Midnight Riders

Tour Bus Crashed

Faithfull Riders, as you may have heard our beloved tour bus crashed last Thursday on our way to the Texas State Fair in Forth Worth.

We finished our show in Black Mountain, Texas, after another killer set, and we were anxious to hit the road and ride the high to Fort Worth. I’m not gonna say we didn’t throw down a rack of PBR and Ox was working on his bottle of ‘Jack’ that caused us to crash, because it didn’t. Our tour manager Reuben was driving the bus. The girls we had on board were wild, but mild compared to what Jake is used to. These were your typical high class hoes; skin tight skirts and 8 inch heels. Needless to say some people can’t keep up with the Midnight Riders and Reuben is no exception.

Ok, so maybe the crash was not the result of our wild partying and more due to a drunk driver crashing into us. Everyone on board was fine but we lost our whiskey in the crash. Despite this we kept on rocking and rode on to the fairgrounds and lit up stage.

Fear not, a new bus has been ordered and either way we will ride on!


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