What race is Mercy?

What race is Mercy?

Cult of the Lamb Will Suck You In – The LoopMercyNationalitySwissOccupationField medic First responderBaseZürich Switzerland (formerly) Cairo Egypt (formerly) Watchpoint: GibraltarAffiliationOverwatch15 more rows

Is Mercy a human?

Mercy is a player character appearing in the 2016 video game Overwatch a Blizzard Entertainment–developed team-based first-person shooter and its related animated and literary media. Lucie Pohl voices Mercy in English-language Overwatch media.Mercy (Overwatch)MercyGenderFemaleOccupationDoctor ScientistNationalitySwiss7 more rows

Is Mercy an angel?

Angel of Mercy may refer to: Angel of Mercy in the Islamic Jewish and Christian traditions a messenger from God especially the archangel Michael. Angel of mercy affectionate nickname for a nurse.

Did Cortana love Master Chief?

It’s a romance. It should be called Halo: A Love Story. Cortana and Master Chief are in love and the latest installment in the series — Halo 4 — reinforces that story.Nov 2 2012

How did Atriox beat Cortana?

How old is Cortana?

4 Halo 4: Cortana (Age 8 AI Chip Activated November 7) Master Chief might have been the one to fight the Covenant and Flood but it was thanks to Cortana that each mission was successful.May 2 2022

What is green flu?

The Green Flu commonly referred to as The Infection was the name given to an unknown virus that converted most humans who came into contact with it into homicidal and zombie-like beings known as the Infected.

Where is Ellis from l4d2?

Born and raised in Savannah Ellis divides up his time working at the local garage hanging out with his buddies and dropping by for Sunday dinners with Mom—why’d anybody want to live anywhere else? Then the zombies had to go and spoil it.

What are the zombies called in Left 4 Dead?

The Infected (sometimes referred to simply as Zombies by the survivors) are Left 4 Dead’s take on the classic movie and pop-fiction zombie.

Are L4D2 survivors immune?

Although the playable characters are immune a comment by Bill suggests that they could become an Infected at any point. In addition The Sacrifice comic presents the hypothesis that the Survivors are Carriers of the Infection―and as such are a positive danger to any uninfected humans they encounter.

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