much about the game engine – although i can afford a massive gaming beast and have one built – it doesnt make the game. a good game makes the game
    3.) more special infected ! customizable AI and difficulty, not just bigger hordes
    4.) more weapons of all types – flamethrower anyone?
    5.) more chatter from the survivors when not in combat – i love the interaction.

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