Survival Scavenge

The following Left 4 Dead 3 game play idea was submitted by top contributor, XenuLies.

The whole Scavenge system could be changed dramatically, to instead be more structured like survival is. What I mean by this is, instead of it being two teams fighting each other. It would be just the four of you racing to see how many cans you can all collect. There would be a leader board just like survival (and this one would be trustworthy, because exploiting out of the map shouldn’t effect your can count).

As many of us could probably speculate, this would work by starting in your “safe-zone”. New gas cans would spawn as frequently as you collect them, with Tanks spawning after each series of cans. This could also feature a medal system like survival after collecting a number of cans (Bronze: 8 cans. Silver: 14 cans. Gold: 20 cans. etc).

Now don’t be worried, the Scavenge mode we have now would still be present, but instead available as the mutation: Verses Scavenge. And alternatively, there could also be a new mutation for Realism Scavenge; Only for those skilled enough to remember where the cans should be located.